Here are 4 optional approaches to let her go of her and move on.

Option 1: Re-attract her, have sex with her one last time and then move on

Doing that gets rid of the feeling of being rejected by her because she does want you again.

She becomes attracted, you hook up with her and she really wants it.

It’s like a little victory for yourself to see that you haven’t been totally rejected by her and left behind.

After hooking up with her one last time, you can then move on, knowing that she did want you, but you decided to just move on and find a new woman.

So, start by interacting with your ex over the phone (an audio or video phone call is best, rather than just sticking to texts) and in person.

Re-attract her, have sex with her one last time and then move on

Don’t act like a neutral friend who just wants to be her text buddy, or call her to see how she is doing.

Instead, adding some flirting to create a spark and build sexual tension between you and her again.

Sexual tension happens when a man and a woman feel sexual desire for each other, but can’t immediately release it with kissing and sex (e.g. because they are ex’s and it doesn’t seem appropriate, they are talking over the phone or are in a public place, so it’s impossible to just start kissing and having sex in that moment).

It’s a powerful emotional state that makes both men and women do whatever they can to get to the point where they can kiss and have sex.

So, the more sexual tension you can build between you and her (you can do it during a 2-5 minute conversation with her), the more compelled she will feel to meet up with you and release the sexual tension with kissing and sex.

As a result, she will almost certainly say yes to meeting up for a coffee, or hanging out at your place or hers.

Then, you and her can have make up sex, which is enjoyable for both the person who got dumped and the dumper.

It can end up being quite an overwhelming (in a good way), emotional experience for the woman, where she realizes that what you and her had isn’t over.

She still feels like she wants to be with you and keep seeing you.

Yet, you can then be the one who decides to end the relationship and move on.

Of course, you also have the option of sticking with the relationship as well.

The choice will be yours.

Another approach to let go of a relationship and move on is…

Option 2: Re-attract her, make her want you back, don’t have sex with her and leave with her wanting more, so you can walk away as the dumper

Re-attract her, make her want you back, but don't have sex with her. Leave her wanting more, so you can walk away as the dumper this time

This causes her to feel like there is unresolved sexual tension between you and her.

She wants you sexually and also feels romantically attracted to you again, but you are walking away.

Like the first option, it comes a little victory for you where you aren’t the one who got dumped in the end.

She did.

That alone will help you move on, because you’re not stuck feeling like you’ve been rejected, or that you’re not attractive enough or lovable.

For her, you are the one that got away.

From then on, she will always look back and regret that she wasn’t able to get back with you and have another shot.

Of course, that’s not the only way to make an ex regret breaking up with you and then want you back…

Another approach to let go of a relationship and move on is…

Option 3: Have a final conversation with her to let her know that you accept the break up. Then, start sleeping with new women who you see as being more attractive than her

Have a final conversation with her to let her know that you accept the break up

For example: You might say something along the lines of, “Hey, I know that I didn’t initially accept your decision to break up, but I just want you to know that I now completely accept that it’s over between us and I’m not going to bother you again about changing your mind or anything like that. We can now both move on and be happy, without feeling like we’re holding on to any negative baggage from the past. I wish you all the best.”

By saying something like that to your ex, you’re effectively letting her know that you’re no longer sitting around missing her and hoping she will somehow change her mind and give you another chance.

This naturally awakens some feelings of respect for you for being an emotionally strong man, rather than an emotional wuss who can’t function without his ex woman.

When she feels some respect for you, she will also start to feel a bit attracted to you again, but in a new way.

She might not do anything about it though, of course, but she will be feeling.

Then, when she sees you moving on with women that she potentially sees as more attractive than her, she will feel even more respect and attraction for you.

If you happen to see the new women as being more attractive than her, then you will definitely feel a lot better about letting go of your ex and moving on.

Another approach to let go of a relationship and move on is…

Option 4: Improve your ability to attract high quality, beautiful women and start sleeping with them

Improve your ability to attract high quality, beautiful women and start sleeping with them

There’s probably no faster way to get over a woman and start moving on, than to sleep with a new, high quality woman.

Of course, not every guy knows how to do that, so let me begin to help you understand how it works.

Almost all women are attracted to or turned off by certain qualities, personality traits and behaviors in a man.

These are things that you can literally learn how to display and when you do, women feel attracted to you.

For example: Some qualities, behaviors and personality traits that can make a woman feel drawn to a man are that…

  • He maintains his confidence with her, regardless of what she says or does to unsettle him or make him doubt himself.
  • He is loving, caring and attentive, without being needy or clingy.
  • He makes her feel like a sexy, desirable woman in his presence, rather than making her feel like a friend or buddy.
  • He has his own goals, ambitions, friendships, hobbies and interests that are separate from his relationship with her.
  • He stands up to her in a loving way when she’s behaving badly.
  • He doesn’t let her disrespect him or be rude to him and he also doesn’t disrespect her.
  • He doesn’t sulk or get upset when she creates drama and instead, he uses humor to change her mood and lighten things up.
  • He has a plan for his life (and by association hers) and he’s actively pursuing that plan.
  • He treats her well, but also motivates her to be a good woman to him and treat him well in return.
  • He’s a good guy, but he’s also a bit of challenge, so she feels like she has to work hard to impress him and keep him interested in her.

