Here are some examples of what to say when in bed with a woman…

1. Tell her what’s she’s doing right

“Yeah, that feels so good. I love it when you…” is a good way to get her to do more of the same while at the same time boosting her confidence.

You can tell her what you want her change, stop doing or improve, but focus on what she’s doing right first. Why? Keep the sexual harmony alive between you and don’t turn it into a stressful, emotionally painful experience.

Let it be a time for both of you to enjoy yourself and feel good about yourselves.

2. Use compliments Every woman likes to be flattered. Calling her beautiful, telling her that she is sexy, telling her how nice she smells or feels is always a winner in the bedroom.

3. Tell her that you want to make her feel good

What to say when in bed with a woman

Putting her feelings first is a good way of getting her to open up and respond in kind. Ask her what she likes and go ahead and fill out her order.

She’ll be glad that you had the sexual confidence to ask her what she likes and be able to give it to her.

4. Tell her how good she is and how great she makes you feel

This serves to get you more of the good stuff. In the bedroom, women love to do what they are good at and she will be happy to please you in the ways you like.

5. Tell her that you love the sounds she makes

Saying this to a woman in bed makes her feel sexy and she can relax and open up even more. The more you allow that “animalistic” side of her to come out, the more fun and pleasure you will have in bed with her.

6. Say things in a masculine way

Personally speaking, sometimes (about 20% of the time) I really like to be a raw, masculine man and say things like, “F**k, look at those tits…c’mere…let me suck these tits….mmmm.”

Women love that sort of thing, as long as you don’t do it all the time.

During sex, you can bend a woman over and say, “Yeahhhh…nice, tight pussy….yeahhhh, f***k yeah…that’s good.”

Since allowing myself to be that way, I’ve always had amazing sexual relationships with women (update: I recently got married to my sexy, 22 year old girlfriend who is 15 years younger than me).

No woman wanted to break up with me for the 12 years that I was living the playboy lifestyle and having great sex is a big part of that.

Sex is the ultimate expression of the attraction felt between a man and a woman. It is the culmination of an intricate dance that develops between the sexes, starting with a simple look and evolving into a conversation, a touch, a kiss and finally into the shared expression of this attraction…sex.

Sex is a beautiful thing and is something that you should really take care of when you’re with a woman, which is why the topic of what to say when in bed with a woman is so important.

When you’re in bed with a woman, what you say to her can really define your relationship in a good or bad way. Your words can cause her to feel an increased level of attraction, respect and love for you, or they can make her feel completely turned off or even hurt her emotionally. However, what is most important is your attitude.

A woman wants to see that you’re relaxed, confident and totally attracted to her. The more of that she sees, the more she will enjoy herself in the bedroom with you.

Being good in bed is more about your attitude and confidence than what you say. The less worried, hesitant and tense you are, the happier she will be and the more she will enjoy the sex and her time with you in the bedroom.

The Wrong Things to Say

Things that a guy should avoid saying when in bed with a woman include:

1. Criticism of any kind

Sex is an intimate act between you and a woman that truly bring you and her closer together than any type of conversation you can have.

It’s a time for connecting with each other on deeper, more primal levels as well as making each other feel amazing physically and emotionally. As such, the bedroom is no place for criticism. Focus your attention and energy on the things you find sexy about her and comment on that.

If you’re not really attracted to her, you shouldn’t be with her. If you’ve accepted an unattractive woman because you’re unable to attract and have sex with beautiful women, then that is something you need to fix about yourself.

2. Talking about what your ex liked (or just talking about her at all)

Ex means past girlfriend (or wife) and “in the past” is exactly where she should stay when you’re having sex with a new woman, or in the process of committing yourself to a new relationship.

Even a woman who is with a guy for a one night stand doesn’t want to be compared to his ex (even flatteringly). Just leave your ex-girlfriend(s) out of anything you say in the bedroom.

Focus on the girl you’re with and make her feel like the sexiest woman on Earth and the only woman in your mind at the time.

3. Pressuring her to orgasm quickly

Asking her if she’s come yet after every few thrusts is not cool. Just let her relax and fall into the emotional experience that leads up to her being able to orgasm.

A guy who is good at sex knows that a woman’s ability to orgasm with him has a lot to do with how he makes her feel mentally and emotionally. If she can fully let go and surrender during sex with him, then she’s more likely to orgasm a lot quicker and easier.

Don’t Talk Too Much Though

Sex is one of the greatest pleasures that can be experienced between a man and a woman and does not need to be burdened with too much talking.

You don’t need to go overboard with lots of commentary as you have sex. Just get into it and let yourself express whatever you’re feeling in the moment. Women love it when you can just relax and be a confident, masculine man who isn’t trying to be perfect.

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