Here are 8 of the most common reasons why a woman will break up with her boyfriend for that reason and what he can do to get her back:

1. She has an insecurity about being cheated on and has been over-analyzing his behavior and accusing him of things he hasn’t done

Sometimes, a woman will get cheated on by a guy in a previous relationship where everything seemed fine.

She thought that her boyfriend loved her and believed the relationship was working, so she was shocked and devastated when she found out that he cheated on her.

A painful experience like that can cause a woman to become insecure when it comes to relationships and always be secretly worrying that she could get cheated on once again.

So, even when she’s in a stable and happy relationship with a good guy, she will be secretly worrying that he will end up cheating on her as well.

If she happens to notice that his behavior or actions seems similar to that of her cheating ex (e.g. he suddenly starts to work late, he doesn’t answer her calls sometimes at odd times of the day or evening, he starts to shower at the gym even though her never did that before, he leaves the room when texting, he seems a little distant, he seems happier when talking to a woman who is a friend of his) she will automatically take it as a sign that it’s happening to her all over again.

Then, despite her boyfriend’s denials, she will struggle to believe him and just let it go because she doesn’t want her worst fear to come true.

As a result, she breaks up with him and hopes that she has just saved herself from the pain of being cheated on again.

2. He refuses to let her see his texts, social media messages or emails, to give her the peace of mind she needs

He refuses to let her see his texts, social media messages or emails, to give her the peace of mind she needs

There’s nothing wrong with a guy letting his girl look at his private messages once, as long as she promises to believe him from then on and not ask again.

Yet, if he doesn’t allow her to look and she’s an insecure woman who is worried about being cheated on, then she will usually take it as a sign that he’s hiding something (i.e. he’s flirting with another woman and is getting ready to cheat on her, he has already physically cheated on her with a new woman, he is emotionally cheating on her by having an online relationship with another woman, or via chat).

As a result, she will feel as though it’s only a matter of time before she is forced to feel the pain of being cheated on.

To avoid getting cheated on, a woman will often just break up with her boyfriend and try to move on, or hope that he can change and be more understanding of her insecurity (i.e. let her see his texts, social media messages or emails and get the piece of mind she needs).

3. He has female friends and texts with them or talks to them fairly often

There’s nothing wrong with a guy maintaining close relationships with female friends early on in a relationship.

Yet, in most cases, when a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship becomes serious, the guy should focus more of his attention on his girlfriend and only maintain casual friendships with female friends (i.e. only talk to them occasionally, or see them at times when he is with his girlfriend, only have brief text exchanges when necessary).

If he is always texting or talking to his female friends and not giving enough attention to his girlfriend, it’s only natural that she might feel a little insecure, or worry that he likes one of his female friends, or one of them likes him and it’s only a matter of time before he cheats.

Think about it this way…

The same would likely happen if the situation was reversed and the woman was the one regularly chatting and talking to guys, who were so-called friends.

Imagine her boyfriend sitting there and being ignored for hours and she chatted with other guys via text, or on phone or video calls.

That would be totally fine if her guy friends weren’t into women, but if they were heterosexual guys and she is attractive, then they would almost certainly be secretly hoping that they could get to have sex with her, or even a relationship with her.

In a case like that, the boyfriend might end up feeling insecure and wondering things like, “Has she slept with any of those guys in the past?” or “What if one (or more) of them is secretly in love with her and is actively trying to seduce her?” or, “Does she find one of those guys more attractive than me?” or, “Is she planning on hooking up with one of those guys when she gets the chance?” and so on.

So, if a woman’s boyfriend is always chatting with other girls and from her perspective, seems to like one or more of them, she will often decide to break up with him now, rather than getting cheated on in the near future.

4. He has cheated on her or kind of cheated on her in the past and she just can’t get over it

He has cheated on her or kind of cheated on her in the past and she just can’t get over it

Kind of cheating is when a guy likes another woman enough to be flirting with her via text (e.g. saying she is beautiful, sending her emojis that suggests he likes her), or catching up with her behind his girlfriend’s back, but not kissing her or sleeping with her.

Actual cheating includes kissing and sex.

So, if a guy has kind of cheated or actually cheated on his girlfriend in the past, she will often have a difficult time fully trusting him and it may lead to a break up.

If a guy wants to get his girlfriend back in a situation like that, he needs to interact with her and make her feel such a strong, renewed sense of respect, attraction and love for him that she feels compelled to give him another chance, despite her concerns.

Men get women back in that way all the time, all over the world.

So, if your girlfriend dumped you due to assuming you were cheating when you weren’t, or even because you did cheat, just know that it is possible to get her back.

Another reason why a woman will break up with her boyfriend for this reason is…

5. She’s just using the break up as a technique to get him panicking, chasing her and being willing to commit to her now

She knows that he hasn’t really cheated, but she is worried about her committed to him.

