The best thing about hate is that it can’t last forever.

If a person gets stuck in the emotion of hate, they will turn into a psycho and do pretty bad things. Yet, when it comes to break ups between boyfriends and girlfriends, a woman doesn’t hold on to hate for very long at all.

In fact, you can make her stop hating you by getting her to feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you.

Watch this video to understand how…

Of course, if your ex girlfriend hates you, she’s probably blocked you from social media, isn’t answering your calls and no longer responds to your messages, right?

Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t change how she feels.

In my program, Get Your Ex Back: Super System, I provide examples of what to text an ex to get her on a phone call (even if she hates you), what to say on the phone to get her to agree to meet up with you (or at least re-friend you on social media for now) and then what to say and do at the meet up to get her to forgive you and open herself back up to at least liking you again.

When she does that at the meet up, she will naturally open herself up to feel attracted to you and it is at that point where you use my powerful attraction techniques to make her feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you.

5 Reasons Why She Might Hate You Today

My ex girlfriend hates me but I still love her

There are many reasons why a guy might find himself saying, “My ex girlfriend hates me” and wondering how he can turn the situation around and get her back.

The fact that there are MANY reasons why a woman might hate her ex boyfriend means that you are not alone.

It’s not only YOU who has made a mistake (or a few mistakes) that have now caused your ex-girlfriend to hate.

I tell you that because I want you to understand that it is okay that you’ve made some mistakes with her. In fact, it’s actually very normal for a couple to have some arguments and for one or both of them to temporarily hate each other.

When the issue is fixed and arguments are resolved, they can then go back to having positive feelings for each other.

Of course, in your case, your girlfriend hates you and is now your ex girlfriend, so she probably isn’t interested in resolving any arguments or problems between you right now.

So, how can you get her to become interested in fixing the issues in your relationship and opening herself up to having positive feelings for you again?

Here are some of the reasons why a girlfriend will hate her ex-boyfriend and what you can do to begin turning things around…

1. You promised her that you would change, but never did or couldn’t work out how

If you made some mistakes in the relationship, it’s important for you to realize that it is NORMAL.

However, if you made mistakes and never truly fixed them or improved, then it’s also normal that a woman would want to break up with you or get some space for a while.

In a relationship, a couple will always grow and learn together over time. You’re not expected to know everything all at once in a relationship and never have to learn or improve anything else as the relationship continues.

Everyone makes mistakes in their communication style and behavior when in a relationship.

What makes a man worth sticking by for a woman is when she can see that he is capable of learning and growing from his mistakes.

So, if you are in a situation now where you’re saying, “My ex-girlfriend hates me. How do I get her back?” it’s possible that you were making mistakes in the relationship (e.g. being insecure, clingy, controlling, emotionally sensitive, taking her for granted, etc) and when she threatened to break up with her in the past, you promised her that you would changed.

Yet, you either didn’t change because you thought she’d just keep putting up with it, or you didn’t change because you couldn’t work out how to.

Part of getting your ex girlfriend to stop hating you, is to make some real progress with fixing the problems and issues that you were bringing into the relationship.

When she can see that you’ve made some significant improvements already, she will naturally begin to lower her guard around you and open herself up to having some feelings for you again.

Of course, if your ex girlfriend, you’re probably wondering, “How am I going to show her that I’ve changed if she won’t answer my calls or see me in person?” and the answer to that is: You need to show her via your posts on social media, by getting her on a phone call (to apologize for your mistakes and let her experience the new and improved you) and then getting her to meet up with you in person.

If you don’t know what to text your ex-girlfriend to get her on a phone call, what to say on the phone to get her to agree to meet up with you, all of the tested, proven to work examples are provided in my program, Get Your Ex Back: Super System

2. You have been bombarding her with messages, calls or emails

Bombarding ex with texts

When a guy gets broken up with by a woman that he truly loves, he will often find it difficult to stop himself from constantly texting, calling or messaging her.

