Are you good enough for pretty, attractive women?

When you look at photos like this, do you think that you’re not good enough for these women, or do you say to yourself, “Yes, I am good enough. If I met a woman like this, I could easily talk to her and feel confident.”

What do you think and feel when you see photos of pretty women?

Do you think that you’re good enough for them, or do you think that you’re not good enough?

I hope that when you see pretty women you believe that you are good enough for them.

Unfortunately, in today’s world so many guys go through life thinking that they’re not good enough for women…yet.

A guy will say to himself, “I need to build up my career and then women will like me. I need to build up my muscle and then women will like me. I need to move to a new apartment or house with better furniture, in a better location and then women are going to like me.”

Yet, due to the way that he perceives women, he ends up developing insecurities about himself and he almost never feels good enough for women.

Even when he gets the muscle, he still feels like he’s not good enough.

For example: A guy will build up some more muscle and then he’ll go out with his friends to meet women, or he’ll try to use online dating, or he’ll try to meet women through whatever situation he can and he’ll find that he’s still getting the same kind of results with women (i.e. not getting laid, not getting a girlfriend or only being able to attract unattractive women).

He’s built up the muscle.

He thought he was going to make women fawn all over him, but they’re not.

Of course, some women may grab at his biceps at times when they’re talking to him and say, “Well now, you’ve got big arms,” but it doesn’t go anywhere.

The women aren’t saying to him, “Okay, you’ve got big biceps, therefore, we need to have sex right now.”

It’s just not happening for him.

So, what does he think?

He thinks that he’s not good enough for women…yet.

He’s got to make more money.

He’s got to move to a better location.

He’s got to get a better car and then women are going to like him.

Now, a guy like that might try to then make some of those improvements in his life, but if he’s paying attention, what he’ll notice is that other guys who don’t even have those things are able to get laid and get a girlfriend.

The reason why, is that the guy who goes through life thinking that he’s not good enough yet, gives women the impression that he is trying to live up to their standards, in order to hopefully get a chance with them.

A guy like that is hoping that when he says his occupation or says where he lives, when he talks about his location, that the women are going to say, “Wow, you live there?” or, “Wow, your work is that? Okay, cool I’m interested.”

He hopes that the woman is then going to be easy.

Yet, what he finds is that women that he finds attractive aren’t making it easy for him.

Of course, if he says it to an unattractive woman then she’s going to be happy about that.

She’s going to be happy about the fact that a high-quality guy sees himself as not being good enough for her and he’s hoping to impress her by telling her about his occupation, his location or trying to impress her by having some muscles or whatever.

She is looking at him thinking, “Cool, a guy that doesn’t know his value, I can get this guy.”

She then latches onto him.

Yet, an attractive woman doesn’t react in that way.

Even though the most attractive women won’t go around admitting it, what they really want is a guy who sees himself as being more than good enough for them.

A guy who knows that he is good enough for the attractive woman, but he’s also a good guy.

The way that it works is that some attractive women are extremely picky and will only accept a rich guy who is famous, or a rich guy who is really good looking, has the perfect body and lives an amazing lifestyle.

Yet, those women really are the minority.

They are not the 95% of attractive women, they are the 5%.

Some people refer to women like that as gold-diggers.

Those women exist.

Those women have an agenda, that is true.

Yet, for most attractive women out there, they are more than happy to invest their time and invest themselves in a guy that has potential.

He doesn’t already have to be successful.

If that wasn’t true, then no guy working as a bartender, a waiter, an office clerk or anything like that would be able to get laid or get a girlfriend.

So, the reality is that most attractive women are more than happy to invest their time and themselves in a guy who has potential.

Potential is a very important word here.

It doesn’t mean that you have to absolutely succeed and become a massive success because most people don’t become a massive success in life.

Most people live fairly ordinary lives and most attractive women are in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with the guy who is living a fairly ordinary life, or are married to a man who is living a fairly ordinary life.

In fact, many couples meet before the man ever becomes successful in life.

Many couples meet when they are still trying to figure out who they are, what they want in life, where they want to go and so on.

What you need to understand as a man is that it’s a huge waste of time and energy to try to build yourself up with muscles, with career and with living in an amazing location to hopefully be good enough for a woman one day.

