I get a lot of emails from guys who ask me, “Dan, can you help me get my ex back quickly? Is it possible?” and the answer is finally, “YES!”

I say finally, because it has taken me many years of hard work and testing (with my phone coaching clients) to work out a quick and simple solution for guys to use that really does work.

Getting an ex back used to be something that most people thought was pretty much close to impossible, but it’s now one of the easiest things to do for a guy who wants a second chance with his woman. So, if it’s so easy…

Why Have You Failed to Get Her Back So Far?

Most of the guys I’ve helped over the years have been intelligent guys who are excellent at their job, or their field of study or at doing certain things in life. Yet, when it comes to getting their ex back, they are often clueless.

Why is that? Why is getting an ex back such a difficult thing to deal with so many guys?


When a man is broken up with, he almost always begins to think, behave and act in ways that cause the woman to lose even more respect, attraction and love for him. Watch the video below for 5 classic mistakes that most guys make when trying to get an ex back…

You Are No Longer Alone With This

You are no longer alone with this

I am here to help you.

I know that when you are missing your ex and everyone around you is saying things like, “Move on…there are plenty of fish in the sea,” it can be a very lonely, frustrating and isolating experience.

It’s not painful because you’re weak and you can’t deal it; it’s painful because it’s an automatic human reaction to being dumped or rejected. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that missing someone after a relationship break up can generate the same level of hurt as grieving the loss of a loved one who has died.

Yet, no one would dare say, “Hey, there are plenty more fish in the sea. Don’t worry, get over it” to a grieving man, would they? Of course not, but somehow well-meaning friends and relatives seem to think that telling you, “It’s her loss” or, “You can do better than her and she didn’t deserve you anyway” is going to make you feel better. It doesn’t!

Guys sometimes tell me that since their relationship broke up, the only time they ever feel happy is the first few seconds of every morning after waking up because that’s the only time they momentarily forget that they no longer have their ex in their lives.

The good news is that you CAN get her back. It’s not impossible. If you are willing to make some quick changes to how you are communicating with her and interacting with her, you WILL be able to make her feel differently about you and then agree to meet up with you in person.

At the meet up, you will be able to get her to feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you.

What Most Guys Don’t Realize About Getting an Ex Back

Most guys don’t realize that they need to make the process of getting back together a benefit to her, not a benefit to him.

When a guy is more focused on getting a woman back because he needs her for his emotional security, it pushes the woman faster away because she feels like would be doing him a favor by getting back with him. If she has already broken up with him, she’s almost certainly not going to be in the mood to her ex a favor.

So, the first question you really need to ask yourself is, “Why do I want her back?” I know, I know, you want her back because you miss her and don’t want another guy taking her, but you need to delve a little deeper than that to get a real answer.

Do you want to get her back because you miss her and everything about her? Do you want her back because you miss the way you felt when you were in a relationship? Do you want her back because you miss the way you felt when someone loved you?

In other words, is it all about you?

This is a question that you might be reluctant to allow your mind to truly answer right now, so take a moment to think about it if you need to. Is getting back together more about you getting what you want? Is she going to feel like she’s doing you a favor by giving you another chance?

If she is going to feel that way, then you won’t be getting her back anytime soon. If she hasn’t been responding to your attempts to get her back, it may be that you’re making it all about you.

For example: Have you tried pleading with her to give you another chance?

Getting dumped by a woman you love is an emotionally difficult thing to deal with, so it’s only natural that some guys make the mistake of begging and pleading for another chance.

He will promise her the world and promise to do whatever she wants, as long as she gives him one more chance. That might work the firs time, but if a woman is breaking up with a guy for the second, third or fourth time, then she has probably gotten to a point where she is unwilling to give him any more time to fix his issues and improve himself.

Some guys will hound their ex text messages and leave countless messages on her answer machine at home…and sometimes even at her work. They’ll plead with her for another chance and say things like, “I can’t live without you; I can’t eat; I can’t sleep, I can’t get you out of my head.”

Unfortunately for guys like that (I was one of them. I did the same types of things when I got dumped many years ago), they mistakenly think that pouring their heart in a text message, letter, e-mail or voice mail will somehow win her back.

Yet, begging and pouting your heart out usually has the opposite effect because all she’s hearing is you talking about how you feel and what you need.

Make it All About Her

If you’re thinking, “I want to get my ex back” the first thing you must get clear on is this: You have to make getting back together with you feel like a GOOD thing for her.

You have to begin say and doing the things that will reignite her feelings of respect, attraction and love for you…

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