These are the 5 most common reasons why a woman will say that to her boyfriend:

1. She doesn’t know how else to say that it’s over, so she is using ‘potentially’ moving away as an excuse to end the relationship

Sometimes a woman knows that she isn’t going to move away, but she uses it an excuse to end a relationship that she’s not happy with.

Some of the reasons why a woman will lie to her boyfriend in that way, include:

  • She doesn’t want him to try and talk her out of her decision if she explains her real reasons for breaking up with him (e.g. he’s too insecure, not manly enough, gives her too much power). If she tells him her real reasons, he can then say, “I promise I can change. Just give me a chance” and she may then feel obligated to give him a chance.
  • She’s worried that he might lose control of his emotions and start crying, begging and pleading with her to change her mind.
  • She is nervous about him potentially getting angry at her (if she tells him her real reasons for the break up) and possibly even reacting violently in some way.
  • She is trying to avoid hurting his feelings by using an excuse for the break up, rather than saying something like, “Look, you’re just not manly enough, okay? You were a fairly confident guy initially, but you’ve turned into a sensitive, insecure over time. I don’t like it. I’m leaving you. I want a confident man, not an insecure guy.”
  • She is trying to get him ready for the day when she eventually breaks up with him. Her talking about moving away is just the first step to get him used to the idea of potentially breaking up.
    She doesn’t know what else to say to him to get him to leave her.

As a result, she tries to use the excuse of not wanting to hurt him later on due to her potentially moving away as a way out of the relationship.

She doesn't know how else to say that it's over

If she isn’t actually planning on moving away for real and her boyfriend accepts the break up, she will then focus on quickly finding herself a new man behind his back.

She will do that quickly, so she can then have an additional reason why he can’t be with her (e.g. she says, “I’ve met someone else. We are really happy and he doesn’t want me talking to you. I don’t want to ruin things with him, so please don’t contact me. Respect the fact that we’ve broken up. I wish you all the best”).

If her ex boyfriend then says something like, “What? I thought you said you would be moving away. Now I see that you’re still here and you’ve got a new boyfriend. What’s going on? What really happened?”

She can say, “I’m sorry. I really did have plans to move away, but that all changed. I decided to stay. Then, I met someone else totally by accident and I’m in love with him. Sorry for hurting you, but I didn’t intend to. Things just happened. So, I hope you can respect my new relationship and give us the space we need. I will always have a special place for you in my heart. I wish you all the very best. Goodbye.”

She will then try to get on with her life and hope that her ex will accept the break up and move on as well.

This is why, if your ex is using the old, “I’m might be moving away, so we should break up now” excuse on you because she doesn’t know how else to break up with you, then you need to change your approach with her to get another chance.

That doesn’t mean you should beg, plead, cry or behave in other ways that can turn her off.

Instead, the best way to approach to use is to first accept her decision by saying something along the lines of, “Okay. If that’s what you want, I accept it. We are broken up and never getting back together. However, until you move away, let’s agree to at least remain friends, okay?”

She will almost certainly agree to that because she won’t want to seem unreasonable and because you have accepted the break up, so she will want to support that behavior.

You can then use the “friendship” to keep the channels of communication open between you and her, which you will then use to re-attract her and make her want you back.

When you reawaken her sexual and romantic feelings for you, everything will automatically begin to change.

If she really isn’t planning on moving away, then she will say that she has changed her mind or is thinking of changing her mind.

If she is actually planning on moving away, then she will want to open back up to you for the time being, so she doesn’t miss out on the irresistible feelings of sexual and romantic attraction that practically everyone craves.

She might also begin to have second thoughts about moving because of how she feels about you now.

She feels so much attraction for the new and improved you.

So, use the power of attraction to your advantage.

Make her suddenly feel like she doesn’t want to miss out on what it feels like to be with you now.

That is what will stop her in her tracks and make her want to remain with you.

Another reason why a woman will say that she wants to break up because she might be moving away, is…

2. She really does plan on moving and wants to be able to move to the new place feeling happy, free and ready to flirt with other guys

She wants to break up now, so she feels free to meet and flirt with men at her new location

Imagine this…

A woman has to move to another town, state or even country (due to a change in her job, or university, or for some other reason) while she is still in a relationship with a guy that she truly loves.

She doesn’t want to have to break up with him, but she has to move away no matter what.

