Some women are fine when they’re on their period, whereas others can seem a little bit crazy.

They become annoyed, short-tempered and irritated at the slightest thing.

As a man, it’s very important that you understand how to deal with your woman when she’s on her period, so she doesn’t make her bad behavior out to be your fault.

So it doesn’t become that time of the month where you need to tiptoe around her and be on your best behavior.

Instead, she becomes accountable for her behavior.

She knows that she has to do her best to manage your emotions and treat you with respect.

In this video, I’m going to give you 6 tips that will save you from a lot of stress, arguments and unnecessary frustration when your woman starts getting her period, or when she’s on her period and her behavior and mood starts to change.

Let’s begin with number 1…

1. Let her know that you’re aware of how the changes in her hormones can temporarily affect her behavior and mood, leading up to and during the first few days of her period

This is a very important fundamental conversation that you need to have with your woman.

She needs to know that you know what is going on.

It also needs to be out in the open so she doesn’t end up blaming her behavior on you.

So, this is essentially what happens to most women.

A woman's monthly period cycle

Days before her period, her estrogen and progesterone levels begin to drop.

As a result, she may begin to feel a bit foggy mentally.

She may also tend to get irritable and annoyed for seemingly no reason.

There is a reason though and that is her changing hormones and how they are affecting her brain and mood.

Menstrual cycle

On the first day of her period, levels of estrogen, progesterone and even testosterone are low which can lead to her feeling moody, confused and irritated about how she is thinking, feeling or behaving.

She may also lose some self-esteem during this time of the month and feel unreasonably insecure about her body or appearance.

It’s during the days leading up to her period and the first few days of that some women can become unusually aggressive, angry and argumentative about things.

Something that her boyfriend would normally be able to say to her, suddenly sets her off and she becomes angry at him.

She throws a tantrum and gets into an argument with him.

How to handle your girlfriend when she's on her period

Due to the changes in her hormones, a woman can become extra sensitive towards things that she would normally be easygoing about, or would be able to laugh about.

Then all of a sudden, within the first few days of her period, estrogen levels begin to increase once again which, for most women, leads to them feeling happier, more energetic and in good spirits once again.

So, once you’ve made your woman aware that you are aware of the changes and it’s out in the open, she is much more likely then to admit when she is behaving badly leading up to her period and during the first few days of her period.

For example: If she becomes irritated and annoyed at you for no reason, then she is much more likely to apologize to you after she comes to her senses and realizes that it was just her hormones messing with her mood.

However, it’s very important that when she does apologize and blame her period for her behavior that you don’t jump all over that and start making her feel really bad about it.

Let your girlfriend know that you are aware that she goes through hormonal changes every month and that it can affect her mood and behavior

Just thank her for saying it and let her know that it’s a good thing that she’s aware of it.

Then, get on with having a good interaction with each other.

When you approach it in that way and she knows that she’s not going to be attacked when she admits that she was behaving badly, then she is much more likely to continue to admit when she is acting up because of her period and she’ll become more conscious of it.

She’ll become more aware of it and she’ll be able to control it more and more over time.

2. Don’t let her period become an excuse to treat you badly

Don't let her period become an excuse to treat you badly

The thing is, leading up to her period and during the first few days of her period, she can experience all sorts of physical discomfort and pain.

For example: She may get headaches, aches and pains in her lower back and hips, an upset stomach, bloated stomach and cramping.

So, it’s understandable that she might be a bit annoyed and irritated during that time.

However, it’s not an excuse to treat you badly and disrespect you.

If a man lets his woman treat him badly during certain parts of her menstrual cycle, it can become a habit for her in the relationship.

She can develop a habit of behavior of being annoyed with him, being irritable, being short-tempered.

The more he allows that to occur, the less happy the relationship will be.

So, while it’s a good thing to be a bit understanding and have some empathy for your woman as she’s going through these hormonal changes throughout the month, it’s not a license for her to treat you badly.

Her period is not a free pass to treat you badly

Her period is not a free pass to start screaming at you, yelling at you, being irritable, being short-tempered and just expect you to put up with it.