There’s nothing wrong with going to the gym.

There’s nothing wrong with building up your career.

There’s nothing wrong with living in a nice location, but if you’re doing those things to hopefully be good enough for women one day, then you’re doing it wrong.

The reality is that you are already good enough for the majority of women out there.

Don’t get me wrong though.

I’m not saying there aren’t women out there who will only accept a rich guy, who is already successful.

Those women exist, but the majority of women will happily accept and fall in love with and stay with a man who has potential, a guy who may succeed one day.

That doesn’t mean that the guy has to do all the work and she just has to come along for the ride.

It may be a case of them both working together to create a secure future for themselves together.

Alternatively, it might be a case of them both working towards being able to get a house together, being able to start a family together and when she does give birth to children, she’s able to stay at home and look after the kids for maybe the first two years of their life and then she has to go back to work or whatever.

It’s not about the man having to do everything, have everything and be everything and then he’s going to be good enough for women.

Don’t go down that path in life.

If you go down that path in life, you will inevitably attract women who are gold-diggers, who want to use you and take advantage of you.

Surely, you don’t want those type of women.

Surely, you want a woman who loves you and is attracted to you and respects you for who you are right now and who you could potentially become in the future.

So, even though you’re going to become an even better man in the future, don’t let that hold you back from living your life, enjoying sex and relationships with women because you think that you’re not good enough yet.

Don’t think that you going to be good enough one day in the future.

Know that you are good enough now.

When you know that you are good enough now, you exude the type of confidence that women are naturally attracted to.

Women see that you are a guy who believes in himself and you are also a guy who has a vision for your future.

You know what you want in future.

You know that you’re going to try to head in a particular direction in life and succeed at something.

You don’t have to have already succeeded.

You just have to be a man who believes in himself and knows that he’s good enough right now.

So, how can you show that to a woman when you talking to her?

Well, don’t try to impress her with your credentials.

Don’t try to say, “I work as this” and then hope that it impresses her.

Don’t try to say, “Hey, I’m working on this project and I’m going to be really successful in the future” to hopefully impress her.

Don’t say, “I live in this location” and then hope that it’s going to impress her.

Just know that you are already good enough right now as you are without even saying anything to her.

If you can honestly feel that and believe it, then it’s going to come through in your body language.

It’s going to come through in your vibe.

It’s going to come through in the way that you talk to her and she is going to respect you for it.

She is going to look at you as a high-value guy.

You’re not like other guys who are hoping to suck up to her and live up to her standards in order to get a chance with her.

You already know that you are good enough for her.

Now, of course, if a guy does work in a great job, does live in a great location, does have muscles, does have a nice car or anything like that, then it’s going to be something that is extra and appealing about him and so on.

Yet, what you need to understand is that the majority of guys out there do not work in a high-flying job, live in an expensive apartment or home, drive an expensive car and so on.

The majority of guys out there are just normal everyday guys going through life, but they’re still able to get laid and get a girlfriend.

In many cases, you will see them with very attractive women and you wonder what is going on there.

In most cases, the guy doesn’t have that mindset where he thinks, “I need to have all of these things in place in my life before I’ll be good enough for a woman.”

He knows that he’s already good enough for women right now as he is and then he just gets on with enjoying sex and relationships with women.

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Improve Yourself, But Always Know That You Are Already Good Enough For Most Women Out There

One final point that I want to make for you in this video is that there’s nothing wrong with building up your career.

There’s nothing wrong with being ambitious and trying to become a success in life.

There’s nothing wrong with going to the gym and building up some muscle and there’s also nothing wrong with getting a nice place, living in a nice area, driving a nice car and so on.

Additionally, it is true that those things can improve a guy’s attractiveness to women, but when a guy improves those things in his life and he still thinks that he’s not good enough for women yet, it doesn’t improve his success with women.

He still gets the same result.

He still comes across as a guy who doesn’t think that he’s good enough for attractive women.

Attractive women don’t want that.

An unattractive woman will want that because she thinks, “Cool, a guy who doesn’t know his value, I’ll latch onto him.”

Yet, if you want to have sex with an attractive woman or have her as your girlfriend, you have to believe that you’re good enough for her right now.

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