Here are 8 of the most common reasons why a woman will say that, plus how to get her back: 

1. She’s tired of experiencing the same old approach from you that has turned her off for a long time now 

Most women won’t just give up on a relationship with a guy for no apparent reason, because it’s a woman’s natural instinct to find a man to stick with for life.

So, before a woman gets to the point where she breaks up with her guy and even feels that she wishes she never met him at all, she will usually try to make things work with him first.

For example: She may give him hints as to what is bothering her during conversations and even when they argue.

Essentially, she’s hoping that he’ll sense her unhappiness and put in some effort to create a relationship dynamic where he makes her feel loved, understood and appreciated, while at the same time, she reciprocates by being good to him, treating him well and being affectionate and loving towards him.

So, if she notices that her hints are going unnoticed and that he seems to think that because they love each other, it will be enough to hold the relationship together and that he doesn’t have to put in any more effort to change or improve, she will naturally start to pull away and feel that being with him is a mistake.

Then, rather than continuing to deal with the stress and tension of being in an unhappy relationship, she will likely break up with him to then focus more on herself and her needs.

If the guy then tries to convince her to get back together again, not only won’t she be interested, she might even say that she wished she never met him.

The guy might then feel hurt and wonder things like, “How can she say that? Didn’t our love mean anything to her?”

The truth is, one-sided love isn’t enough to hold a relationship together.

Love has to be mutual and for that to happen, it needs to be nurtured, nourished and expanded, not neglected or taken for granted.

This is why, if you want your ex to stop saying that she wished she never met you and to give you another chance, you have to change your approach to attraction with her and give her what she’s always wanted, but never got.

If you don’t do that and instead keep using the same approach with your ex that has been turning her off all along (e.g. being really nice, sweet and submissive around her, treating her more like a neutral friend than a desirable woman, letting her dominate you with her confident personality), she will most likely not want anything more to do with you.

So, if you want to get back with your girl, it’s vitally important that you don’t use the same old approach to attraction that you used in the past and expect her to change how she feels.

You’ve got to try something new (e.g. be more assertive and stand up to her, be a good guy but also make her feel sparks of attraction with you).

If you don’t, she’ll continue to wish she’d never met you and then getting her back becomes a lot more difficult to do.

Another common reason why a woman will say that she wishes she never met you is…

2. She’s just saying that to be dramatic, but doesn’t really mean it 

Sometimes a woman will feel that her ex acted like a total jerk, asshole or prick during the relationship.

As a result, she might want to really make him suffer for a while, for putting her through the pain that she went through.

So, if she’s thinking in that way, she may decide to create drama and hopefully make him feel some guilt and pain for how he made her feel.

For example: She might say, “You will never know how much you hurt me. I invested all my love and time in you and you ruined everything. I wish I had never met you!”

Naturally, being on the receiving end of such a statement isn’t nice, but quite often a woman doesn’t really mean it.

She’s just lashing out and being dramatic to get some pity and attention from her ex.

So, if you sense that your ex is exaggerating or being melodramatic for effect, the best way to handle it is not to buy into her drama and start behaving in unattractive ways (e.g. apologizing to her over and over again, sucking up to her, offering to do whatever she wants so she’ll forgive you).

If you do that, she will end up getting power over you.

That then makes it more difficult for her to respect you again because she feels as though she’s better than you.

So, what should you do instead?

The next time she says something like that to you, just laugh at her in a loving (not demeaning) way.

Initially, she will likely feel shocked that you’re not taking her drama seriously anymore and she might even say things like, “How dare you laugh at me! I was right to say I wish I’d never met you. You’re such a jerk!”

However, even if she doesn’t show it, she will be feeling sparks of respect and sexual attraction for you for having the emotional courage to not get sucked into her fake drama.

She will then realize that you’re the confident, emotionally strong man she always wanted you to be and as a result, she won’t be able to stop herself from feeling drawn to you again.

She may then hook up with you sexually one more time to see how she feels.

When that happens, you can build on what she’s feeling and get her back.

3. She knows that you still don’t get where you messed up in terms of attraction 

Even after a breakup, a lot of guys don’t really know their ex’s subtle reasons for leaving.

As a result, a guy like that might start offering his ex all sorts of things she doesn’t want, to get her back.

For example: He might…

  • Send her flowers or gifts.
  • Write her a long email or a series of text messages pouring out his feelings for her.
  • Get a makeover (e.g. change his wardrobe or hairstyle, go to the gym and gain some muscle) to make her feel more attracted to him.
  • Make promises based on what he thinks she wants (e.g. to spend more time with her, to take her out on romantic dates more often).
  • Ask her to get married.

Essentially, he’s guessing at what he thinks might have caused her to break up with him.

Yet, he’s not getting to the core of her unhappiness.