She has to be able to take responsibility for her emotions around you.

The way to tell your woman that isn’t to sit her down and give her a stern talking-to, or demand that she control her emotions at all times.

Instead, it’s best to be assertive about it, but be loving and easygoing at the same time.

“Hey, by the way, just because you go through hormonal changes every month, it’s not a free pass for you to start being a pain in the butt, screaming at me, starting arguments for no reason and so on. You got to try your best to control your emotions during those times. You’ve got try.”

Saying something like that to your woman, creates a relationship dynamic where she knows that you’re being understanding and respectful towards her.

You’re still being playful and loving when you tell her that she’s got to control herself and be a good woman, but at the same time you’re letting her know that she does need to keep herself in line.

The hormonal changes that go on in her body and the subsequent changes in mood and behavior are not a free pass for her to start being a pain in the butt.

She needs to respect you by doing her best to behave well and not be annoying during that time of the month.

3. Don’t get moody in response to her moodiness

When a guy gets moody in response to his woman’s moodiness around her period, she can end up saying that her bad mood and the arguments they’re having are his fault, not hers.

As a man, you’ve got to be able to control your emotions so your woman can see the clear contrast between her behavior and yours, between her emotional control and yours.

When she sees that you don’t lose control of your emotions and become moody when she is being a bit moody, then she can see that her bad mood is as a result of her, not you.

Since her hormones change all throughout the month, you can’t expect a woman to be consistent all the time.

Instead, what you can expect is that she gets better and better at being respectful around you, trying her hardest to be on her best behavior and not become too annoyed or irritable leading up to her period and during the first few days of her period.

4. Don’t be afraid to laugh at her in a loving way at times

When you’re in a relationship with the woman, she has to know that her anger and tantrums do not intimidate you.

If she can see that her anger and tantrums intimidate you, what is she going to do?

She’s going to do more of it.

What a woman will do, she will get angry, throw a tantrum and if a man can’t stand up to her in a loving way, then she loses respect for him, she loses sexual attraction for him.

She feels like the more dominant one in the relationship.

As a result, it doesn’t feel good to her to submit to him sexually.

With this point, I’m saying don’t be afraid to laugh at her in a loving way at times.

I’m not saying always laugh at her when she is angry.

If you do that, then she will naturally become more and more angry because she will say that you’re not taking her feelings seriously.

The difference here is that you need to have the freedom as a man to not take your woman’s outbursts seriously, because she is not in the dominant position in the relationship; you are.

You need to be able to laugh at her as you would laugh at someone who you’re not intimidated by when they’re throwing a tantrum.

Yet, with your woman, you do it in a loving way.

You still love her, you still respect her, you still appreciate her, but you’re just laughing at her little girly outburst.

That’s the way you see it.

You’re not intimidated by her feminine anger.

So, if your woman gets angry at you and is yelling and screaming for no real reason when she’s on her period, here are some examples of how you can laugh at her in a loving way.

*Say any of the following in a positive way with a smile, not in an attacking way with bad intentions. You are only joking when saying something like this.

“Look at you getting all worked up. You love drama, don’t you? You love it.”

Next example.

“You are one crazy girl, you know that?”

Next example.

“You freaking nutcase.”

Next example.

“Whatever, come on, get your butt in the car, let’s go.”

The thing is, if you went out and asked women how they would want a guy to respond when they’re on their period, most woman will say be nice, be patient, don’t joke around, stay out of her way, buy her flowers, do nice things for her and so on.

Yet, if a guy approaches his relationship in that way, then his woman isn’t going to want to have sex with him very often, if at all.

Don't be afraid to joke around with her when she's on her period

She’s going to feel like she is more dominant than him.

She’s going to see that he is intimidated by her and that doesn’t turn women on.

What does work is when you are loving and respectful towards your woman, but you also show her that she’s not in the dominant position.

You’re not intimidated by her.

That is what works.

You need to be able to have that freedom as a man.

