When a woman looks at a guy from a distance, it’s only natural that she will notice the superficial things about him first (e.g. his appearance and clothing).

However, while she might be initially be drawn to superficial things about him, she will then start to focus on the more important things about him that have nothing to do with his appearance.

For example: A woman might notice a good looking guy across a room and think to herself, “Hmmm… He looks kind of cute. He’s got a sexy smile.”

If she then notices that he is relaxed and confident around other people, she will become more attracted.

If she also notices that when he speaks the people around him are paying attention, respecting him, laughing with him or having a good time, her feelings of attraction for him will increase even further.

She will then think, “That guy is hot. I hope he comes over and talks to me.”

When he approaches her to say, she will feel excited to be interacting with him because he has already made a positive impression on her from a distance.

What women see in men

However, even though she is excited to meet him and interested to see where it goes, she might act like she hadn’t even noticed him prior to him approaching, or she will pretend as though she isn’t very interested in talking to him, because she wants to determine how confident he is around her.

It’s one thing to be confident around friends, but what a woman really needs to see is whether a guy will remain confident when talking to her, especially when she tests him by playing hard to get, acting like she isn’t interested or not contributing much to the conversation.

The first thing women notice about a guy

If the guy remains confident and relaxed while talking to her regardless of how she tries to test him (e.g. by playing hard to get), she will feel even more attracted to him.

On the other hand, even though a woman might initially notice a good looking guy and think, “That guy over there is hot…he looks like my type,” she will instantly lose interest in him if she then notices that he’s shy, nervous or insecure around other people.

It won’t matter to her that he is good looking because he will lack the more important qualities that women really look for in a man.

Watch this video to understand how a woman’s attraction for a man works…

If a man interacts with a woman and displays traits that turn women off (e.g. insecurity, nervousness, self-doubt, putting on an act of being an even nicer guy than he is, etc), she will lose interest in him even if he is good looking.

Some women (usually unattractive women) will accept an insecure good looking guy, but that doesn’t mean she will remain attracted to him in a relationship.

What really matters to a woman is how a man makes her feel by way of his personality, behavior and inner qualities.

To most women, if the guy is good looking that is seen as a bonus, but it’s not a necessity.

Of course, some women will only accept a good looking, rich, tall man, but the majority of women place less importance on looks and choose guys based on how he makes her feel during an interaction.

Understanding Attraction

If you’re asking, “What do women notice first about men?” it’s probably because you don’t yet understand how a woman’s attraction for a man works.

As a result, you probably believe that women are attracted to men for the same reasons men are attracted to women (i.e. looks).

For example: When a guy first sees a woman, the first thing he will notice about her is the way she looks, (her body, face, legs, etc) and if she is beautiful (or even just a little bit attractive), most guys will be willing to have sex with her simply based on her appearance.

Most guys will have sex or even a relationship with her regardless of whether she is confident and relaxed, or shy, nervous and insecure.

Yet, women don’t work the same way.

If a guy is shy, nervous or insecure it is huge turn off for women because women are naturally attracted to the emotional strength of men (e.g. confidence, self-esteem) and turned off by the emotional weakness (e.g. insecurity, self-doubt).

Since a woman’s appearance is enough for most guys to want to have sex with her, most guys believe that women also choose men on the basis of looks.

However, almost all women (not all women!) choose men differently to the way men choose women.

Based on all of my experience picking up women and helping other guys to pick up women, I estimate that a guy can make approximately 90% of women feel attracted to him.

He won’t be able to pick up 90% of women because some women aren’t single, some aren’t compatible with him (e.g. he’s too smart for her) and some just won’t suit his lifestyle.

However, he can make about 90% of women feel attracted to him and be interested in being with him if he is able to display the personality traits, behaviors and inner qualities that women are naturally attracted to.

If Women Notice Men’s Looks First, Then Why Are So Many Good Looking Guys Single and Lonely?

If women only had sex and relationships with guys based on good looks, most of the guys in this world (me included) would be single and lonely.

Only the tall, muscular good looking guys would be having sex and dating and getting married, while the rest of us just wasted our life jerking away to porn every week.

However, as you may have noticed by looking at the world around you, beautiful women are with all different kinds of men.

Fat guy with sexy girlfriendCan a fat guy have a hot girlfriend?Can a fat guy have a beautiful girlfriend?

