If you want to be one of the many men who can say, “I got my ex back using the Law of Attraction” then here are my 5 best tips for you:

1. Be absolutely clear on how the Law of Attraction works

The Law of Attraction steps are as follows:

  • Ask for what you want

For example: You might say something along the lines of, “I want to get back with my ex. I want it to be easy and effortless. I want us both to fall back in love with each other and to be happy in a relationship together that only gets better and better over time.”

  • Believe that you will receive it

You can’t kind of believe that you will receive what you’re asking for.

You really do have to believe it, through and through, deep down.

If you’re struggling with that, start by getting rid of negative thoughts like these:

  • The Law of Attraction can’t really help me get my ex back, can it? Maybe it’s just fake. Maybe it doesn’t work. Maybe it’s a scam.
  • She hates me too much for this to work. No amount of believing or a Law of Attraction can change that. She just doesn’t want me anymore.
  • Our break up was really bad and I can’t believe she’d forgive me and want me enough again to give me another chance.
  • What if she meets someone else while I’m trying to get her back using the so-called ‘Law of Attraction’ that I don’t even know for sure works?
  • What if I’m just wasting my time?
  • She said that she’d never change her mind no matter what. She’s a very strong willed woman. She doesn’t change her mind easily. I don’t really have a chance.
  • She said she doesn’t love me anymore. What is the Law of Attraction going to do about that?

Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts like these, to begin the process of believing that you will receive what you’re asking for:

  • I can get her back.
  • It is absolutely possible to re-attract her and make her want to give our relationship another chance.
  • I can make her feel differently about me. I know I can. I can do this.
  • I believe that our love is still there in the background waiting to be reawaken. When the love comes flooding back, her and I are going to be so happy together. I’m looking forward to that moment and I know I can make it happen.
  • I know I’m the right man for her now that I’ve changed and realized so many things about myself, relationships and love.
  • I believe we can make our relationship work this time around.
  • I believe that I can use the natural laws of reality to bend things to my will. I can cause shifts in the complex patterns of the universe that make her miss me, fall back in love with me and get back with me.
  • Other men have used the Law of Attraction to get an ex woman back and I can do it too.
  • The Law of Attraction has been proven to work by millions of people. It takes courage to truly believe and I have that courage. I will use this powerful law of nature to help me get her back. It will work. I can feel it.

The key is to get to the point where you absolutely believe that it’s totally possible to get her back.

There’s not a doubt in your mind.

You know for sure that the universe is saying, “Yes. Your wish is granted. I’m in the process of making it come true now,” when you ask for something.

You know that, you believe it and as a result, you don’t have any doubt in your mind.

  • Imagine having already received it

Imagine having already received it

Imagine you and her catching up, feeling attracted to each other and getting back together.

Then, imagine hugging, followed by her kissing you and looking into your eyes with love.

Imagine her on the sofa next to you, or in bed next to you.

Close your eyes and imagine her there, looking so happy to be with you.

Really feel it and see it as already being achieved for sure.

Make it totally real in your mind.

  • Feel the emotions associated with having received it

While imagining having already received what you’ve asked for, it’s critically important that you feel the positive emotions associated with it.

For example: Don’t imagine you and her back together and be feeling doubt, worry, uncertainty or any other negative emotion.

Instead, feel happy, relieved, proud of yourself for doing it, loved, wanted and blessed.

If you can’t honestly feel those emotions and instead, are feeling negative, uncertain emotions, then you’re not using the Law of Attraction properly.

The Law of Attraction responds to your deep, private emotions, which is why you need to honestly believe that you will receive it, then imagine having already received it and then feel the positive emotions associated with having gotten what you wanted.

This next part is just as important…

  • Take action to receive it and then you will receive it

Many people skip over, or try to avoid the all important action step of the Law of Attraction.

Then, when they don’t receive what they asked for, they end up saying things like, “The Law of Attraction doesn’t work” or, “People who say that the Law of Attraction can help you get anything you want are liars and frauds. It’s a scam – it didn’t work for me. It’s just a bunch of wishful thinking. Don’t fall for it. Nothing works. You just have to accept your fate. You can’t change anything. You have no control over anything” and so on.

Yet, the truth is, millions of people around the world (including me, by the way) have made their biggest dreams come true using the Law of Attraction.

Why has it worked for those people and not others?

They didn’t skip over the most important step of all to make their dream a reality: Taking action.

Skipping that step would be like me saying that I wanted to be the world’s best ex back expert to help men get their ex back, imagining it happening, but then never writing any articles, never making any videos or never making a step by step program that guys could follow along and use to get their ex woman back.

Of course, I didn’t skip over that stuff and I’ve already done it.

In fact, I’ve already written more than 1,000 articles on how to get an ex woman back and I will be writing another 2,000 or so over the coming years.

