Why do women cheat?

What makes a woman want to cheat on a man who has been good boyfriend or husband to her?

Why do women cheat on men? What is it that allows a woman to fall into the arms of another man, even though she’s already in a committed relationship? The answer may surprise you.

In the past, movies, books and theatrical productions usually showed that if cheating was taking place in a relationship, it was generally the man who was the one who was going off and having sex with another woman – and generally with not a “nice girl” at that.

Men were portrayed as the sexual aggressors, as being starved for sex and always trying to get it anyway they can. While it’s still true today that men are statistically the ones who are most likely to stray outside of a relationship, today’s women are much more likely to seek the physical or emotional attention they are missing in a relationship by cheating on their man.

So, what are some of the biggest reasons why women cheat and how can you avoid it happening to you?

Why Do Women Cheat? Negative Celebrity Influence

TV sitcoms started out being nice and peachy back in the “black and white days” of free to air programming. Think of The Brady Bunch (USA), The Sullivans (Australia) and Some Mothers Do Ave Em (England) for a few examples. It was all so “happy go lucky” and innocent. In those early TV shows, family values were mostly upheld with a “moral of the story” ending to each episode. Cheating was only done by the evil characters and divorce was seen as extremely shameful. Generally speaking, TV celebrities were a positive influence because the content of the programs actually helped to reinforce good values in society.

Fast forward to the modern day and basically every TV sitcom will, at one time or another, glamorize cheating, affairs, break-ups and divorce instead of portraying it as shameful or wrong. Heck, even Kim Kardashian, an idol for many modern women, divorced in style by getting paid big dollars for her “exclusive interview” about her 72-day marriage. Unlike women of the past who would work on a marriage to keep it together, Kim Kardashian showed women around the world that it is okay to just up and divorce a guy if you feel like it. So, if you’ve been asking the question, “Why do women cheat?” look no further than the false, celebrity idols that women follow in today’s world.

Modern women are confused about whether to stick to traditional values about relationships or copy their “heroines” from “Sex and the City,” “Desperate Housewives” and a host of other TV sitcoms that have continually glamorized affairs, cheating, break-ups and divorce. When a modern woman turns on the radio, she hears lyrics by female pop stars like Beyonce, Rihanna and Lady Gaga who talk of dumping men, not needing men and of being an independent woman who does whatever she wants, whenever she wants.

After seeing enough of it on TV and hearing enough of it in pop songs, women end up blindly following these false, celebrity idols (who are having relationship problems, rather than enjoying relationship success!) and then wonder why they run into all sorts of problems in life. By mindlessly following these “crazy ladies,” modern women begin to see it as socially acceptable to cheat on men, because the women in Desperate Housewives did it and so did the woman on this show and the girl on that show. Everywhere a modern woman looks, it seems as though it’s now fairly okay to cheat on her man.

So, can you avoid being cheated on by a woman? Is there a type of man that is less likely to ever be cheated on or dumped by a woman? YES. Absolutely. This type of man is what women refer to as a real man. A real man causes a woman to fall deeper in love with him each day, become more attracted to him each day and look up to and respect him as her man. However, most guys cause their woman to eventually fall out of love with them, lose attraction and lose respect for them as a man.

In the modern relationship environment, if you’re the type of man that women only “kind of” want to be with, but really could “take it or leave it” because you haven’t been able to deepen the love, attraction and respect then most will eventually cheat on you or break up with you. It’s not like the early 1900s where people just “put up with each other” in a marriage and went to their graves unhappy with their spouse. The game has changed. To be successful in the modern relationship environment and avoid being cheated on, you really do need to be a man that women actually want to stay with.

Sometimes ending a relationship is the right thing to do (i.e. when a couple outgrow each other, realize they have different long term goals, become a different person or want to be a different person, etc), but if you and your woman can be together in a relationship for life, then you have to go about it correctly. If you mess up and just take her for granted, you will likely end up as another divorce statistic.

Why Do Women Cheat? Low Self Esteem

Most women do not think they are beautiful or sexy. According to a global survey by Dove cosmetics, only 2% of women think they are beautiful. Everywhere a modern women looks, she sees “Photoshopped” or airbrushed women in magazines, on billboards, TV ads and thinks, “I could never look like that” and then assumes that most men would perceive her as being less beautiful than the models. The abundance of enhanced imagery of women is a leading cause of low self-esteem for modern women.

