The first thing that you need to know is that fantasies are just that – fantasies.

What women fantasize about in the privacy of their own mind, is not necessarily what they want to have happen to them in real life. Take a moment to think about your own private fantasies regarding women and you will immediately understand that.

Just because you have an erotic fantasy about doing something to a woman or having something done to you, it doesn’t always mean that you will want to act out that fantasy in real life. It may just be something that you enjoy thinking about in the privacy of your own mind.

So, with all that said, what do women fantasize about?

According to the Top 10 lists of many women’s magazines, some of the common female fantasies include:

1. Stranger Danger

Having sex with a random stranger is one of the most popular female fantasies and in many cases the fantasy revolves around being raped or “taken” by surprise by a man that she likes, but hasn’t yet had sex with. However, this is why it’s important for guys to realize that fantasy and reality are two entirely different things.

A woman privately fantasizing about rape does not mean that she actually wants to be raped in reality. In most cases, the “stranger danger” fantasy a woman has in her mind involves a scenario with a mysterious and handsome man who takes her by surprise.

She will feel overpowered by his masculine strength and despite her resistance, he will continue and she will then come to enjoy it.

2. Sex in Public

An important element of this fantasy is the “danger” of being watched by others.

If she loves, respects and feels attracted to her boyfriend or husband, the sex that she imagines having will be with him. The secret onlookers are almost always strangers who are either shocked or potentially interested in joining in.

3. Striptease

In this fantasy, a woman performs a sexy striptease for an audience of her choosing, whether it’s her current boyfriend or a room full of strangers.

For example: She may fantasize about taking off all of her clothes in an office meeting and spreading her legs wide open on the boardroom table. The room then erupts into an orgy, with her at the center of it all.

I would also add in a number 4 here…

4. Being “Taken” By Her Man

A woman once admitted to me that she was extremely turned on by how I “took her” one day.

She was wearing a short skirt and kneeling on a chair as she looked out the window of my apartment, which overlooked a shopping street. I walked up behind her, pulled her panties to the side in a rough but controlled manner, rubbed her pussy for a few moments and then, when hard, slid inside of her.

Prior to doing that, I didn’t say anything to her, I didn’t ask her if she wanted it or do anything other than just have my way with her.

Months later, she told me that remembering that moment still turned her on and that whenever she was missing me, should think about that and want to “jump my bones” as she put it. In other words, she would fantasize about me and probably have a little masturbation session as a result.

Anyway, so there’s a bit of a peak into the private, sexual mind of women. However, a word of warning: I recommend that you avoid placing too much importance on the details of everything little that women fantasize about.

Some guys make the mistake of thinking that they need to somehow turn all of a woman’s fantasies into a reality in an effort to become her “dream man.” This is not what 99% of women want or need. A woman may want you to bring some of her fantasies to life sometimes, but not all of them and not all of the time.

You don’t have to do extraordinarily erotic things to be a woman’s perfect man or to please her sexually. What goes on in her private mind is completely different to what she will actually allow herself to experience in real life.

For example: If you think about the striptease fantasy that erupts into an orgy in the office setting, you will realize that it isn’t something that people are actually going to go along with in reality.

She knows that, but the thought of people being so sexual, erotic and loose with their inhibitions feels exciting to fantasize about. It gets her wet and she can masturbate to erotic idea. After the masturbation session, she can go back to a more “normal” way of approaching her sex and love life.

Yes, it would be great if she could do that in real life, but it’s pretty obvious that if a woman jumped up on the boardroom table, took her clothes off and spread her legs wide open to show her mound, she’d probably lose her job.

Getting Her to Act Out Her Private Fantasies

Knowing what women fantasize about is not the same as knowing what women actually want in reality.

For example: If a guy suggests to his girlfriend that she should do a sexy striptease for him because he’s hoping it will give her an opportunity to act out a fantasy, he’s potentially putting her in a position she will feely uncomfortable and therefore not at all sexy.

