Here are 3 ways to help her overcome her daddy issues and be a good girl for you:

1. Stop thinking that her daddy issues are more powerful than you

If you think that she can’t be fully committed or in love with you because of her daddy issues, then you’re right.

Every other boyfriend she has dumped will have thought the same thing.

The only man that a woman like her will respect is one who sees past the superficial issues and games and loves her for who she is, flaws and all.

Here’s the thing…

If a guy is confident in himself and in his attractiveness and value to his woman, he’s usually not going to care whether she has daddy issues or not.

Instead he’s going to simply focus on saying and doing the kind of things that will naturally grow her feelings of love, respect and attraction for him.

He’s going to create a relationship dynamic that causes his woman to want to treat him well, be attentive, loving and affectionate, regardless of whether she has daddy issues or not.

Where so many guys go wrong in a relationship with a woman who has daddy issues is by putting in way more effort than her into the relationship, to hopefully get her to overcome her problems and love him and treat him well.

Yet, it rarely works out that way because women don’t like to reward emotional weakness (i.e. a guy who can’t see past her issues and games) with love, affection, sex and devotion.

So, if you want to get your ex girlfriend back, the best approach is to ignore her daddy issues and focus instead on making her feel so much respect, attraction and love for you as a man that she can’t stop herself from wanting to be a good girlfriend to you and treat you well.

When she sees for herself that you’re a much more emotionally attractive man now (e.g. confident, self-believing, calm and relaxed under pressure), she will naturally start to feel respect and attraction for you and want to be your girl once again.

Another way to help your ex girlfriend overcome her daddy issues and be a good girl for you is…

2. Don’t try to pander to her issues

Many guys get dumped by women like this because they try to be better than her father.

For example: If she has daddy issues about being abandoned, treated badly or ignored, her guy might then try to be the opposite by being extra nice to her, giving her loads of attention and constantly reassuring her that he cares for her and that she’s special to him.

Yet, rather than make the woman reward him with her love and devotion, she usually treats him even worse than before.


If you pander to a woman’s issues, she will lose respect for you because your actions will seem desperate and misplaced.

After all, her daddy issues are only a superficial, changeable part of her personality.

Remember: Women hate it when a guy lacks the balls to handle her and her issues in a loving way.

It suggests to her that he’s too emotionally weak and that she will then have to be the stronger one who takes the lead in the relationship, which is unappealing to her.

She then can’t relax and be a feminine woman around him, because she has to take care of the both of them.

Here’s the thing…

If a woman senses that you are unable to maintain your confidence with her and remain calm and in control regardless of what she’s saying or doing, she will lose respect for you.

When she doesn’t respect you, she will find it difficult to feel sexually attracted to you and without those two things, she will start to pull away from you.

On the other hand, if you stay calm, relaxed and confident around your woman regardless of how she’s behaving and don’t put up with her drama or bad behavior, then she won’t be able to stop herself from feeling respect and attraction for you.

It might not make much sense to a guy who believes that being patient, extra nice and just taking whatever she throws at him is the key to overcoming a woman’s daddy issues, but that’s how it works with almost all women in this situation.

The nicer you are to her and the more you indulge her, the less attracted to you she feels.

The truth is, a woman like her will change and be a good girl to a man who is strong enough to see past all the BS and love her for who she is, without getting insecure when she is turning up the drama to test him.

So, if you want to get your ex girlfriend back, don’t give her the sense that you’re going to run after her and indulge her daddy issues because you’re so desperate to have her in your life.

Sure you want her back, but you don’t need her back to feel good about yourself.

A woman with daddy issues will be a good girl for the right man

When she can see for herself that she no longer has power over you because of her issues, she will naturally begin to look up to you and respect you as a man.

She will then become curious about her new feelings for you and she will open up to being in a relationship with you again and being a good woman to you from now on.

Another way to help your ex girlfriend overcome her daddy issues and be a good girl for you is…

3. Realize that most women didn’t have a perfect relationship with their father

Some women did have a perfect relationship with their father and in cases like that, they often try to find a boyfriend or husband who is as good as their father.

For other women, she might initially feel attracted to men who are like her abusive, manipulative, angry, selfish father, but eventually that phase passes.

She might then accept (not select) a really nice guy who is sweet, loving and kind because she hopes that he will make her happy in a way that her father and all her subsequent equally horrible boyfriends couldn’t.

Yet, she’s not going to be happy with either extreme.

What she really needs and what pretty much every woman needs is a balanced, emotionally strong man who doesn’t get flustered and insecure when she tests him.

He loves her for who she is and is strong no matter what, so in return, she feels respect, attraction and love for him and wants to be a good girl for him so she doesn’t lose him.

She knows how hard it is to find a man like that.

So, rather than worry about your ex’s daddy issues and allowing that to influence the way you interact with her (e.g. by being too nice and accommodating, letting her have her way, trying too hard to please her) and focus instead on being your own man.

