So, can you convince a woman to like you?

I often get asked this question by guys who have a crush on a girl at university, men who like a particular woman at work, or guys who are friends with a girl and want to begin a sexual relationship with her, but she just doesn’t feel the same way.

Maybe this will finally convince her to like me

A guy in that position may wonder, “How can I convince her to like me the way that I like her?” He will hear her talking about other guys who don’t treat her well and may think, “I’d treat her so well. I’d be such a great boyfriend. I wouldn’t hurt her. I wouldn’t treat her badly.

I would be trustworthy…I would do the right thing…I’ve got good intentions with her. I’m trying to convince her of that, but she’s just not listening. She keeps hooking up with other guys who are not even as nice to her as I am. What’s going on here?”

Why does she only like me as a friend?

So, if there’s a girl or a woman that you like right now and you just can’t seem to get her to like you the same way, have a think about this…

Think about the times you’ve seen a woman interact with a man that she’s just met and sparks start flying between them immediately. They have instant sexual chemistry and like each other immediately.

Instant attraction

Have you ever seen that?

Have you ever seen a guy interacting with a girl and there are sparks flying between them immediately? She’s laughing, giggling, smiling and hitting him on the arm or touching him in other ways. You look on and realize that they have great chemistry and it’s just obvious that they’re going to hook up sexually.

Instant chemistry and attraction

They exchange phone numbers, start kissing or leave the party or club together and they begin a sexual relationship. Yet, it happened right away and the guy didn’t have to convince her to like him.

Whereas, you see other guys who talk to women and they try to get to know her for weeks or months without ever making a move. He’s a great friend to her, they get along, talk and laugh, but there’s no sexual spark there.

She’s not actually interested in having a sexual relationship with him because he’s not even making her feel sexually attracted. He’s just being friendly with her. Then, if he brings up the idea of him and her having a relationship, she rejects him.

She may give him one of the classic “friend zone lines” such as:

  • “We are better as friends.”
  • “I don’t want to ruin our friendship.”
  • “I’m not looking for a relationship right now.”
  • “I’m busy with my studies and don’t have time for a boyfriend.”
  • “You’re such a good friend. I don’t want to ruin what we have.”
  • “Sorry, I don’t see you in that way. You’re like a brother to me.”
  • “Awww…how sweet. You’re such a nice guy. You’re my best friend and I really appreciate having you in my life.”
  • “I’m busy with my career and need to focus on doing well at work.”

A guy who doesn’t understand what is really going may think, “Okay cool…I’ll just keep hanging around and hopefully I’m going to grow on her. Hopefully I’m going to get her to like me.”

Yet, what he fails to recognize and understand is how other guys get girls so easily and instantly. He observes other guys interacting with women and sparks fly immediately, they get it on immediately and leave the party or club together, or become an item at university or a couple at work, etc.

Easy pick up

The guy immediately gets into a relationship with her, without having to get to know her for a long time. He didn’t need to convince her to like him. He made feel something. He created a spark between them.

…and that there is the secret.

To get a woman to like you and want to be in a sexual relationship with you, she doesn’t need you to convince her that you’re a great guy and will treat her well. What she needs to feel is sexual attraction.

To make her want to have sex with you and begin a sexual relationship, you have to actively trigger feelings of sexual attraction. Not feelings of friendly emotions where you’re just a good guy, a friend who just wants to hang out and everything is all nice and sweet and innocent. There’s no sexual intentions at all; just a friendship.

That there is a friendship.

If you want a woman to start having sex with you or be eager to begin a sexual, romantic relationship with you, the most important thing that you need to do is actively trigger her feelings of sexual attraction.

An Example of How to Trigger a Woman’s Feelings of Sexual Attraction

Imagine being at a cafe with a girl you like

Imagine that you’re talking to a woman that you like and are eating together at a cafe.

If you’re at university, imagine that you’re eating at the cafeteria with her. If you’re working and are hanging out with a female coworker that you’ve got a crush on, imagine that you’re eating at a cafe nearby for lunch.

At some point, she’s going to end up with some food or crumbs on the side of her mouth and she’s going to try to wipe it off with her fingers or a napkin. So, what would you say during that moment to make her feel attracted to you?

What’s something that you can say and do in that moment to make her feel sexually attracted to you? What would you say?

What most guys will say at that point is either nothing while they give her a chance to clean her face, or they might try to help her like a gentleman. “Oh, yep…there you go. You got it.”

Based on what he thinks is the right way to get her interested in a sexual, romantic relationship, he will be that good friend who is looking out for her and who keeps everything friendly and platonic.

On the other hand, a guy who is going to make her feel sexually attracted will focus on making her feel girly in that moment. He’s going to use his masculinity to subtly dominate her by putting her under the spotlight of his attention. He will make her feel a bit girly and unsure of herself around him.

Imagine being at a cafe with a woman you like

He’s only doing it in a playful way. It’s not a mean or overly domineering way. It’s just a subtle bit of domination.

So, for example, when she has something on the side of her mouth, he will point it out and look at it and say something like, “Oh, actually…you’ve got something there on your mouth” and she will then reach up to wipe it off. He will then say, “…and on the other side too…and there’s something on your nose – what is that?”

She’s then going to smile and feel self-conscious as she is put under the spotlight of his attention. He will then laugh and show her that is only joking.