Psychologists suggest that the reason the striptease fantasy is so popular is that it gives a woman the opportunity to drop all of her inhibitions in her mind and just totally let go. In real life, all of those inhibitions would still be with her unless she was seriously high on drugs or very drunk on alcohol.

Some women are comfortable and confident enough to put on a striptease for a man or a group of people, but most women aren’t. A lot of women have insecurities about their body and lack the confidence to show their full nude body and dance and move in a sexually appealing way like a stripper.

Why Fantasize?

Fantasies are pretty much pure escapism and nothing more.

It’s a chance to imagine your own version of the world and see what that feels like. If it’s erotic and it turns you on, then great, but it doesn’t mean that you or a woman absolutely must act out that fantasy in real life to be happy.

If you’re asking, “What do women fantasize about?” because you think it will help you to understand what women really want in a man, then you are barking up the wrong tree.

Think about some of the things that you’ve fantasized about when it comes to women. Some of your deepest, even darkest fantasies that you would never tell anyone about…

As you would know, regardless of how enjoyable your private fantasies may be, you still feel intense attraction for women who don’t have anything to do with that type of fantasy situation.

Fantasies are just a chance for a human being to escape the confines of their reality. The person can take their fantasy as far as they want to and do really bad or naughty things, without hurting anyone’s feelings in real life.

Old School Views on Fantasies Vs. New School

Way back in 1908, the famous psychologist Sigmund Freud stated that, “A happy person never fantasises, only a dissatisfied one.”

The attitudes of modern-day psychologists are very different to Freud’s, in that fantasies are no longer considered to be a sign of unhappiness. Instead, attempting to act out those fantasies in real life is a fairly good indicator that the person involved is dissatisfied with their life.

Recent research has also found that men who are happy in their relationships and satisfied with their sex lives fantasize less than men who are unhappy, so Freud’s theory holds up for men, but it’s a different story for women.

Personally speaking, I can attest to the fact that ever since I met my sexy girlfriend (who recently became my wife), I haven’t had the natural desire to fantasize about having sex with other women. I’m happy with her and wouldn’t want another woman getting in the way of that. Besides, my wife is more than enough woman for me.

Back, when I was having sex with new women every week in my dating days, I simply didn’t have much time to fantasise about other women because I was having sex with real women (250 in total, before I recently settled down).

However, back when I was hopeless with women and was single and alone for a long time, I would have all sorts of erotic fantasies about women. I was very frustrated that women didn’t like me or want me sexually, so a lot of my fantasies were about me having my way with women…even if they didn’t want it initially.

I would imagine myself getting my way with women (I won’t go into details, but you can probably imagine) and that would turn me on. Yet, regardless of how good the fantasy felt, my real life still felt like crap because women still didn’t want me.

It wasn’t until I figured out how to naturally attract women in person that everything turned around for me and has been great ever since. I no longer have any desire to fantasise about getting my way with women because I’ve had my way with women for more than 10 years now.

To be honest, if anything, I think about women trying to get a chance with me because that is what is still see in my every day.

For example: Waitresses often still flirt with me (e.g. flirting glances, coming over for a quick interaction, etc when my wife goes off to the toilet when we’re at a restaurant), some of my female friends still have a secret crush on me and flirt with me and some of my wife’s friends can’t fully hide their sexual attraction for me either.

So, from my perspective, there is absolutely no desire to fantasize about hopefully getting my way with other women. Instead, I hope that other women stay out of my way, so my wife and I can enjoy each other and the love that we share for life.

I still look at other women as sexy and attractive, but there is no need to fantasize about being with them. Instead, they can fantasize about me if they want, lol…

Becoming the Type of Man that Women Fantasize About

When you have ability to turn a woman on in person, you will automatically become the guy that she fantasizes about. The more attraction that you make her feel for you, the more intense that her sexual desire will be for you.

