Recently, Ben and I spoke to an attendee of the Dating Power seminar who has transformed himself into a guy that women find attractive and interesting.

By using our techniques in his life over the past couple of months, he has managed to date and have sex with a few new women in a short space of time.

Now, he wants to find out how to have more female friends.

Having more female friends results in you being introduced to more women, without having to approach them yourself.

If you know how to make women feel attracted as you interact with them (as taught in Dating Power), it also results in many of your female friends competing to have sex with you or date you.

That’s part of what we call having dating power.

You are the man.

You are wanted, desired and appreciated by women and they go out of their way to impress you and be in your life, in the hopes of sleeping with you, getting to date you and hopefully getting to be your number one girl.

In the audio clip below, I reveal one of the important secrets to having more female friends.

If that is of interest to you, be sure to listen to the entire clip.


Meet Women in Friendly Environments

Approaching women in bars will get you laid or get you a girlfriend, but it isn’t the easiest way to make new female friends.

The real secret to making a lot more female friends is to meet lots of new women in “friendly” environments (e.g. mixed sports team, meet up groups, adult learning classes, house parties, etc).

We provide many examples of what to say to women in those environments and give you the exact, step-by-step strategies to follow in 21 Great Ways to Get a Girlfriend.

It doesn’t matter if you have one, two or even NO friends right now: When you go through the 30 Day Challenge that is provided as a free bonus with 21 Great Ways to Get a Girlfriend, you will begin making new friends (male and female) and will have many opportunities to have sex with new women and find yourself a girlfriend.

Generally speaking, women are more keen to be friends with guys who can make them feel respect and attraction, but who don’t try to pick them up.

Female friends love it when you can build up sexual tension with them, but still hang out as friends.

Sometimes though, the sexual tension gets too hot and she wants to do something about it.

If she doesn’t, her girlfriends notice that she is attracted to you, which actually makes them feel attracted to you also.

It’s weird, but women feel more attracted to guys that other women feel attracted to.


A woman’s attraction for a man is more complex than a man’s attraction for a woman.

Watch this video to understand how it works…

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