The truth is that you will always find someone different, but they won’t necessarily be better.

The new person may be good for you, but the one you lost might have been better for you or they may have been worse.

Whether a man gets his woman back really depends on the approach that he uses after getting dumped.

Watch the video above for 5 of the most common ex back myths, which can cause a man to miss out on the opportunity to get his ex woman back.

As you will discover from the video, many guys could have gotten their ex back, but they wasted too much time waiting and hoping that she would come back on her own.

In most cases, a woman doesn’t come back to a guy that she is no longer attracted to anymore.

So, if you want to get your ex woman back, rather than having to always hope that might find someone better, then continue reading.

All the answers you are seek are right here…

The Best Approach to Take to Get Her Back

The best approach to get her back

Not every guy approaches the process of getting his ex woman back in the same way.

As a result, each man will get a different outcome and may eventually regret that approach he used.

Read through these 3 examples and you will realize which is the best approach to use to get your ex woman back.

Man #1 doesn’t improve the things about him that caused the woman to dump him

Man #1 is the type of guy who thinks that getting an ex back is about begging and pleading with her for another chance.

He talks to her and says things like, “I’m so sorry for hurting you. Please forgive me. I know I stuffed up, but I truly love you and I promise if you just give me one more chance, I really will change this time. I’ll do whatever you want me to do to make things right again. Just tell me what will make you happy and I’ll do it. You are the only woman I want and the idea of losing you makes me feel hopeless. Please don’t walk away from what we had together. I really will change. Please give me a chance.”

To hopefully get her to take pity on him, he might also begin to shower her with flowers, gifts and attention.

Yet, what he doesn’t realize is that not only is he not addressing the real reasons why she broke up with him in the first place (e.g. his lack of confidence and emotional strength, his inability to stand on his own two feet, his lack of focus and direction in life), he’s actually making things worse by behaving in ways that are naturally unattractive to women (e.g. begging, pleading, asking her to tell him what to do, sucking up to her with gifts).

She then either acts cold and bitchy towards him and refuses to talk to him, or she says something along the lines of, “Look, I’m not ready to get back together at the moment. Give me some space to figure things out in my life. Then, we can see what happens after that.”

He then either gives up and walks away feeling sad and rejected, or he gives her a few weeks, months or even years of space in the hope that she will come back to him on her own.

Yet, she simply uses the time apart to get over him and move on.

Then, when he finally does contact her, she says, “Sorry, but I’ve met someone else and I’m happy now. It’s over between us. Please accept that and move on. Goodbye.”

He is then left feeling rejected and wondering, “Why did this happen to me? Why am I always getting dumped by the women I love? Maybe it was her fault. Maybe she’s just a selfish bitch who only cares about herself. I don’t need to change, she does!”

He then decides to not change anything about his approach to relationships and see how things go with a new woman.

Eventually, the same thing happens to him again where he is dumped by a woman he really loves.

Rather than taking responsibility for the outcome of the relationship, he blames women and thinks something like, “It’s not my fault that the women I’ve been dating are all crazy/ demanding/ bitches. I just have to keep looking. Eventually I will find someone better. Most women are crazy. I’ll have to be lucky to find a good one who will be loyal and never leave me.”

Man #2 does improve the things about him that caused the woman to dump him, but he doesn’t try to get her back

Man #2 is the type of guy who stops to ask himself, “Why did this happen to me? What aspect of my thinking and behavior caused her to lose respect, attraction and love for me? What can I do to change and improve and become a better man?”

He then goes about trying to improve himself, so he can avoid getting dumped again in future.

For example:

If he discovers that one of the things that turned her off was his lack of motivation to do something with his life, he then focuses on setting himself some big goals and working towards achieving them.

If he lacked confidence in himself, he focuses on building up belief in himself and in his value as a man.

If he was too much of a loner, he makes an effort to go out and make friends and begin to enjoy being a more social person.

If he was a pushover in the relationship with her, he decides to be more emotionally dominant and masculine around women from now on.

The bottom line is this: He learns from the experience and becomes a better man.

Yet, he doesn’t try to get his ex back because he assumes that it’s too late.

Even though he’s a new and improved man and could potentially have an awesome, new relationship with his ex, he will never know because he doesn’t ever give it a try.

Of course, he will most likely meet another woman soon enough and might have a good relationship with her, but he will miss out on being with the love of his life because he didn’t bother to get her back after he changed.

The next approach a guy might take is…

Man #3 improves himself, gets her back and enjoys an even better relationship with her than he did before

Improve, get her back and enjoy an even better relationship than before

Man #3 is the type of man who understands that it is possible to get a woman back after a break up, even if she wants nothing to do with him initially and seems certain to want to move on without him.

He knows that by making some adjustments to his thinking and behavior, he can re-attract her and get her back.

So, rather than wasting time ignoring her, or wasting energy trying to convince her to give him another chance by telling her how much he still loves her, he focuses on actively making her have sexual and romantic feelings for him again.

For example: Some of the ways he does that includes…

  • Making her feel happy to be around him again by getting her to smile and laugh, especially if she is trying to be cold, distant or rude to throw him off.
  • Making her feel feminine and girly in his masculine presence, rather than acting like a neutral friend or worse, sucking up to her by being extra nice or polite.
  • Behaving in a more attractive way around her (e.g. being more confident and emotionally strong and passing her tests, laughing at her attempts to make him feel nervous around her, using humor to diffuse a tense situation).
  • Flirting with her to create a sexual spark between them, rather than being neutral like a friend.

By making those adjustments to his behavior and way of thinking, his communication style and how he responds to her, she automatically starts to see him in a different light.

