Women are more attracted to alpha males than any other type of male (i.e. beta male, omega male). Why? For most of human history, it has been smarter for a woman to pair up with a guy who has alpha male qualities, rather than being with a guy who is going to get pushed around or taken advantage of.

If you currently don’t think, behave and take action in life like an alpha male would, then you are literally limiting your attractiveness to women. You may be a good guy with good intentions, but if you don’t display alpha male traits, you will always find it difficult to attract and maintain the interest of women when you meet them and when in a relationship.

By the way…

Being an alpha male is not about being a bad boy or a jerk. It’s also not about bossing people around or being an asshole either. Being an alpha male having the confidence to go after what you want in life and with women, rather than wanting to be more successful with women or in life in general, but being afraid to take action, face your fears, etc.

5 Ways to Be More Alpha

Here at The Modern Man, I can teach you many quick and easy ways to become more of an alpha male. For now, here are 5 ways to become more alpha:

1. Be More Masculine

Masculine (adj.): Having the qualities distinctive or appropriate for a male.

Many guys confuse masculinity with “muscles” and “height” or physical strength. However, while those things are typically considered to be masculine traits, the most important type of masculinity (in terms of attracting women) is how you think, behave and take action.

When you think, behave and take action in a masculine way, you will be considered to be an alpha male and women will naturally feel attracted to you.

Here are some examples of how to be more masculine:

Omega Male: Lowest ranking male. Feminine psychology and behavior. Alpha Male: Highest ranking male. Masculine psychology and behavior.
Knows what he wants from women, but avoids going after it due to fear, nervousness and anxiety. Knows what he wants from women and goes after it without fear or hesitation due to his confidence, self-belief and alpha male way of thinking.
Feels uncomfortable taking the lead in social situations. Women notice this and they lose interest in him. Confidently takes the lead when appropriate. Women notice this and feel attracted to his ability to take charge.
Is unsure what social persona to show to the world. He fears being judged, ridiculed or picked on if he expresses his true personality or if he behaves in the way he really wants to. Knows who he is and is not afraid to express his true personality around people. Doesn’t fear being judged, ridiculed or picked on for being himself.
Feels intimidated by beautiful women. Is calm, confident and in control around any woman.
Feels the desire to approach women, talk to them and move towards sex, but fears being rejected or messing it up. Doesn’t believe in himself, feels unworthy and tries hard to impress women. Women sense his emotional weakness and are turned off at a deep, instinctive level. Feels the desire to approach women, talk to them and move towards sex and does so without fear or hesitation. Believes in himself, feels worthy of any woman and sees himself as being automatically impressive just for being who he is. Women are turned on by his alpha male approach, emotional strength and self-belief.

2. Always Assume That You are the Alpha Male

Assuming that you’re the alpha male doesn’t mean that you need to aggressively boss people around. The most admired alpha males are those who operate with relaxed confidence, respect other people and simply lead the way (or help lead the way) to whatever is trying to be achieved.

Assuming that you’re the alpha male also doesn’t mean that you need to be arrogant and think that you’re better than everyone else. Instead, simply take on the role of the alpha and believe that you can handle whatever challenges are thrown your way.

If you fail a challenge, either try again or let the person/people know that you can’t do it. Then delegate the task to someone else who can. The alpha male either leads the way by doing it himself, or he gets someone else to do it. Either way, he’s taking the lead and getting things done.

When a man walks into a room of people, he will either:

  1. Look around for a leader to follow or;
  2. Assume the role of the alpha male (or at least one of the leaders) and naturally expect others to follow him and show him respect.

Which of those two guys are you more like at the moment?

If you’re like the first guy, you probably don’t experience much success with women and dating, right? You probably get rejected by most women you talk to, feel nervous or shy in social situations and wish that you could just be more confident.

If you’re more like the second guy (the alpha male), women probably hit on you all the time and you find it easy to pick up women, pull one night stands and enjoy happy, passionate relationships with beautiful women of your choosing.

3. Take the Lead

Imagine that you’re at a bar with women/friends and it feels like time to change venues and so something different. An alpha male would say something like: “Okay, let’s finish our drinks and go somewhere else. You guys want to go to xyz bar instead?”

A lower-ranking male will usually lean more towards a question or statement that suggests someone else should take the lead. For example, he might say, “I’m bored of this place, how about you guys?” and then hope that someone else takes the lead and suggests the next action.

4. Be More Confident

  • Do you lack confidence around women you find attractive?
  • Do you feel less confident when interacting with alpha males?
  • Do you feel confident in specific areas of your life (e.g your work or study), but lack confidence around women and in social situations?
  • Do you wish you could be confident like a true alpha male is?

Confidence the #1 alpha male trait that women look for in a guy. Your confidence is what turns a woman on, makes her feel safe and allows her to relax into the feminine role around you. However, a guy who lacks confidence makes a woman feel as though she has to look after him, pat him on the head and tell him that everything is okay. Nothing is more of a turn off for women than that.

5. Be Real at All Times

True alpha males don’t need to hide who they really are from anyone. Out of fear, lower-ranking males with keep switching from one social persona to the other to hopefully please everyone at all times. A good guy alpha male simply believes in who is and presents his real self at all times.

If he makes mistakes, he accepts that and doesn’t need to hide it. He knows that no-one is perfect and that as long as he believes in himself and keeps pushing forward to his dreams in life, he will achieve what he wants, get what he wants and be an inspiration to those around him.

The Alpha Male Effect

Have you ever noticed that women always seem to find the more confident men the most attractive, especially in group situations? You may have seen beautiful women hooking up with, being in relationships with and even marrying “ugly” or overweight men who also happen to be confident and alpha.

That is not a coincidence.

While looks, money and height can attract women, they are less attractive than a true alpha male. The number one thing women respond to is how much of an alpha male a guy is around her and people in general. If he displays the traits of an alpha male, most of the work is done and she is ready to be his. All he has to do is talk to her and guide her from a conversation to kiss to sex and into a relationship.

Regardless of the culture or country, men who don’t display alpha male traits always find it difficult to attract and maintain the interest of women. They also find that other alpha males don’t show them much respect in social situations. If you are currently not an alpha male, you CAN learn how to become an alpha male very quickly and easily.

By learning how to be an alpha male, you will notice immediate changes in the way that women respond to you in terms of attraction and sexual desire. You will also notice that other alpha males instantly begin showing you more respect, more people want to be your friend and that your prior insecurities and social fears suddenly disappear.

If you’re interested in becoming an alpha male right now, I welcome you to The Modern Man and I look forward to showing you how to rapidly transform yourself into a powerfully confident, highly respected alpha male.

If you’re not interested in becoming an alpha male, are you going to be happy that women won’t ever find you as attractive as an alpha male? Do you enjoy other guys being able to disrespect you, or would you prefer that they automatically show you respect when you meet them and interact with them?

The life of an alpha male is so much easier than the life of a lower ranking male. You don’t have to be a bad boy or a bad person to be an alpha male. What we teach here at The Modern Man is how to be a good guy alpha male.

If you’re interested in experiencing what it’s like to be an alpha male, click around my site to begin learning my most powerful secrets and techniques.

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