Thanks to the internet, getting your ex back quickly is something that guys from all over the world are now able to do.

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Here is what you have to do to get your ex back quickly…

1. Don’t Waste Time With the No Contact Rule

Don't use no contact if you want her back quickly

If you really want to get your ex back quickly, then you should avoid using the No Contact Rule (e.g. waiting anywhere from 20-60 days to call your ex).

The No Contact Rule is a common piece of advice that you will find online when you look for free tips on how to get your ex back quickly. Yet, it isn’t going to help you with what you want.

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Have you heard the expression “Out of sight out of mind,” which means that when something that isn’t necessary to us is out of sight, we usually forget about it?

In many cases, this is what happens when a guy uses the No Contact Rule as a way to try and get an ex back who no longer wants to be with him.

While he is sitting at home alone and putting himself through hell by forcing himself not to contact his ex even though he really wants to, rather than make her miss him, he is actually giving her the opportunity to get over him and move on with her life, meet new guys, have sex and even fall in love.

Yet, if he got her on a phone call, apologized for his mistakes and got her to meet up with him in person, he could then make her feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for him and get her back.

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Another reason why the No Contact Rule can fail is because it’s not really getting to the core of what caused the break up between you and your ex in the first place.

For example: A guy might have been needy, clingy and insecure throughout the relationship, which isn’t going to change if he simply stops contacting her.

Wasting time by using no contact

He may have also been using the relationship as an excuse to hide from his true potential as a man, by spending loads of time with his girlfriend and not following through on his passions, dreams or ambitions in life.

He may have taken her for granted and expected her to stick around no matter how badly he treated her, or maybe he allowed her to “wear the pants” in the relationship.

Whatever the case, if he doesn’t take steps to change those things in himself, his ex won’t be interested in getting back with him, even if she has missed him a bit since the break up.

Of course, not contacting her does get some women to call, but her calling you doesn’t actually mean that she wants to get back with you.

Quite often, when a woman doesn’t hear from her ex for a while, she becomes curious about what he’s up to so she calls him to find out if he’s moved on and found another girlfriend, or if he’s missing her and if he’s still desperately hoping to get back together with her.

However, when she calls, what often happens is the guy gets so excited to be hearing from her that he pours his heart out to her, telling her how happy he is to hear from her and how he wants her back.

As she talks to him, she notices that he still doesn’t even understand the real reasons why she broke up with him.

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When she notices that he still doesn’t understand the real reasons why she broke up with him, it just convinces her that nothing has changed and it then allows her to move on from him more easily.

So, if you want to get your ex back quickly, don’t waste time with the No Contact Rule in the hope that everything will magically fix itself.

Instead, you’ve got to get your ex on the phone so you can apologize to her for what happened, while also letting her hear the confidence in your voice and the changes in how you communicate with her, which will surprise her and make her want to find out what has really changed in you.

2. Get Her On a Call and Make Her Feel a Renewed Sense of Respect and Attraction For You

Get her on a call

When getting an ex back, you need to get her talking to you on the phone as quickly as possible, rather than hiding behind text.

Guys will often make the mistake of sending a woman a text like, “How are you?” “I just wanted to say hi,” or “I hope you’re okay” to test whether or not his ex is interested.

Girl annoyed by text

He is hoping that by keeping in touch with her via text, she will eventually soften up and start texting him back, which will then eventually lead to her agreeing to getting back together again.

Yet, it doesn’t work that way.

Text is a modern invention and it does not make a woman feel respect and attraction in the same way that she will on a phone call or in person, because it’s simply text on her phone.

If some of the last things your ex said to you when she broke up with you were, “Leave me alone,” “I never want to see you again,” or even “I hate you,” how do you think she will judge your text?

Will she be thinking, “How sweet! My ex really cares about how I’m doing. He must really be sorry for what happened. I think I want to get back together with him!” or will she be thinking, “Why is he still bugging me? Can’t he get the message that it’s over? He is being so needy and desperate. I’m so glad I broke up with him.”

If a woman can’t hear your confident, emotionally secure tone of voice (which will trigger her feelings of sexual attraction for you), and if she doesn’t get a sense that you’re not falling to pieces without her, she will naturally be imagining you in a very negative light when she gets a text from you.

This is why; to get your ex back quickly, you have to get her on a call right away so that you can start regaining her respect and attraction for you.

You have to let her experience the new and improved you.

When you get her on the phone, apologize to her for what happened and let her know that you now understand her point of view and why she needed to break up with you.

Don’t ask her to give you another chance over the phone.

Instead, spend some time just letting her experience your relaxed confidence and your improved ability to make her feel attracted to you and respectful of you over the phone.

Rather than getting emotional and serious while talking to her, focus on getting her smiling and laughing, which will naturally make her feel attracted and happy to be talking to you again.

3. Get Her to Agree to Meet Up With You Just One Last Time to Say Goodbye

Although talking to your ex on the phone is the first step to getting her back, it is not what the main thing that will convince her to give your relationship another chance.

This is why you have to get her to agree to a meet up as quickly as possible.

