4 reasons why she isn’t necessarily telling you the truth when she says that:

1. She is basing that statement on how she feels about you now, not how she will feel next week or next month

When you make a woman feel a renewed sense of a respect and attraction for you after a break up, her thoughts and feelings automatically begin to change.

She goes from thinking that she is over you and never wants to date you again, to feeling drawn to you again in a new way and worrying that she might end up regretting it if she doesn’t give you another chance.

That opens her up to you then being able to easily attract her back into a relationship with you, or at least get her to hook up with you again and begin to establish a relationship after that.

Right now, your ex might be saying that she will never date you again, but that doesn’t’ mean her feelings can’t change.

For example: Think about how many times her feelings for you have changed in the timeline of you and her knowing each other.

Initially, she felt nothing for you because she didn’t know you.

Then, she started to feel sparks of attraction when she met you, or got to know you.

She is basing that statement on how she feels about you now, not next week or next month

When you then began a sexual relationship, her feelings probably changed from liking you to beginning to love you.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, her feelings changed in a negative way.

She lost respect for you, stopped feeling as much attraction and as a result, stopped loving you in a romantic way.

She might even have begun to feel annoyed and irritated by just spending time with you.

As a result, her feelings then slowly changed to disappointment and resentment she decided to just break up with you, rather than waste more time on a relationship that seemed like it couldn’t work.

So, right now, if she’s saying that she will never date you again, it means that she is stuck in those type of negative feelings.

However, the reality is that when you interact with her and behave in ways that she actually likes and feels attracted (e.g. you’re confident rather than insecure, you make her laugh and smile rather than make her feel tense and annoyed, you’re emotionally masculine rather than wimpy or insecure), her feelings will automatically start to change once again.

Of course, she won’t come running back into your arms in a second just because you’re being attractive, but she will begin to feel differently and as a result, she will start to think differently.

She will go from thinking, “I will never date him again,” to “Why am I feeling drawn to him all of a sudden? I don’t want to be with him, so why do I suddenly feel like I miss him? I don’t know why, but I want to see him.”

The fact is that she won’t be able to stop that from happening, because feelings are an automatic reaction to an external event.

In other words, if a woman always smiles when she sees a baby, regardless of whether she wants to or not, the next time she sees a baby, her instincts will take over and she will smile.

In the same way, because a woman’s feelings of respect and attraction for a guy are triggered by his actions and behavior (e.g. his confidence, masculine behavior), then when he behaves in ways that are attractive to her, she will automatically feel attracted and drawn to him again whether she wants to or not.

Something inside of her will switch back on.

So, when you make your ex feel that way, she will stop saying that she never wants to date you again and will instead open herself up to talking to you over the phone and meeting up with you in person to see how she feels.

You can then show her that you really are a completely new man now (i.e. aren’t insecure like you used to be, can now make her feel attracted to your masculine vibe and behavior, understand what really makes a woman feel attracted to a man), so she can fall back in love with you.

That’s how men do it all over the world, every day.

Countless couples get back together, even when a woman starts out saying, “I don’t want to be with you anymore” or, “I’d never date you again,” or, “There’s no chance for you.”

Yes, there is a chance.

You get the chance by reawakening her feelings for you.

When you do that, she feels differently and as a result, her thinking, behavior and actions automatically begin to change (i.e. she opens up to being with you again, or at least hooking up with you again to see how she feels afterwards).

Another reason why your ex isn’t necessarily telling you the truth when she says that she will never date you again is…

2. Many women say one thing and think another when it comes to men

Many women say one thing and think another when it comes to men

Have you ever had a female friend who said things like, “That guy is such a jerk. I don’t know why any woman would want to be with him,” only for her to start dating him a little while later?

Alternatively, have you ever had a female friend who said, “I want a nice guy” only to then date a guy who a bad boy, jerk or player?

Have you ever had a woman say that she doesn’t sleep with guys on the first date, only to sleep with you on the first date?

Have you ever had a woman say that she likes to get to know a guy and become friends before she sleeps with him, only to see her immediately kiss and then hook up with a guy she has met?