In the past, we didn’t have a smartphone with us everywhere we went, so when a guy was apart from a woman, all he could really do was send her a written letter via post or ride his horse to go and visit her at her parent’s place, or something old fashioned like that.

However, in today’s world, we have immediate access to contact people and when it comes to break ups, it just feels so easy and natural for guys to constantly contact a woman who has broken up with them.

Yet, here’s the thing…

Repeatedly contacting an ex usually just makes things even worse, because the guy is in an emotionally insecure place, which turns the woman off even further.

Why? Women are attracted to the emotional strength of men (e.g. confidence, high-self esteem) and turned off by the weakness (e.g. insecurity, low self-esteem).

When a man is constantly contacting his ex-girlfriend, she is constantly being turned off by any insecurity and emotional weakness that is coming through via his texts, e-mails or the way he is talking to her over the phone.

So, what should you do instead?

You need to get yourself to an emotionally strong place (this is attractive to women, even when they hate you).

Being emotionally strong during a break up means that you are confident, you feel happy and emotionally secure with or without her, before you get on a phone call to arrange a meet up.

How long will that take?

Usually 24-48 hours.

In my program, Get Your Ex Back: Super System, I provide 10 hours of video training that rebuilds your emotional strength and gets you ready to reattract your ex on the phone and in person.

Most guys are ready to call their ex girlfriend by the time they’ve finished the training, while some guys need to wait 2-3 days.

So, if you are still feeling insecure after the break up with your girlfriend, now is not the time to be calling her, texting her, messaging her or e-mailing her to ask for another chance.

You need to put in a little bit of time to quickly fix your emotional insecurities and become emotionally strong (i.e. attractive) before you contact her again.

Then, when you do contact her, you will naturally come across in a more confident, emotionally secure way, which will make her feel respect and attraction for you.

Once she feels that way about you, she will be much more open to communicating with you, re-friending you on social media and meeting up with you in person.

3. You became very insecure at the end of the relationship

When some guys get broken up with by a woman, they accept it and go away to work on themselves for a couple of days or a week.

The guy then gets in contact with his ex, apologizes over the phone and arranges to meet up with her. He then gets her back at the meet up, or at least secures another opportunity to meet up with her again soon.

That’s how an emotionally secure man does it. He’s the sort of guy who will probably never stumble across this article online.

However, the majority of guys don’t handle a break up that way because they’re just not emotionally strong enough or lack the relationship experience to know how to deal with a situation like that.

So, if you became insecure at the end of your relationship with her (e.g. crying, begging, pleading, being emotionally sensitive, etc), then not only will your ex-girlfriend hate you at the moment, but she will probably be feeling a bit repulsed by you at this point as well, because emotional weakness is very unattractive to women.

What you need to do is this…

Tell her that you’ve realized that you were being silly and immature near the end of the break up (labeling it as “silly” and “immature” makes it easier to forgive you compared to saying that you were being crazy, needy, etc) and apologize to her for that.

From there, you need to transition the conversation to getting her to agree to meet up with you in person. If you don’t know what to say to her to get her to agree to a meet up, all of my best tested examples are included in, Get Your Ex Back: Super System

4. You broke her trust

Without trust, a relationship simply cannot stay together for life.

For example: If a guy breaks a woman’s trust by cheating on her, hiding an addiction (e.g. alcohol, pain killers, smoking, marijuana, etc) or not following through on many promises, it makes her lose hope in the future of the relationship.

For a relationship to stay together for life, it needs to be able to get better and better over time, rather than becoming more and more problematic as the months and years go on.

So, if a woman feels like she can’t trust or rely on her man anymore, she will naturally begin to question how the relationship could get better and better over time.

If you have broken your ex-girlfriend’s trust, you don’t need to worry so much about it and think that you’ve done the worst thing in the world.

You haven’t.

Yes, you made a mistake, but you know that now and can learn from it.

My ex girlfriend hates me - how do I get her back?

