If your girlfriend wants to be friends, it means that she is about to break up with you.

If your girlfriend has already broken up with you, it could mean that she is giving you “breadcrumbs” and either still wants to be with you or is just stringing you along.

How you react to her request to just be friends is what will determine whether you can keep her as your girlfriend.

To avoid getting placed in the friend zone and losing her forever, you need to focus on re-attracting her back into a sexual, committed relationship with you.

The same rules apply if you are still in a relationship or have been broken up with.

What matters is how you are making her feel now.

When you interact with her, do you make her feel attracted, turned off or just neutral?

If you want her to stop wanting to just be friends with you, it’s essential that you focus on making her feel sexually and romantically attracted to you from this moment onwards.

As you do that day after day, her feelings will deepen and she will just want to be with you.

Deepen Her Feelings For You

In many cases, when a girlfriend says that she just wants to be friends with her boyfriend now, she really means it.

It’s her way of creating some distance between you and her, so she can privately move on with her life without you and then one day, she will say something like, “I have something to tell you” and will then tell you that she’s met another guy and is now in love with him.

So, if you want to avoid losing her, you’ve got to start making her have strong feelings for you again.

It’s a man’s responsibility to maintain and deepen the attraction, love and respect that his woman feels for him.

It’s his job to build, and keep building, the sexual chemistry between them and to make her feel the way she really wants to feel in the relationship.

If he’s unable to do that, the woman will gradually stop feeling attraction for him as a man, and she’ll look for an “easy” way to break up with him.

If you’re saying, “My girlfriend wants to be friends,” you’re clearly on the receiving end of one of those classic break up lines that women use when they want to break up with a guy without causing a scene.

Women will naturally avoid telling a guy the REAL reasons they are breaking up with him. This is partly because they’re instinctively programmed to avoid situations that could potentially put them in danger, i.e. if the guy gets aggressive or violent.

Women also keep things vague by saying things like, “Maybe we can just be friends” because when a woman has made up her mind about breaking up, she doesn’t want to give the guy reasons to talk her out of it.

Most importantly though, a woman doesn’t want to have to teach her boyfriend how to be the man that she wants him to be. She will have already given her boyfriend enough “hints” about the problems in their relationship and if he wasn’t able to figure it out by himself, she doesn’t want to teach him.

So, even though right now you’re probably feeling hurt and even confused, you can get her back if you use the right approach.

The right approach is to focus on re-attracting her.

If your girlfriend is only wanting to be friends at this point, the main reason why will be that you simply haven’t been making her feel the type of attraction and respect for you that she feels is necessary.

You might be a great guy and have the best intentions with her, but if you’re triggering her feelings of sexual attraction and if she doesn’t really respect you as a man, then she’s going to find it difficult to look past that.

You have to really focus on improving your ability to make her feel what she really wants to feel.

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid Making Now That’s She Has Given You the “Let’s Be Friends” Speech

Most guys who lack experience with women, or who got lucky when they hooked up with their girlfriend, fall prey to making mistakes that make their girlfriend feel turned off throughout the relationship.

Here are 3 classic examples…

1. Thinking that if he bombards her with text messages he’ll stay on her mind and this will change her feelings towards him.

Over texting girlfriend to hopefully stay on her mind

Guys who say, “My girlfriend wants to be friends,” often believe that she’s just going through a “phase” and that if they make an effort to stay on her mind – by texting her multiple times a day – she will eventually change her mind about how she really feels about them.

The reality is that a woman who gets bombarded by text after text from her ex is more likely to think, “I wish he’d just go away! He’s driving me crazy!” rather than, “Oh, he’s so sweet and romantic! I’m such a fool for wanting to only be friends with him. What was I thinking?”

Also, because a woman in this situation is trying to break off her connection with him in an amicable way, she’s more likely to text back in a nice, friendly way. To him this often feels like a sign that she hasn’t really stopped loving him and that if he keeps it up she’ll eventually come back to him.

Yet, just because a woman texts back, it doesn’t mean that she is feeling anything more than a polite, friendly interest in someone she used to date.

Nothing that you can say to your ex girlfriend via text will convince her that you’ve actually figured out the real reasons why she’s broken up with you and have made an effort to fix those things and improve yourself.

In your text you can say whatever you think she wants to hear, but actions speak louder than words.

If you genuinely want to get her to feel respect and attraction for you again as a man, you have to let her experience your confidence over the phone, and then she has to see those changes in person when you meet up. That’s the only way you will be able to convince her that you have changed and make her feelings towards you change too.

2. Thinking that if he uses the “No Contact Rule” she’ll come running back to him.

The opposite of bombarding a woman with too many text messages, is when guys try to use the No Contact Rule (stop contacting her for 30 to 60 days) to make her miss him and come running back.

Yet, this can easily backfire because it simply allows her more time to get over him.

Watch this video for more info…

While he’s busy sitting at home missing her, she can be out there meeting other guys, going on dates and having sex.

By the time he gets in touch with her again, she may even have another boyfriend or even be engaged or getting married.

Yes, not contacting her does get some women to call, but a call from her doesn’t mean that she’s interested in being back in a relationship with him.

When she doesn’t hear from her ex, especially if she’s told him she wants to “be friends,” a woman will usually call to investigate whether he is missing her and harboring thoughts of them getting back together again.

If she sees that he is, she’ll actually find it easier to move on with her life.

Why? Women are attracted to the strength in men and repelled by weakness.

If, when she calls him, he breaks down and tells her how lonely he’s been without her, how much he misses her and even asks her for another chance, she will use his desperation and pain to feel even more turned off by him and more able to move on.

Rather than wasting time with the amateur “No Contact Rule,” you’ve got to get her on the phone right away and make her feel happy and curious about the idea of seeing you again. From there you can make her feel renewed respect and attraction for you and then her feelings for you will change naturally because you’ll be giving her what she REALLY wants from a man.

3. Trying to get her back without changing anything about himself.

Probably the worst mistake guys make is assuming that all it’s going to take to change how their girlfriend feels is to say, “I know we can work things out. Just give me another chance and you’ll see things will be different between us.”

Fact: If you’re saying, “My girlfriend wants to be friends,” the attraction and love between you has fizzled out.

This is due to the fact that certain behaviors and attitudes in the relationship slowly eroded the feelings she had for you and nothing you SAY is going to rekindle those feelings.

If you want your girlfriend to take you seriously and come back to you again, you will need to take the things that caused her to break up with you seriously.

For example: Taking her for granted, being needy and insecure, not being able to control your jealousy, allowing her to wear the pants in the relationship, being mentally and emotionally weaker than her, etc.

If you want her to take you seriously, you need to show her that she matters enough for you to actually put in the effort to change.

You don’t have to become perfect to get her back, but if you aren’t willing to fix any emotional issues that you have and improve yourself, then she will feel as though you’re disrespecting her and the relationship and she won’t be interested in a repeat performance.

You Can Change How She Feels About You Right Now

Just because right now you’re saying, “My girlfriend wants to be friends,” it doesn’t mean you have to roll over and accept that.

If you want to get her back, you CAN. And if you want to move on and find yourself another, better even more attractive woman than her, then you can do that too!

A big part of knowing how to get your girlfriend back and keeping her interested and attracted all boils down to being able to relax into being your best self; all the time.

When you improve yourself by removing any insecurities that may be holding you back in relationships and in life, you become a better man.

Not only will this make you more attractive to your girlfriend and make her feel more attraction, respect and love for you than ever before, you will also become more successful in other areas of your life too.

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