If you’re on a date with an unattractive woman, it doesn’t really matter what you say – she will most-likely still be interested in seeing you again because she won’t have many or any options with other guys.

However, if you’re on a date with a beautiful women who could easily attract other men, you have to play your cards right otherwise she will lose interest and hook up with a guy who makes her feel the way she really wants to feel.

The Most Important Part of a First Date is to Make the Woman Feel Attracted to You

It’s very easy for beautiful women to make us men feel attracted because we mostly feel attracted to a woman’s looks. However, women look for other things in men that aren’t just about looks.

For example: Does your conversation style turn her on and make her feel excited to be interacting with you, or does it turn her off and make her feel bored? Does your body language make her feel attracted to you or turned off by you?

Will She Want to See You Again?

A first date is essentially about checking whether or not there is enough sexual chemistry between you to justify having sex or beginning a relationship.

To ensure that you hook up with her after the date or get a second date, the best approach to use is to be your true self while also making sure that you’re actively saying and doing the sorts of things that will make her feel attracted to you.

It’s important to be your true self, but you also need to know what not to say on a first date. Here are some conversation mistakes that some guys make on first dates, which can ruin a woman’s attraction…

1: “I have an expensive car/house/boat/etc”

When a guy tries to impress a woman with material possessions, gifts or anything else that involves flashy cash or riches in her face, he is essentially saying to the woman, “I don’t think that I’m good enough for you as I am, but hopefully this will make you want to give me a chance.”

There’s nothing wrong with talking about material things if it comes up in conversation, but just don’t actively try to impress a woman with things that are not you.

2: “Where should we go?” or “What do you want to do?”

Asking a woman where she’d like to go for a first date may sound like a good idea in theory, but it’s not what she really wants.

Women are more attracted to guys who have the masculinity and confidence to lead the way. You don’t have to lead everything all the time with a woman, but you at least have to take the lead by suggesting a place or something to do for a first date.

A woman wants to be able to relax into your masculine direction, rather than having to take on that role herself. If she is forced to take on the leading role, she will feel less feminine (girly) and will feel less respect and attraction for you as a result.

3: “So, How do you feel about me?” or “How do you like me so far?”

Women are attracted to guys who believe in themselves, so asking questions like that is a huge turn off.

When a guy asks a woman what she thinks of him, whether or not she likes him or if he is doing a good enough job of impressing her, she will immediately lose interest in him.

A woman doesn’t want to have to be gentle with an insecure guy and reassure him that everything is okay. She wants a confident guy who believes in himself and allows her to relax into feeling girly around him.

4: “Can I kiss you?”

Asking for a kiss is another big mistake. It may seem like a “gentlemanly” approach to ask a woman if it’s okay to kiss her, but in her mind, it simply marks you out as a wimpy guy who needs a woman to guide him through the process of hooking up with her.

If there is sexual chemistry between you, she wants you to kiss her whenever you feel like the moment is right.

5: “Do you want to see me again tomorrow?”

It’s exciting when you meet a beautiful woman that you really click with. It’s an amazing feeling.

However, don’t forget that she is a woman. If she is attractive, the majority of guys who date her really like her, want to have sex with her and want to get into a relationship with her.

When a woman experiences that over and over throughout her life, she begins to want to meet a guy who is a bit more of a challenge. A guy who really likes her, but doesn’t immediately go into “marriage mode” and see her as his bride to be.

She wants to experience the feeling of really wanting to be with you and not knowing for sure that you are going to commit to her. So, by making plans for a second date the next day while still on your first date, you literally steal the challenge experience away from her.

She knows that you’re smitten and can’t wait to see her again. In fact, you’re most-likely already beginning to fantasize about her being your girlfriend and then wife. Slow down and offer her more of a challenge and she will reward you with more love, respect, attraction and devotion than she has likely ever given to another guy before…

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