Here are 6 tips for getting an ex woman back who has moved away, or has moved overseas: 

1. Tell her that you accept the breakup and only want to be friends now 

For example: You can say, “I accept your decision to break up with me now that you’re moving away. I understand that staying together when we’re so far apart can not only be difficult, because of all the time differences and more importantly not being able to see each other in person, I also realize it can add to the stress of being in a new city/country. So, I’m not going to make this harder for you than it already is. My only request is that we stay friends. We can do that right? Besides, it will help to have a friendly face/voice at the end of the line after a challenging day.”

In most cases, the woman will agree to that right away.


Firstly, it feels good to have a friend to turn to if things get stressful for her.

Secondly, she sees it as an opportunity to make you not try to get her back.

However, you’re not going to let that happen because once you’ve gotten her to agree to remain friends, you’re going to use interactions with her (e.g. on calls, video chat, via email) to…

2. Build a new relationship based on flirtatious banter 

In other words, when talking to your ex over the phone, or on a video call, don’t just act like a neutral, non-sexual friend who doesn’t feel sexually attracted to her anymore.

Instead, you need to spark her feelings of sexual attraction and an easy way to do that is with some flirtatious banter.

For example: Imagine you’re chatting to her on a video call and she asks, “So, have you missed me?”

Rather than just answering in a straightforward manner (e.g. “Yes”), use it as an opportunity to flirt with her and therefore, create some new, sexual tension between you and her.

She asks, “So, have you missed me?” and you say, “Only as much as you have missed me” in a cheeky, playful way.

Alternatively, you say, “Well, I missed you for the first date, but then forgot all about you” at which she will then laugh and feel shocked in a good way.

She will most likely ask if you are joking and you can then say, “No, I’m serious. By the way – who are you again? I’ve forgotten all about you” in a playful way.

As a result, she then feels sparks of attraction and excitement for you, which then makes her realize that there still is something between you and her.

Then, after the call, she will find herself thinking about you, missing you and imagining what it would be like to sleep with you again.

This then makes her more open to coming to see you, or to have you come and see her.

Some guys make the mistake of thinking that flirting with an ex woman after agreeing to just be friends is wrong.

It’s not.

It’s just two mature adults communicating with each other in a playful, innocent, friendly manner, with subtle sexual undertones.

You are allowed to do that.

If you only pretend that you want to be friends with her, she probably won’t see any reason not to move on with a new guy.

She also won’t feel much or any urge to see you again and sleep with you, to see how she feels afterward.

This is why you should playfully flirt with her every time you talk to her, so she knows that even though you’re her friend now, you’re not a neutral, non-sexual friend.

At the same time…

3. Let her see that you are enjoying your life without her 

This is very important.


Women are attracted to men who are confident in themselves and can get on with life and enjoy it, especially after a breakup.

So, go ahead and post photos of yourself having fun and enjoying life without her (e.g. of you with friends at a party or club, playing beach volleyball, hanging out together at a restaurant).

If you’re no longer friends with her on Facebook or she doesn’t follow you on Instagram, just set your photos to public. 

Almost all women get curious about what their ex is up to and will take a look at his profile to see if he’s moving on without her, or sitting around feeling sad and lost.

When she sees that you’re emotionally fulfilled and having fun without her, rather than convince her that what you had together is truly over, it makes her miss you more.

She then wants to interact with you more often, just to remain a part of your life and not feel rejected and left behind.

You then use those interactions to make her feel even more attracted and drawn to you.

You can then…

4. Get her to become interested in the idea of catching up in person as friends 

After you’ve sparked some of her feelings for you on (video) calls, you might say something like, “Hey, wouldn’t it be fun to see each other again? I’ve always wanted to see (insert the name of the city or country she’s moved to, e.g. Paris/London/New York). You can show me the sights and introduce me to the local cuisine. It’s always best to explore a new city/country with a good friend, don’t you agree?”

When you’ve been talking to her and making her smile, laugh and enjoy her interactions with you, chances are high that she’s going to like the idea of hanging out with you again.

She may even feel excited about the idea of exploring her new home with you.

Then, once you’ve gotten her interested and even excited about seeing you again, go ahead and…

5. Travel for a holiday and to go and visit her where she is at 

Book that plane, train or bus ticket, or hop in your car if she’s still in the same country/state as you and go visit her.

Of course, don’t arrive there expecting her to be your guide and to provide all your entertainment for the duration of your stay.

If she gets a sense that you’re there only because of her, she may feel trapped and like you’re looking to start a relationship with her again.

This can scare her off and turn your vacation into a disaster.

A better approach is to make plans before you get there.

For example: 

  • Make sure that you’ve booked a place to stay, rather than expecting her to let you stay with her. If she offers you to stay with her, then definitely take it though. The more time you can spend with her making her feel attracted, the easier it will be to get her back.
  • Find out about the main tourist attraction spots in her city/country (e.g. the museums, famous landmarks, tours) and if possible, get tickets for some of your favorites before you get there.
  • Get to know which restaurants are considered the best in the area.

Then, when you get there, you will have plenty of things to do, without being dependent on your ex to keep you busy.

Of course, when she notices that you’re being emotionally independent and aren’t pushing her to get back together again, she will naturally feel drawn to you again.

She wants to go sightseeing with you and spend time together.

That gives you the opportunity to…

6. Attract her and seduce her into hugging, kissing and having sex just for fun

As you spend time together talking, eating and exploring her new city/country, focus on making her feel a strong rush of romantic and sexual attraction for you (e.g. by continuing with the flirtatious banter that she already enjoys with you, using humor to bring down her defenses and make her feel turned on by your confidence, showing her via your actions and behavior that you’ve transformed yourself into a new man).

Then, if she seems open and is giving you signs that she’s sexually attracted to you (e.g. touching you repeatedly on the hand/arm/leg, licking her lips, playing with her hair/throat/necklace) put your arm around her and give her a hug.

If she doesn’t pull away, lean in and give her a quick kiss on the lips.

From there, deepen the kiss and keep turning her on.

Then, if she’s still open to it, hook up with her sexually and blow her mind.

You can then enjoy a holiday romance together for fun.

From there, you just need to continue showing her that you’ve transformed yourself into the kind of man that she can now look up to, respect and feel attracted to.

You can then get back together and enjoy a long-distance relationship, until one of you decides to move to be with the other person.

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