Many of the articles are 2,000 and up to 6,000 words, or in some cases 10 A4 pages long.

That’s a lot of work, but I’m willing to do it because I have the answers and am willing to take the action required to share those answers.

In terms of getting your ex back using the Law of Attraction: You don’t have to spend many years working on it like I’ve done to become the world’s best ex back expert.

Instead, you can do it within the next 1-3 weeks if you are willing to follow the steps correctly.

The first step or bit of ‘action’ that you need to take, is to prepare yourself to re-attract your ex during interactions (i.e. get ready to attract her in the ways that she really wants).

For example: If you have lost confidence in your value to her and no longer feel worthy of her, then she’s going to sense that insecurity when you talk to her and it will turn her off.

So, you need to begin understanding how to be truly confident in yourself and not show signs of insecurity when interacting with your ex.

If you try to skip over that part and just wish and hope that she comes back because you’ve asked the universe to deliver that to you, then you’re not using the Law of Attraction properly.

The universe will do its side of the bargain, but you have to do your part of it as well.

It’s not a one-sided deal.

The same with what I do: No-one would know the knowledge I have about getting ex women back if I didn’t put in the years of non-stop work that it has taken to write all the articles, make all the videos and create the step by step program.

Yet, I did that and the universe has delivered its side of the bargain because men from all over the world flood to my website every day and I’m able to help them.

Check out some of the success stories here (countless more have been posted in comments under videos on my Youtube channel by random guys who’ve gotten my program, followed the steps and gotten their ex woman back).

BTW: Once you’ve prepared yourself to re-attract her, you then need to take the next step of action, which is to interact with her over the phone or in person and begin reawakening her feelings for you.

While doing that, continue to believe that what you are doing is working and is going to work.

Note: That will only be true if you’ve properly prepared yourself to re-attract her, are doing it right and know what to say and do next to get her back.

It doesn’t work if you just do whatever and say to yourself, “It will work.”

That would be like me writing anything in my articles and saying, “Yes, this is the best ex back advice online.”


It’s only the best if you do it properly, which is what I do with my advice and what you should do when re-attracting your ex to get her back.

So, now that you are aware of how the Law of Attraction actually works, let’s go into detail on what you should do (i.e. more ‘actions’ you can take)…

2. Imagine you and her back together and feel great about it

For the next few days, spend at least 10-15 minutes each day just imagining you and her back together and really feel the positive emotions associated with it.

For example: Imagine you and her happily sitting at home eating dinner together at the dining table, or in the lounge room if you prefer.

Make it extra real by envisioning what you and her are wearing, what you’re eating, what music is playing in the background (if any) and other little details that might be important to you.

Imagine how she will be smiling and looking at you adoringly, as she eats and is so happy to be back with you.

Imagine her getting a bit of sauce on her lip and you leaning over and wiping it off with your napkin or finger, or even saying, “Come here” and then leaning in to lick it off and then kiss her.

Notice how she laughs, smiles and things feel good between you and her again.

Feel how it would feel to experience that with her.

Imagine how she smells; her unique, soft, beautiful scent that you find so attractive.

Imagine how her skin feels when you touch, caress or hug her.

Imagine the kiss, to the point where you can literally feel the softness of her lips on yours and the beautiful taste her mouth.

In some cases, a guy will need to do that for 1-2 days before he is fully in alignment with getting his ex back using the Law of Attraction, whereas others will need 3-4 days or a week.

I recommend that you get it done as quickly as possible and then begin taking action to move forward through the ex back process right away, rather than backing away out of fear.

To build your confidence that you will succeed in getting her back, an important action step is to…

3. Improve your ability to make her feel sexually attracted to you

You can wish and hope that she’ll come back all you want, but you still need to be able to attract her when she does.

If you’re not ready for that part, then you haven’t fulfilled your end of the bargain, so the universe can’t give you what you really want.

So, don’t skip over this step.

It’s very important.

Here are some examples of how a guy can change, improve or adjust his approach in a way that attracts his ex when she comes back, or when he interacts with her again:

