Having the love of great friends in your life makes life so much more enjoyable to live.

Without great friends, it’s only natural that you might feel left out and lonely all the time. Be the type of guy that people want to be friends with and they will naturally try to build a friendship with you.

If you’ve ever looked for advice on how to meet new friends, you will no doubt have come across countless suggestions along the lines of joining a club or working as a volunteer in a local group charity project.

This is all well and good and it makes sense to a point, but it doesn’t fully answer the question of how to meet new friends for a guy.

It’s easy for women to go and join clubs and make friends because almost all of the single guys there will immediately be trying to hit on her and get laid, make her a girlfriend or at least be her friend and hope that he can eventually sleep with her one day.

Obviously, going to places where you’ll meet other people is a good starting point, but to make new friends, you really need to learn how to be the type of guy that others eagerly want to be friends with.

Joining a club isn’t the answer or volunteering is not the answer on how to meet new friends for a guy, because if a guy goes to a club and isn’t able to attract the women there or make the guys respect him, he’s usually going to have a hard time making any friends.

Sure, he might be able to befriend the nerds and unattractive women, but if he wants to be friends with the “cool crowd” and have the attractive women like him (and want him), he can’t just expect that to happen because he’s a nice guy.

How to meet new friends - advice for a guy

Depending on a guy’s confidence and social skills, he might be someone who tends to blend into the wallpaper wherever he goes. Maybe he’s the type who feels nervous, anxious or uncomfortable early on and feel that people like him more when they’ve had a chance to get to know him.

Yet, as you may know from your own life experience, cool people and hot women don’t always give you that chance.

If that sounds familiar to you, then it doesn’t really matter how many clubs you join or how much volunteering you do, because you’re probably going to come and go without anyone (that you really like and want to be friends with) really noticing that you were there at all.

To change this, you need to become a guy who makes his presence felt in a way that makes others glad you are there and keen to get to know you.

Be the Guy That Women Want and You Will Automatically Meet New Friends

How to meet new friends and get a girlfriend

As a guy, there’s no easier way to meet and build new friendships than to be the sort of guy that women are attracted to.

When you are able to attract women with your personality, confidence, charisma and charm, women compete for your attention and as a result, you end up getting a lot of party invites, going on a lot of dates and having a lot of sex.

When you get a new girlfriend or are dating multiple women at once, you then meet a lot of new people through those women (e.g. at parties, events that you attend together, etc).

Meeting new friends by hooking up with women

Additionally, when you are the guy who can attract women, other guys want to be around you so they can hopefully get some of your crumbs (i.e. the women you don’t want or don’t have time to sleep with).

So, the question now is: Do you know how to attract women with your personality and confidence? Watch this video to find out…

Wow Them With Your Charisma

Meeting new friends is not just a matter of putting yourself in a room full of other people and hoping for the best. You need to be someone that other notice in a good way.

There are plenty of guys who know how to draw attention to themselves by being loud and/or being outrageous, but that’s not the sort of behavior that makes other people want to be your friend.

Likewise, being Mr. Polite or Mr. Don’t Pay Any Attention to Me won’t make people say, “WOW! You’re so polite, nice and unassuming. You’re so nice that I want to be your bestest friend in the whole wide world! Let’s hang out every single day of the year! You can be polite and shy and I’ll just keeping thinking that you’re so amazing because of that. Woo hoo!”

The type of guys that pretty much everyone wants to be friends with right away are the charismatic guys who are attractive to women, but also friendly with others.

Charisma is a trait that some guys naturally acquire as they’re growing up (often because they have great male role models to show them how), but it’s a social skill that any guy can learn to develop and put into practice.

Are You Charismatic?

According to most research done on the topic, charisma is only ever 50% “natural” in those who have it and the other 50% is a learned skill.

Social skills, like any other skill, can be learned, practiced and mastered, so this means that anyone can become more charismatic than they already are at any stage in life and you can become a charismatic guy who makes friends easily.

Then, and only then, does the advice of “join a club” become useful because when you arrive as a charismatic guy at any place where there will many new people for you to meet, pretty much everyone will want to be your friend.

Charismatic guys are great conversationalists because they know how and when to listen as well as how and when to talk.

Guys who are nervous of striking up conversations with others very often slip into being quiet and not saying much at all, talking too much because they’re afraid of an awkward silence, or trying too hard to make conversation by firing loads of questions at the other person without truly listening to much of what is said in reply.