Watch this video to understand how to make a woman feel intense attraction for you…

As you will discover from the video above, you actually have a great deal of control over the way a woman feels about you.

For example: If you make a woman feel attracted to you by being confident, charismatic, charming, masculine (in your vibe, conversation style, body language, etc), she will naturally begin to have sexual feelings for you.

You did that.

You actively made her feel that way.

Can you see how it works? Can you understand that how much attraction a woman feels for you is pretty much within your control?

When you can also create a unique, emotional connection between you and a woman during an interaction, she will begin to imagine being girlfriend and falling madly in love with you.

If she happens to be masturbating at home alone, she will think about some of the moments where you were confident and masculine and then imagine what you might do to her when you eventually have sex with each other. She will imagine you confidently having your way with her, while also being loving and affectionate.

That doesn’t mean that you have to live up to her exact fantasy when you actually have sex, but she will hoping that you can be confident, masculine and make her feel feminine and girly in response to your masculine approach.

Getting Her to Fantasize About You

Studies have revealed that the more sex a woman has and the happier that she is with her sex life, the more likely it is that she’ll fantasize about sex.

If a woman is happy with the sex and the level of sexual attraction that she feels for her man, it will be more likely that she will fantasize about having sex with him, which is a win-win situation for both parties.

It has been proven that a woman’s sexually fantasies about a man can boost her sexual appetite for him and this is great news for the man in her life because he gets to play the starring role in both her fantasies and her reality.

Essentially, the that more a woman wants to have sex with you in real life, the more she will fantasize about having sex with you in her fantasies. The more she fantasizes about you in private, the more she will want to have sex with you in reality.

Getting a Woman to Want to Have Sex With You in Reality

A woman will want to have sex with a guy in real life if he is able to trigger her feelings of respect, attraction and lustful desire. As a man, you are born with that ability and simply need to turn it on.

If you listen to what women say about what they want in a man, you will rarely hear them accurately explain the way that their attraction for men really works. For example: A woman will often say that she wants a nice, sweet guy who listens and cares.

Yet, in real life, women are sexually turned on by confident, masculine men who, by way of their thinking, behavior, attitude, vibe and actions, make her feel girly and feminine in his presence.

So, don’t get caught up in trying to find out what women want by listening to what they say or what they fantasize about in the privacy of their mind.

If you don’t really know how a woman’s attraction for a man works and how you can use it to make women want to have sex with you in real life, watch this…

As you will discover from the video above, the way that your personality, behavior, vibe and attitude makes a woman feel is much more important than mere looks.

For example: If a guy who has the type of alpha male confidence and masculinity (i.e. how he thinks, feels, behaves and takes action) to make a woman feel girly and feminine in his presence, she will naturally feel more attracted to him than a nervous, good looking guy.

If confident, masculine guy happens to be a good guy, then he is what women refer to as a “catch” or a “keeper.” I refer to guys like that as good guy alpha males and women know that these guys get snapped up very quickly by other women.

When you interact with a woman and she senses that you’re a good guy alpha male, she will switch on and will want to see if she can get you for herself.

By the way…

Some guys don’t like the idea of being an alpha male because they mistakenly confuse that with being a bad boy, jerk or selfish asshole. Yet, that isn’t what being an alpha male is really about or what women are actually looking for.

On a deep and instinctive level, today’s women are still looking for the same type of “provider and protector” male that their female ancient ancestors looked for when survival conditions were a lot tougher than they are now.

In today’s world, a woman no longer needs a man with the physical strength to hunt down their next meal or kill invading tribes, but she does need a man with the mental and emotional strength to survive and thrive in modern society.

She also needs a man who has what it takes to take the lead in a relationship, which then allows her to feel like a feminine woman who is being protected by a more masculine force than her.

When you are the type of guy that she can look up, respect and feel protected by, she will naturally feel attracted to you, enjoy having sex with you and fantasize about having even more sex with you.

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