When you imagine the world’s best pick up artists, what do you think?

Maybe you think about guys who can pick up ANY woman by using secret techniques that other guys are aware of. Or, if you’re like most people these days, you imagine an insecure loser who lack so much confidence in himself that he feels the need to use tricks on women.

Whatever the case, I will set the record straight for you right now….

Pick up artists suck for the following reasons:

1. Their techniques are designed to cover up their insecurities: No pick up artist technique will solve your shyness, nervousness, feelings of intimidation around beautiful womeninsecurity or clinginess in a relationship. Why?

Most pick up artists simply mask/cover up their core problems with women and hope that they can still be successful with women.

When you learn pick up artist techniques, you are learning from someone who is not truly successful with women and is simply trying to come up with ways to hide his weaknesses (e.g. insecurity, nervousness, shyness, anxiety around women, etc).

You can’t become confident by covering up insecurities with pick up artists tricks. Building confidence is a process that you have to go through. When you approach it correctly, your confidence becomes stronger every day of your life.

For example: If you are afraid of approaching women or tend to feel anxious or nervous before approaching, this is how you need to begin building up your confidence…

2. Women know about most of the canned routines: When the whole pick up artist trend became popular, millions of guys were going out every weekend and using the same lines on women.

Eventually, women started saying, “What? A guy just approached me using that same line…what is going on here?” and began rejecting those wanna be pick up artists, one after the other. These days, most women have been hit on by the same, lame pick up artist lines many times and will usually instantly reject a guy if he uses the same approach.

3. It’s not about the real you: When you use a pick up artist approach, you are attempting to get women to like you for a bunch of tricks and funny lines.

You end up feeling insecure and unworthy of women and as though you need to keep coming up with funny lines and tricks to be impressive enough for them to want to talk to you.

Would you rather have women feel attracted to the real you, or a fake version of yourself that you have to keep pretending to be all the time? Of course, you’d prefer that they love you and want you for you.

The Solution: Become a Confident Guy Who Knows How to Attract Women, Not a Pick Up Artist

Instead of joining the loser world of pick up artists, simply become a more confident guy who knows how to trigger feelings of sexual attraction inside of a woman simply based on what he says and does in her presence.

Did you know? Women are attracted to the strength in men and turned off by the weakness. So, the stronger you become (i.e. by building confidence, having high self-esteem), the more attractive you will be to women.

If you approach women with pick up artists tricks and pretend to be confident, most women will immediately test you by behaving in a challenging way (e.g. acting uninterested in the conversation, giving you weird looks as if to say, “Why are you talking to us?” or asking you if you use your pick up lines on all girls that you approach).

When women see you squirm and become nervous, they know that you’re not a confident alpha male and are simply pretending to be one.

If you want to be successful, the answer is not to seek out lame tricks from insecure pick up artists.

Success with women begins with the right information, followed by taking the appropriate action to go from where you are now with women to having your choice of women, being confident at all times and always knowing what to say.

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