When you do that, the woman notices that you’re joking, laughs and then feels girly in response to your masculinity. You are masculine enough to make her feel girly in that moment. You’re confident enough to put her on the spot and play with the situation and to create a dynamic between you and her where you’re subtly dominating her.

That is sexually attractive to women.

If you think about what happens during sex, you will realize that a woman opens up to receive the man’s masculinity. She submits and opens up to the man. The man penetrates and she receives. She is the receiver and he is the giver.

He makes me feel girly

So, when you subtly dominate a woman during conversation in a playful way, it actually triggers a feeling inside of her where she can then think, “Wow…he could actually make me feel girly in the bedroom.” His energy, his personality and his approach to her makes her feel a little bit girly…and that is a sexual turn on for women.

Sexual Attraction Can Be Triggered

What a lot of guys don’t realize is that sexual attraction can be triggered.

You don’t have to be a good looking guy with millions or billions of dollars…or euros, rupees, pounds or whatever currency you use. You don’t have to have those things that everyone says is so important to women, to make a woman feel sexually attracted to you.

…and you would have seen it before with your own eyes.

You would have seen other guys start to talk to girls who don’t have looks or money, but the girl starts giggling, feeling all girly, hitting him on the arm playfully and there are sparks flying between them immediately.

How does that happen? Simple: He is triggering feelings of sexual attraction inside of her, which is a skill that you can actually have as a guy. You don’t have to rely on luck and hope that a woman will “give you a chance” if you can just convince her that you’re a good enough guy.

Good Guys Are Way More Common Than You May Think

But, wait...I'm a good guy!
Here’s the thing that a lot of good guys don’t understand or realize: Most guys in this world are good guys.

Most good guys think that they are the only good guy in this world. They think that they are much better than everyone else. “I’m nicer…I’m more loyal…I’m more honorable…I’m more trustworthy…I’ve got better intentions with women than all these other guys.”

Yet, most guys in this world are good guys. That really is the case.

Being good isn’t the thing that makes a woman want to have sex because it’s pretty much everywhere she looks. It’s easy for her to find a nice guy, but what isn’t easy is to find a good guy who also makes her feel sexually attracted.

What makes a woman want to have sex and start a sexual relationship is feeling sexual attraction for you.

At The Modern Man, I teach guys how to make women feel sexual attraction for them in more than 100 different ways. In this post, I’ve just demonstrated one way of making a woman feel sexual attraction for you. You can make women feel attracted to you in more than 100 different ways.

You most-likely don’t know how much power you have when it comes to attracting women. If you’re the sort of guy who is looking for advice on how to convince women to like you, then you most-likely don’t even know that you can trigger feelings of sexual attraction inside a woman.

Triggering the woman’s sexual attraction is within your control.

Generally speaking, you are in complete control over how much or how little attraction a woman feels for you. You can actively make women feel attracted to you. That is why I’ve personally been able to have sex with more than 250 women and now I have a sexy girlfriend who recently became my fiance. She’s 22 and I’m 37 and we met when I was 35 and she was 20.

I’ve had a string of girlfriends and lovers prior to her who were 20, 19, 23, 18, 24 and so on. Non stop sex, love and good times with sexy women. Why have I been able to do that? Simple: I know how to make women feel sexually attracted to me when I interact with them, based on what I say and do.

Having that type of power and control over attracting women is something that you can do. You can actually make women feel intense attraction for you and want to be with you, simply based on what you say and do when interacting with them.

When you see other guys starting to talk to women and sparks begin flying immediately; that can be you. Not the guy who is hanging around a woman for a couple of months and hoping that she likes you and then another guy comes along, talks to her for a few minutes and then takes her.

Sparks fly immediately

You then look on in horror and disappointment thinking, “What?! Her and I get along so well. What’s going on here? How could she betray me like that? I thought she liked me?” Yes, she likes you as a friend and likes you as a person, but you’re not making her feel sexual attraction.

Do You Want to Learn How to Make Women Feel Sexually Attracted to You?

Have sex with her rather than just being a friend
If you want to learn how to make women feel sexually attracted to you, then I recommend that you read my book The Flow. While reading The Flow, you will learn so many different ways to attract women, how to be confident around women and what to say and do to get yourself a girlfriend or get laid.

Then, if you want to learn more after going through The Flow and you want to keep improving your ability to attract women, keep building on your confidence and becoming more attractive to women in how you talk to them and behave around them, then I have all of my other programs for you as well.

How much you decide to learn and how much you decide to improve your ability to attract women is up to you, but if you are one of the guys who don’t even know how to attract women when you interact with them, make sure that you at least read my ebook The Flow.

I used the techniques from The Flow to have sex with more than 250 women and I also used the same techniques from The Flow to pick up my fiance. The same process that I went through all those times is the same process that other guys are using now after reading my ebook.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a new woman that you’re talking to, a woman that you already know as a friend or a woman that you’ve made a bad first impression on. The same thing is important every time:

Are you actually making her feel sexual attraction for you? Are you triggering that? Are you building it up? Are you making her feel so much desire for you that she has to have you; she wants to be with you and only you? Are you making her feel that?

Don’t waste any more time trying to convince women to like you. Learn how to attract them. Learn how to trigger feelings of sexual attraction inside of women and you will realize how easy it is.

You’ll realize that you’ve been wasting your time trying to get to know girls and trying to get them to “like” you, when you can actually make them feel attracted to you within seconds and build that up over a few minutes.

It’s very easy to do.

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