Rather than sending sexually explicit photos or videos (i.e. sexting), it’s better to flirt with women and subtly suggest having sex.

There’s an example of how to do that in this video at 7 mins 26 seconds into the video…

The reason why it’s usually better to flirt about the idea of having sex, rather than actually talk about sex is that sexting usually doesn’t have the same effect on women as it does on men.

Think about it…

Men feel an instant and intense attraction to a woman’s physical appearance and that is usually enough for a guy to want to have sex with the woman.

As a result, men look at porn and immediately begin to masturbate to visual images of women in photos or videos.

Yet, the same rule of attraction doesn’t apply to women.

Women can feel attracted to a man’s physical appearance, but most women are more turned on by a man’s personality and behavior than his physical appearance.

That’s why a woman is more interested to see how you can make her feel via text (e.g. by being masculine, making her feel girly in comparison to you, using humor, using flirting, being charming), rather than simply talking about sex or exchanging sexually explicit photos.

Of course, some women do like sexting and in most cases, those women are quite slutty.

Yet, the absolute majority of women prefer to flirt and subtly imply their sexual interest, rather than actually say that they want sex.

One of the additional reasons why is that a woman wants you to be able to trust her when in a relationship.

If she is way too sexual, then it can make some guys insecure in a relationship and not able to trust her if she goes out somewhere without him.

Yet, if she is more ladylike and can control herself, a guy is much less likely to worry and become a possessive, controlling boyfriend in a relationship.

There’s a lot to it, but just understand and know that women and men think, feel and behave differently for many important reasons.

Do You Have to Talk About Sex Via Text, or Sext a Woman to Get a Date?


Sexting is not a necessary step before arranging a meetup or having sex with a woman.

It’s simply optional and you can do it if feels right with a particular woman, or if you like to do that because you only want to find women who are interested in sex (i.e. because you don’t want a relationship at the moment).

Will a Photo of Your Dick Turn Her On?

In most cases, a woman won’t feel turned on by seeing a photo of a dick.

Of course, if you have an exceptional one, or if she is horny and very sexual, then she will like it.

Yet, all other women do not want or need to see a photo of a guy’s dick prior to having sex with him.

That’s where men get confused.

Men love to see women naked, which is why pornography has always been aimed at men.

Sure, some women watch porn these days, but if you look into why they watch porn, it’s for the storyline and then the sex.

They get turned on by the setup (e.g. a woman is lost and trying to find her way back to her hotel and meets a stranger and they then hook up, or a woman is alone and scared somewhere at night. Then, a guy approaches her and he’s confident and charming, she likes him and then they have sex).

Essentially, women fantasize about scenarios and the guy being confident and seducing her, whereas men get turned on and jerk off at merely the sight of a woman naked.

The storyline doesn’t matter to 99% of men.

They just want to see her naked, or see her having sex and imaging being the one who is having sex with her.

So, when a guy sends a photo of his dick to a woman (i.e. he sexts her), it almost always isn’t exciting and arousing for her because there is no storyline, scenario or setup.

However, if you do want to send a photo of your dick, just send it while wearing gray sweatpants, or in your boxers when you have a 90% boner.

That said, it’s almost never necessary to send a photo of your dick to a woman.

Just meet up with her and let her see it and enjoy it in person 😉

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