The only reliable way to know if a woman is attracted to you is when she actively tries to get and maintain your attention and interest.

If a woman continually tries to get your attention (e.g. approaches you, starts conversations with you, texts you or calls you, etc) or maintain your attention (e.g. always tries to keep the conversation going if it goes silent, tries to impress you, etc), then it’s pretty clear that she is attracted to you.

On the other hand, if a woman is telling a guy to go away, ignoring him in a frustrated way and doesn’t want to be near him, then it’s pretty clear that she’s not attracted to him.

She's not attracted...

Yet, here’s the thing about women and their signals of interest…

All women give off different signals of interest and attraction.

Women are not robots who all behave in the same way.

So, you can’t look up a list of “signs that a woman will show you when she’s attracted” and then expect a woman to show them to you. It’s just not how it works in real life.

For example: If a woman is looking for a very confident guy who believes in himself, she will usually test his confidence by acting uninterested, playing hard to get and even teasing him during a conversation. She might even say things like, “I hate your hair” or “Why do you wear those stupid shoes?”

If the guy becomes nervous and self-doubting and suddenly feels like he’s blown his chance with her, then she loses interest in him because he doesn’t have the type of confidence that he’s looking for.

However, if he simply smiles, remains confident and continues to interact with her, she will feel attracted and impressed by his level of confidence.

Passing her confidence tests to make her attracted

Of course, not all women make it difficult for guys to sense their attraction. Some women show really obvious signs of attraction (e.g. holding eye contact, excessive touching, biting her bottom lip, tell you that she likes you, etc) because they don’t want to lose their opportunity to be with you.

So, if there’s a woman that you currently like and you’ve been asking yourself the question, “Is she attracted to me?” here’s what you need to do…

You need to make her feel attracted to you.

Is she attracted to me or not? Make her feel attracted...!

What a lot of guys don’t understand is that the attraction that a woman feels for a man can be CREATED.

A woman’s attraction for you is mostly within your direct control.

For example: If you display some of the personality traits and behaviors that naturally attract women (e.g. confidence, charisma, charm, ability to make her laugh, masculine vibe, etc), she will naturally feel some level of attraction for you.

The more ways that you can make her feel attracted while you interact with her on the phone or in person (not via text), the more attraction she will feel.

That is an attraction that you are creating.

Most guys waste their life thinking that they can only attract women if they are good looking, have a lot of money, have a huge penis, are tall or have loads of power and status in society.

However, the reason why average and below-average looking guys can get a hot girlfriend or wife is that they CREATE feelings of attraction inside of a woman by displaying some of the personality traits and behaviors that naturally attract women.

Watch this video to understand how it works..

As you will discover from the video above, there can even be a huge difference in attractiveness between male identical twins.

Stop Wasting Time and Start Making Her Feel Attracted

Some guys will spend hours, days and even months getting to know a woman and still end up wondering, “Is she attracted to me?”

Fearing rejection, the wait and hope that she will speak up and just say, “Hey, I like you. Do you like me?” or “I am attracted to you. Are you attracted to me?” but that rarely happens unless the woman is unattractive.

Most hot women have plenty of options to choose from, so rather than helping an insecure guy to hook up with them, they wait to meet a more confident guy who will simply move the interaction forward from a conversation to a kiss, to sex and into a relationship.

So, what should you do?


Actively make her feel attracted to you by displaying some of the traits and behaviors that naturally attract women.

When you do that, she will feel attracted to you. She won’t be able to stop herself from feeling it – it’s natural and automatic.

Once she is attracted to you, it’s important to let her know that you find her attractive too, otherwise she might play hard to get for a while (to ensure that you really like her) because she is worried about being rejected by you.

So, to cut out all the silly mind games, you need to tell her that you find her sexy and you like her.

When talking to her and getting her laughing, stop for a moment and look her up and down and then back in the eyes. Then say, “You’re sexy…I like you.”

If she says, “Gross! I don’t see you that way” then it’s clear that you haven’t made her feel attracted to you first.

However, if you have made her feel attracted to you first, her natural instincts will kick in and she display submissive body language (e.g. dip her chin down and look up at you, bite her bottom lip, giggle and smile like a girl, etc) to show you that she is willing to submit to you sexually.

She might also say, “Thanks” and smile at you, or if she is the type of woman who wants a really confident guy, she might test your confidence by asking, “So, what makes you think that I like you?” 

Whatever she says, just smile, pause for a moment and then continue on with the conversation. Pausing in a moment like that will also make her feel attracted to you because it displays confidence and masculinity.