Ugly guy with hot cheerleader girlfriendUgly guy marries pretty womanUgly nosed guy with a beautiful girlfriend

No doubt, you will have noticed that many plain, average looking, weird looking, short, fat, skinny guys have a beautiful girlfriend or wife, while many really tall, muscular, model look-alikes are single and desperate to get laid and get a girlfriend. Why?

Some of the “unattractive guys” have realized that even if a woman first notices a man’s looks, she will wait to see how she feels while interacting with him before she decides to have sex with him.

If his behavior and conversation style makes her feel attracted to him, almost all women will not get hung up about his looks.

In fact, she will even start to see his physical “flaws” in a more positive light.

For example: If he wears glasses, she will see it as cute, classy or sophisticated.

If he is overweight, she will see him as being cuddly and really like that about him.

For example: A woman at a bar or nightclub might notice a chubby, balding guy and then look away and forget all about him because he’s not her type.

However, if he approaches her and engages her in conversation while being confident, relaxed and allowing his natural charisma to shine through, she will instantly begin to feel attracted to him.

If he then begins to make her feel girly and feminine in comparison to his masculinity (e.g. how he thinks, feels, behaves, moves, feels), she will begin to smile, blush and feel giggly while talking to him, which will turn her on and make her feel even more attracted to him.

Before long, she will find herself thinking, “He’s not my usual type, but I like him” or “I don’t usually go for overweight or bald guys, but this guy is different. He’s sexy.”

What she means by “sexy” is that he makes her feel sexually attracted. Sexy doesn’t mean good looking or having big muscles.

Yes, those things can attract women, but so many other things (e.g. confidence, charisma, charm) can attract women too.

This is why insecure good looking guys often find it very difficult to attract a decent looking girlfriend, because most women simply won’t accept the emotional weakness.

Insecure good looking guys will rarely approach women unless they are drunk or at party with mutual friends, so they don’t actually get many opportunities to properly meet women.

Sometimes a good looking guy will get approached by a woman who thinks he looks hot, but that will not guarantee that he is able to pick her up.

For example: A woman might notice a tall, muscular, good looking guy across the room and feel instantly attracted to his physical appearance.

Yet, when she stands next to him (e.g. at the bar or next to his group) in the hope that he begins talking to her, he looks away from her in a shy way.

Since she really likes him and thinks that he is her physical type, she takes the plunge and makes the first by starting a conversation with him.

The good looking guy might initially feel comfortable because he has been approached, but when she starts to test his confidence, she will notice the cracks and begin to see that he is a shy, insecure guy who doesn’t feel like he is good enough for her.

Suddenly, she begins to think, “I don’t know why, but this guy just gives me the creeps” and then leaves the interaction.

This is not a once off occurrence. It’s is something that happens to thousands of good looking guys all over the world.

So don’t waste your time worrying about what women notice first about men and thinking that if you’re not good looking, you can’t get women to feel attracted to you.

Here is the truth…

You can CREATE feelings of attraction inside of a woman by displaying some of the personality traits, behaviors and inner qualities that naturally attract women.

Even if a woman doesn’t initially feel attracted to your looks, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make her feel intensely attracted to you for other reasons (e.g. by being confident, charismatic, charming, funny).

Yes, some women will only have sex with or date a guy based solely on his appearance, but most women are attracted to things about men that have nothing to do with physical appearance.

Making a Woman Want You

Although women will notice everything about a man, it’s important that you understand and accept that most women are attracted to a lot more than a man’s outward appearance.

At the end of the day, a woman will either be attracted to you because you display certain personality traits and behaviors around her, (e.g. confidence, charm, emotional strength) or she will be turned off because you don’t.

No matter how good looking a guy is on the outside, if he lacks substance on the inside, he will not be able to make a woman feel a lasting attraction for him.

You can be a male super-model, wear the best fashions and drive a Lamborghini, but if you lack confidence, are self-doubting and insecure, or behave in other unattractive ways, then a woman won’t care that when she first noticed you she thought you were drop-dead gorgeous, rich or fashionable.

On the other hand, when you make a woman feel the way she wants to feel when she interacts with you (i.e. turned on, aroused, attracted), everything about you will seem so much more appealing to her.

For example: Once a woman is attracted, she will then appreciate the fact that you’re also a nice, intelligent man who has good intentions with her.

However, she won’t care about those things if you don’t first make her feel attracted.

So, don’t waste another day worrying about what women notice first about men.

Instead, just focus on making women feel attracted to you when you actually interact with them in person.

That’s where all the power is and it is what gives you your choice of women.

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