Yes, women do like to be chased or pursued, but only if the guy that is chasing her is someone that she is attracted to.

If a woman is not attracted to a guy who is chasing her and trying to ask her out, it will simply annoy her.

Do women want to be chased or pursued by guys?

If you want a woman to enjoy being pursued by you, the first thing that you must to is make her feel attracted to you.

How can you make her feel attracted to you and want you to pursue her?

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If a woman is sexually attracted to you, she will be excited at anything you do to pursue her because she will hoping to get a chance to be with you.

However, if she has no sexual interest in you, she won’t care how much you try to pursue her – she’s just not going to be feeling it and won’t be interested.

Movies Vs. Real Life

Some guys ask the question, “Do women like to be chased?” because they’ve seen examples in TV sitcoms and movies where the guy who chases a girl eventually gets her in the end.

TV sitcoms and movies pretty much always show the “loveable loser” guy chasing a woman, even though she’s not attracted to him and then he eventually gets her in the end and people high five him and everything is wonderful.

Initially, she rejects him, but he then saves the world, saves the day or saves her from some big issue or problem and then she eventually decides to give him a chance. Aww, how sweet.

In the movies, it is perfectly fine for a guy to “chase” a woman wherever she goes and he won’t be seen as a stalker or weird.

For example: He can appear without warning at the same coffee shop, in the same elevator, while she is getting her hair done at a salon and even on her front lawn and the TV show or movie will play out a scene that is entertaining to watch.

In real life though, the woman would most-likely see him as creepy and weird for following her around and if he kept doing it, she might even call the police and accuse him of stalking her.

The Confusing Lyrics of Female Pop Songs

If you listen to the lyrics of female pops songs, it can seem as though women do like to be chased and that if a guy plays hard to get, he is going to miss out on an opportunity with her.

However, what most guys don’t realize is that when a female pop singer is belting out a heartfelt song about some guy whom she wishes would chase her, she is referring to a guy that she is sexually attracted to.

She is referring to a guy that is a challenge for her to win over…

Most guys take what women are saying in pop songs as “advice” on what women really want. Yet, women don’t go around giving the male population the exact instructions on how to win them over.

Instead, women hint at what they want, but never give the full picture, because they don’t want to instruct clueless guys on how to get a chance with them. Instead, they just want to get themselves a guy who has the social and emotional intelligence to know what is really going on.

Not knowing this, many guys chase women and try to show their interest in a woman, hoping that she will then accept him and be his girlfriend or lover if he just declares his love and interest for her and never gives up.

Yet, women don’t want to lead a guy and choose him after he kisses their ass and begs for a chance for years on end. Instead, women want a guy who makes them feel attracted and will only give HER a chance if she plays her cards right.

What Makes a Guy Worth Chasing?

What makes a guy worth chasing?

There are many qualities that cause a woman to chase and pursue a man, in the hope of having sex with him or securing him into a committed relationship.

Essentially, if a guy is confident, charismatic and masculine, then he is going to be attractive to women. When a woman feels attracted to him, she will then begin to look at any positive qualities about him in a better light.

For example: Not only is he confident, charismatic and funny, but he is also an intelligent, good guy who has good intentions with her.

In the animal kingdom, the female is usually attracted to the alpha male and feels more attraction for him compared to a lower-ranking male.

For a human female, she also is more attracted to an alpha male more than a lower-ranking male. A human alpha male is a guy who uses his confidence and emotional masculinity to go after what he wants in life and keep pushing forward no matter how challenging life gets.

Since a woman’s attraction to a man is mostly based on his survival traits, it’s pretty obvious why women are more attracted to confident, emotionally masculine guys compared to nervous, self-doubting and emotionally insecure guys.

When interacting with men, women can detect which of the men are weaker (mentally and emotionally) than others. Apart from unattractive or masculine women who want a weak, feminine guy, women always feel the most amount of attraction for the guy who is the strongest (mentally and emotionally) amongst the group.

Guys who think and behave like lower ranking males do not get chased by women because there is no reason for the woman to chase. She’s not that attracted to him and knows that she doesn’t need to hurry to claim him as her man before another woman gets him.

On the other hand, when a woman encounters an alpha male, she will feel compelled to chase him and secure him as her own, because she knows that almost every woman he interacts with will want to be with him.

