Here are 5 possible reactions your ex might have if she sees you moving on with another woman:

1. She feels as though it’s now too late for you and her because you’ve moved on

Moving on with a new woman can work to make an ex jealous and want you back, but it can also backfire and make her feel like it’s too late for you and her now.

So, rather than making her think, “Oh no! I can’t believe he’s moving on with another woman! Suddenly the thought of losing him forever has made me realize just how much I love him. I can’t let that happen! I need to contact him right away and do whatever it takes to get him back!” she thinks something along the lines of, “Wow, I really thought he’d try to get me back, but I guess I was wrong. I guess he didn’t really care about me after all, or maybe he did, but he likes this new woman even more. He has clearly moved on now, so regardless of how I still feel about him, it’s too late for reconciliations. I just need to accept that it’s truly over between us, we’re never getting back together and try to move on too.”

She then forces herself to get over you and move on in her life too (e.g. by going out with her single friends and hooking up with other guys, dating and falling in love with someone else, using dating apps to line up dates).

So, if your plan is to get your ex back, there’s a much easier way to go about it than dating another woman to make her jealous.

Here’s the thing…

Although moving on with a new woman can spur your ex into wanting you back, it can also a waste of time. Why?

While you’re busy dating and giving your attention to another woman, you’re not interacting with your ex and re-attracting her.

Avoiding the re-attraction phase of the ex back process keeps you and her apart for longer, which just gives her more time to get over you and move on.

Of course, moving on with another woman can work to make an ex jealous and come running back, but it also can backfire and end up being a waste of time.

So, if you want her back quickly and cleanly (i.e. without too much drama), focus on interacting with her and reawakening her feelings for you again (e.g. by making her laugh, smile and feel good to be interacting with you again, by flirting with her to create sexual tension, by being more confident and charismatic than you were before to make her feel intrigued about the new and improved you).

When you start to re-attract her, she will naturally begin drop her guard and open herself up to the idea of being your girl again.

Another possible reaction your ex might have if she sees you moving on with another woman is…

2. She feels unworthy of you because the new woman is more attractive than her

She may begin to think, “Wow, he has really done well for himself. She is beautiful. I guess I don’t stand a chance with him anymore. After all… why would he leave an attractive woman like her for me? I need to accept that and just try to move on.”

Of course, it can also work the other way where she thinks, “Wow, she’s really attractive. Maybe I made a mistake by dumping him. I need to get him back” and she then tries to get you back.

However, in many cases, a woman will feel insecure and back away.

Women often do a great job of hiding their insecurity, but in reality, women are actually more insecure than men about their appearance.

For example:

  • According to a global study conducted by Dove cosmetics, 96% of women don’t consider themselves to be beautiful and feel insecure about some aspect of their physical appearance.
  • In the USA, women are reported to experience depression at twice the rate of men, while in the UK, 40% of women will require treatment for depression at some point in their life compared to only 10% of men.
  • Women are twice as likely to experience anxiety compared to men.

So, while your ex might seem like a very confident, emotionally strong woman, deep inside she may be experiencing all kinds of insecurities about her attractiveness as a woman.

So, all it might take is for her to see you with a woman that she sees as being more beautiful than her, to convince her that she’s no longer good enough for a guy like you.

Then, rather than make her want you back, she backs away because she believes she can’t compete with your new woman.

If you then try to convince her that she’s actually the one you want, she probably won’t believe you when you say, “I love you and only want to be with you. The other woman meant nothing to me,” because she feels less valuable than your new woman.

Of course, it really depends on how your ex views herself and how she thinks of men who can attract beautiful women.

Many women are more attracted to men who can attract beautiful women, so moving on with a beautiful woman can make your ex feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you.

However, if your ex is insecure and won’t feel worthy of you anymore if she sees you with a beautiful woman, she may decide to hook up with new guys and move on herself.

Another possible reaction your ex might have if she sees you moving on with another woman is…

3. She feels turned off by you because the woman is less attractive than her

When a guy dates a woman who is less attractive than his ex, not only does it make his ex feel good about herself, but she also assumes that he’s desperate and has accepted whatever he can get because attractive women aren’t interested in him.

She then begins to think things like, “Well, it seems like I made the right decision by breaking up with him after all. I see now that he’s not the kind of guy that other attractive women want. Instead, he just has to settle for whatever he can get. If I got back with him now, I’d just be doing him a favor because I’m too good for him. That’s not the kind of relationship I want. I want a man who can have any woman he wants, but chooses to be with me, not a guy who tries hard to be with me because no other attractive woman will want him.”

So, if you’re going to move on with another woman to make your ex want you back, make sure that the new girl is equally, or even a bit more physically attractive than your ex.

When your ex sees that you’ve been able to move on with an attractive woman, she will be forced to admit that you must be desirable, because other attractive women want to be with you.

As a result, she may begin to want you back.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s going to chase after you and beg for another chance.

In most ex back cases, a woman will want her ex back, but won’t do much or anything about it.

Instead, she will wait to see if her ex pursues her, re-attracts her and seduces her back into a relationship.

If he doesn’t, she just tries to move on with new guys to make herself feel better.

Of course, some women do pursue an ex guy if he is moving on, but most don’t.

So if you want to get your ex back, understand that as a man, it’s your responsibility to interact with her, reactivate her feelings and guide her back into a relationship with you.

Another possible reaction your ex might have if she sees you moving on with another woman is…

4. She seeks to get revenge by moving on too

Your ex might see you with another woman and think, “So, he has already moved on. Well, good for him. I can move on too. There are plenty of guys who are interested in me. I just need to give them an opening and I can have my pick. I can hook up with a guy tomorrow. I’m going to do it and I’m enjoy it.”

