A long distance relationship will work if you are the sort of man that a woman is willing to wait around for.

If a woman truly loves her man, respects him and feel attracted to him, she will have no reason to want to find a new guy. However, if your woman doesn’t fully love you, has lost some respect for and doesn’t really feel that attracted to you, then she will possibly begin to lose interest in the relationship.

In the past, a woman had to marry one man and stay with him for life, even if he was away for long periods of time. It was shameful for anyone to get a divorce, so women felt obliged to stick by their man.

Marriages around the year 1900

These days, it’s a different story.

Modern women

If a man is unable to deepen a woman’s love, respect and attraction for him over time, she will gradually fall out of love with him and lose interest in the relationship. She will then find love and happiness with another guy, or just have sex with other guys for a bit of fun.

Modern women

Society encourages women to be happy, free and do whatever they want. Women are allowed to kiss, have sex and get into a relationship with whoever they want. If you want to maintain the interested of a woman, you have to know how to make her feel attracted to you.

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4 Classic Mistakes to Avoid When in a Long Distance Relationship

In today’s global community where many people travel for business or pleasure, it’s not unusual to find yourself in a relationship with a woman who lives in another state or another country.

You may have met her in a bar, through friends, at work or online. Despite your mutual desire to be together in the same place, you just can’t do that right now.

If you’ve found yourself in that type of situation and you want to know how to make a long distance relationship work, just make sure you don’t make the classic mistakes that many guys make. If you approach the relationship correctly, it will be her who is trying to keep it together and maintain YOUR interest. Believe me, that’s what she actually wants in her relationship with you and that’s how it should be.

1. Boring Her Via Video Chat

These days, video chat is essential in a long distance relationship, but it has to be done right.

If you approach the chats in a way where you’re not even creating any attraction or sexual tension between you and her and are instead turning her off, boring her or even annoying her, video chat will actually work against you.

You have to be able to chat to her in a normal, easy-going way, but also add in things that are going to make her feel attracted to you (e.g. humor, flirting, charm, confidence, etc).

2. Being Insecure

If you want your long distance relationship to work, you have to give her your full trust.

Even though you know that you cannot trust her 100%, you still have to give her that trust. If you don’t, it will cause you to think, behave and act in an insecure way, which is a huge turn off for women.

Some insecure guys will regularly check their girlfriend’s Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, Instagram or other social media page to see who she is communicating with and if she is hanging around anyone new.

A guy like that may then question her about certain posts or comments on photos, especially if it involves another man or men. If he’s feeling especially insecure, he might even accuse her of being unfaithful or ask her if she is thinking about cheating on him or leaving him.

Although it might feel like the natural, normal thing to do, being insecure in a long distance relationship is never helpful as a man. Women are attracted to the confidence of men, not the insecurity.

You have to ensure that she retains a positive perception of you and experiences an ongoing feeling of respect and attraction for you. If you chip away at that respect and attraction by being insecure, she will naturally begin to look at other men in a more positive light and will begin to wonder why she is with you.

A mature, emotionally-secure man will simply get on with his life as per normal. He will miss his woman and want to see her, but he will charge on to achieve his ambitions and goals in life even though she isn’t around.

His girlfriend will sense that he is happy and confident without her around, which will make her feel respect and attraction for him.

It’s not about acting or pretending that you don’t need her in your life to be happy and confident, but actually being that way while also making sure that you show her love, respect and attention when you interact with her.

3. Posting Up Lonely Photos on Social Media

Posing in photos thinking that if he looks good, it will make his ex jealous

A classic mistake that many guys make these days is posting up lonely photos on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

In most cases, the guy thinks that if he “looks good” then his girlfriend or wife will miss him more. Yet, he’s alone in the photo.

What he doesn’t realize is that women feel turned off by lonely guys who think that they need to look good to be attractive. Yes, women can feel attracted to a man’s physical appearance, but the most important types of attraction are based on what a guy says and does.

So, if you’re in a long distance relationship and you want to make sure it works, don’t post up lonely photos. Instead, post up photos of you looking happy and confident and having fun with other people.

That is what makes a woman feel respect and attraction for a guy. She sees that he’s happy and confident without her, which makes her feel respect for him and feel attracted to his emotional intelligence and strength.

4. Disconnecting From Each Other’s Life

As the old saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.”

If your girlfriend doesn’t feel much love, respect and attraction for you and you then stay out of her life, she will gradually drift away and begin to see you as her ex, rather than her boyfriend.

The best solution is to agree to speak at a certain time every week, or even a couple of times a week if you have the time. When you talk on the phone or video chat, really get into the conversation and chat about life, what’s been going on in each of your lives and what you’re looking forward to doing together in future.

In addition to making her feel love, respect and attraction for you, it’s important to allow her to feel like you still care. When that happens, she won’t need to get those feelings from another guy.

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