This can lead to her feeling annoyed and frustrated with him and she may then say something like, “I wish I’d never met you. Just leave me alone!”

Here’s the thing…

If you want your ex to take you seriously and open back up to giving you another chance with her, you need to prove to her that you now understand her deep, secret reasons for breaking up with you.

You can’t just offer her what you think will make her feel emotionally attracted to you.

If you guess, she will feel misunderstood and she will then pull away from you even more.

By the way…

If you’re unsure of where you might have gone wrong in terms of attraction, here are some of the things a woman will usually be looking out for when interacting with her ex, before she will open up to giving him another chance with her:

  • Is he more confident and self-assured now, or is he still insecure and unsure of himself?
  • Is he more of a challenge, so she feels motivated to work hard to impress him and maintain his interest in her, or is he still boring and predictable and willing to accept whatever scraps of attention she’s willing to throw his way?
  • Is he more manly in his attitude, actions and behavior, or is he still wimpy, hesitant or timid?
  • Is he more assertive and willing to stand up to her when she’s being out of line, or does he still back down too easily when she challenges him during a conversation?
  • Has he improved his ability to make her feel like a sexy, desirable woman during interactions with him, or does he still treat her more like a neutral friend or roommate?
  • Has he matured emotionally and begun to focus more on achieving his goals and dreams in life, or is he still being childish and drifting through life aimlessly?
  • Has he realized that handing all his power over to her in the relationship isn’t what she wants, or is he still too emotionally timid to stand up to her and take the lead like a real man?

Depending on the approach that he uses and how genuine she senses it to be, she will feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for him and be motivated to give him another chance. 

Alternatively, she will realize that he’s incapable of giving her the attraction experience she really wants and she will then feel that her best option is to forget that she ever met him and move on. 

This is why, if you want your ex to open back up to giving you another chance after saying that she wished she never met you, make sure that when you interact with her, you don’t come across as being pretty much the same guy she dumped.

When she can see for herself that you’re now the kind of man she always wanted you to be (e.g. confident, ballsy, motivated, more of a challenge), her walls will naturally start to crumble.

Then getting back together becomes something she wants as well.

4. You’ve been trying to get her back via text and it has stressed her out 

Texting is so accessible and easy to send, that it almost seems like it’s the right way to communicate about everything. 

As a result, one of the biggest mistakes that guys make is trying to get an ex back via text.

A guy like that will usually spend a lot of time texting his ex about the relationship problems they experienced, go over his mistakes and possibly even ask her what she thinks he can do better so that she will then want to give him another chance.

Yet, what he doesn’t realize is that although texts are great when it’s between two people who like each other (e.g. a girlfriend and her boyfriend, a husband and wife, friends or family members), it’s not as effective between people who don’t like each other (e.g. an ex girlfriend, an enemy).

The main reason why is because texts can easily be misinterpreted in a negative light based on a person’s feelings for you.

So, if someone is feeling bitter and angry towards you, they will almost always look at your texts as being annoying, as causing them stress and as being unwanted.

This is why, if you’ve been trying to fix things with your ex via text, chances are she’s feeling tense, stressed out and thinking things like, “Why won’t he leave me alone? Can’t he see that I don’t want to talk about the relationship with him? He’s being so frustrating!”

Then, out of exasperation and possibly as a way to make you back off, she said she wished she never met you.

The good news though is that saying that to you might be how she feels right now, but not how she will feel a day or a week from now when you change your approach.

In other words, if you want your ex to open back up to you, stop trying to get her back via text.

Instead, focus only on making her smile, laugh and feel good when she is texting with you, so that she then becomes more open to the idea of talking to you on the phone.

On a phone call, you can continue sparking her sexual and romantic feelings for you and get her to agree to meet up with you in person.

At the meetup, you can properly re-attract her by allowing her to experience the new and improved man that you’ve become and make her regret saying that she wished she never met you (i.e. because she realizes that it’s not the truth).

Another common reason why a woman will say that she wishes she never met you is…

5. She realizes now that you were manipulating her during the relationship and she now resents you for it 

Sometimes, after a woman has plucked up the courage to break up with a guy, she might realize how much he was manipulating her in the relationship.

For example: Some of the ways a guy might do that are…

  • He makes her feel guilty all the time (e.g. when she wants to go hang out with her friends without him, when she doesn’t want to do something that he wants to do, when she forgets something unimportant and he then makes it out to be a big deal).
  • He forces his insecurities on her (e.g. if he’s feeling insecure about his value to her he might be overly jealous and controlling and stop her from interacting with other men, even at work or university).
  • He constantly belittles and criticizes her, causing her to doubt herself around him (e.g. he’s always pointing out her mistakes and telling her how she needs to focus on doing things better).
  • He makes her responsible for his emotional state (e.g. he’s always asking her if she loves him and will she ever leave him, because if she does, he won’t be able to cope without her in his life).
  • He convinces her that what he wants is what she wants too (e.g. he manipulates her into thinking she prefers the same food, movies, books, hobbies and activities as him, even though deep down she knows that she doesn’t and is only doing it to keep him happy).
  • He’s too suspicious and protective of her (e.g. he’s always checking her text messages and social media, he forbids her to go out at certain times and with certain people).

