To get a woman’s phone number, you have to make sure she is attracted to you and then just tell her to give it to you (e.g. “Okay, give me your number and I’ll text you (or call you”).

Sometimes, you may also need to build a bit of an emotional connection with her first, before she will give you her number.

Yet, in almost all cases, all you need to do is be confident, spark some attraction and tell her to give you her number.

Alternatively, if you want to use a charming approach, you can ask her (e.g. “Anyway…good talking to you. Can I get your number? I’ll text you (or call you) to say hi”).

Success Story

The success story below about getting a woman’s phone number is a bit of an EPIC NOVEL, so unless you’re keen to find out how other guys are getting phone numbers from beautiful women – you should probably click out of this page now.

On the other hand, if this area of your life is important to you and you want to get results – I recommend you read through Sam’s story below.

It’s a crack up.

I especially love his response when the hot blonde asked his name…funny stuff.

I’ll provide some advice and commentary after the story.

Enjoy the read!

Phone Number Success Story

“Hello Dan, Let me start off by saying that I am by no means a bad looking guy, and I am extremely social, but yet I have just never been good with picking up women.

I finished reading your book on Friday evening and would have normally just stayed in for the night because all my friends were busy.

It turned out that it was my older cousins birthday that night, so I decided to go out and try the material, feeling like I knew what my previous problems were at this point.

I was slightly nervous cause I knew everyone would be much older than me but I decided that your book was right; I had to at least try otherwise nothing would surely happen.

So I get to the bar and its packed. There is no chair for me at their table so I calmly go and find one.

I get stuck at the very end of the table, and keep in mind I know NOBODY down there.

So we do the usual hand shakes and intros (the guys at that end). I then decide to go and get a drink at the bar.

There is an opening next to a beautiful blonde, so I take it.

Now normally I wouldn’t have said anything.

She was texting and looking completely uninterested in everyone but after reading your book I decided I needed to go for it.

I asked her if there were any specials going on.

Without turning to me she said “no, its the weekend” (obviously thinking I was just another cheesy guy looking to pick her up).

So I said “are you sure, normally Friday nights they have orange juice on sale”.

She then turns to me with a puzzled look on her face so I just gave her a grin.

I then said “what are you drinking there, it looks horrible”. And she laughed and said it was really good (cant remember what it was now).

She then held out her hand for me to shake and said “Hi I’m Nicole”.

I gave her a knock (closed fist) instead and said “Nice to meet you Nicole, I’m Shanequa”.


She laughed pretty hard and said “ok Shanequa, so what do you do?” I then said “I have two part time jobs as a male dancer and whale hunter”.

She laughed really hard again.

Now after this point I got a little more serious with my answers cause I didn’t want to over do it.

I got her number about 5 minutes later and said “nice meeting you, I’m going to get back to my friends”.

I NEVER would have done this in the past, and would have overstayed my welcome by a long shot I’m sure.

Needless to say all of this I gathered out of your book, and I normally never act like this, but quite honestly it felt natural once I started doing it.

This was within 5 minutes of getting to the bar.

Later that night I had 2 gorgeous 30 year olds (I’m 23) hanging all over me.

Because of time restraints I cannot tell you the rest of the night right now, but honestly Dan it was the best and most eye-opening night of my life.

I was “the man” in a group of people that were 5-10 years older than me, and got 3 phone numbers of EXTREMELY interested and gorgeous women in one night.

Yeh I know, not breaking any records, but for me thats more than I had gotten in about the previous 6 months!


The info I got from your ebook is seriously priceless.

It would have been worth thousands of dollars.

You have honestly changed my dating life from me chasing women around to them fighting for my attention.

I still obviously have much more to learn but I am fully 100% confident after last night and it felt very natural to do, while also feeling fantastic to be in that situation.

At the end of the night my cousin even said “when did my little cousin turn into such a stud?” in front of everyone.

It was an amazing night Dan, and I can’t wait to get out there more!

For the first time in my life I WANT TO go up and meet gorgeous girls because I feel that I can interest and attract them because I can be “the man” while allowing them to be the woman, which is obviously what they want and what turns them on.

Keep in touch and sorry for the novel…but in case you can’t tell I am stoked. Sam, NY, USA”

Response from Dan

Hey Sam – 3 phone numbers on your first night? Nice work!

It’s like ‘music to my ears’ when I hear from guys who are using my techniques properly.

Hats off to you for immediately making up your OWN variations of my flirting examples!

Fantastic. …and calling yourself Shanequa – what a classic!

This is the sort of conversation that women LOVE, because it’s fun.

Your conversation should not be like that all the time.

As you pointed out Sam, “Now after this point I got a little more serious with my answers cause I didnt want to over do it.”

Exactly, there is a point in any fun and flirtatious conversation where you should stop and be a bit more serious.

Otherwise, it stops being funny and loses its attraction.

The other great thing you did was to not treat the conversation with the hot blonde as your massive opportunity to SCORE.

When in the presence of a beautiful woman, most men behave in very nervous and sometimes weird ways.

Suddenly, their conversation style changes to become nicer, more polite and more accommodating.

They also become more willing to put up with ALMOST ANYTHING the woman dishes out – as long as she keeps talking to them.

What most guys don’t know is that beautiful women see this as PATHETIC behavior and feel almost ZERO attraction for it.

In fact, it KILLS their attraction and interest in a guy.

In your case Sam, you demonstrated that you were willing to potentially RUIN the interaction by being playfully cocky and having some fun with the situation.

This is VERY INTERESTING to attractive, sought-after women.

Here’s the thing…

Almost every man has heard a woman say, “I like guys who are a challenge” but most men simply don’t know how to be that challenge.

To quote you again Sam, “…but quite honestly it felt natural once I started doing it…”


That’s because being an ass-kissing nice guy is not natural and does NOT feel good.

It feels unnatural because it is FAKE.

Guys who put on the ass-kissing nice guy persona are usually doing it because they think it will make women (and people for that matter) like them more.

Ironically, ass-kissing usually has the OPPOSITE effect in life and often leads to a person being manipulated and ‘stepped on’ by mean-hearted people.

When you can learn to have FUN with women, by including some PLAYFUL cockiness (By the way: I’m not talking about being an asshole to women here, I am talking about being PLAYFULLY cocky), they will LOVE YOU for it.

Being playfully cocky works because it makes women feel DESIRABLE EMOTIONS.

If you are not making women feel desirable emotions when you talk to them, then they usually won’t feel any ATTRACTION for you.

….and if a woman is not attracted to you, then she won’t want to have sex with you.

I can’t make it any simpler than that.

Instead of delving into this area any further, I’m going to finish up with my favorite saying lately: DO WHAT WORKS.

This not only applies to success with women, but to your whole life as well.

You wouldn’t go to play a tennis match and decide to kick the ball instead now would you?

Of course not!

That’s not how the game is played.

Likewise, being a shy guy and engaging women in boring, safe interactions doesn’t work.

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