On the other hand, some unattractive qualities, behaviors and personality traits that women feel turned off by in a man are…

  • He is too self-absorbed (e.g. only cares about his work, going to the gym, playing video games, watching TV, hanging with friends) and as a result, he takes her for granted.
  • He is insecure about his value to her and it makes him needy, clingy, controlling or jealous.
  • He lets her walk all over him and dominate him with her confident personality because he fears her leaving him.
  • He loses control of his emotions when she creates drama, or throws a tantrum.
  • He is drifting though his life without a plan, or is just settling for a mediocre life and expecting her to stick around and accept that for life.
  • He does everything he can to make her happy, rather than creating a balanced relationship where both of them want to make each other happy.
  • She ends up feeling turned off because there is no challenge for her and she doesn’t feel accountable to him.
  • He has nothing important going on in his life other than his relationship with her (i.e. he isn’t following through on his biggest dreams, ambitions and goals in life).

Those are some examples of things that attract, or repel a woman.

When you know how to attract women, they simply feel drawn to you.

They really like you and want to be with you.

You can then select from women you want.

Not many guys know how to do it, so they just settle for whatever they can get and end up unhappy in the long run.

If you want to truly let go of the relationship you had with your ex and move on, then you need to understand what makes women feel attracted to men and then start doing it.

You will see an instant improved response from women and it will become stronger and stronger every day from then on.

You literally become more attractive to women every day, because you understand and then embody the traits that are naturally attractive to them.

As a result, you can access higher quality women and even have your choice of them.

It might seem impossible for you at this point, but you’re not there yet.

You will be though if you start and then continue your journey of becoming more and more attractive to women every day from now on.

4 Problems Men Run Into When Trying to Let Go of a Relationship and Move On

1. Trying to forget her, but secretly knowing that she was the best girl you have ever had

Trying to forget her, but secretly knowing that she was the best girl you have ever had

Some guys don’t realize that it’s possible to get a woman back after a break up, or they do know it’s possible, but simply don’t know how to do it.

Additionally, in many cases, a man will get dumped by a woman who seems like she wants nothing to do with him anymore.

Her words, behavior and actions when breaking up with him, make him believe that he has no chance.

As a result, he assumes the break up is final and that he has to just accept it and move on.

Yet, here’s the thing…

These days, it’s fairly common for couples to almost break up several times during the course of their relationship, or even go through one or more actual break ups before the relationship eventually works out.

Additionally, men all over the world are able to get women back in seemingly impossible situations (e.g. she is seeing someone else after the break up, he reacted in a very angry way to her breaking up with him, to the point where she became a bit scared, he made classic mistakes like begging for another chance and so on).

Couples get back together all the time, even though the break up seemed totally final and that there was no chance of reconciling.

So, if you see your ex as the best girl you’ve ever had and you really do want her back, don’t assume that you have no chance of getting her back.

You will have a chance if you interact with her and re-attract her.

The more attraction you make her feel, the more drawn to you she will be and as a result, she will become open to exploring her new feelings for you.

Men all over the world use that approach to get ex women back and it works.

It’s totally natural and it’s very powerful.

2. Not knowing how to re-attract her back into a relationship, or how to attract a new, high quality, beautiful woman to take her place

Some guys make the mistake of thinking they needs to change their physical appearance to re-attract their ex (e.g. go the gym, wear better clothes, get a new haircut).

In other cases, some guys assume they need to buy her flowers or a gift to show their sincere interest.

Yet, when a woman breaks up with a guy, it’s almost always not because of his physical appearance, or his lack of gifts.

Instead, it’s because she is turned off by his behavior and how that makes her feel.

Likewise, when it comes to attracting new women in person (not on dating apps), it’s mostly about how your behavior makes her feel.

In other words:

  • Do you make her feel girly and feminine in response to your masculine vibe, way of thinking and behaving, or do you make her feel like a neutral friend, a coworker, big sister or like ‘one of the guys.’
  • Are you able to maintain your confidence no matter how she is behaving, or do you suddenly appear uncomfortable and tense if she isn’t being straightforward, nice and gentle with you at all times?
  • Are you able to make her laugh and feel good when talking to her, or does she feel bored by your approach to the conversation?
  • Do you flirt with her to build up sexual tension, or do you just try to have a nice, ‘get to know you’ conversation by asking her about her work, where she lives, her age, where she grew up, etc?

And so on.

Essentially, when a guy doesn’t know how to re-attract his ex woman, or get himself a new, high quality woman, he will find it difficult to let go and move on.

He will keep looking back at his ex as the one for him, but will feel stuck because he won’t know how to re-attract her, or replace her with a new, quality woman.

In some cases, this can lead to a guy becoming insecure, unsure of himself and nervous around women that he finds very attractive.

Deep down, he knows that he has no idea what he’s doing when it comes to attracting women and is just hoping to get lucky.

Yet, when it comes to quality women, you will only ever get lucky here and there and if you do, the relationship won’t last.

If you want to successful with women for life, you have to know how to attract them initially and then maintain their interest in a relationship.

3. Assuming that he has to delete photos, videos and messages of her to get over her

That’s not a real solution.

After all, he can simply search her on social media when he’s missing her.

So, it doesn’t work.

The only thing that works for real is re-attracting her back, or getting yourself a new, high quality woman.

Additionally, you don’t need to try to hide from the fact that you’re missing her.

Embrace it and use it to get her back.

Alternatively, use the emotional pain you’ve been feeling to motivate you to learn how to easily attract other high quality women.

Use the great opportunity in front of you to level up as a man and begin enjoying life on a whole new level.

4. Wanting her back, but never trying the ex back process and always looking back in regret

Sometimes a guy will really want his ex girl back, but cant never build up enough courage to make it happen.

As a result, he spends a lot of time missing her and struggling to move on.

In some cases, a man never gets over his ex woman, no matter how many new relationships he has.

So, the question is: What are you going to do?

Are you going to move on by attracting yourself a new, high quality woman, or are you going to get her back?

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