A guy who lacks confidence and suppresses his masculinity (e.g. a guy who acts like a really nice guy to hopefully be liked by women) wouldn’t have the balls to pause and look at her for a few moments in a situation like that.

He would laugh nervously, say that he was only kidding, apologize or display nervous body language.

So, to be clear here…

If you want this woman to feel attracted to you, then you need to actively CREATE those feelings inside of her.

Display the traits and behaviors and she will feel it. It’s as simple as that.

7 Mistakes That Guys Make When Trying to Work Out if a Woman is Attracted

Attracting women for sex and relationships really is one of the easiest and most natural things to do in life.

Yet, if a guy makes some or all of the following mistakes, a sexual courtship goes from being easy and natural to difficult and forced…

1. Asking her.

Ask a woman, “Are you attracted to me?” is the worst thing you can say when you are meeting new women or in a relationship.


Women are naturally attracted to the emotional strength in men (e.g. confidence, self-esteem, self-belief, assertiveness, determination to succeed, etc) and turned off by the emotional weakness (e.g. insecurity, low self-esteem, self-doubt, nervousness, etc).

So, when a guy asks a woman, “Do you feel attracted to me?” he is displaying a whole host of unattractive traits all at once.

What a woman wants to see is that you are wise enough to know that if you are confident around her, she will automatically feel attracted to you by default.

Then, all you need to do is make her feel attracted in other ways during the interaction and her attraction for you will increase.

Watch this video to understand how it works…

As you will discover from the video above, when you make a woman feel attracted to you in other ways (e.g by displaying confidence, making her laugh, etc) she will begin to look at your physical appearance in a positive light.

Even if a guy doesn’t look like a typical male model (e.g. he’s overweight, bald, short, thin, etc), she will look at his physical appearance and like it because it a part of him.

So, as long as you can make her feel attracted to you by displaying the personality traits and behaviors that naturally attract women, you don’t have to worry about what you look like.

Of course, there are women out there who will only accept a perfect male model with loads of money and a humungous penis, but the majority of women are much more open and flexible about what they can find attractive about men.

2. Being extra nice to her in the hopes that it impresses her enough that she won’t care about attraction.

Not knowing how to attract women, some guys make the mistake of playing “Mr Nice Guy” in the hopes that the woman will turn around and tell him that she is attracted to him.

Yet, the only thing this accomplishes is to get the woman to doubt her feelings (if she’s been feeling attraction for him), because suddenly he is behaving like her best friend instead of a potential lover.

Watch this video to understand why being too nice to a woman will often lead to rejection…

As you will discover from the video above, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being nice to a woman, but when a guy is too nice in the hopes that a woman will “like” him enough to give him a chance, she will reject him due to a lack of sexual attraction.

A woman might like a nice guy as a person, but if he doesn’t know how to make her feel turned on while talking to him, then she’s usually just going to see him as another confused nice guy who doesn’t even know how to attract women.

3. Wasting time looking for signals instead of taking the lead and moving things forward.

In many cases, a guy who keeps wondering, “Is she attracted to me?” is the kind of guy who sucks at getting the type of women he really wants.

He might be able to get lucky at times, but if the woman doesn’t make it easy for him, he will usually be stuck with unattractive women or nothing at all.

Rather than taking the lead like a man, he will wait and hope that she makes the first move by suggesting they go on a date, telling him that she likes him and wants to be with him or getting drunk at a party and kissing him first.

Yet, this rarely happens with hot women because they’d rather hook up with a confident guy than have to guide an insecure, self-doubting guy into the bedroom with them.

A woman wants a guy to make her feel like a real woman (i.e. feminine, girly, free to be emotional around him) so she can relax and enjoy the excitement of being sexually seduced by a masculine man.

It’s a huge turn on for a woman to know that a man not only has the ability to actively attract her and turn her on, but he also has the balls to move the interaction forward from a conversation to kiss to sex and into a relationship.

If she has to make all the moves, she will feel like the dominant one in the relationship and that is a definite passion killer for almost every woman.

4. Being way too keen, even though she hasn’t done much or anything to impress him.

If the woman that you like is a beautiful, pretty or sexy woman, then pretty much every guy would be willing to have sex with her at least once.

Many of those guys would also be willing to have a relationship with her, regardless of her intelligence level, what she does for a living, the type of clothes she wears and what her personality is like.

Essentially, just because she looks good, most guys are willing to stick it in.

Women hate that.

Since the majority of guys in this world make an instant “Yes” or “No” decision on whether or not they would have sex with a woman, women prefer guys who are more of a challenge to win over.

Watch this video for a full explanation…

As you will discover from the video above, you can stand out from the crowd of guys simply by not being so immediately won over by women.

