Since women are most attracted to a guy’s confidence, showing any signs of nervousness, insecurity or fear is only going to make women reject you, overlook you or even behave badly around you.

Don’t worry though, you’re not alone with your fear of women. It is very common among men these days and a lot of that has to do with the way that men and women are portrayed in the media.

In movies, TV sitcoms and dramas, TV advertisements and music videos, women are often shown being really mean and even humiliating men in public. Husbands are made to look like nervous idiots in many TV commercials, while the women walk around the house like the man is #2 and she’s the boss.

On a TV sitcom, the woman might angrily tip a drink over the man’s head for approaching her, slap him or loudly embarrass him in front of other people. It’s enough to make many men wonder, “Is that how women behave in real life?” and then develop a fear of women as a result.

Independent Women Who Don’t Need You

Often, a man’s fear of women has to do with the fact that modern women are much more confident and independent these days. Modern women have the power to cut you down with a look, or humiliate you with nasty words in front of a room full of people.

In fact, if you listen to a lot of the pop songs these days, women are saying that they don’t even NEED you. They are doing just fine without a man and if a man steps out of line, they will make him pay for it.

Newsflash: It’s all talk and you shouldn’t be worried about what women say in songs or on entertainment shows. Women are not the mean creatures they are sometimes made out to be on TV shows. To prove that, I once went out asking women on the streets and here is what they said:

Guys Are Not Approaching Enough

Guys Need to Grow a Pair of Balls

One Night Stands (Sex on the Same Night)

German Girls Gone Wild

The Drunk Girl

Getting Over Your Fear of Women

Fear of women

No man wants to be rejected, but if you don’t conquer your fear of women, you can be sure you won’t be dating, falling in love or having sex with attractive women any time soon. All men have been rejected at some point in time and unfortunately, unless we get help, we carry those scars with us for the rest of our lives.

I remember when I was about eight years old and a new girl joined my class at school. The moment I saw her, she became the love of my life and I spent hours thinking about how her and I would become boyfriend and girlfriend then get married when we were older.

Today, I can laugh at how naive back then, but as humans, we often fail to see past our years. Most of us don’t realize how silly we are behaving until it is too late. Anyway, I had no clue about how to get a girl to like me, so the next week at lunchtime, I nervously walked up to her and, with my voice cracking under pressure, I asked her if would she would be my girlfriend.

I will never forget how humiliated I felt when she screamed “NO! I would never go out with you!” and then laughed at me in front of everyone. It took me a long time to recover from the humiliation and my growing fear of women kept me single and alone for most of my teens and 20s, which totally sucked.

Fast forward a few years and I eventually discovered techniques that eliminated my fears and allowed me to have total confidence in life and around women.

I have taught these secrets to 1,000s of men across the world who have become truly confident and let go of all of their fears of women (success stories here) and I would be honored to help you too. For now though, let’s look at some of the additional problems you may be experiencing as a result of your fear of women and give you some quick tips and advice.

Lack of Confidence Around Women

Difficulty Holding Eye Contact

  • The problem: You often struggle to hold eye contact with beautiful women or with confident women.
  • The solution: Build your confidence.

You Haven’t Been Getting Any Sex Lately

Confidence is the key if you want to get over your fear of women and begin having your choice of women. If you are willing to invest just a little of your time and money, I guarantee that you fear of women will disappear.

Within weeks, you will be able to date beautiful women and you will feel relaxed and totally confident around them, I promise. If you are ready to take the next step and destroy your annoying fear of women, then click around my site and learn what you need to learn to become truly confident with women.

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