Here are 4 different strategies you can use to get a woman back after cheating on her.

Have a read though the following options and choose the one you think would work best for your situation.

Option 1: Let her have some space to start dating and realize how much she misses you

Some guys are okay with this option, whereas others can’t stand the idea of their girlfriend being with another man.

It really depends on you and the type of relationship you’ve had with her.

So, here’s how it works.

If you decide to give her some space to start dating again and she then struggles to find a new guy, or doesn’t find a guy who makes her feel as attracted as you do, she will naturally start to miss you.

She will realize that, although you did cheat on her, no other guy can make her feel the way you do, so there’s no point trying to avoid you and pretend that she doesn’t want to be with you.

At that point, she might text you to say “Hi” to show her interest and hope that you pick up on it and get her back.

Of course, not every woman will text her ex first though, even if she really does miss him.

Many women worry about reaching out to an ex boyfriend, showing interest in him and then finding out that he is happy with a new girl, dating the girl he cheated on her with, or simply doesn’t have any intention of getting back with her.

If she gets that type of response from him or senses it, she will feel rejected and left behind.

So, to avoid that kind of emotional pain, most women wait and hope that their ex boyfriend contacts them and tries to get the relationship back together.

This is why, if you decide to give her some space to start dating and realize that she misses you, don’t just wait for her to hopefully contact you one day.

Another strategy you can take now that your girlfriend has left you for cheating on her, is…

Option 2: Make her want to forgive you and give you another chance

Firstly, if you haven’t already done so, you need to sincerely apologize to her for what happened.

Just make sure that you do it over the phone, or even better, in person rather than via text (i.e. because she can easily delete the message without reading it).

Additionally, make sure that you maintain your cool and be confident in yourself, rather than breaking down and crying, or sucking up to her as you apologize to her.

A sincere, direct apology is all that is needed to make your point without coming across as desperate, or making your ex feel like she has a lot of power over you, which she doesn’t want.

So, just keep it together, be your normal, cool self and sincerely apologize for cheating on her and hurting her.

For example: You might say something along the lines of, “Look. Before you say anything, I just want to apologize to you for what happened. I know that it would have hurt you to find out that I cheated. So, I’m sorry for what I put you through. You know I love you. Of course, I don’t expect you and I to get back together, but I do love you.”

If your ex is still attracted to you and does want to be with you, then saying that will help open her back up, make her want to forgive you and cause her to want to hug you, kiss you, have sex and get back together.

On the other hand, if your ex isn’t attracted to you at the moment, then it will reduce some of her negative feelings towards you.

As a result, she will open up to you a little more and you can then begin to make her feel more and more attracted as you interact with her.

When you approach it that, she will want to stop thinking about how you cheated on her and start falling back in love with the man that you are now.

Another strategy you can use now that your girlfriend has left you for cheating on her, is…

Option 3: Move on, start enjoying your life without her and let her see it on social media

One of the easiest ways to re-attract a woman after a break up is to let her see you looking confident, happy and included (i.e. around others) in photos and videos on social media.

It might seem like a cruel thing to do, but it works because women are attracted to men who remain confident, happy and forward moving in life no matter what.

Of course, it’s not something that women want to admit because they don’t want to encourage an ex guy to do that and then end up feeling hurt and rejected by him.

Yet, it works.

When a woman sees that her ex man is happy and getting on with his life without her, it actually makes her feel drawn to him again.

She can’t help it.

It’s an instinctive reaction (i.e. because women are naturally attracted to emotionally strong men and turned off by wimpy, insecure men).

Even if a woman feels angry or annoyed when she sees that her ex is happy without her (i.e. because she doesn’t have power over him like she thought she did), she will also feel respect and attraction for him for being so emotionally independent and strong without her.

So, be prepared for some fake anger if she does contact you.

She might say, “I see that you don’t give a crap about me. You’re already moving and enjoying your life. Well, at least now I know that you never cared. You are an asshole. Goodbye.”

Why would she say something like that if she is secretly feeling drawn to you and hurting that you’re not in her life?


She wants to see if you will maintain your confidence, while also being good to her (that is what works), or if you will crumble under the pressure, apologize over and over and tell her that you’re not happy without her (that doesn’t work).

By the way…

If she has unfriended you on Facebook since the break up or doesn’t follow you on Instagram or other social media, just set your photos and videos to public so that she can see them from the outside.

Almost all women will check on an ex via social media to see what he’s up to, even if it’s only to see if he’s feeling sad and lost without her so she can feel good about herself.

So, make sure that you update all of your social media profiles to show you looking confident, happy and included (i.e. around others who want to be around you and are having a good time with you).

Don’t post any sad, lonely photos of yourself, or random memes about irrelevant things that show her that you have nothing important to do and are just passing the time while you sit at home all alone.

When she can see for herself that you are confident, happy and getting on with life without her, she will feel drawn to you again, even if she doesn’t want to.

You can then get her back and into a relationship where she really does want to be with you again.

Another approach you can use now that your girlfriend has left you for cheating on her is…

Option 4: Catch up with her just as friends, but then seduce her at the meet up

In some cases, a guy will still be able to call his ex girlfriend after she has broken up with him.

If that’s the case for you, then call her and arrange a time to catch up as friends.

Then, seduce her at the meet up.

On the other hand, if your girlfriend isn’t answering your calls at the moment, then here’s what you can do instead…

Try to call her at a time when you think she’d be able to answer (e.g. don’t call her when she’s at work or university, on a Friday or Saturday night when she might be busy, or pretend to be busy. Try to call when you think she’d be chilling out at home by herself).

