Why are beautiful women so mean?

Beautiful women are usually the nicest, friendliest women …if you can pass their initial tests.

Have you ever tried to approach a beautiful woman only to find yourself shot down in flames? The way she snubs you and turns her back on you? The way she whispers in the ear of a girlfriend while looking in your direction and then they both burst out laughing?

No matter how nice you are to her, no matter how polite and friendly, she treats you cruelly and worst of all, she embarrasses and rejects you in front of others with her ice cold attitude.This is enough to make you hate beautiful women for life! So you, like millions of other guys, may have asked yourself the question, “Why are beautiful women so mean?”

Believe it or not, they’re not.

Often a beautiful woman might look mean and she may even act mean, but if you can get beyond that first layer of defense, you will usually find that she is a nice, easy-going and interesting person. She puts up a defense to block out guys who aren’t confident enough to deal with it. She wants a man who believes in himself as being valuable, rather than just seeing her as the valuable one and hoping to get lucky by scoring her as a lover, girlfriend or wife.

Which Type of Man Are You?

Let’s have a look at three common types of guys who will approach a beautiful woman, in attempt to hook up with her. The first is the insecure type who doesn’t think that he is in her league but, because he’s had a drink or two, or because of the repeated prodding from his friends, has developed the extra courage to approach her. When he finally makes his approach he panics and can’t even look her in the eyes and ends up coming across as insecure, fearful and low value. One look at him and her defenses are up. She will immediately reject these types of guys because she doesn’t want to waste her time or his. Depending on the woman, she may turn away and just ignore him, tell him something like “Look, I’m trying to relax with my girlfriends. Can you please leave us alone?” or “Sorry, I have a boyfriend” and hope that he leaves as quickly as he came. To that guy, he might go away thinking, “Why are beautiful women so mean?” because he doesn’t understand that women want a confident guy who isn’t afraid of them.

What he doesn’t realize is that would actually stand a chance, if only he knew how to stop being insecure. Unfortunately, no one has taught him how to be confident and self assured. If he was confident and knew what to say he would easily be able to talk to her, and not only that, he would also walk away with her phone number at the very least. A confident, self assured man would more than likely get a kiss, or something better, from this very “mean” beautiful woman. I know this because I used to be an insecure guy and get rejected by beautiful women, but when I became confident and knew how to talk to them, they suddenly began to like me. I also know it because I’ve coached 100s of guys in person over the years and shown them how to approach women in real life. When a guy changes from being nervous and hesitant to being confident and alpha, women instantly change how they respond.

The second type of guy is more confident and wastes no time in approaching her. He is loud, overbearing and brash and approaching her is more about impressing his buddies than about her. She instantly knows, or can sense that he is not really interested in her as a person, but rather as a prize for the night to show off to his mates. Once again her defenses go up and has to reject him and wait and hope for the next type of man to come along. That man is the third type of man. He is the real man. He is confident, interesting, easy-going, but also determined and subtly assertive. He can handle the initial “cold shoulder test” that she puts almost every guy through and he can melt her defenses with his charm and humor. Men like this are RARE and women know it. When they come across a man like that, they instantly open up to the situation and hope the he chooses them.

Modern Male Role Models

Most modern men haven’t been raised by a man who can an effective role model in terms of approaching modern women or enjoying a successful relationship with one. Most guys end up looking to sources such as movies, advertising and TV for advice on how to be successful with women. For example, most magazines fool guys into believing that women have all the power in the dating and relationship scene and a man would be LUCKY to score with pretty much any woman. Why do they do that? Most writers for magazines are not guys who are successful with women (they are the insecure guy from the examples above) or they are women, trying to make men feel afraid of them so they will feel more confident in the dating scene. What women really want is a confident, strong (mentally and emotionally), forward-moving, alpha male. These are the men that make them feel safe, engaged, interested and sexy; and these types of men are rare because when a woman finds one, she snaps him up instantly.

Pass Her Initial Test and She Will Open Up to You

If a woman is approached by a man whom she instantly feels is stronger than her (i.e. a real man, as taught in Better Than a Bad Boy), she will immediately open herself up to the situation. However, if she detects the slightest bit of weakness (mental and emotional) from the guy, she will begin raising her guard because she does not want a man like that. Pretty much every guy is afraid of her and that does NOT turn her on.

So, what do you do if you’re not yet confident? Can you get her to open up? You can get her to open up initially by not being thrown off by any cold shoulder she gives you. When she sees that you’re still looking confident, calm and easy-going, she will begin opening up. However, if you begin to show signs of nervousness, her guard will go back up and she will quickly begin losing interest. This is why it’s so critical that you build and maintain your confidence as a man. Your confidence is what attracts women the most, so if you fail to develop the strong, alpha confidence that women truly want in a man, you can expect to experience a lot more rejection and women losing interest in you. If you want to learn and use our tested, Confidence Building Process, I recommend that you watch Dating Power.

A woman wants to be challenged; not by you being better looking than her, but by you being a confident man who is prepared to look past her beauty and see the real person who is inside her. If you can do this, then you will strike a resonant chord inside her and bring down her defenses, allowing you to connect with her on a level that most men will never get to access. Since most men are either afraid of her and lack confidence around women in general, a beautiful woman will usually have a hard time finding someone she can connect with on a person-to-person and sincere level.

Just Because She’s Beautiful, it Doesn’t Mean She is Confident

Many beautiful women actually doubt their attractiveness. Weird, I know, but it’s true. According to an international survey by Dove cosmetics, only 2% of women think they are beautiful. Meaning, 98% of women (even the beautiful ones) don’t consider themselves beautiful. Yet, how can this be happening? Why would a beautiful woman doubt her attractiveness?

From the moment she leaves her house in the morning until whatever time she gets back home, a beautiful woman will usually be started at by men everywhere she goes. Men will turn their heads to look and may even stop and just stare for a few seconds. Sometimes, construction workers will wolf whistle at her and call out to her as she walks past. The taxi driver will keep leering at her in the rear-view mirror, husbands will secretly look at her when their wife is not looking their way…and this might happen to her way to work.

Then at work, she’ll probably get hit on by her male co-workers and her female co-workers will become jealous of her. Everyone will secretly “know” that she got that promotion because of her looks and because the boss is infatuated and wants to have sex with her or that’s she’s already slept with him to score the pay rise. In her everyday life, people will often say directly, “Oh, you’re so beautiful” and she’ll say thanks and brush it off. Yet, why doesn’t all that feedback make her know that she is beautiful? Why doesn’t it give her confidence? Confidence is something that most people don’t know how to build and maintain. In fact, in some countries, 23-30% of the population suffers from an anxiety disorder. Just because she is beautiful, it doesn’t mean she is confident.

How do those statistics help you? The next time you talk to a beautiful woman, just remember: She doesn’t think she is that beautiful even though she is acting as though she does. She might also be fairly nervous and anxious in the situation. Be the man she is hoping to meet and she will open up to you.

Why Are Beautiful Women So Mean?

As you might have realized by now, they’re not. Most beautiful women are just waiting for a real man to approach them and make them open up to the situation. It’s only fair that she should be able to attract herself a confident, alpha male. If you want to be that type of guy, let me help you. Sign up for my free videos and I’ll begin teaching you the best way to approach and even get a date with a beautiful woman.

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