I’m often asked if the techniques that we teach about attracting women are universal. In other words, do all women, no matter their race, culture, nationality, upbringing or where they live all want the same basic traits in a man? The answer is “Yes!”

Culture is a superficial reaction to life that changes over time. Attraction is a deep, primal reaction that has remained the same for humans, regardless of culture.

Of course, no two women are alike and while some women might have certain cultural preferences or a comfort level with some men who have a similar background to theirs, in the end, attraction usually overrides any other considerations.

Some women even may say they have certain physical preferences (muscular/slim, tall/short, brunette/blonde, etc.) that they look for, but the fact is that the men that they often date and develop relationships with men who rarely look like the type of man they had pictured in their mind.

Attraction - different races

The same goes for men; while they might dream of being with a blonde, most will just as happily fall for a pretty brunette.

For women, if a man possesses the right personality and character traits, his looks are usually the last thing that enters into the equation when she decides whether or not she will date him.

This is why you see “unattractive” men with beautiful women. Often, to their own surprise, you’ll hear one woman tell one another, “He’s not at all like the type of guy I’m usually attracted to, but I really like him!”

Confidence is Key, No Matter Where You Come From
Above all else, women look for a man who is confident in who he is, which can be seen by how he carries himself (shoulders up, head held high), how self-assured he is and if actually knows what he wants out of life for himself and for those he loves.

Regardless of culture, women are attracted to men who can speak to them clearly and easily (no mumbling, speaking too softly or shyly) and who are not afraid to say something interesting, funny and/or cheeky whenever the hell they feel like it.

Men who put on an act of being a really nice guy in the hope of being liked by a woman, usually end up turning her off.

Once a relationship has formed, a woman wants to know that her man has a plan for his (and possibly their) life and that he’s willing to go out and do what’s necessary to achieve these goals. She also wants to see that he has the belief in himself that he capable of achieving whatever he sets out to accomplish.

True Masculinity
Despite popular opinion (usually by men), true masculinity has little to do with how a man is physically built. Masculine men come in all sizes and shapes. It’s the inner masculinity that men display that attracts women.

A woman wants to know that her man can take care of himself (and possibly her) in virtually any situation. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he’ll start beating up any bullies that come his (or her) way.

Sometimes the most masculine and mature way to handle difficult situations is to avoid turning them into confrontations or talk in an assertive but calm way with the men who are posing a threat. In the modern world, unless you need to fight to protect your life or hers, it is not a sign of weakness to avoid a fight with a random stranger who just being an idiot.

Rather it’s a sign of wisdom and maturity and women actually feel safer around you because they know you don’t lose your control easily.

Every woman also wants to know that while her man will treat her as his equal, when it’s most important, he will take on the leadership role in their relationship and will use all of his available resources to make the best decision for them both.

Great Humor
Humor is an essential ingredient in almost every great, lasting relationship. The proper use of humor is a fantastic tool not only to meet women, but to attract them as sexual partners and to then keep them happy in a relationship.

If you can make a woman laugh by using your cheeky, easy-going charm, you will rise head and shoulders above any other male out there. Laughter is a universal language and will appeal to every woman you will ever meet regardless of her culture.

While silly, slapstick humor is occasionally fine to use around a woman, more often than not, what most women really appreciate is a man who is witty, a bit cheeky (without being offensive) and who can find the humor in the most basic daily occurrences.

Honesty, Trust and Loyalty
Honesty, trust and loyalty go hand-in-hand as traits highly prized by women in the men in their lives. It goes without saying that once you’re in a committed relationship, a woman expects you to be loyal and that you won’t go out with, obviously flirt with or otherwise have inappropriate relationships (in person, on the phone, or online) with other women.

Most women resent when men keep too many things from them, whether it’s to ‘protect her’ or because a man’s done something in his personal or business life that he doesn’t want his woman to know about.

Most women will forgive a man who has made a mistake, used poor judgment or behaved badly if he’s honest and upfront with her about it, but if he keeps it from her and she subsequently finds out, regaining her trust will be difficult if not impossible.

The New ‘Open World
In the modern world, we are able to travel and stay in most countries. As such, more and more interracial relationships are occurring. Regardless of your background or the woman’s, she will be looking for the same traits in you that she looks for in any man.

If you have those traits, she will feel attracted to you and want to be with you. It is as simple as that.

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