She believes that a long distance relationship wouldn’t work between them, so she decides that it would be better to break up.

When she makes that decision, she then begins preparing herself emotionally to become single again.

For example: She imagines flirting with new guys, potentially falling in love or just enjoying casual dating and sex for a while in her new city or town.

She begins to feel excited about the adventures she might have, the new feelings and the freedom she will feel once there.

She will be a single woman.

She will be free to do whatever wants.

It could be fun and she wants to experience it.

As a result, she wants to break up with her boyfriend now, to avoid dragging things on until she leaves and then potentially having him visiting her and trying to get her back in her new location.

So, she tells him that she might be moving away and wants to break up now, rather than having to leave him later on and hurt him or both of them in the process.

She tells him that it’s best for both of them, it’s the mature thing to do and so on.

If he accepts it, she can then have enough time to begin getting over him before the big move.

Then, when she finally does move away, she will be emotionally ready to go out, meet new men and have fun.

She won’t have to worry about feeling guilty for cheating on her boyfriend, because they will have already broken up a while back.

So, she will officially be single and ready to mingle.

It sucks for her ex boyfriend, but it’s good for her.

Of course, if a guy is in that situation right now, he can change her mind and keep the relationship together for the time being.

Another reason why a woman will say that she wants to break up because she might be moving away, is…

3. She wants to be single again and spend time with her girlfriends, so she is using it as an excuse

She's using it as an excuse to become single, so she can pick up new men with her single girlfriends

Sometimes, a woman will get into a relationship and really love her boyfriend, but then eventually feel like she just isn’t ready to settle down for life yet.

This feeling can be amplified if her single girlfriends are having loads of fun meeting new guys, having sex and enjoying their freedom, while she is stuck in a relationship that no longer makes her feel excited, happy or in love.

As a result, she may use an excuse of having to move away sometime in the future, to break up with her boyfriend.

If he accepts it, she can then enjoy being single again and focus on having the fun that she’s been craving, without feeling too guilty about it, or having to resort to cheating while still in a relationship.

Here’s the thing…

In today’s world, a woman won’t stay in a relationship with a guy just because things felt great between them at the start.

Instead, if she notices that the spark between them has fizzled out and her girlfriends who have a boyfriend or husband are happy and in love, then she will begin to feel like she is missing out.

Additionally, if she has single girlfriends who are enjoying an exciting dating life, she might also feel like she is missing out on all the fun that comes with that as well.

When that happens, she might then begin to look for ways to end her relationship, so she can experience something more enjoyable.

It sounds selfish, but men do that to women as well.

It’s a pretty common reason why people want to break up (i.e. to have more fun with someone new).

So, if your girl is saying that she might be moving away and wants to break up now rather than leaving you later on, it may be her way of getting out of a relationship that no longer excites her.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that you can change the relationship dynamic and make her never want to leave you…

If you still have the opportunity to interact with her on a daily, or at least regular basis in person, then use the interactions to reawaken her feelings for you.

Get her to experience new and exciting feelings of attraction for you based on you changing and adjusting your approach to her and the relationship.

When she feels more attracted to you than she ever has before because you are now making her feel attracted in new and exciting ways, she lose the desire to want to leave you and meet new guys.

Another reason why a woman will say that she wants to break up because she might be moving away is…

4. She feels like committing to you isn’t going to work out in the long run anyway, so she doesn’t see the point in staying together anymore

She feels like the relationship won't work in the long run, so she no longer wants to be a part of it

Sometimes a woman will feel attracted to a guy initially because he displays some of the qualities and traits that she looks for in a man that she wants to be with long-term, or for life.

As a result, she might initially think, “Wow, I really like him. I think he might be the one. He’s cool, confident, funny and he makes me feel so sexy and desirable when I’m with him. This could be it.”

Yet, when she then gets into a relationship with him, she discovers that how he was initially behaving is not the real version of him.

For example: Rather than continue to be confident and self-assured, he becomes insecure and self-doubting.

This then causes him to feel needy for her affection, devotion and attention, which turns her off because she wanted a confident guy.

Additionally, he might also be a lot less emotionally masculine (i.e. ballsy, courageous, strong under pressure, determined, resilient) than she first thought.

She thought he had the potential to continue to grow as a man, which would make her feel more and more attracted and in love with him over time, but he has been going backwards (i.e. he has become a bit too timid, fearful, weak under pressure) and becoming less of what she feels a man should be.

