When it comes to winning your wife back, you need to use an approach that is not only going to help you win back her love, but also develop a stronger, happier and more loving relationship than ever before.

A wife will rarely leave a husband for small, petty reasons, so if your wife has left you, it’s probably over some pretty serious issues (i.e. taking her for granted, cheating, lack of attraction, lack of respect, financial issues, etc).

If you want to win your wife back for real, you’ve got to take the process seriously. First, you need to understand why she really left you and what you’re going to need to make her feel to win her back.

Watch this video by to understand the process she went through before leaving you and what you’ll need to do to begin winning your wife back…

As you will discover from the video above, it is possible to get her to feel differently about you. You’ve got to focus on getting her respect back, then her attraction and when that happens, she will naturally begin to reconnect with her feelings of love for you.

Being the Husband That She Wishes You Could Be

Winning your wife back

The bottom line is that winning your wife back is all about becoming a man she wants to be won back by, meaning that you need to show her that you’ve become a better man than the one you were when she made the decision to leave you.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time doing building yourself up, but you at least need to let her see that you really have made some changes to the way you think, behave and take action in life.

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Until you at least begin to genuinely fix the things about yourself that led to your wife falling out of love with you in the first place, nothing that you say or do is going to get her to fall back in love with you.

Winning a wife back comes down to truly understand what she really needs and then letting her see that you have that. When she can see that, she will much more open to meeting up with you, saying “Yes” when you ask her to forgive you for your past mistakes.

When she forgives you, she will then naturally begin to drop her guard and become more open to the idea of being with you again. As long as she can see that you truly are the man that you are now claiming to be, her respect and attraction for you will become stronger and more compelling.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

If you are serious about getting your wife back, you need to have a plan and follow it through properly. Otherwise, you may make one of the following classic mistakes…

1. Promising to do whatever she wants, if she will just give you another chance

It’s not unusual for a man to say that his wife’s decision to leave came as a complete shock and seemed like a “bolt out of the blue.”

Yet, the reality is that she will have been sending out plenty of signals about the way she was feeling for quite some time and it will have been her husband’s inability or unwillingness to pick up on those signals and take action on them that led to her finally making the decision to leave him.

With this in mind, attempting to win her back by promising her the world and saying things such as, “I promise I can change; whatever it is you need, I can do it” or “I will do anything you want…I will take us on a holiday…I will buy you a new car!” or “I will do the dishes…I will clean the house…I will do anything” will only add to her belief that he’s not in tune with her or with the marriage.

A wife (and any woman for that matter) doesn’t want to have to be a man’s teacher in life. She doesn’t want to have to teach you what you should know about how to be an attractive man in a relationship. She wants you to figure that out on your own, rather than her having to feel like a mother, friend or teacher to you.

Promising to change is meaningless if you have to ask her what changes you need to make. Winning your wife back is all about winning back her love and respect, and that means showing her that you’ve learned from the mistakes you made and you’ve made improvements as a result.

If you don’t know what those mistakes are, you can’t learn from them and you can’t make changes for the better.

For example: A mistake that some husbands make is to stop making their wife feel like a real woman (i.e. feminine, girly, focused on love). Instead, the husband expects her to think, behave and feel like more a man. He wants her to be sensible, logical and rational like he is, but when he forces her to be that way, she stops feeling like a real woman.

2. Getting a new look

Another trap guys fall into is in believing that hitting the gym or getting themselves a new haircut is the key to winning their wife back. The theory is that making improvements to your outer appearance will lead to your wife seeing you differently and falling in love again with what she sees.

Why will you hear that advice a lot? Simple. Most men do not understand how a woman’s attraction for a man really works and almost all women will never, ever say what they really find attractive about men. Instead, they will just say superficial things about liking tall, handsome men.

Watch this video to understand how a woman’s attraction for a man really works and how you can use that to win your wife back…

A woman falls in love with a man because of who he is on the inside, not just how he appears on the outside. As you would know, your wife left you for a reason that runs deeper than an out-of-date hairstyle. A woman’s attraction for a man is much deeper than looks.