If from now on you stop falling victim to her unnecessary emotional drama, she will naturally begin to look up to you and respect you again.

As a result, she will then begin to feel sparks of attraction and love for you again and will open herself back up to being with you, because you’re now the kind of man she’s been looking for all along (kind, loving, yet also emotionally strong and masculine).

Where Guys Go Wrong With an Ex Girlfriend Who Has Daddy Issues

It’s quite likely that your ex girlfriend does suffer from daddy issues and that may then have caused your relationship to break up.

However, it’s also possible that you misunderstood her and didn’t know how to handle her when she was acting up.

For example: Ask yourself, are you making any of the following mistakes with your ex?

1. Diagnosing her as being totally messed up and beyond repair

Sometimes a guy might find himself in a relationship with a woman who is overly emotional and likes to throw tantrums or burst into tears about irrelevant things.

Yet, rather than see her behavior as being irrational and then laughing at her for being so silly, he instead becomes upset and begins to look for the underlying cause.

Knowing her personal history, he then self-diagnoses her as suffering from daddy issues and concludes that she’s truly messed up.

He might then try to fix her, by doing things differently to what her father would.

For example: If a woman’s father was cold and closed off towards her, her guy will then be overly emotional and smother her with attention.

Alternatively, if her father was emotionally or even physically abusive towards her, her guy will then be extra nice, sweet, gentle and agreeable towards her.

Yet, in almost all cases, when a guy is being too emotionally weak and wimpy with her, rather than make a woman get over her daddy issues, she instead becomes more aloof, disinterested and even disrespectful towards him (i.e. because she feels more emotionally dominant than him).

Naturally the guy might feel hurt that after all he’s done for her she still can’t get over her daddy issues and he may then say to himself, “There’s nothing I can do. She’s just too messed up and beyond repair.”

Yet, here’s the thing…

A woman doesn’t need her guy to be the opposite of her father, she needs him to be the kind of man she can look up to, respect, feel attracted to and love.

When she can feel those emotions around him, her issues with her father won’t matter, because she will be too busy trying to be a good woman to her man, so that she doesn’t lose him.

So, if you want to get your ex girlfriend back, stop trying to be her therapist and focus instead on being her man.

When she can depend on you to be confident, emotionally strong and emotionally dominant, no matter what she says and does, she will naturally begin to respect and feel attracted to you for being man enough to not get caught up in her drama.

As a result, she wants to be your girl again.

You can then easily get her back into a relationship that isn’t clouded by her issues anymore.

Another mistake you might be making is…

2. Thinking that your nice guy approach is right and women should accept it

Women like her do want a good guy, but they just aren’t happy with a guy who puts her first no matter what, gets emotional when she tests him and is constantly trying to change her.

She’s not broken.

She’s just testing guys to find one who can handle her without becoming insecure and losing touch with his masculinity.

Of course that doesn’t mean you have to become a jerk, bully her or treat her badly to get her back.

Instead, you simply need to show her that you’re now more confident, ballsy and assertive, while still being a good guy.

In other words, be a more balanced, well rounded man, rather than being too nice and gentle, or too hard and aggressive.

When you interact with her on the phone and especially in person and she sees for herself that you are now the type of man she always wanted you to be (e.g. emotionally strong, emotionally masculine, emotionally dominant), she will start feeling attracted to you in the ways that have always been secretly important to her.

Her guard then comes down and she wants to be around you more and more.

You can then build on her feelings for you and get her back into a relationship that is more balanced, where you don’t let her daddy issues get in the way and neither does she.

Another mistake you might be making is…

3. Assuming that her need for attention from other men means she has daddy issues

Just because a woman acts a certain way, it doesn’t mean it’s because of only one reason.

For example: A woman’s father made her feel like she wasn’t pretty or wasn’t important enough to pay attention to, so she then seeks attention and validation from other men.

Yes, that is one reason why a woman might behave in that way.

However, other reasons include…

  • She is trying to attract herself a boyfriend or husband and that is her strategy to do it.
  • She is insecure about her appearance like 95% of other women and has gotten used to using men’s reactions to her as a way to boost her self esteem.
  • She likes sex and isn’t afraid to show it. Most women want sex just as much as men, but don’t show it because of social expectations.
  • She secretly hates men and likes to reel them in so that she can reject them to get revenge for how she feels.

As you can see, there could be many reasons why your ex girlfriend is the way she is and daddy issues is only one of the possible reasons.

However, the important thing for you to understand is that if you want to get your ex girlfriend back, it’s up to you to create the right relationship dynamic that will then make her want to be a good woman to you, treat you well, be affectionate, loving and faithful to you.

How can you do that?

By being a confident, emotionally strong and masculine man who doesn’t let her walk all over you, while at the same time treating her well and making her feel loved, desired and appreciated.

When she can see for herself that no matter where else she looks, she will never find a man quite as good as you, she will stop messing around and she will open back up to you.

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