Here are 5 possible reasons why your ex tweets about you:

1. She’s simply trying to get attention from people who follow her

Some women will do anything to remain relevant on social media.

That can include tweeting about an ex.

For example, a woman might look for pity from her Twibe (Twitter followers) by tweeting things like:

  • Some people will only learn to appreciate you when they lose you.
  • People say there are plenty of fish in the sea, but I don’t feel like fishing. I miss the fish I had.
  • Does it always hurt this much when you break up, or is it just me?
  • My ex keeps texting me. It’s over! Why doesn’t he get the message?!
  • Sometimes relationships don’t work out because of timing, but most of the time it’s because someone is an asshole.
  • My ex showed me that guys usually turn out to be a real disappointment, despite how good they seem initially. I will have to lower my expectations next time. Lol #relationshipfail

Essentially, she’s likely hoping that people will take her side, give her sympathy, agree with her that her ex was a jerk and say things like, “Don’t worry girl. You will find the right guy. Forget about him!”

Some women may even talk about cheating, or lying when in a relationship and give the impression that her ex did that to her, even though he didn’t, or she did, but would never admit it.

She then has the added support of her followers telling her that she’s so much better off without him and how she deserves a man who will treat her like she deserves to be treated.

She will also get loads of love from hungry guys who like her and are hoping she’ll like them in return for being a nice, supportive friend.

Most guys have no idea how to attract women, so they resort to nice guy behavior, sucking up and being a shoulder to cry on.

Yet, that just lands them in the friend zone.

A typical girl who is posting on Twitter doesn’t care though.

The more people loving her Tweets, showing interest, supporting her and commenting the better.

Of course, not every woman tweets about her ex for that reason.

Another possible reason can be…

2. She is simply expressing how she feels, but isn’t going to do anything to get you back

She is simply expressing how she feels, but isn’t going to do anything to get you back

Sometimes, a woman will use social media as a way of expressing her feelings about a breakup.

That can be partly because she wants moral support from her followers and friends and partly because she wants her ex to see what she’s feeling.

However, even if she still has feelings for her ex and wants to get back with him, that’s as far as she will go to let him know.

In other words, she’s not going to text him or call him or give him any other sign that she’s open to reconciling with him.

The main reason for that is because she doesn’t want to make it easy for him.

Instead, she wants to know that he’s man enough to take the lead in the ex back process and do what he needs to do to get her back.

If he does, she will be able to respect him again.

When she respects him, she will feel attracted to him and she will then open back up to the idea of working things out with him.

On the other hand, if he waits around hoping that she will make it crystal clear to him that she still has some feelings for him so that he can then be the leader, she will lose even more respect for him for not having the balls to do what it takes to get her back.

When that happens, her interest in the idea of getting back with him will fade away and she will instead focus her attention on moving on and finding a new man who is emotionally strong and courageous enough to lead the way in a relationship with her.

This is why, if you want your ex back, you should stop wondering why she tweets about you and make the right moves to get her back.

Start the ex back process by showing her that you have the balls to be the man she needs, by actually calling her right now.

On the phone call, focus on reactivating her feelings (i.e. by attracting her) and make her begin to doubt her decision to break up.

Here are some of the things you can do to begin reactivating her feelings:

  • Use humor to ease the tension between you and begin breaking down her defenses.
  • Maintain your confidence with her regardless of how she responds when she hears your voice (e.g. she’s cold and aloof, she says something along the lines of, “What do you want? I have nothing to say to you. Whatever we had is over and I don’t want you in my life anymore.”)
  • Flirt with her to create sexual tension between you and her, so she feels motivated to meet up with you in person to see what happens from there.
  • Be more of a challenge to her now, so she doesn’t feel like she can say and do anything and you’ll just put up with it like a good little boy, which then gives her power over you (something she doesn’t want).

The more you make her smile, laugh and feel good while you’re talking to her, the more difficult it becomes for her to keep pretending that she doesn’t feel drawn to you again.

When she hears the confidence and sincerity in your voice, her guard will come down and she will open herself up to the idea of meeting up to see where things go from there.

However, you have to be bold enough to take action.

Don’t wait for tomorrow or next week.

Remember: The longer you wait to call her, the more time you’re giving her to get over you and move on (usually by hooking up with another man).

So, call her now and begin the ex back process, so you can actually get her back.

3. She’s trying to signal to you that she is open to hearing from you and possibly seeing if there’s a spark

In some cases, a woman might realize that she misses her ex now that they’ve broken up.

Of course, she might not necessarily want to get back into a relationship with him, but she is curious enough to find out.

In other words, tweeting about him might be her way of opening the lines of communication between them so that she can find out what will happen if him and her start talking again.

For example:

  • Will a spark develop between them again or will things remain as they are (i.e. there’s no attraction between them anymore)?
  • Will she feel drawn to him again when she hears his voice over the phone or meets up with him in person, or will all her negative feelings from before and during the breakup come rushing back and turn her off?
  • Will he and her meet up and then have amazing make up sex, or will she feel like getting away from him as quickly as possible?
  • Will he be able to give her an upgraded attraction experience this time around, or will he continue to use the same (boring, unattractive) approach as before?