By showing her a confident, charming, masculine side to yourself (on the phone) that she probably stopped noticing when things got bad in your relationship, you will have shocked her (in a good way) out of her current negative beliefs about you and made her feel curious about what has happened to you to make you change in such a positive way.

At this point, ask her to meet up with you one last time just to say goodbye. Don’t worry; it won’t be the last time, it’s just a way to get her to agree to a meet up with you.

By changing your communication style with her in a way that makes her feel attracted to you, she will naturally begin to think and behave differently towards you, and she will become more open to agreeing to meet up with you one last time.

For example: If a guy was using the relationship as an excuse to hide from his true potential in life and wasn’t becoming a bigger and better man, he can tell her about all the things he has done since the break up to show her he’s changed.

It’s not about him lying, putting on an act or pretending to be someone he’s not, but rather about having a mature, easy-going conversation with her where he then happens to mention that he has, for example, taken up night classes so that he can get a better job, or is working his way towards a promotion.

By making her see that he’s moved on from being the insecure, unmotivated guy she used to know, she will naturally feel curious to meet up with him in person to see for herself whether he has really changed, or if he is just lying to her to get her back.

In the same way, you can use whatever was the cause of your break up with your ex as an opportunity to show her that you’ve grown and changed as a man, and make her feel interested to find out more.

4. Get Her to Forgive You at the Meet Up and Then Her Guard Will Come Down

When you meet up with your ex, you have to continue renewing her feelings of respect and attraction for you.

To do that, you first have to apologize to her and get her to forgive you.

For example: You can say something like, “I’m not asking for us to get back together, but I am just asking for you to sincerely forgive me so we can both feel better about what happened between us. Yes, I made some mistakes, but so does almost every couple. I am sorry for my mistakes and all I ask is for you to forgive me for that, not to take me back.”

If she does forgive you, she will then begin to drop her guard around you, which will then make it 10x easier for you to make her feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction when you interact with her.

Apologizing and asking for forgiveness is not about groveling or begging. Some guys make the mistake of begging for her forgiveness and doing whatever she wants them to do in order for her to forgive them.

Yet, that kind of behavior is unattractive to women, so rather than making her drop her guard and feel respect for him, she feels turned off by him at a deep level because he is begging, groveling and lowering himself way too much.

To get your ex to forgive you, you have to do it from a position of strength so that she can respect you.

You can make her want to forgive you by letting her know that you now fully understand what really caused her to break up with you, and showing her (via your confidence, behavior, body language, conversation style) that you’ve made the correct changes to yourself.

In this way, she will feel understood and she will feel respect for you because, in her eyes, you will have become the man she always wanted you to be when in a relationship, so she will then be willing to forgive you.

Once you do get her to forgive you, she will naturally drop her guard and become more open to you, and the more open to you she becomes, the more she will allow herself to feel attracted and respectful towards you.

Forgiveness is what allows her to open herself back up to you, and if then you can build on her feelings of respect and attraction for you, she will naturally open herself up to the idea of being in a relationship with you again.

5. Make Her Feel an Increasing Amount of Respect and Attraction For You

Respect and attraction comes first if you want to get your ex back quickly.

If your ex cannot feel respect for you as a man (e.g. because you are still insecure, give her too much power), she will not feel attracted to you and she will then not open herself up to loving you again.

Where a lot of guys go wrong is they try to convince their ex that they will change if she gives them another chance.

Telling her that you will change isn’t going to make her feel attraction and respect for you.

You actually have to make the changes first and then let her see and experience those changes when she interacts with you in person.

For example: A guy who was needy, clingy and insecure in his relationship can show his ex that he’s changed by being confident and relaxed when interacting with her.

When she tries to test him (possibly by ignoring him or going cold towards him, or by flirting with another guy) to see if he has really changed or if he’s only putting on an act to impress her, if he becomes upset about it and loses his cool, she will know that nothing has really changed about him and she will lose even more respect for him for trying to trick her.

On the other hand, if he just laughs off her attempts to unsettle him and stays relaxed, not only will she be convinced that he has changed deep down inside, she also won’t be able to help herself from feeling a renewed sense of respect and attraction for him as a man.

6. Get Her Back at That Meet Up or the Next, Depending on How She Reacts

Sometimes a woman needs more than one meet up to fully forgive a guy for his past mistakes and open herself up to the idea of getting back together again.

A mistake that guys make is to push a woman into making a decision about the relationship before she is ready to do it.

If a woman hasn’t fully experienced the changes in her ex, forgiven him for past mistakes and begun to feel a lot of renewed respect and attraction for him, she will not be ready to get back into a relationship with him again.

When you meet up with your ex in person, instead of trying to get her back, focus on making her feel a lot of attraction for you.

Focus on making her laugh and letting her fully absorb and experience the new and improved version of you.

By showing her that you have not only improved and changed, but that you’re also okay with or without her, she will begin to feel good about having you in her life again because you are attractive, but you don’t need her.

She will feel like she’s losing out on a great thing if she remains stuck to her idea of not wanting you as her man, so getting back together will actually make her feel good about herself.

If you want to get your ex back quickly, you need to focus on making her feel the way that she really wants to feel during this time.

If you push the right buttons, you will get her back.

I’ve already helped 100s of guys to get women back quickly and I can help you too.

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