She then opens herself up to hooking up, dating and getting into a relationship with another guy.

Then, if you happen to interact with her and possibly mention that you still have feelings for her, she might respond with something like, “Yeah? Good for you. I thought we had a chance, but you moved on with someone else. So, I’m with another guy now and I’m happy. It’s too late. It’s over for us.”

5. She blocks your number and blocks you from social media to avoid hearing about it or seeing it

Another negative response that might come from moving on with another woman to make your ex want you back, is that she cuts you out of her life completely.

She might block your number, unfriend you and block you on social media and possibly even stop hanging out at any of the places that she might run into you, which then makes it difficult for you to get through to her and re-attract her.

It will then take some effort on your part to try and persuade her to unblock you (e.g. by asking a mutual friend to convince her for you, showing up at her place of work to talk to her in person, emailing her), so you can then interact with her, re-attract her and begin getting her back.

Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Get Her Back

The best way to make an ex want you back, is by actively making her feel respect and attraction for you as you talk to her on the phone or in person.

When you make her have some feelings for you again, her guard comes down and she becomes more open to reconnecting with her original feelings of love for you.

Yet, even though that is the best, easiest and cleanest way to get an ex woman back, a guy might end up making the ex back process harder than it needs to be by trying to play games with her.

So, if you want to get your ex back quickly, try to avoid making some or all of the following mistakes…

1. Wasting weeks or months moving on with a new woman, when you could be getting back with your ex this week

Sometimes, a guy will spend a lot of time going out with friends, meeting new women, hooking up with them and then getting to know them.

He will do this as a ploy to make his ex jealous and want him back.

In some cases, it will work while in others it will simply waste time and cause her to move on.

For example: While he is busy getting to know a new woman, he’s not interacting with his ex to re-attract her, seduce her and get her back.

In some cases, this causes an ex woman to feel jealous and try to get her ex man back, but in other cases, she just moves on.

So, if your ultimate goal is to get your ex back, then focus on re-attracting her and seducing her now.

You really can do that.

Even if she has been saying that she’s over you and doesn’t want anything to do with you, it really is possible to change how she feels in a matter of days.

You don’t have to waste time looking for another woman to move on with and then risk losing your ex.

The next mistake is…

2. Not fully preparing to re-attract her when you next interact with her

Sometimes, a guy will spend so much of his time thinking about wanting his ex girl back that he will forget to prepare for the most important thing of all: Re-attraction.

If he wants her back, but uses the same old approach to attraction that she fell out of love with, then she’s not going to feel inspired to get back with him.

She feels as though if she gave him another chance, it would just end up in a break up once again, so she refuses and rejects him.

So, if you don’t want that to happen to you, make sure that you’re ready to re-attract your ex when you next interact with her.

For example: Some of the ways you can do that are by…

  • Making her laugh, smile and feel good to be in your company again, or to be talking to you over the phone.
  • Showing her your confidence, especially if she’s pretending not to be interested in you anymore and is trying to make you feel nervous or insecure about yourself.
  • Flirting with her to create some sexual tension between you, rather than just talking to her like a neutral friend.
  • Not giving her too much power over you (e.g. by being too nice, doing everything she tells you to do) and instead, letting her see that you are now even more masculine in the way you think, talk, behave and react when interacting with her.

This allows her to feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you and also begin to see herself being your girl again.

She realizes that you really are different now and she really does feel differently about you as well.

She becomes curious and intrigued about her new feelings for you and wants to explore them, rather than cutting you off and then potentially regretting it later.

She then becomes open to talking to you, hanging out with you and seeing where things go from there.

That’s why you need to be prepared to re-attract her properly.

If you’re not prepared, she won’t feel inspired or motivated to get back with you and will simply keep her guard up.

Then, if she’s like most women, she will focus on getting over you by moving on with a new guy as soon as she can.

The next mistake is…

3. Remaining unaware of the real, subtle reasons why she broke up with you

Every woman has her reasons for breaking up with a guy and will usually avoid telling her guy exactly what they are.

She won’t want to give him intricate clues and hints on how to change and re-attract her and will simply expect him to either understand and change, or leave her alone and let her move on.

So, if you don’t change some of the subtle things about you that turned your ex off in the relationship, she’s just going to reject when she realizes that you still don’t get her.

For example: If a woman broke up with a guy because he was too emotionally dependent on her and he couldn’t do anything in his life without her say-so and reassurance, she will be looking to see if he has changed since they broke up.

If he still thinks, acts and behaves in the same old ways (e.g. sees her as the more dominant one, sucks up to her, does whatever she wants, follows her lead during a conversation), she won’t feel enough desire to get back with him.

The next mistake is…

4. Taking too long to make a move and she then moves on and gets into a committed relationship

Even if moving on with another woman does make your ex want you back, chances are high that she’s not going to make it obvious to you.

Instead, will likely just wait for you to make a move to get her back.

Yet, she’s not going to wait forever, so if she realizes that you’re not doing anything to get her back, she will focus on moving on with a new guy herself.

So, what should you do instead?

Get her back now or this week, rather than thinking that you need to move on with a new woman (maybe for months) before she will give you another chance.

The more you reawaken your ex feelings for you now as you talk to her on the phone and in person, the more she will want you back now, rather than later or never.

So, don’t waste time moving on with a new woman if you don’t need to do that to get your particular ex back.

In almost all cases, a guy can get his ex woman back without ever having to date another woman.

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