As a result, she might then begin to think, “Well, I really thought he was different than other guys, but in the end, he’s just like all the other guys I broke up with in the past. He just doesn’t know how to be a real man yet. I was truly hoping we would be together for life, but now I see that it’s just not going to work out between us. I have to get out of this relationship before it gets worse. He clearly doesn’t know how to change and improve and become the man I want, so I can’t just wait around for nothing. I have to leave him.”

She may then use the old, “I’m might be moving away, so I want to break up now rather than leaving you later on” excuse to dump him, as a way of hopefully avoiding him trying to talk her out of her decision.

Another reason why a woman will say that she wants to break up because she might be moving away, is…

5. She isn’t planning on moving away for real, but is saying it to see if she can get you to treat her better from now on

She is just saying that to get you to treat her better

Sometimes, a woman will feel as though her guy is taking her for granted (i.e. he expects that she will just stick around for life, even though he isn’t treating her the way she wants to be treated, or making her feel the kind of attraction and love she craves).

So, to gain some power over him, she may decide say that she wants to break up because she might be moving away.

She hopes that it will shock him into appreciating her and trying to be a better man to her.

If he tries to convince her to change her mind (e.g. by begging and pleading, promising to do whatever she wants), she might then say, “If I move away, I will still have to break up with you, because I’m not prepared to be in a long distance relationship. So, what’s the point in us remaining together for now?”

The more he begs and pleads with her, the more power she will gain over him.

Yet, if she gains a lot of power over him and notices that he is now sucking up to her, doubting himself and feeling insecure, it will actually make her lose respect and attraction for him.

As a result, she will seriously begin thinking about breaking up with him and will often go through with it, to get revenge for how bad he made her feel (by taking her for granted) throughout the relationship.

So, the guy will go from being in the position of power and having his woman trying hard to impress him and keep him, to losing the position of power, sucking up to her, causing her to lose respect and attraction for him and then getting dumped.

It’s a horrible thing for a guy to go through and will often be an emotionally devastating experience.

Of course, if something like that happens to you, don’t worry.

You can get her back by reversing the damage…

If a guy doesn’t reverse the damage and continues to turn her off, she will feel determined to move on without him.

As a result, he might then be left wondering, “Why did she leave me? I gave her everything she asked for. I just don’t understand.”

The answer is simple.

A woman might give a guy the impression that she wants to be in control, but if he actually falls for it and becomes a puppy dog around her, she will automatically lose respect for him.

When a woman loses respect for a guy, she also stops feeling attracted to him and without those two emotions, her love for him will begin to fade.

So, if you want your woman not to break up with you, make sure that you don’t lose even more of her respect by handing over your power over to her and just doing whatever she wants.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should be rude, selfish or controlling in any way.

Instead, you need to stand your ground with her and show her (in a loving, but dominant way) that you’re not going to let her push you around anymore.

In other words, take control of the situation in an assertive manner, but still be a good man about it all.

When you approach it in that way, she will naturally feel drawn to you and will begin to question her thoughts about leaving you now, or moving away without you later.

Be Sure to Avoid the Following Mistakes

Even if she is currently feeling determined to go through with the break up, you can still change her mind.

The way to do it is to spark so much new respect, attraction and love inside of her, that she honestly doesn’t want to lose you.

It feels like it would be too much of a loss her for and that she would regret it.

To ensure that you do this right, here are 3 mistakes to avoid…

1. Telling her that you will be lost without her and need her to stay

Telling her that you will be lost without her and need her to stay

Although that is something that works really well in romantic movies, in the real world, women just don’t feel attracted to neediness and desperation in men.

It doesn’t work for them.

It’s a total turn off.

So, acting like you can’t live without her will simply turn her off further and make her feel more determined to move on.

If you want to convince her to stay, you have to do it by making yourself so irresistible to her that she doesn’t want to lose you.

Part of that means you need to focus on being more emotionally independent from now on and living a happy, fulfilling life without her.

When she sees that you don’t need her in order to feel good about yourself, she will respect you and begin feeling drawn to you again.

Of course, she might test you by saying, “So, I see that you are doing fine. Are you over me already?” to see if your confidence and happiness is just an act.

If she senses it is, she will lose respect and attraction for you.

If she can see that it is real, then she will feel drawn to you and feel as though she is losing you.