Over time, this type of behavior can lead to a woman feeling stressed out in the relationship and she may then break up with her guy.

Then, when she gets a chance to think about the relationship without him influencing her, she might realize how manipulative he was.

This can then cause her to feel angry and resentful and she may then lash out at him and say she wished she’d never met him.

6. She wants to try to hurt you emotionally to get back at you for how much you hurt her during the relationship 

For a woman to want to stick with a guy for life and treat him with growing levels of love, respect and affection, she needs to know that he’s able to make her feel the way she wants to feel when in a relationship with him (e.g. loved, appreciated, taken care of, excited, sexually desirable).

So, when a guy fails to put in enough effort in the relationship and instead thinks, talks, acts, behaves and reacts to her in ways that make her feel unloved, unappreciated and possibly even betrayed (e.g. he takes her for granted, cheats on her, constantly lies to her, doesn’t put in any effort to get along with her family and friends), it’s only natural that she will feel that she’s wasting her time.

Of course, in most cases, a woman won’t just break up with a guy right away.

Instead, she will usually try to convince him to change.

However, if she notices that he can’t or won’t improve in some of the ways that are important to her and instead, he continues to make her feel unloved, unappreciated or taken for granted, she will break up with him.

She may then try to get revenge on him for everything he put her through when they were together, by saying the most hurtful thing she can think of (i.e. that she wished she never met him).

Although that can cause a guy to feel shocked and even wonder what happened to the nice, sweet, gentle woman he fell in love with, the fact is, even a loving woman can turn mean when she feels as though she’s wasted valuable time with a man who doesn’t deserve her.

This has a lot to do with a woman’s natural instincts of wanting to find one man, fall in love with him and stick with him for life (e.g. get married, start a family, grow old together).

So, when a guy doesn’t live up to any of her relationship expectations and she feels as though she’s been wasting valuable time, she may end up being a bitch to him, even though it’s not in her nature. 

This is why, if you want your ex to stop saying that she wished she never met you and get her back, you need to show her (not tell her) that you’ve leveled up as a man.

When she can see for herself that you’re now the man she always wanted you to be (e.g. more confident, reliable, emotionally mature, responsible), she won’t be able to stop herself feeling drawn to you again in a good way.

You can then rebuild her sexual and romantic feelings for you and get her back.

7. Now that she realizes that the relationship was flawed for a long time, she is angry that she missed out on other experiences by continuing to be with you 

Sometimes a woman will have high hopes for her relationship with a guy (e.g. they will be in love forever and live a good life together).

However, over time she may notice that her relationship isn’t going the way she initially hoped it would.

She may then try to break up with her guy, only for him to convince her to give him another chance (e.g. he begs and pleads with her to change her mind, promises her that he will change, offers to do anything she wants him to).

Of course, because she loves him, she might think something along the lines of, “He really does seem sincere. Maybe I shouldn’t be so quick to walk away. After all, I’ve invested so much into this relationship. Maybe he will change this time. It’s worth trying a bit longer to make things work. I do still love him after all.”

She will then stick around for a little while longer to see where things go.

In most cases, the guy will initially put in some effort to improve to make her happy, but over time, he will likely just slip back into his old patterns of thinking, acting and behaving.

Eventually, the woman will get so fed up with him, that she will follow through with the breakup.

In her mind, she may be wondering how far her life would have progressed if she’d gone through with the break up the first time, rather than giving him one, or more chances (e.g. she could have gone traveling, taken a career opportunity that she let slip by to be with him, enjoyed partying as a single woman and possibly hooked up with a few more men).

She may then say that she wished she never met him, because she’s angry over all the things she missed out on due to all the chances she gave him.

8. She wants you to hate her, so you then move on and don’t try to get her back

In some instances, a woman doesn’t know how to convince her ex to leave her alone so that she can then move on.

So, she says one of the most hurtful things she can say to him (i.e. that she wished she never met him), in the hope that he will think something along the lines of, “How dare she say that to me! Who does she think she is anyway? There are plenty of other women out there that would be happy to have a guy like me. I’ll show her!”

He might then move on and find a new woman to be in a relationship with, leaving her free to get on with her life without the stress of having him trying to get her back.

Here’s the thing though…

If the guy doesn’t play into her hands and instead, uses what she said to reactivate some of her sexual and romantic feelings for him, he can quickly change her mind about walking away from him.

He can then use interactions to build the respect, attraction and love inside of her and get her back.

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