Something weird that women do in relationships is what I call a Feminine Request.

This is where she wants to do something with you, or for you to potentially do something for her, but she doesn’t want to tell you to do it, she doesn’t want to order you around.

In a relationship, women will also make requests in a masculine way at times, of course.

However, when a woman makes a Feminine Request, it’s an opportunity for you to make her feel more respect, attraction and love for you based on how you respond.

So what’s an example?

Well, imagine that you’re sitting on the sofa with your woman and it’s a cold Sunday afternoon.

If she were to make a Masculine Request about what she wants, she may say something like, “Honey, I’m cold. Go and turn the heating up.”

She’s telling you what she wants and she’s telling you to do it.

If she makes a Feminine Request, she might say, “Honey, it’s cold in here, I’m cold.”

When she’s making a Feminine Request like that, she’s not telling you to turn the heating up.

Instead, she’s leaving it up to you to do what you want with her request.

Some men will jump at the chance to do something for her and will go and turn the heating up.

She tries to not take on the masculine role, which can result in behavior that is confusing or even annoying for some guys

Other men might playfully tell her to do it herself.

Other men might ignore what she is saying about being cold and just get on with watching TV.

Feminine Request - optional reactions

Every man can react and respond in whatever way he wants.

However, the way that you react and respond to a woman’s Feminine Requests will shape the dynamic of the relationship and directly influence how much respect, sexual attraction and love she feels for you.

Don't be an Order Boy or an MIA Man

For example: Have a look at this scale here with exaggerated versions of guys on the left and right.

On the left is what I call an Order Boy.

An Order Boy does whatever a woman wants, whether she tells him to do it in a masculine way or she hints at it in a feminine way.

He’s always trying to please her and is essentially under her control.

On the right is an MIA Man or Missing in Action Man.

He either doesn’t hear her Feminine Requests and understand that she’s communicating with him in an indirect feminine way, or he doesn’t care enough about her or the relationship to want to act on her Feminine Requests.

In the middle, is what women refer to as a Real Man, which is essentially a good loving man who isn’t under her control.

Since he is a good loving man, he will act on some of her Feminine Requests, but he will also exercise the freedom of choice to say no, to playfully tell her to do it herself or to ignore her requests at times.

He’s not under her control like an Order Boy and he’s not missing in action.

He’s there in the relationship, he notices her, he appreciates her, but he’s not under her control.

The thing is, while it might be interesting for certain types of women to be with a Missing in Action Man or an MIA man, eventually, they get sick and tired of it and break up with men like that for never really making them feel appreciated and valued.

Alternatively if she doesn’t break up with him, what a guy may find is that his woman is always annoyed at him for seemingly no reason.

She’s trying to communicate to him in her feminine way and he’s not picking up on it.

That may be because he doesn’t want to pay attention to it, or it may be because he sees her comments as just comments, not requests.

He doesn’t understand that she’s trying to communicate in an indirect feminine way to not take on a dominant role in the relationship.

In cases like that, it’s not really his fault.

Instead, he’s just unaware of the differences between how men and women typically communicate with each other when in a relationship.

In terms of an Order Boy, while it might be flattering for a woman to be with a guy who is willing to do absolutely anything to make her happy, eventually, she starts to lose respect for him because he is essentially under her control.

She may also begin to sense that he’s doing it out of insecurity and neediness.

He doesn’t really know how to make her happy, he doesn’t feel like he’s good enough for her and as a result, he tries to do whatever she tells him to do or hints at wanting to hopefully make her happy.

Finally, with what women refer to as a Real Man.

This is about a man being a good loving man, but also exercising the freedom to choose how he responds to her Feminine Requests.

For example: At times, he can playfully mess with her.

She’s saying, “Honey, I’m cold, it’s cold in here” and he can say something like this, “Ah, you’re cold, are you? Hey, have you ever heard of this thing called a blanket? There’s about seven of them in the cupboard over there, go get one.”

Next example.

“Poor you come here.” (and he then gives her a cuddle to make her warm).

Next example.

“Well, get over there and start doing some sit ups and push ups, you’ll warm up pretty soon.”

Next example.

“Oh, you poor little thing, I’ll go and get a blanket for you.” (Said playfully as though she is a helpless little girl).

Being the good loving man that he is, at times, he’s going to go and get the blanket for her and they can then get on with enjoying the evening together.

However, at times, he will also tell her to go and get it herself and she will respect him and love him for that.

She will respect him and love him for the fact that he is not under her control, he’s not her little Order Boy who does whatever she wants or hints at.

Additionally he’s not a Missing in Action Man where he doesn’t pay attention to what she’s saying or what she may want and as a result, ends up making her feel like she’s being taken for granted.

Instead, he uses a balanced approach where, at times, he will do what she wants to do with him or he will do what she’s hinting at wanting or needing, but he will also exercise the freedom to tell her to do it herself or to playfully mess with her when she’s asking him to do something.

She feels like eating something sweet

Okay, so another example for you is if you’re walking down the beach with your girlfriend or your wife and she says something like, “I feel like eating something sweet.”

She’s most likely hinting at she wants to eat ice cream.

You don’t have to know that, you don’t have to ask her that, you don’t have to act on that like an Order Boy, but you can just pay attention at times and understand that she’s making a Feminine Request.

She doesn’t want to behave in a masculine way all the time and say, “Alright, I feel like something sweet, let’s go get some ice cream. Now, we’re going to go to that store over there. Sit down here. I’m going to go buy some, I’ll bring out the ice cream for us.”

She doesn’t want to take on that role.

Instead, she wants to be in her feminine and allow you to be in your masculine because that is what will make both you and her feel the most amount of sexual attraction and love for each other.

So if you’re walking down the beach with your woman and she says something like, “Oh, I feel like eating something sweet,” you can say something like this, “Well, you’re pretty sweet, I feel like eating something sweet as well. Come here.”

Next example.

“You feel like eating something sweet? Me too. I tell you what – when we get home, bake a cake.”

Next example.

“If you’re hinting at wanting some ice cream, the answer is no, I’m not in the mood. Just kidding, alright, let’s go get some ice cream.

What’s important to understand is that a woman will make Feminine Requests in a relationship to avoid taking on the dominant role and leaving her feminine and entering into her masculine.

A woman can make Masculine Requests and she will do that even if she is a feminine woman, but when she is trying to maintain her feminine identity and maintain the ideal masculine-feminine dynamic in a relationship, she will lean towards making Feminine Requests.

She will want you to be the man so she can be your girl.

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Okay, hope you enjoyed this video and learned something from it.

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Don’t End up Feeling Just Like Friends or Housemates. Keep the Spark Alive For Life

One final point that I want to make few in this video, is that most women make Feminine Requests instinctively.

It’s part of their natural feminine instinct.

However, many women also consciously do it.

They purposely make Feminine Requests as an opportunity for you to be the man in the relationship.

She doesn’t want to take on the role as being the dominant one and have to exit her feminine.

She wants to remain in her feminine way of being so you can remain in your masculine.

When you understand how to create, maintain and build on the masculine-feminine dynamic in a relationship, both you and your woman will always feel more and more attracted to each other over time.

So many couples out there start off feeling attracted to each other and in love and then they end up feeling more like friends, housemates or roommates.

A relationship doesn’t have to go down that path.

You and your woman can literally feel more respect, attraction and love for each other over time.

When that is in place in a relationship, it feels amazing.

It’s a great time for the both of you and neither have you ever feel like you want to leave the relationship.

You just want to be with each other.

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