A word of warning though…

I am not saying that you should act like you are challenge and then sit around expecting women to rush to you and beg you for a chance to be your girlfriend.

That’s not how it works.

Being a challenge means that you need to first make a woman feel attracted to you and then only become fully interested in her if she treats you nicely, presents herself beautifully and meets your standards.

After making her feel attracted, you can say to her, “You’re sexy…I like you,” but just don’t show her that you are 100% sold on her before she puts in some effort to impress you.

By making her work to earn your full interest, she will appreciate you and want you so much more than if you were to just give her your 100% approval even though she isn’t treating you very well or meeting your standards.

5. Ignoring her.

Some guys hope that if they can just ignore a woman enough, she will feel rejected and then feel compelled to get him to like her.

Yet, if she isn’t attracted, she isn’t going to care if the guy is ignoring her or paying her a lot of attraction.

Attraction has to come first and everything else follows that.

If a woman is attracted to you and you ignore her a bit, it can make her want to get your attention or impress you more so that you like her.

However, she will only do that if you have been making her feel attracted and turned on by the way that you’ve been interacting with her (e.g. displaying confidence, getting her laughing and feeling girly around you, etc).

5. Asking her friends or family.

Almost all women hate it when a man tries to sneak into her life by getting her friends and family involved.

Of course, it’s completely fine to ask a woman’s family or friends if she likes you when you know that she’s already attracted to you, but there’s no point doing it then unless you just want to joke around and build up some tension.

Problems occur when a guy (who she has no sexual interest in) goes behind a woman’s back to ask her friends or family, “Is she attracted to me?” Since she hasn’t been gossiping to them about him as her new crush, they will tell him to ask her himself.

A woman’s parents or friends usually won’t want to force her or encourage her to get with a guy whom she isn’t attracted to, so they will feel weird about getting involved unless they know that she has a crush on him.

6. Missing her unique signs of interest.

How can I tell if she is attracted to me?

All women give different signals of interest.

Some women act uninterested when they are interested, so they can test a guy’s confidence and interest level. Other women make it really obvious that they like a guy (e.g. submissive body language and behavior, excessive touching, etc) and some women even come right out and say, “I like you.”

As a man, it’s important to be aware that women will think, behave and act differently than one another.

Rather than looking for exact signals that you’ve read about somewhere online, you need to pick up on her way of showing interest and then confidently move things forward from one step to the next (i.e. from a conversation to kiss to sex and into a relationship) when the time is right.

If you wait too long, many women will give up on you and either assume that you lack the confidence to make a move or think that you don’t like her enough to follow through all the way to kissing, sex and a relationship.

7. Snubbing her.

Snub (verb): Rebuff, ignore, or spurn disdainfully.

Not knowing what else do to (i.e. he’s already tried the nice guy act), some guys resort to becoming rude towards women to hopefully impress them.

For example: If a guy has been rejected time and time again for being an ass-kissing nice guy towards women, he might think, “Okay, you want a bad boy? I’ll show you a bad boy you bitch!”

He will then try to act like he doesn’t care about women and will be rude, arrogant and cold to women during conversations.

Although being rude will certainly get a woman’s attention, it isn’t going to make her say, “WOW! This guy is being rude to me. It must mean that he is so popular with other women that he doesn’t care about me.”

Instead, she’s just going to see him as a weird jerk who not only doesn’t make her feel attracted during an interaction, but also lacks the social skills to be get along with people in a harmonious way.

Of course, there are some women who like arrogant guys, but those guys will be making the woman feel attracted to them in other ways (e.g. making her laugh, being confident, having a masculine vibe, etc).

The secret to success with women isn’t about being a rude bad boy who doesn’t care about women. It’s about being a good guy who also has the ability to attract women and turn them on during interactions.

Go With the Flow

Getting laid or getting a girlfriend is simple when you go with the flow of nature, rather than trying to fight against it.

Going with the flow of nature means that you start out by actively making the woman feel attracted to you, before you attempt to get to know her or begin a sexual relationship with her.

Fighting against the flow of nature means that a guy bitches and moans about how he wants women to like him and want to be with him sexually, just because he’s a nice guy.

Here’s the thing…

Women don’t care if you are a nice guy before you have made them feel sexually attracted to you.

If a guy tries to be liked for being a nice guy, he’s going to get rejected by most women. However, if a guy starts out by making the woman feel sexually attracted to him and then charms her with his nice personality, she will feel attracted to him and feel excited about starting a relationship with him.

So, if you want to succeed with this woman you like or other women you meet in future, make sure that you go with the flow of nature rather than fighting against it.

Attracting women for sex and relationships is really easy when you approach it correctly…

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