She will worry that if she goes through with the break up, she will end up feeling like the rejected one, or the one who got left behind.

That alone is enough to make most women (and men) want to get back with someone.

So, don’t be afraid to make her feel that emotional pain.

It might seem cruel, but it’s necessary, especially if she is genuinely considering breaking up with you and then moving away.

You can still save the relationship, but you have to be willing to make her feel what she needs to feel to want to stay.

If you are trying to get her back by telling her that you will be lost and sad without her, it just won’t work.

She won’t want to feel as though you are holding her back.

So, don’t make that mistake.

Another mistake to avoid is…

2. Saying that you are willing to move states or even to another country to be with her

I’ve been helping new men to get women back, or to avoid break ups with women for many years now.

Whenever I hear examples of men who have moved states or across the world to be with a woman, it almost never works out well.

Part of the reason why is that a man will essentially say, “I’ll follow you anywhere. I’ll leave my job. I’ll leave my friends and family to be with you. I just want to be with you,” which sounds like a great scene for a movie, but in real life, if a woman is already turned off by her boyfriend and wanting to leave him, she will feel more turned off when he starts acting desperate like that.

Of course, if a couple are in love and the feelings are mutual, then it usually won’t be a problem at all.

However, if the love has become one-sided and he is desperately trying to cling onto her, then it’s not attractive and appealing to the woman.

She begins to feel smothered by him and the relationship and wants to get away from him even more.

This is why, the best approach is to remain calm, composed and simply agree with the break up.

Then, suggest that you remain friends, rather than cutting each other off completely.

Then, use your interactions as a “friend” to reawaken her feelings and make her change her mind about leaving, or ask you to go with her.

If you do decide to go with her, make sure that she is totally in love with you and doesn’t want to leave you.

Don’t follow her to another state or country if she isn’t happy in the relationship.

That won’t work.

The ideal scenario, which you can achieve, is to make her feel so much new respect, attraction and love for you that she doesn’t want to move away anymore and wants to stay with you.

3. Telling her that you will wait for her, no matter how long it takes

It sounds romantic, right?

It works for Hollywood movies and romantic novels, but in real life, women usually move on with new men and forget about their ex that they dumped.

Before her ex knows it, she is engaged, pregnant or married and he is then left feeling disappointed and rejected after waiting for her for so long.

So, don’t tell her that you will wait for her no matter how long it takes.

Some guys do that and hope that their girlfriend will be flattered and deeply touched by his devotion to her.

The guy hopes that she will then come to her senses and change her mind about moving away and breaking up with him.

Yet, that’s rarely how things work out.

Instead, in most cases, a woman will feel turned off by what she perceives as the guy’s inability to move on by attracting another quality woman like her.

Of course, she might pretend that she’s happy about him waiting, but she will secretly focus on moving on by finding herself a new man as soon as possible.

Another mistake to avoid is…

4. Getting angry at her for wanting to break up with you over potentially having to move

It’s understandable that you might feel a bit angry, annoyed or betrayed by her move.

Yet, showing angry towards her won’t really accomplish anything.

She will just feel threatened and smothered, which will make her want to push you away.

So, if you truly want her to change her mind, the best way to go about it is by showing her what she will be losing out if she doesn’t give you another chance.

This essentially comes down to how much new and additional respect, attraction and love you make her feel from now on.

An example of how to make her feel respect, attraction and love is to maintain control of your emotions around her no matter what she decides to do, or what she says to you.

She will see that you’re being an emotionally strong and mature man, which will naturally make her respect you.

When a woman respect you, she can then feel attracted to you and if you’re making her feel attracted to you in other ways, she will be connecting with her feelings of love with you as well.

Then, she will begin to realize that leaving you behind could be a big mistake that she would end up regretting later on, or for the rest of her life.

As a result, she will feel motivated to try to keep the relationship together and not lose you.

Yet, if you can’t control your emotions around her, she will naturally feel turned off and will then become more motivated to move away and leave you behind.

Another mistake to avoid is…

5. Not knowing that you can make her change her mind almost immediately

Right now, it might feel as though there is nothing that you can do to make her change her mind.

You can.

When she feels a renewed sense of respect, attraction and love for you, her thinking, behavior and actions will automatically begin to change right away.

She will feel drawn you.

She will want to be with you and not lose you.

You can literally make her feel like that today and from now on.

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