Remember: Everyone makes mistakes in relationships, but what marks a man out as a real man is when he can learn and grow from mistakes, rather than continuing to do the same thing over and over again.

Everyone grows and learns throughout life, including your ex-girlfriend. Yes, you broke her trust, but she wasn’t 100% perfect at all times either, right?

Yes, you may have made a lot more mistakes in the relationship than her, but that doesn’t mean you can learn and grow from that.

You need to tell her that it’s normal for people to grow and learn as they go through life.

She needs to understand that you’re not the worst guy in the world because you made a mistake or broke her trust.

People make mistakes in their communication, behavior and actions throughout life and they learn and grow from it.

If you have grown from the experience and are no longer the guy that was breaking her trust, then you need to let her know that you are sorry for doing it, but that you are also proud that you are one of the exceptional men who have the capacity to learn and grow from past mistakes.

She’s not going to want you back as a result of simply saying that to her, but she will become more open to meeting up with you in person and when you meet up with her in person, that is when the real magic happens.

Meeting up with an ex-girlfriend in person (even if she hates you) is the ideal way of making her feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for the new and improved you.
You cannot do that via text, e-mail or any other message. You have to get her to forgive your past mistakes and experience the new and improved you in person.

At the meet up, you can get her laughing, smiling and feeling good around you, get her to forgive your past mistakes and open herself back up to having positive feelings for you again.

5. She’s sick of giving you chances and no longer believes that you can change

Sometimes, when a guy finds himself in a situation where he is saying, “My ex girlfriend hates me, but I still love her. How do I get her back?” it’s because she has gotten to the point where she is sick and tired of giving him chances.

She may have been sticking up for him for months or years by telling her friends, coworkers and family that she believed he would change, but it’s now at the point where she simply can’t keep making excuses for him anymore.

At that point, a woman will begin to hate her ex-boyfriend for making her look like an idiot, appear naïve or seem weak because she put up with him for so long.

So, if a guy finds himself in a situation like that with his ex-girlfriend, he needs to tell her that he’s sorry for putting her in a position where she looked silly in front of other people for believing in him for so long.

He then needs to explain to her that he understands why she might not feel like she could ever believe him again, but he still wants to let her know anyway that he has changed because he’s learnt from the experience and is no longer the immature guy she broke up with.

At that point, there are many things that he can say and do (via text, on social media, on a phone call and in person) to make her feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for him, which I explain in my program, Get Your Ex Back: Super System

How to Get Her to Forgive You and Respark Her Feelings For You

Forgiveness is an essential part of the process of getting an ex back.

Why? Forgiveness is an emotional state that immediately begins to get rid of feelings of hate, bitterness, anger and resentment.

Right now, the emotional state between your ex-girlfriend hating you and beginning to like you again is forgiveness.

How can you get her to forgive you?

Make it of benefit to her.

Let her know that her forgiving you is about her feeling better about herself and being able to let go of negative feelings or “baggage” that might ruin her next relationship.

Tell her that it’s the mature way to approach a break up, so both of you can move on and not hold grudges.

Of course, your aim is not to get her to move on!

You simply want her to forgive you, so she can then begin to feel more positive feelings when she thinks about you or interacts with you.

When a woman sincerely forgives a guy, what happens is that she naturally begins to let go of the hate, anger and resentment towards her ex.

Based on letting go of those negative emotions, she is then free to feel more positive emotions about her ex-boyfriend, rather than only thinking about him in a negative way.

When she goes through that emotional transformation, she becomes open to feeling respectful of the new and improved version of you and when she does that, she then becomes open to feeling attracted to you again.

That’s how it has to work if your ex-girlfriend currently hates you.

You need to get her to forgive you, feel respect for the new and improved version of you and she will then begin to feel somewhat attracted to who you are now.

At that point, she will become open to meeting up with you to discuss the relationship and have a friendly chat on good terms.

If you want to learn how to go through that process with her from start to finish, I recommend that you want my revolutionary program, Get Your Ex Back: Super System

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