  • He’s so much confident and self-assured now, which means that he doesn’t feel the need to control her out of jealousy, or get reassurance from her that he’s attractive, worthy, lovable or good enough for her. He knows it and she likes that about him now.
  • He’s a bit more of a playful challenge for her now (e.g. playfully says no to some things, playfully makes fun of her if she’s being unreasonable, doesn’t always give her a straightforward answer and instead is a bit more playful), rather than always being so predictable or nice. By ‘playful’ I don’t mean ‘silly’ or ‘acting childish’ or ‘acting like a girl.’ Instead, it’s about being manly, but not being so straightforward about everything all the time. Surprise her at times by saying, “No” with a smile, or saying, “Okay, I’ll help you with that, as long as you cook me dinner” or saying, “Maybe” as an answer (with a smile), rather than always giving her a yes/no answer.
  • He is now able to create a relationship dynamic that causes her to want to be good to him, treat him well and be affectionate and loving towards him. At the same time, he also treats her well and makes her feel loved and appreciated. She can sense that now by talking to him and seeing how he reacts to things, what he says, how he behaves and how it makes her feel. She can now see that he’s the sort of guy that women want to be with. He’s changed, he’s leveled up and she likes it.
  • He makes her feel like a sexy, desirable woman and she feels a spark again, rather than feeling as though she’s one of his buddies or a roommate (i.e. there to share the chores, hang out and watch TV together, split the bills).
    He takes the lead more often now, rather than assuming that she wants to decide on everything, get her way and for him to just follow along. He now understands that a woman wants to relax into her natural, feminine nature, which is to follow a man, rather than lead a man.
  • He now has a definite purpose and direction in life that he’s actively working towards, rather than drifting along and accepting whatever comes his way in life, or failing at project after project and blaming external things for it (e.g. blaming the government, the Law of Attraction, his upbringing, etc). Due to him leveling up and taking real responsibility for his life, she naturally feels that a future with him will be much safer. That alone won’t necessarily get her back, but it’s an attractive feeling for a woman, as long the guy doesn’t use it to try to sell himself to her (e.g. “I’m applying for a new job. I’m really trying now. Will you give me another chance?”). Women don’t want to give a guy a chance out of pity. Women get with men due to attraction. Make her feel attracted and she’ll want you back.
  • He’s more emotionally mature now, which means that he doesn’t seek her pity, create unnecessary arguments, drag her down with his insecurities, or let her walk all over him with her confident, independent personality.

When a woman experiences a new kind of attraction for her ex, she naturally drops her guard and opens up to the idea of being in a relationship with him again.

So, if you want your ex back for real, don’t just rely on wishing and hoping via the Law of Attraction.

You’ve got to make sure that you take the action step of leveling up your ability to attract her.

Then, when you are ready (most guys are within 3-7 days)…

4. Interact with her and re-attract her

Once you feel ready (e.g. after a few days, or up to a week of preparing yourself to re-attract your ex), go ahead and contact her.

A phone call is usually best, because she can more easily sense the changes in you via your tonality and the way you express yourself.

You can text her first if you want to, but just don’t stick to typed texts because if she has a negative perception of you (e.g. thinks you’re needy, desperate or insecure), she will read your texts with that in mind.

Make sure that you at least transition to voice texts, or to a phone call or video call as soon as possible, so she can really get a sense for how much you’ve changed and then feel attracted to that.

Once you’ve made her feel attracted to you on the phone and began to connect with her a little more, arrange to catch up in person to say hi.

Important: Don’t ask her for that via text.

Guys who do that almost always fail at getting their ex back.

You’ve got to have the courage to at least use voice texts, or get to a phone call or video call.

So, do that and get the meet up.

Then, using the Law of Attraction, imagine things going really well when you and her meet up.

For example: Imagine yourself walking into the coffee shop or restaurant where you and her are meeting and imagine feeling more confident and self-assured than you ever have before.

Imagine what clothes you’re wearing and how, no matter what you’ve chosen to wear that day, you look handsome, confident and manly and she loves it.

Feel the confidence oozing out of you and how great it is to be sitting there with her again.

Imagine her looking at you and trying to hide her feelings of attraction for you, but you being able to see it.

She smiles and shyly looks down and then bites her bottom lip.

She’s feeling it.

From there, see both you and her laughing, smiling and feeling good in each other’s company.

She then eventually says something like, “To be honest, I really didn’t want to come to this meet up, but I’m glad that I did. You’ve changed a lot. I really like the new you. Why weren’t you like this before?”

Imagine her saying something like that and believe she will.

She feels so attracted to you that she can’t stop herself from saying it.

At the end of the meet up, imagine yourself giving her a goodbye hug, which then turns into kiss that makes her heart fill up with love.

Then, imagine the two of you going to your place or hers and having mind-blowing sex.

Anything you do to her makes her feel aroused.

She loves it so much because of who you are now.

Your touch feels so much better than it ever has before.

She knows that it’s not over between you and her now and she definitely wants you back.

Make that as real at possible in your mind.

From there…

5. Get back with her and continue using the Law of Attraction to create an amazing future together as a couple

Once you and her have had sex, reconnected and she is happy to be back with you, it will only get better from there.

This will be so because you will continue doing the types of things that maintain and increase her attraction for you (e.g. being confident, self-assured, charming, emotionally independent, making her laugh and smile, making her feel sexy and desirable in your presence, having purpose in life, being a man of your word, no longer feeling insecure).

She will look up to you, respect you and know that she is so lucky to be with you.

As a result, she will be loyal to you and you’ll enjoy an amazing life together as a happy, in love couple.

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