So, in today’s world, if your woman doesn’t feel sexy and beautiful around you, it is only natural that she may feel drawn to other men to help boost her self-esteem, especially if some guy turns on the charm and starts to flirt with her. A lot of guys out there don’t care if a woman is married or with a boyfriend. They will try to make something happen anyway because they only care about themselves. I often get asked by guys, “How do I seduce a married woman?” or “How do I steal another guy’s girlfriend?” and I always tell them to find their own women. I don’t teach guys how to do bad things. I teach guys how to become real men. Additionally, the best weapon against guys who want to steal your girl is for you to be the type of man that a woman never wants to leave, lose or cheat on. When he tries to hit on your girl, she will laugh at him as he will be no match for how she feels about you. Personally speaking, I don’t worry at all if my girlfriend wants to go out partying with her girlfriends because it’s actually a good thing for her to see how lousy most guys are in comparison to me. Most guys just don’t understand how to be a real man and how to make a woman feel like a real woman, so the conversations and interactions she has with other guys just serve to remind her of how lucky she is to have me as her boyfriend.

Regarding your woman’s self-esteem as a reason for her cheating on you, when you set up the right relationship dynamic, her self-esteem and sexual confidence will continue to grow throughout the relationship. Creating and maintaining the right dynamic involves saying certain things to her, responding in specific ways to her tests, tantrums and taunts as well as the actual way you approach sex with her. Watch The Modern Relationship to learn how to set up and maintain the right relationship dynamic and watch Better Than a Bad Boy to learn how to be the type of man that a woman never wants to leave, lose or cheat on. Better Than a Bad Boy will also teach you how to attract women when you meet them for the first time.

Why Do Women Cheat? Lack of Sex in the Relationship

Like most people, you probably lead a pretty busy life and when in a relationship, sometimes sex is one of the things that gets pushed lower and lower on your “to do” list. If you fall into this trap, then you’ve made the mistake of turning sex into a chore. Sex is an opportunity for erotic connection, loving closeness and pleasurable release. If you’ve begun to perceive sex as something you “have to do” rather than something you “really want to do,” then it’s a sign that your relationship is on the decline and her chances of cheating are on the rise. Instead of asking, “Why do women cheat?” you might want to start asking, “How do I get the spark back in a relationship?”

The Modern Man approach to relationships causes a woman’s sexual attraction, love and respect for you to grow stronger over time, rather than fading away after the “honeymoon period” of the relationship is over. When you set up the right relationship dynamic by following our advice, a woman will continually chase you for sex and her love and desire for you will increase over time. No doubt you’ve seen couples who are still madly in love and sexually attracted to each other after decades of marriage or being together. It’s possible only when you set up the right relationship dynamic and that is what I teach in The Modern Relationship.

Why Do Women Cheat? To Get Rid of You

One of the most common reasons a woman will cheat is to get rid of a guy she can’t break up with. She’s tried breaking up with you, but you wouldn’t let her go and you managed to convince her to give you another chance. Or she just doesn’t want to have to go through weeks of breaking up over the phone and in person, so she cheats on you and then suddenly hits you with the big news. She will then usually says that she wants to be with the other guy, needs some space to find herself or something along those lines. Basically, she doesn’t feel it for you anymore and is trying to get out of the relationship for good.

You can read many examples of why this happened to guys and my advice to them in the comments and replies under this article, Can You Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back?

Why Do Women Cheat? You’re Not Man Enough for Her

A lot of guys end up being cheated on because they become needy, desperate for her attention, protective and/or overly jealous in the relationship. Instead of being a strong, confident, masculine man, they become weak and needy of the woman’s attention, affection and emotional support. It happened to me many years ago when the love of my life cheated on me, which lead to many years of pain and loneliness before I eventually decided to turn my life around by becoming the type of man that women truly want. Listen to this to hear what happened to me.

Since working out the secrets to success with women, no woman has cheated on me or dumped me. I have absolutely, without exception, always been in the position of power and control in my relationships with my women. To this day, most of my ex-girlfriends who I have broken up with continue to stay in contact and try to get me back. I became and still am what women refer to as a real man and as a result, I have my choice of women, women don’t want to cheat on me, lose me or leave me. If you want to enjoy the same power, I recommend you watch Better Than a Bad Boy. Or, if you want to get started by learning the fundamental techniques that we teach, I recommend you read The Flow.

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