When a man’s clinginess begins to overshadow the good parts of the relationship, it’s only a matter of time before the woman’s love will start fading away.

Bit by bit, his clingy behavior sucks the happiness, the harmony and carefree feelings out of their relationship and creates an annoying, negative tension that makes it difficult for his woman to be around him.

Since women are naturally attracted to confident, emotionally secure men and turned off by insecure, emotionally weak men, she will feel repelled by him on a deep and instinctive level.

Why am I feeling clingy around my girlfriend? How can I quit being needy like this?

When he notices that she is pulling away and losing interest, he will often make the mistake of becoming even more clingy and needy, which will turn her off even more. It’s a vicious cycle that usually ends in a break up for most couples.

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As you will discover from the video above, a woman will usually go through 3 stages before she decides to break up with a guy.

Being clingy will ruin a woman’s respect for a guy and if he keeps doing it, she will stop feeling attracted to him (remember: Women are attracted to the emotional strength of men and turned off by the weakness) and will gradually begin to fall out of love with him.

Why are you being so distant?

If you are sincere and serious about wanting to know how to stop being clingy in your relationships with women, you first need to understand what is causing you to behave in a clingy way.

After helping many guys to eliminate their clinginess and become a confident, independent man that women respect, admire and remain attracted to in a relationship, I have identified the following common causes of clinginess for men in relationships with women…

1. Lack of purpose

If you lack purpose in life, you will often make the mistake of making your girlfriend (fiancé or wife) your purpose in life. Women want a man who loves them, but who is rising through the levels of life and reaching for his true potential that is related to his purpose in life.

A woman doesn’t want a boy who hides behind his mother from the big, bad world. In other words, they don’t want a guy who hides from the world behind her, the relationship and household responsibilities.

2. Inability to attract other beautiful women

If you got lucky when you met your girlfriend (fiancé or wife) and found it difficult to attract other women before you met her, then your secret insecurity about this will cause you to cling to her.

You will see her as your safety blanket and protection from the world of rejection around you.

How good are you at attracting other women?

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3. Lack of confidence about your value to her

If you are worried that every guy who talks to her or who she looks at is going to steal her away from you, then aren’t very confident about your value to her. Remember: Women are attracted to the strength in men and turned off by the weakness.

If you are the type of guy who sees other men as your competition, then it will actually turn her off you and make other guys seem more attractive. She will sense that you’re not an alpha male and are looking at other guys as being better than you.

4. Loneliness

Guys who’ve experienced a lot of loneliness (e.g. due to not having many friends, not having great relationships with friends, being single for long periods of time, feeling unloved by his parents, etc) will often become clingy when they find a girl whom they love and want to be with.

Since he is so worried about her potentially losing interest and leaving him, a guy who has experienced a lot of loneliness will cling to him woman like glue because he doesn’t want to lose the feeling of togetherness that he has been experiencing.

For a relationship to be successful, it has to be a “give love” dynamic rather than a “take love” one. For example: If you need to take love from her to make yourself feel better and don’t have much love to give to her, the relationship will lack balance and will begin to feel unfair.

A woman wants to be with a guy who wants her, loves her and respects her, but doesn’t NEED her for his emotional security and sense of identity. You have to be your own man (i.e. a man who is going after big ambitions and dreams in life), in addition to the man that you are for her.

5. Trust issues

Being insecure

The truth is, you can never really trust a woman to be 100% loyal, honest and loving to you for life. However, to be successful in a relationship with a woman, you HAVE to give her that trust.

You also need to be wise enough as a man to know that you can’t trust another human being 100%, so if she ends up breaking your trust, then it is fine to feel disappointed and upset, but you shouldn’t be so surprised that you let it crush your world.

Without giving her your trust all the time in a relationship, you will fall into the trap of being insecure, clingy, protective and mistrusting – all of which will destroy her attraction, respect and love for you as a man.

Remember: Women are attracted to the emotional strength in men and turned off by the weakness. You’ve got to become and be a strong man, otherwise you won’t ever be what women really want.

For a relationship to reach the higher stages of true love and commitment, you have to allow the love and connection to mature and deepen over time, rather than destroying it or halting it by being emotionally weak or untrusting.

Failing to Be the Strong Man That She Really Wants and Needs

How to stop being so clingy

As a man, the most important thing you can offer a woman is your emotional strength and the worst thing you can offer is your weakness.

When I talk about strength, I’m not referring to your ability to lift heavy weights in the gym; I’m talking about your mental and emotional strength (i.e. confidence, drive, self-belief, self-esteem).

Insecurity (noun): Lack of confidence or assurance; self-doubt.

Confidence (noun): Belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities; self-confidence; self-reliance; assurance.

As you can see from the dictionary definitions above, confidence is the opposite of insecurity.

If you are insecure when in a relationship with a woman, it is only natural that you will feel clingy, needy and possibly overly-protective of her at times.

However, if you are a confident guy who knows that he could easily have other women and who also has the right approach to life (i.e. your life purpose is your number one priority and she is a close second), then you will be less likely to ever become clingy.

Why is a Man’s Confidence So Important to a Woman?

A man’s confidence is important to women because the world we live in is a challenging place and at her core, she is a feminine woman who wants to feel protected by a mentally and emotionally strong man.

She wants to be able to stand next to you in this world and feel like she will be okay because you are there with her.

This is made clear by the honest lyrics of the Miley Cyrus song, “Adore You”.

“I’m scared oh, so scared
But when you’re near me
I feel like I’m standing with an army of men
Armed with weapons”
Miley Cyrus

Regardless of whether you love or hate Miley Cyrus, the fact is that her lyrics in that song are honest and explain what women really want to feel when around a guy.

That song is not about a clingy guy who is afraid of the world and needs to feel protected behind her emotional strength. It’s about a confident man who knows who is, what he wants from life and he will stop at nothing to achieve it.

The guy she is singing about would be confident in social situations, other guys would respect him and he’d make her feel girly and feminine around him because of how mentally and emotionally masculine he is.

All women (except for butch, masculine lesbian women) want to feel girly around guys, even if they deny it in public situations, such as on a talk show or during an interview.

If you want to get to the point where you are the sort of man that makes a woman feel like she is standing with an army of men that are armed with weapons, then you must start getting rid of your insecurities and become a real man who can make women feel girly in response to your masculinity.

If you’re a clingy guy, then you need to face up to the fact that you are an insecure guy. Accept it and then do what it takes to not be that weak guy any more.

You are better than that.

You’re not a weak, clingy guy. You are a strong man. It’s there inside of you and you’ve just got to let it exist, rather than adding fuel to the fire of your insecurities and letting your weakness control your life.

Let your strength be the basis of who you are, not your weakness.

If you let your weakness define who you are, you will think, behave and act in all sorts of weird ways that are based on that insecurity.

A clingy guy will feel like his only hope is to spend more time with his woman and show her how much she means to him. He’ll constantly try to show how much he loves her, he will constantly text or call her when they are apart and he will ask if she has missed him.

Constant texts from a clingy man

To a guy who is feeling insecure, all of this feels like the right thing to do because in his warped emotional state, he believes that his clinginess will demonstrate how much he loves his woman and she’ll feel compelled to stay with him.

Yet, that isn’t the way it works.

Women are not attracted to emotional weakness.

If you don’t want to be yet another dumped guy who comes to me to learn how to get an ex back, I recommend that you fix your clinginess now.

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