He opens her eyes to the fact that falling back in love after a break up is one of the most amazing feelings she will ever experience in her life.

She then begins to think, “He really has changed. He now makes me feel attracted in ways that I always wanted, but never got from a relationship with him. Maybe we can make things work between us after all. Maybe this relationship is worth saving.”

As a result, her guard comes down and she opens herself up to giving the relationship another chance.

However this time around, rather than making the mistake of assuming that the relationship will take care of itself, the man focuses on maintaining and building on his woman’s feelings of respect, attraction and love for him over time.

As a result, they fall more in love with each other every day and enjoy a long-lasting and happy relationship.

Where Guys Go Wrong When Trying to Get an Ex Back

If you want to get her back, be sure to avoid these common mistakes that other guys make, which cause them to avoid their ex for too long, or turn her off even further…

1. Losing confidence in his value to his ex and other women

Getting broken up with can sometimes ruin a guy’s confidence in his attractiveness to his ex and to women in general.

He might then start thinking things like, “I had the perfect woman and I ruined it. I’m such a loser. How could I have messed things up so badly? I don’t deserve a beautiful woman like her anymore. I probably got lucky with my ex and won’t get another woman like her ever again. How could I have been so careless to cause her to leave? If only she would give me another chance, I would do anything she wants to make sure that she is happy.”

Then, when he interacts with her on a phone call or in person, keeps putting himself down, focusing on what he did wrong in the relationship and asking her what he could do differently to make her happy.

There’s nothing wrong with acknowledging mistakes, but continuing to put himself down and then ask her what she wants him to change to give him another chance doesn’t work.


She wants him to figure out (without her help) what went wrong in the relationship, improve himself and then get on with making her feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for him, based on who he has become.

If he can do that, she will be able to look up to him and respect him again.

On the other hand, if she sees that he has no confidence in himself anymore, she will likely think, “Why should I give him another chance if he doesn’t believe in himself and in his value to me? I need to be with a man who feels worthy of me, not a guy who feels like I’m doing him a favor.”

The next mistake to avoid is…

2. Accepting a less attractive woman because he believes that she will stay with him for life

Accepting a less attractive woman, so she hopefully won't leave you

Not knowing that it’s possible to improve his attraction and relationship skills and avoid ever getting dumped again, a guy might decide that he just has to accept an unattractive woman and put up with it.

He might begin to think, “Beautiful women aren’t trustworthy. They think they can get any guy they want, so it’s easy for them to just break a guy’s heart and leave him without feeling any remorse. Well, I’m not going to let that happen to me again. I’m going to find myself a woman who isn’t very attractive, so she will feel lucky to have a guy like me. She will be loyal and devoted to me and she will never think about leaving me or breaking my heart.”

Yet, in reality that’s not how it works at all.

In most cases, even a less attractive woman won’t stay in a relationship with a guy who can’t make her feel the way she wants to feel (i.e. attracted, respectful of him, in love, feminine).

So, rather than being safe by accepting a less attractive woman, a guy like that ends up getting dumped again, only this time after wasting months or years of his life with an unattractive woman.

He then loses more confidence in his attractiveness to women and as a result, finding a quality woman becomes even more difficult for him.


Attractive women want a guy with confidence, so they don’t end up in a relationship with a guy who will become insecure, jealous and controlling due to him feeling as though she is way better than him.

Attractive women want a guy who feels like he is more than good enough for them.

So, wasting time with unattractive women because you hope they won’t dump you isn’t the solution.

You’ve simply got to start being the confident, emotionally masculine man that women are naturally attracted to, as well as improving your relationship skills, so you don’t end up making the same mistakes as last time and ruining another relationship.

Another mistake that guys make after being dumped by a woman they love, is…

3. Accepting a woman that he doesn’t truly love, so he doesn’t have to emotionally commit to the relationship

Sometimes, a break up can cause a guy to become emotionally closed off from women.

He doesn’t want to fall in love again and have his heart broken, so he avoids getting into relationships with a woman that he senses might be the one for him.

Instead, he gets into relationships with women who aren’t 100% compatible with him (e.g. they want different things in life such as a career vs. a family, they have different values, they’re interested in very different things, they don’t meet all of his standards and he secretly plans to cheat or break up at some point), so he doesn’t have to risk getting hurt if she breaks up with him first.

By closing himself off from true love, he’s stopping himself from finding real happiness with a new woman, or with his ex woman.

Remember: It’s almost never too late to get your ex back and have another try at the relationship.

It’s too late when she is happily married with children, but if your ex isn’t that far gone yet, you really can get her back.

4. Giving up on his ex too easily

Most women won’t fall into their ex’s arms the moment he tries to get her back.

Instead, a woman will first wait to see if her ex really has changed and improved and become the man she wants him to be (e.g. more confident, determined, emotionally dominant, no longer selfish or controlling).

For example: When a guy meets up with his ex woman for the first time since they broke up, he might try to get her to commit to the idea of giving him another chance.

Yet, rather than making it easy for him by saying “Yes” right away, a woman will usually say something along the lines of, “I don’t think that’s a good idea. It’s just too soon for us to be talking about getting back together again. I don’t feel like I’ve healed enough yet from what happened between us. I need more time.”

A guy might then doubt himself and his chances with her and decide to stop pursuing her.

He might then give up, walk away and miss out on an opportunity to be with the love of his life once again.

The truth is that sometimes you might find someone better after a break up and sometimes you won’t.

However, you’ll never truly know if your ex was the right one if you just give up and walk away.

So, if you want her back, don’t give up just yet.

Get her back and give the relationship one more try.

It’s actually pretty damn easy to do…

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