How can you recover from a bad first impression that you’ve made on a girl?

The easiest way to do it is to believe and just know that one little slip-up, or a few slip-ups, isn’t the end, it’s not game over.

You can always recover from a bad first impression that you made on a woman by focussing on making her feel attracted to you whenever you interact with her from now on.

How to recover from a bad first impression with a girl

For example: Be confident, charming, charismatic and make her laugh and smile when talks to you. When you do that she will naturally begin to feel attracted to you again.

The beginner mindset to success with women, to attracting women, to picking women up, is as follows.

  • When approaching women: If she sees you looking but then you don’t approach, you’ve ruined it.
  • During a conversation: If you mess up and don’t come across as very attractive or cool, you’ve ruined it.
  • Asking her out: If you do it wrong and she says no, you’ve ruined it.
  • Sex: If you do a poor job the first time, you’ve ruined it.

A more advanced mindset is to not worry about any little slip-ups that you make.

Women are mostly attracted to a guy’s confidence. So, if you’re talking to a woman, you’re interacting with her, you’re on a date with her, or you’ve had sex with her and you feel like you’ve stuffed it up and then start doubting yourself, you will become less attractive to her.

Yet, if you’re talking to a woman, you’re on a date with her, you have sex with her, whatever and you don’t do a very good job of it, but you then don’t doubt yourself and remain confident and retain belief in yourself that you are a good guy, you will be more naturally attractive to her.

When it comes to human attraction, the more confident a man is, the more a woman will feel attracted to him.

So, if you can just allow yourself to feel confident, then she’s actually going to feel more attracted to you and she’s going to worry less about any little slip-ups.

Recover from a bad first impression

She’ll give you a pass for any little slip ups and won’t so much about them because you are making her feel so attracted in other ways (e.g. you’re being confident, charming, charismatic and making her laugh).

If you stuffed up and said the wrong thing during conversation, she tested you during a conversation and you fumbled on your words or you became a bit nervous, don’t worry about it.

Just forget all about that and focus on being confident. The more that you can allow yourself to do that, the more that she’s going to be attracted to you in the moment, on the date, or in the new relationship that you have.

The best way to recover from a bad first impression that you’ve made on a girl is to remember that women are attracted to a man’s confidence.

Recover from a bad first date

The more confidence that you can allow yourself to feel during an interaction, a conversation, or whatever, the more that she’s going to like you.

Note that I actually said allow yourself, because you actually have to allow yourself to think confident thoughts, instead of insecure thoughts. You have to get used to thinking in a confident way.

If you’re interacting with women and it doesn’t go well, and you’re used to thinking in an insecure way, “If I don’t say it right then I’ve stuffed up,” or, “Most girls don’t like me” or, “I’m not getting any better at this, I’m hopeless with women,” then you’re gong to be coming across in an unattractive way to women.

Yet, if you can get into the habit of allowing yourself to feel more confident in a moment, when you’re interacting with women, on a date, etc., then you’re going to become more attractive to women.

For example: You’re in a conversation and she tests you and then you stuff up, how do you allow yourself to feel more confident? Instead of thinking, “I’ve stuffed this up,” or, “I’m losing her” or, “This is all going downhill now!” just relax, and just say, “No amount of mistakes that I make is going to ruin this. This girl’s going to like me because I’m confident.”

If you’ve got a confident mindset like that, she is naturally going to like you. Women are naturally attracted to confidence and turned off by insecurity, so it is absolutely essential that you allow yourself to think in a confident way.

When you have a confident mindset, your body language is going to be more relaxed and masculine, and she’s naturally going to feel more attracted to you as a result.

If you make a few mistakes or slip up during a conversation or interaction, don’t worry – you haven’t ruined it.

Just remember that women are mostly attracted to a guy’s confidence. If you can simply remain confident in yourself and not feel as though you’ve messed it up, she will feel more naturally attracted to you.

We men are lucky that our confidence is the #1 thing that women find attractive about us.

When you have real confidence, attracting women is simple.

If you’ve messed up around a girl that you know, just forget about the mistakes you’ve made and focus on letting her experience your confidence. Then, when she shows you more signs of interest, use that to feel even more confident, which will make her even more attracted to you.

Then, when you are ready, make a move by either kissing her, getting her phone number to set up a date or having sex with her that day or night.

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