There’s nothing wrong with playing video games as a man.

Additionally, even though some men get nagged by an angry girlfriend or wife for playing, you can actually get your woman to be totally fine about it.

Personally speaking, I play video games like Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Far Cry and Call of Duty (story and online multiplayer).

There’s just something about playing COD (Call of Duty) multiplayer that is exciting.

It’s a lot of fun.

I could probably play it all week long and not get bored.

Yet, I don’t play it all week long and that’s part of the reason why my wife doesn’t complain, even though she takes care of our twin girls, cooks and cleans all week.

Dan Bacon - wife and twin girls

She knows that I am focused on achieving things in real life and only play video games for a fun release, so she has nothing to complain about.

Where a lot of men go wrong, is that they forget about the primal instinct a woman has to get her man to focus on providing security for their future (i.e. focus on his biggest goals and ambitions in real life and rise through the levels to make that happen).

She wants to feel safe and protected by her man.

She can get that feeling from seeing that her man is so emotionally strong and focused that he can achieve big things in real life, rather than just in a game.

He’s not like other men who feel fear when it comes to real life and hide away from their true potential as a result.

Instead, he is a man who stands up and rises through the challenging levels of real life, reaching for his true potential as a man, no matter what happens in the world around him.

That is impressive to a woman and shuts her up.

On the other hand, playing a video game doesn’t make a woman look at her man and think, “Wow! He’s kicking ass in that game! I feel so safe about our future together in real life!”

To her, it’s just a game.

So, when she sees her man being so keen, excited and interested to pass levels in a video game that won’t achieve anything in their real life, her instincts kick in and she feels annoyed and angry that he is wasting his time and energy on something that will amount to nothing for them.

Of course, he might have a good job and they might be doing okay, but that isn’t satisfying for a woman.

What satisfies a woman (and makes her shut up and stop nagging) is when she sees her man rise up and reach for his true potential, rather than accepting a certain level of life and giving up on the big dreams or ambitions he once had.

In a video game, he doesn’t give up.

He keeps going.

He makes sure that he succeeds.

Yet, does he do that in real life?

Is he that much of a winner in real life?

That is what a woman is looking to see.

The thing is, he doesn’t have to achieve big things in the real world today, tomorrow or even this year, but he needs to be working towards it.

When he begins working towards it, she needs to see that he doesn’t give up and keeps going, just like he would when playing a video game and trying to reach a new level, or unlock a new feature.

She looks at her man kicking ass in real life (i.e. being courageous as he tries to achieve his ambitions, achieving goals, never giving up) and that is what shuts her up, because it satisfies her ancient, instinctive need to feel safe about her future with the man she has chosen.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that a man has to do everything and a woman can just sit around on her butt and do nothing.

In today’s world, most women work and strive and most couples pay bills together, but that’s not the point here.

What we’re talking about here is why women get annoyed and nag men who play video games.

The thing is, there is nothing wrong with playing video games and there are also no absolute rules on how you have to life live.

For example: If a man doesn’t want to achieve anything in real life, he doesn’t have to.

If he just wants to work a normal job, play video games and ignore his girlfriend or wife, then he can do that.

Yet, if his woman is pissed off with him ‘wasting time’ playing video games and ignoring his true potential in real life, then her commitment to him is not guaranteed.

Just like a man can ‘do whatever he wants’ and decide to invest his time and energy into playing video games that won’t achieve anything in real life, a woman can decide to leave a boyfriend, fiance or husband if she wants to.

If you want your relationship to last, you need to ensure that you approach your life in a balanced way, rather than leaning too much into gaming (unless of course, it’s your profession and you earn money from it).

Every couple is going to be different in terms of how much spare time they have, so you need to decide how much time you can really invest into kicking ass in video games vs. achieving things in real life and making your woman feel loved and appreciated.

It’s something you have to balance.

3 Other Reasons Why Women Hate it When a Guy Spends Too Much Time Playing Games

1. It makes her feel neglected

Why a girlfriend will feel annoyed at her boyfriend who plays video games all the time

In the past, a woman would stick with a man for life even if she was unhappy.

A man could neglect his wife, treat her badly and take her for granted and she would have to stick by him because it was shameful to get divorced.

Marriages around the year 1900

In most cases, women were completely dependent on men in the past, so they really didn’t have any other option but to stick around and put up with it.

Not anymore though.

Modern women

These days, women earn their own money and have the freedom to have sex with whoever they want.

A woman can also break up a relationship or marriage if she feels like it.

So, if a woman finds herself in a relationship with a man who is neglecting her due to putting most of his spare time and energy to gaming, she will naturally begin to feel like he is taking her presence in his life for granted.

If there are a lot of other problems in the relationship, then feeling neglected due to her man playing video games can become one of the reasons why she just decides to break up with him, or divorce him.

From her perspective, she isn’t getting the love that she wants, the relationship has loads of problems and he seems more interested in solving problems in games than solving the problems in his relationship with her.

2. She doesn’t share your feelings of excitement, or sense of achievement

Girlfriend gets mad when I play video games

The person playing a video game will experience all sort of exciting emotions and feel a sense of achievement and pride when they finish the level, or unlock a certain feature or function.

It’s a really cool experience.

Yet, if a woman isn’t playing the game and experiencing it for herself, she is almost certainly not going to share her boyfriend’s (or husband’s) feelings of excitement or achievement.

She will see him being so serious, focused and keen about the game, but to her, it will seem like a whole bunch of noise and nonsense, because she’s not experiencing for herself.

In most cases, she doesn’t want to either.

Most women aren’t naturally wired to want to engage in wars, dominate opponents and compete for victory over long periods of time.

Some women like that, but most don’t.

Most women are wired to want to be a nurturer and have their focus be on relationships, which was essential for 99.9% of human history when people lived close to extended family and had to rely on maintaining close relationships to survive.

Despite the fact that we live in a modern, civilized world with supermarkets, phones, video games, shopping malls and so on, a woman’s natural instincts haven’t gone away.

She still wants to focus on her relationship with her man and have love be a major part of her life.

She doesn’t want her life to be around waiting around in the background while you play video games.

So, if you are investing a lot of your energy into gaming and she isn’t able to share in your excitement, then something will feel off to her.

She will feel as though you are more excited about the game than her, or your life together as a couple in the real world.

As a result, she sees you focusing your energy in a way that isn’t productive, or effective for you and her as a couple.

When that happens, it can cause a woman to start nagging, getting mad about little things, complaining, being a pain in the butt and generally being in a bad mood.

A woman will do that in the hope that her boyfriend (or husband) will pick up on her cues and stop gaming so much, or begin approaching the relationship (and his life) differently, so she can then feel good about him relaxing and gaming every now and then.

If he doesn’t listen, or he gets into arguments with her about it, then she will naturally start leaning towards wanting to break up.

3. Gaming doesn’t build on her attraction for you

To keep a relationship together, you have to be able to maintain and even build on your woman’s attraction for you over time.

It’s easy to do once you understand how a woman’s attraction works.

When her attraction for you is maintained and built up over time, she literally doesn’t want to nag, complain and be a pain in the butt because she knows that it would be a huge loss for her if the relationship ever ended.

She knows how difficult it would be to find an awesome man like you.

So, she starts being nicer, more loving, more understanding and respectful of you.

You just have to be able to maintain that and the relationship will last for life.

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