8 Things That Don’t Make a Woman Want to Chase a Guy

8 things that don't make a woman want to chase a guy

Women will chase you if you’re worth chasing and they will stop at nothing to make you their man. Here are some reasons why a woman will not chase a guy…

1. He lacks confidence in his attractiveness and value to her

A woman will not chase a guy if she sees that he lacks confidence in his attractiveness and value to her, because it would make her feel like she’s doing him a favor by being with him.

If a guy behaves in a nervous and insecure way around a woman and acts like he’s not good enough for her when he’s near or with her, she won’t want to waste her time with him. A woman doesn’t want to feel as though she needs to “mother” or “baby” a guy to make him feel confident enough around her.

If you want a woman to feel respect and attraction for you, it’s important that you show her that you’re completely confident on your own and don’t need her to reassure you.

2. He has low self esteem about his place in the world and value to others

A woman doesn’t wants to a guy who constantly needs to be made to feel better about himself because he is lost and still hasn’t worked out who he is as a man.

If a guy has low self-esteem and needs a woman to make him feel worthy about his place in the world or to others, women will not chase him.

Not only will a woman have no desire to chase him, but she won’t respond nicely if he chases her either. She will make it absolutely clear to him that she has no romantic interest in him and the most she can offer him is a friendship, which she usually isn’t going to want anyway.

Low self esteem guys usually love to watch movies where the loveable loser gets the girl in the end, because it gives him hope. Secretly, he hopes that if enough women see the movie, they will eventually take pity on the wimpy guys and give them a chance.

Yet, that’s just not going to happen because a woman’s attraction is directly linked to a guy’s survival traits. Low self esteem is the opposite of what is required to survive, thrive and prosper in this challenging world we live in.

3. He lacks social intelligence

Rejecting the shy guy

If a guy is uncomfortable or awkward in social situations, he usually isn’t going to be able to make a good impression on a woman (or anyone else for that matter).

A guy who is uncomfortable or awkward in their social interactions with others displays a lack of social intelligence, which naturally makes him unattractive to women. Social intelligence is an important survival trait and most women are instinctively turned off by guys who can’t get along well with others.

4. He is mentally and emotionally weaker than her

A woman likes to be made to feel like a real woman (i.e. feminine, girly, free to be emotional) by the man she is with.

If a guy allows a woman to constantly dominate the conversation and interaction between them, he comes across as being mentally and emotionally weak and she will want steer clear of him. A woman can’t feel like a real woman if the man isn’t being confident and masculine around her.

5. He is a bad conversationalist

Boring guy

A man who can engage a woman in an interesting, emotionally stimulating conversation has already won half the battle when it comes to charming her.

A guy who lacks conversation skills with women might assume that a woman will open up and be excited to talk to him if he asks her a series of personal questions, or if he tells her every little detail about himself.

In the first instance, she will be made to feel uncomfortable and tense because of all the question and in the second instance she will probably be bored to tears or turned off by his attempts to impress her with details of his life. Either way he is unlikely to get the girl with that kind of approach.

Watch this video to understand where guys go wrong when talking to women and what you can do instead to be successful…

6. He lacks the skills needed to establish attraction

Since he lacks these necessary skills required to make her feel attracted to him, she just isn’t interested in anything more than a conversation.

He might wonder, “Do women like to be chased?” and assume that he must not be showing her enough attention and interest, but, as you know, that isn’t the answer. You can show her all the attention and interest in the world, but if she’s not attracted to you, she’s not going to be interested.

7. He lacks drive and ambition

A woman likes to know that the guy she is with (or is considering hooking up with) is going places in life.

It is not important whether he has already achieved all of his goals, but she definitely wants to know that he has some big goals and ambitions in life and that he is on the way to achieving them.

If a guy has no direction in his life and is not working towards creating a better life for himself in future, a woman usually will not waste her time with him and she certainly won’t chase him.

8. He doesn’t have many (or any) friends

Women prefer men who have a large group of real friends (not Facebook friends) because it usually means that the guy is likeable and should he ever be in an emergency, he will many people that he can call on for help.

This makes her feel safe and be able to trust in his ability to survive, thrive and prosper and it is therefore a quality that she will look for in a man.

Getting Her to Chase You

Getting her to chase you

The secret to getting a woman to chase you is to make her feel intense attraction to your confidence and personality and then only give her a chance if she plays her cards right.

Most women are sick and tired of how easy most guys are to impress and they want a guy who not only has standards, but makes her feel the type of attraction that she wants to feel when with a guy…

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