Otherwise, you may put yourself in a situation where you’re thinking, “Can I joke today? What day is it in her menstrual cycle? Is she leading up to her period? Is she starting to get moody and irritable? Is she on her period? Man, I can’t joke today because she started her period.”


You shouldn’t have to live like that and you don’t have to live like that.

Instead, she needs to be able to laugh at herself when she is acting up.

She needs to be able to see that her man respects her, loves her, but doesn’t take her outbursts seriously.

He also doesn’t appreciate when she is out of line and starts treating him badly as a result of her period.

It’s not a time of the month where she gets a free pass to be a pain in the butt.

Over time, she needs to learn to control herself and be on better behavior during that time of the month.

5. Don’t use her period as an excuse to blame her for everything

Just because women tend to become more moody and irritable leading up to their period and during the first few days of their period, it’s not a free pass for a man to say that everything is her fault during that time.

If a man starts blaming every argument and every bad mood on her period, then it can be very annoying for her especially if she senses that he’s blaming everything on her as a way to avoid improving his approach to the relationship.

If she is upset about something and is trying to talk to him about that and he then blames it on her period, it can cause her to feel as though he doesn’t think her feelings are valid or that he just doesn’t care about her.

6. Be sure to also give her positive feedback on her good behavior to keep things balanced

A mistake that some guys make is that they only tend to comment on their woman’s behavior when it’s negative.

When she’s being a pain in the butt, when she’s being irritable or annoying, the guy will then get into an argument with her about that or give her some feedback about it and tell her that he doesn’t appreciate it.

Yet, when she’s on good behavior, he won’t really say anything about that.

He will think, “Well, that’s how she should be all the time. So, why should I say anything, it’s just normal. A woman should be on her best behavior all the time.”

Yet, to encourage a woman to be on her best behavior all the time or as much as possible, you also need to make sure that you make her aware that you’re aware of her good behavior.

You don’t need to say it all the time, every day, but you do need to make sure that you add it in.

“Hey, honey, thanks for making me a coffee. You’re a good woman. Come here.”

Next example.

“You’re really much more relaxed and easygoing these days. I like it.”

Next example.

“Now THAT I like. I like it when you’re like this. You’re much more kissable like that. You’re much more bangable. You’re copping it tonight.”

Learn More?

Okay, I hope you enjoyed this video and learned something from it.

If you’d like to learn more about how to maintain a happy, loving, sexually attracted relationship with a woman, then I recommend that you watch or listen to my program, Make Her Love You For Life.

The approach that I teach to relationships in the program brings out the best in your woman.

It makes her feel increasingly respectful, attracted and in love with you over time.

Bring Out Her Good Girl Side

One final point that I want to make for you in this video is that you or your woman can’t control the hormonal changes that she’s going through every month.

Yet, what you CAN do as a man is create a relationship dynamic where your woman feels accountable for her behavior.

She takes responsibility for her part in the relationship.

She doesn’t take you for granted by treating you badly during certain periods of the month.

The thing, is relationships with women are easy when you set and maintain the right relationship dynamic.

A woman who is a pain in the butt to one type of guy, won’t be a pain in the butt to another type of guy.

It’s the same woman, but each guy will allow a certain relationship dynamic which will bring out a certain side of her.

For example: If a guy allows a relationship dynamic to be created and maintained where he has to be on his best behavior during her period, then that’s not going to be fun for him and it’s not going to be fun for her.

He’s going to have to tiptoe around her, be really nice, make sure that he doesn’t say anything to set her off and she’s not going to be having fun because she’s going to be with the man who is intimidated by her and can’t get her to be a good woman to him.

The reality is that women are at their happiest when they’re with a man who brings out their good girl side, who makes them want to treat him well.

That is when a woman is at her happiest; not when a guy is tiptoeing around her, walking on eggshells and trying hard to not say the wrong thing around her.

It’s not what women will go around saying in the media, but if you pay attention to the women who are the happiest in their relationships with a man, it’s going to be a man who makes her feel accountable for her behavior, who brings out her a good girl side and naturally makes her want to treat him well.

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