Winning your wife back is all about winning back her love and respect, and that means showing her that you’ve made improvements to who you are as a man in terms of how you think and act, not just how you look.

Your thinking, behavior, attitude and how you now take action in life is either going to be making her feel respect and attraction for you, or it’s not. It’s as simple as that.

3. Putting her on a pedestal

Some husbands make the mistake of thinking that letting her know just how important she is and how desperate he is to have her back in his life, will cause her to take pity on him and give things another try.

Saying things like, “There’s no one else who could take your place” or, “I can’t live without you” or, “You’re my whole reason for living and without you I’m nothing” will rarely lead to her changing her mind for good.

Yes, it may work once, but if the same problems still exist (i.e. the husbands thinking, behavior, attitude, actions and vibe still causes the wife to feel a lack of respect and attraction), she isn’t going to stick around for long.

Winning Your Wife Back From Another Man

If your wife now has a new man, you need to make him pale in comparison to you.

According to various studies, approximately 65% of rebound relationships (i.e. the relationship someone immediately has after getting out of a long term relationship) fail within 6 months.

So, your wife may not necessarily break up with him right now, but if you can focus on improving yourself and making her feel the type of painful and positive emotions that will cause her to become open to seeing you again, you will be well on your way to winning your wife back.

Watch this video to understand why it’s important to make her feel a combination of painful and positive emotions…

Winning Your Wife Back After a Separation

If you’ve separated from your wife, you need to focus on fixing your issues (i.e. insecurity) and improving yourself (i.e. becoming more attractive to her).

You then need to arrange to meet up with her as soon as possible to talk. At the meet up, you need to apologize for your mistakes and let her experience the new version of you.

You need to get her to feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you and ask her what it would take to give the marriage another chance, or at least begin to see each other once a week.

Winning Your Wife Back After an Affair

It’s always a bit more difficult when an affair is the reason for a split.

If you had an affair, you need to let her know that it was a mistake, you don’t feel any emotional connection with that woman and you’ve only ever loved your wife.

You need to ask her what it would take for her to forgive you and explain that many marriages have bumps along the way, but as long as the couple is committed and willing to stick together, they can reach a point where the love and connection is more powerful than ever before.

You also need to make sure that you’re overall behavior, conversation style, vibe and attitude is attractive to her. If the way that you’re interacting with her is turning her off, she’s not going to be very interesting in forgiving you and giving the marriage another chance.

If she was the one who had an affair, you need to make a decision about whether you want to have sex with another woman before getting back with her, so you are both even. If you don’t do that, you probably won’t be able to let go of the feeling of betrayal and it may cause you to become insecure about her desire for you and commitment to you.

Winning Her Back Before it’s Too Late

Couples get back together after days apart, weeks, months and even years, so it pretty much never too late to get your wife back.

Here is why you can get her back, even if you currently feel like it might be too late…

As you will discover from the video above, love doesn’t die and simply gets pushed into the background. Love is a much more powerful force than many people realize.

If you can begin to trigger your wife’s feelings of respect and attraction for you, she will naturally begin to drop her guard and reconnect with her feelings of love for you.

Are You Now a Better Man Than You Were When She Left You?

Your answer to that is most-likely “Yes” and if so, you have the right mindset for success. You’ve got to believe in yourself and know that the possibility of your wife getting back with you is a good thing for her and for you.

However, don’t waste time with things that aren’t going to really get her to feel what she wants to feel. In other words, making empty promises, building bigger muscles, changing your hairstyle, or begging her to come back will not show her what she really wants to see from you, in order to feel the way she really wants to feel.

Until you can demonstrate that you have learned from the mistakes and have taken real action to fix the issues that led to her leaving you in the first place, you are not in a position to get her to truly change her mind.

When you take action to rapidly develop and then display the qualities that transform you into the type of man that she will want to come back to, it will show her that you’ve now got what it takes to be the husband she needs.

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