In other words, a woman might just be using Twitter to get the answers to those questions.

So, if you don’t make a move, she may just decide that nothing is going to happen between you and her again and she needs to find another guy to satisfy her sexual and romantic needs.

Here’s the thing…

If your ex is opening the lines of communication with you by tweeting about you, it’s up to you to take the next step and begin reactivating her feelings of respect, attraction and love for you.

However, make sure you don’t try to do that by being neutral, nice, friendly, passive and casual in your interactions with her.

If you don’t actively make your ex feel sexually attracted to you (e.g. by using ballsy humor when you interact with her, flirting with her to create some sexual tension, showing her by the way you respond and react to her that you’ve leveled up as a man), then it’s likely that she will become closed off and distant with you again.

So, if you want her to want you back, don’t be neutral or passive.

You have to make her feel sparks of sexual attraction for you again, so she doesn’t just see you as a friend, or even worse, just a distant memory from her past.

This is why, you need to get her on a call with you as quickly as possible and spark her sexual and romantic feelings for you.

After all, she has already given you an opening by tweeting about you, so use it to get her back.

4. She’s trying to convince herself that she’s over you, but she’s not

She’s trying to convince herself that she’s over you, but she’s not

Sometimes, a woman will put on a brave face and pretend that she’s over her ex.

Some of her reasons might be:

  • She doesn’t want to let her family and friends know that she still has feelings for her ex (e.g. because she feels embarrassed about it, she’s worried that they will think she’s being weak, he hurt her and she thinks they will disapprove or be disappointed in her).
  • She doesn’t want to open herself back up to him because she’s afraid that he might reject her.
  • She’s worried that if she lets on that she still cares about him, he will convince her to get back together again. Yet, she doesn’t believe he has changed or improved the things that led to her breaking up with him in the first place and she’s afraid that it will happen again, which she doesn’t want to risk.

So, to convince herself that she doesn’t have feelings for him anymore, she might tweet about him and how relieved she feels to be free from her relationship with him, or even say negative things about him.

Yet, regardless of what she tweets, deep down, she’s likely secretly hoping that he will have the courage to just call her and get her back.

Here’s the thing…

If you want your ex back, are you going to sit around waiting for her to make it obvious to you and likely miss your chance when she forces herself to get over you and move on, or are you going to be bold enough to take action?

You’ve actually got nothing to lose (after all you and her are already broken up) and everything to gain (she might be the love of your life).

So, if you want her back, show her via the way you think, talk, behave, interact with her and respond to what she says and does, that you are at a new, more attractive level now.

When she encounters a very different guy to the one she broke up with (e.g. more confident and self-assured, more able to stand up for yourself, more emotionally independent, more loving and attentive, more of a challenge, more manly), she won’t be able to stop herself from opening back up to you again, even if she initially didn’t want to.

You can then build on her feelings of respect and attraction for you during interactions and get her back.

However, if you just sit around asking things like, “Why does my ex tweet about me?” you may end up losing the love of your life and end up regretting it.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Make a move.

She could be waiting for your call right now.

5. She knows that you will be reading the tweets, so she’s trying to mess with you and cause you more pain

There are times when a woman might feel very angry or resentful about everything that happened between her and her ex and want revenge.

So, at the back of her mind, she may be thinking things like, “I’m going to hurt him for the pain he caused me. I’m going to mess with his head by tweeting about him and make him feel confused. He will then probably start wondering what it means and maybe even begin hoping that I want him back. That will serve him right for what he put me through!”

If he then takes it as a positive sign that she possibly still has some feelings for him and tries to contact her, she will likely just ignore him and leave him wondering what he did wrong.

Alternatively, she might respond with something like, “What do you want?” or, “Why are you contacting me? I thought I made it clear to you when we broke up that my feelings for you are dead now and I never want to hear from you again.”

He will then probably lose all hope of ever getting her back and just give up and walk away.

Yet, here’s the thing…

Even when a woman has lost touch with her feelings of respect, attraction and love for a man to the point where she’s trying to mess with his head to cause him pain, it doesn’t mean he can’t make her change how she feels.

Feelings change all the time.

For example: Think about how your ex went from feeling neutral towards you when you first met, to liking you when you started sparking some of her sexual and romantic feelings for you.

From there, she fell in love with you and then went on to not loving you anymore when you stopped giving her the attraction experience she wanted from you.

Her feelings literally changed several times.

In the same way, you can change how she feels again.

When you reactivate her sexual and romantic feelings for you (e.g. by being confident and emotionally strong, by making her laugh, smile and feel good to be interacting with you again, by being more of a challenge to her than before) it becomes difficult for her to hold on to her negative thoughts about you.

She then stops wanting to mess with you and cause you pain and she starts wondering what it would feel like to be in a relationship with the new and improved you.

When that happens, she can’t stop herself from wanting to interact with you again (e.g. via text, social media, on the phone and in person), even though she previously felt convinced that she was over you.

She feels drawn to you again in a good way and from there, you can build on that initial spark of attraction and confidently guide her back into a relationship with you again.

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