If she doesn’t answer your call, follow up by sending her this text: “Hey. I was trying to get hold of you to ask you something quick on the phone, but you seem to be busy at the moment. It’s nothing serious, but I do need to talk to you on the phone. I’ll give you a call tonight at about 6pm to talk to you about it. It will only take a minute or so, I promise.”

She might then respond with something along the lines of, “I don’t want to talk to you on the phone. Just tell me what you want” or, “I’m busy tonight. Just tell me now and get it over with.”

Regardless of how she responds, don’t make the mistake of texting back and forth with her.

Instead, just say that you’ll tell her when you call her later, or just call her right away and have the conversation.

In most cases, a woman will be curious to find out what you want to talk to her about, so she will answer the phone.

Then, once you’ve got her on a phone call with her, use some humor to ease the tension and awkwardness between you and her.

Get her smiling and laughing and feeling good to be talking to you.

Now, the thing that you want to talk to her about is catching up to say hi as friends.

So, after getting her smiling and laughing with some initial humor, you can say, “Hey, it’s been good talking to you again” and let her say something.

She might then add something like, “Yeah, you too” and you can say, “We should talk again sometime soon” and let her say something.

If she says, “Yes” you can then say, “Well, I’m glad we can be mature about this and talk, especially after all that happened. Look, I think it would be great to catch up as friends and say hi this week. I’ve got free time on Tuesday and Thursday. Which of those days would be better for you?”

Even if she’s initially resistant to the idea, don’t lose confidence in yourself.

Encourage her to catch up and let her know that it’s just you and her catching up as friends.

At the meet up, actively make her feel attracted to you and drawn to you once again.

Some of the ways you can do that are by…

  • Flirting with her to create sexual tension between you, rather than just talking to her like a friend.
    Believing in yourself and in your value to her, rather than doubting yourself because of what she has said to try to hurt you and make you lose confidence.
  • Making her smile and laugh and feel relaxed to be around you again, rather than trying to get into intense, deep discussions about what happened.
    Showing her that you’re a new and improved man that she can now fully trust, respect, feel attracted to and love, rather than behaving in ways that give her the impression that you might end up cheating on her again.
  • Not losing touch with the cool, confident side of yourself that attracted her to you in the first place. In other words, don’t turn into a soft, wimpy guy who is trying to suck up to her by being really nice.
  • Being masculine in how you talk, behave and act, so she can feel feminine in comparison to you and therefore, feel naturally attracted to you. Don’t make the mistake of suppressing your masculinity to be nice.

Once your girlfriend begins to relax and open herself up to you due to feeling attracted, you can progress to giving her a hug, a kiss and then hook up with her sexually to get the relationship back together.

Avoid Making These 3 Mistakes

You can get your ex girlfriend back after cheating on her, but just make sure that you don’t make these classic mistakes…

1. Apologizing over and over

In most cases, you do need to apologize to your girlfriend for cheating on her.

Sometimes though, a woman doesn’t need an apology because she knew that her boyfriend was a bit of a player and would be sleeping with other women, so it was kind of expected.

In cases like that, the guy just needs to re-attract her, hook up with her again and get her to love him.

In other cases, a woman does need to receive an apology because she loved her boyfriend and honestly thought that he was totally committed to her and truly wanted to be with her.

In cases like that, she will have invested herself heavily into the relationship and he will have been giving her the impression that he only wanted to be with her.

So, giving her an apology in a case like that is needed.

However, apologizing over and over again will not help.


Apologizing over and over seems weak to her and it begins to give her power over you that she doesn’t want.

If a woman starts to feel like she has too much power over her boyfriend and he has essentially lost all confidence and become needy, then she will lose respect and attraction for him.

When that happens, she won’t want to get back with him.

So, if you’ve already sincerely apologized to your girlfriend for cheating on her, then there’s no need to keep apologizing to her about it.

Once is enough.

From now on, what is important is that you show her via your attitude, actions and behavior that you do love her and want to be with her, but aren’t being needy about it.

When she senses that, she will respect you from maintaining your cool under pressure and as a result, will open up to feeling attracted to you again.

When that happens, she will start feeling love in her heart and will want to be with you.

2. Assuming that she could never forgive you and give you another chance

Most women are able to accept and deal with cheating a lot better than men, because it’s actually attractive to a woman when other women want her man.

Not that she will admit that though.

On the other hand, it’s much more difficult for most men to deal with the idea of another man sliding his dick into their girlfriend’s pussy and mouth.

Just imagining her enjoying sucking another man’s dick, or her gladly bending over to get banged by him can stress a guy out and make him feel sick to the stomach.

Yet, women don’t have the same kind of reaction to their man having sex with another woman.


In evolutionary terms, a male who can attract many females is much more desirable than a male who can’t attract any.

It’s an ancient instinct that still applies to modern women, even if they don’t want to openly admit it (i.e. because it would encourage men to be unfaithful).

So, if a guy cheats on his girlfriend, it can and will hurt her and may even cause her to break up with him and try to remain broken up.

However, she will instinctively feel attracted to him because other women find him attractive enough to sleep with him.

So, don’t assume that she won’t be able to forgive you and give you another chance.

She may never forget that you cheated, but if you make her feel enough attraction for you from now on by using some of the tips from this article, then she will be willing to forgive your mistake so she can get back with you.

3. Not knowing how to turn her pain into pleasure

Feelings change all the time.

She can literally go from feeling the pain of being betrayed by you, to feeling the joy of getting back with you and loving you so much more than before.

So, don’t give up.

You can get her back.

You can get rid of the pain she is feeling and turn it into intense pleasure for the both of you.

You can make the relationship better than it ever was.

You can also make her want to stop thinking about the cheating and just focus on you and her.

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