If you answered “Yes,” to any of those questions, then you’ve had first hand experience of a woman who says one thing, but does another when it comes to men.

The thing is, sometimes a woman will say that she doesn’t like a guy and wouldn’t ever date him as a strategy to actually get him to date her.

She will say something like, “He’s a player. I would never date him. He only wants one thing. No thank you.”

Yet, she secretly thinks something like, “I really like him, but I don’t believe he’d be interested in me. So rather than letting anyone know that I like him and then seeming like a reject if he isn’t interested in me, I’m going to just pretend that I’m not interested in him.”

She then covertly use her charms to flirt with him, build up a connection and get to the point where he and her hook up.

She then says, “I found out that he’s actually a really nice guy once you get to know him. I like him. I don’t care if he was a bit of a player with other girls. He’s nice to me and that’s all that counts.”

That’s women for you.

They will often say one thing and then do something completely different when it comes to relationships with men.

In the same way, your ex might be saying, “I will never date you again,” but deep down she may be thinking things like, “I still have feelings for him and I would actually get back with him if he would just show me that he’s leveled up as a man and that things would really be different this time around.”

This is why, you can’t take what she said about never dating you again so seriously.

Don’t make the mistake of cutting off contact with her and then sitting around thinking, “I wish I could get her back, but she said she doesn’t want to date me again. So, I have no choice but to accept it and move on.”

The truth is, you DO have a choice.

If you want her back, you simply need to change how she feels about you, so she wants to get back with you.

You are in control of that, not her.

Always remember the reality of how women behave when it comes to men.

For example: A woman might say one thing (e.g. “I hate you and never want to be with you again” when she’s feeling angry or turned off, but when you reactivate her sexual and romantic feelings for you, she will naturally change her tune and say something completely different (e.g. “I miss you and just want to see you.”)

So, rather than taking what she’s saying so seriously, you can use what she is saying to get her back.

For example: She said that she would never ‘date’ you again, so you can then accept that and suggest that you and her just be friends from now on.

Of course, you’re not going to just be a polite, neutral, nice friend who doesn’t make her feel sexually and romantically attracted.

You’re going to use the friendship as a way of keeping the lines of communication open between you and her, so you can re-attract her and seduce her back into a relationship.

Don’t doubt your ability to re-attract her.

You can do it.

A woman’s attraction for a man can change in an instant.

You just have to know what attraction triggers to focus on (e.g. making her feel girly in comparison to your masculine approach to the conversation and interaction) and she will naturally feel drawn to you.

Another reason why your ex isn’t necessarily telling you the truth when she says that she will never date you again is…

3. Attraction can make her change her mind today, tomorrow or this week

Attraction can change her mind today, tomorrow or next week

Unfortunately, a lot of guys miss out on getting their ex girlfriend back because they feel hopeless when she says something like, “You have no chance to get me back. I will never date you again.”

They honestly believe her.

They assume that her feelings can never, ever be changed.

Yet, the reality is that just because she feels turned off in the moment when saying something, it doesn’t mean she can be turned back on today, tomorrow or even this week.

She can.

What a guy has to do is focus on using the power of attraction to make her feel drawn to him and compelled to give him another chance.

It’s the ultimate weapon and it’s natural and easy to use.

So, don’t let what your ex has been saying lately put you off, or make you doubt your chances of re-attracting her and getting her back.

Instead, simply focus on using any interactions that with her to make her feel attracted to you again.

For example: Some of the ways you can do that are by…

  • Always projecting confidence, rather than seeming insecure, uncertain and unsure of yourself.
    Being more manly in your attitude and in how you think, talk, act and behave, rather than being soft and allowing her to dominate you with her confident personality.
  • Adding to your strengths (e.g. becoming more confident than you already are) and improving your weaknesses (e.g. becoming more emotionally independent, so you no longer come across as being needy, controlling or jealous), rather than staying the same and expecting her to want you back without making any attractive changes or adjustments to yourself.
  • Seeing yourself as a real catch, rather than thinking she’s better than you and accepting any crumbs of attention she’s willing to throw your way.
  • Being more of a playful challenge to her (e.g. playfully teasing her, not always answering her questions in a straightforward manner and using humor instead, not taking everything that she says or does so seriously), rather than always being nice, accommodating and predictable. Women don’t want to feel bored in a relationship with a man. They want that feeling of challenge and as a man, you need to have the balls to bring that into the relationship, rather than being afraid of how she might react. She might initially react in a negative way to test if your new balls are real and if you don’t get scared or start worrying, she will feel a tremendous amount of respect and attraction for you.
  • Making her feel like a sexy, desirable woman in your presence, rather than making her feel like just a friend or texting buddy.