A guy with charisma doesn’t have to try too hard to make conversation, he simply listens to what others have to say and he shows an interest in what’s being said by adding his own take on the topic.

He doesn’t hold back on sharing his opinions and feelings on a topic, but he also does it in a way that is cool, interesting and socially intelligent.

Being charismatic is not about trying to be the centre of attention or drawing attention to yourself, it’s about drawing other people towards you by having something interesting to say and having an interest in what others have to say.

Are You Likeable?

A lot of guys who wonder why they don’t have many friends are simply just not that likeable.

Due to all their nervous quirks, secret fears and anxieties, they come across as awkward, make conversations feel awkward and just don’t have a very charismatic vibe about them.

It doesn’t mean that the guy is a bad guy or that he is doomed for life, but it does mean that he needs to be fix his issues and become a more balanced, charismatic human being if he wants people to naturally want to be friends with him.

It’s not just charisma that makes you someone others are interested in hanging out with and building a friendship with.

The guys that people are eager to be friends with are also confident guys who are relaxed and comfortable just being themselves. They are genuine when they interact with other people, instead of putting on a weird, social persona to hide their fears and insecurities behind.

They are just who they are and that’s it. “Like it or not, this is me!” while also making the people around them feel good about themselves.

It’s not a case of, “Like it or not. This is me! You suck if you’re not like me” it’s like this, “Like it or not, this is me. I will still love you the same and smile and be cool with you, regardless of whether you are like me or not.”

Those type of guys get everyone wanting to be their friend, as long as they do that genuinely. It’s not an act, it’s a genuine approach to people.

Being genuine makes you someone who others feel comfortable being around. Knowing how to meet new friends really comes down to knowing how to be your true, natural, charismatic self, while allowing others to be themselves at the same time.

Just as trying too hard to keep a conversation going or trying too hard to be liked can lead to you being perceived as insincere by others, trying to hard to get people to be like you will make them feel uneasy around you. Just let people be themselves and love them for it.

When they notice that sort of vibe coming from you, they’ll love being around you. However, unless you know who you are and unless you’re genuinely comfortable just being yourself, others won’t be able to fully relax into being themselves around you.

This, in turn, will make them want to steer clear of you. Related to the topic of being yourself and having people love you for that, a common mistake guys make is to try too hard to “fit in” by going along with what everyone else involved in the conversation is saying.

This might mean going along with their tastes in music, their film choices or general likes and dislikes. When people notice that a guy doesn’t seem to have a mind of his own, he’s not showing himself to be a genuine guy and he’s not “likeable” as a result.

Are You An Alpha Male?

Likeable guys are also guys with alpha male characteristics.

The perfect type of alpha male will have rock-solid self-confidence and a manner about him which commands respect, but which also shows respect to others.

Guys like that will know who they are and what they want from life, friendships and any circumstance they find themselves in.

When he comes across weak, confused and insecure guys, they will want to be his friend (for various reasons, one being: Hoping to get introduced to some of the many women who would be in his life), the alpha male won’t be interested unless there is actually some benefit to himself also.

After all, he has to survive as well and he usually won’t need another guy hanging off of him and hoping that he’ll help him get what he wants from life. If the lower-ranking male presents some value to him too, then okay – he will be open to the idea of a friendship.

Yet, if the lower-ranking male just wants to take from him, the alpha will simply reject any attempts to become a closer friend of his.

When you have alpha male qualities, the people you meet will feel relaxed and at ease in your presence. They will feel safe being around you and will be happy and open to spending more time with you, because it will be beneficial to them for various reasons.

When you are charismatic, people feel good when you’re around because your approach to them, the conversation and the interaction will make them feel included, noticed, appreciated and lucky to be around someone like you.

When you are confident, it allows you to be true yourself during conversation, instead of hiding behind a safe “social persona” that you use to hide your fears, anxiety or nervousness.

Confidence, charisma and alpha male qualities are three important things that make you the type of guy that others feel eager to be friends with. When you have those traits, you are able to easily make new friends wherever you go, whether you join a club or not.

Like charisma, alpha male qualities and confidence are not just something you’re either born with or you’re not; they are qualities that you can learn, develop and master for yourself. If you want to know more about how to make new friends, I recommend that you focus on improving your social skills in the areas of confidence, charisma and alpha male qualities.

I also recommend that you improve your ability to attract women, which will happen naturally when you improve your social skills, confidence, charisma and alpha male qualities…

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