At, we have carried out a number of studies and combined our many years personal dating and relationship experience to come to our findings.

From this position, we have been able to guide thousands of men from across the world to get the results that they want in their dating and relationship life with women.

Here’s an example of one of the studies we have completed, by surveying thousands of men and women from across the world.

  • Survey size: 6,000 women and 10,000 men.
  • Countries: USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, New Zealand, Brazil, India, Philippines, Korea, Singapore, South Africa.
  • Method:
  • Women: Approaching and talking to women in person, asking women to fill out surveys online.
  • Men: Asking our newsletter list of 70,000+ subscribers to fill out a survey.
  • Media exposure: The Modern Man’s survey was discussed on the Good News Week TV show. A direct reference to “The Modern Man” is made at 1 minute 15 seconds into the video below. It was also featured in the newspapers and radio. A newspaper clipping is shown below.

Dan Bacon in the newspaper

Survey Results

Women: Being Approached

We quizzed women on the subject of being approached by men, by asking the following questions:

  • “Do you like being approached by men in bars?”
  • “Have you ever rejected a guy for being too sleazy or nervous?”
  • “Are men approaching often enough these days?”
  • “Do pick up lines work on women?”
  • “Have you been properly approached by any guys in the last 7 days?”

80%  Are interested in being approached by a man in a bar environment.
78%  Have rejected a man for being too sleazy or too nervous.
73%  Say that men are not approaching enough these days.
94%  Agree that pick up lines rarely work.
14%  Have been approached in the last 7 days.

Men: Relationship Goal

We asked men, “What is your relationship goal?”

38%  Marry a woman and stay together for life.
37%  Have relationships with many women throughout life.
16%  Not sure.
9%  Stay together for life with one woman, but not get married.

Women: What Makes a Man Attractive?

We quizzed women on what they find most attractive about a man.

95%  Confidence.
93%  Personality.
43%  Looks.
56%  Money.
6%  Car.

Many men are shocked to discover that 43% of women say that a man’s looks is what makes him attractive. However, where men get confused is in thinking that women mean “model good looks” when they refer to a man being good-looking. The fact is, women see ugly men as sexy and handsome if they are confident, masculine and have a great personality. Additionally, most men on this planet are not male models, yet they have a girlfriend or wife who says they are good-looking.

Men: Biggest Problem Areas With Women

We asked men, “What are your biggest problem areas with women?”

34%  Women are too picky these days.
71%  I lack confidence around attractive women.
63%  I don’t know what to say when talking to women.
79%  I’m afraid of being rejected if I approach.

Street Talk With Women

Here are some examples of us asking women questions on the street as part of the survey.

“Guys Are Not Approaching Enough”

“Australian Guys Approach Women More Than Danish Guys”

“Do You Like Being Approached By Guys?”

“Do Girls Like Meeting Guys in Bars?”

The Modern Man also references research in Youtube videos by Dan Bacon, such as the research by Florida State University in Dan’s video about approaching women.

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