There are so many ways you can make her feel attracted as you interact with her and when you do, everything changes.

You will see that when you do it correctly.

It’s amazing how a woman can literally go from, “No” to, “Please don’t go.”

You have to experience for yourself to see.

When you do, you will realize the power you have over attracting women and can not only use it to get her back, but to keep the relationship happy, passionate and in love for life.

Another reason why your ex isn’t necessarily telling you the truth when she says that she will never date you again is…

4. Many women don’t really know what they want and simply go with how they feel

Many women don't know what they want and simply go with how they feel

After a break up, a woman will often feel totally convinced that she will never date her ex again, because she just doesn’t feel enough respect, attraction and love for him anymore.

She will focus on the things that caused her to disconnect from her feelings and want to break up with him and it will make her feel certain that she won’t give him another chance.

For example: Some of those things might be…

  • He took her for granted (e.g. he stopped noticing her efforts to look good for him, he rarely if ever acknowledged or thanked her for all the things she did to make his life easier, he didn’t pull his weight in the relationship and ended up being more of a burden than a benefit to her).
  • He was too clingy and needy because regularly needed her to show him attention, interest and tell him that she loved him and would never leave him.
  • He was too immature (e.g. she wanted him to be more serious about their future together, but he preferred to just mess around, hang out with his friends, play video games, get high and let time pass by).
  • He lacked purpose and direction in life (e.g. he isn’t following through on his biggest goals and ambitions and instead, is simply working a mediocre job and letting life pass him by. He isn’t interested in reaching for his true potential in life, or he doesn’t care about having a direction in life and just prefers to do whatever he feels like).
  • He stopped putting in enough, or any, effort to create feelings of love and make her laugh and enjoy being with him.
  • He assumed that she would stick around for life because things were good at the start.
  • He was always nice and sweet to her and let her have her way, to the point where she felt bored and like she no longer had to do anything to impress him or be a good woman to him.
  • He gave her too much power in the relationship and thought that’s what she would want, but she wants a guy who is more of a challenge.

Can you relate to any of those above?

If so, just know that they are fixable.

You can change your approach to her and interact with her based on your new understanding of what women actually want.

When you do, she will go from not being interested in you to feeling the panic of potentially losing you and regretting it later on.

So, what is something a guy can do to make his ex feel attracted, change her mind and want to give him another chance?

One example is where a guy was being a pushover (e.g. he did everything he could to hopefully impress her, did whatever she told him to do, followed her lead, backed down immediately if she threw a tantrum, was in a mood or simply doesn’t like something), causing his woman to feel like she had way too power over him.

As a result, she couldn’t respect him and feel attracted to him, so her love for him died and she wanted to break up.

In a case like that, he needs to man up and let her experience a more confident, assertive side of himself, while still being a loving, good guy.

Manning up isn’t about telling her, “Hey, I’ve changed and I’m not going to let you dominate me emotionally anymore,” because she can easily shoot him down by saying, “Oh, you’re so tough. Don’t worry, I won’t be dominating you emotionally because I won’t be speaking to you anymore. Goodbye.”

If she says that to him, he will most likely then panic and apologize, or will have dug himself a hole that’s difficult to get out of.

So, you don’t need to tell her that you’re much more manly now and she can’t boss you around.

Instead, just let her experience it.

When she experiences it, she will feel differently and then think about you in a new way.

She won’t look at you as being the same guy she broke up with.

She will see that you are a different man now; a man that is attractive to her.

When you are attractive to her, she feels drawn towards you, even though she might not be able to explain it.

It’s just something that naturally happens as a result of feeling attracted.

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