So, she creates a lot of drama (e.g. by getting angry at him, accusing him of cheating, calling him all sorts of names) and then dumping him.

She hopes that he will apologize for his behavior, promise to be more committed to her and stop doing the things that are making her so insecure.

Yet, in many cases, if a guy desperately apologizes for his behavior when he hasn’t really done anything wrong and then starts being way nicer, more attentive and committed, a woman will actually lose interest in him.

Women aren’t attracted to desperation in men, so her plan will fail to work if her boyfriend does become desperate and she ends up feeling turned off by him.

6. He caught up with his ex girlfriend just as friends

If a woman thinks that her boyfriend’s ex girlfriend is more attractive than her, she may feel jealous and insecure about him meeting up with her.

Even if her boyfriend is 100% in love with her and finds her more desirable than his ex, she may struggle to believe him if she doesn’t consider herself very attractive, or sees the other woman as being more attractive than her.

Feeling insecure like that can cause her to believe that he is cheating on her, even when it’s not the truth.

In a case like that, a guy needs to make his ex feel that she’s truly the only woman he wants to be with.

Of course, not in a desperate, “Please believe me!” kind of way, but by remaining confident, relaxed and making her feel happy, attracted and wanted when around him.

In terms of meeting up with his ex girlfriend, he should tell his girlfriend that it was a one off meet up as friends because his ex wanted to say goodbye in a mature way.

He should also tell his girlfriend that he understand it might have made her suspect he was cheating, but he didn’t and she can ask his ex if she wants to.

Of course, if she’s very insecure, she probably still won’t believe it if his ex girlfriend confirms that nothing happened, but it’s a start.

After hearing it from his ex girlfriend, his girlfriend will likely begin to feel a bit silly for overreacting and will start to miss her boyfriend.

As a result, she will naturally want to open back up to him and give the relationship another chance, or at least hook up again for fun and see what happens from there.

7. She cheated on him, he knew about it and she then became worried that he would cheat to get revenge

As a result, she began to overanalyze his behavior and worry that he was planning to cheat on her whenever he got the chance.

So she accused him of wanting to get revenge by cheating on her and break her heart for what she did to him.

If he then became desperate and pleaded with her to believe him that he wasn’t cheating, or he became very angry at her and potentially a bit too physically aggressive, then she might have used that as a reason to break up with him.

8. She over-reacted to an innocent message from a girl

Jealousy and insecurity can make a woman do crazy things, including breaking up with her boyfriend because she thinks he’s cheating on her.

However, if he’s a good guy who wouldn’t do anything to betray her trust and hurt her, then she will realize that she made a mistake and want him back.

Yet, in many cases, even if she does want him back, a woman will rarely admit it because she will worry that her boyfriend will reject her due to the way she behaved and treated him.

Alternatively, she will worry that if she comes crawling back to him, sucking up to him and apologizing, it might cause him to feel as though he doesn’t need to treat her as well as he did in the past.

So, a woman will usually just wait for her boyfriend to contact her, get rid of the negative and awkward tension between them and get the relationship back together.

3 Mistakes Men Make When a Girlfriend Breaks Up With Them and Accuses Them of Cheating

1. Chasing her and begging for her trust

A woman’s attraction to a guy, is based mostly on his ability to make her feel as though she can look up to him and respect him as her man.

So, when a guy is desperately chasing after his girlfriend and begging for her trust, he is making her feel the opposite of how she needs to feel to want to get back with him.

Additionally, she begins to look down on him and see him as the less valuable one in the relationship, even though he isn’t.

As a result, she doesn’t feel motivated to give him another chance, because she thinks she can do better.

2. Becoming a pushover, even though she prefers guys who are a challenge

If a woman is attracted to guys who are a challenge (i.e. she needs to impress him and maintain his interest), but her boyfriend is being a pushover (i.e. doing whatever she wants, bending to her will, being very soft and gentle with her, being extra nice), then she’s just not going to feel attracted to him.

From his perspective, he may feel as though he’s ‘doing the right thing’ by being extra nice to her and essentially sucking up to her, but from her perspective, his weak, wimpy behavior is just another reason to want to be broken up with him.

3. Assuming that if he cuts off contact, she will come running back

Cutting off contact can sometimes work if a woman is still in love with her ex boyfriend and only really broke up with him as a way of making him fear losing her, so that he would commit to her or treat her a little better.

In almost all other cases though, when a woman doesn’t hear from an ex she thought was cheating on her, she will take it as a sign that she was right (i.e. he didn’t really care about being with her and probably already cheated on her, or would have in the near future).

She will then likely hook up with a new man to make herself feel better.

Then, by the time her ex decides it’s time to contact her again (e.g. after 30 days), it’s usually too late because she’s either moved on with someone else, gotten over him, or doesn’t want to try again because she doesn’t think he would actually commit to her in the long run.

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