What pleases a woman the most in bed is:

  • Seeing that you are confident, relaxed and doing whatever you want with her.
  • Feeling your masculine touch and presence.
  • Seeing your masculine facial expressions when you feel pleasure or look at her with desire.
  • Hearing your masculine groans of pleasure when she does something good.
  • Seeing that you find her sexy and attractive and that it’s adding to your pleasure.
  • Feeling girly or feminine in response to your masculine behavior, energy, vibe and presence.

As long as you aren’t worried about trying to perform or please her and are instead just being there in your most masculine form, she will feel a type of attraction for you that goes beyond words.

Does Penis Size Matter?

Some women do like big dicks, but the majority of women don’t care.

Have you ever heard a woman say, “A man’s penis size doesn’t matter…what matters is how he uses it” and wondered what it meant? It’s simple. It’s about how you are behaving (see the list above) while you are stroking your penis in and out.

Women get turned on by your thinking, behavior, vibe, actions and presence more than your body or penis size. That’s what women mean when they say, “…it’s how he uses it.”

Personally speaking, I have an average sized penis and I’ve always been able to make my women orgasm. Why? I make a woman feel turned on by my vibe, presence, touch and behavior and she then gets into the type of emotional state that makes her orgasm naturally and easily.

I don’t have to use many different sexual positions or spend time trying to get her turned on. The majority of times, my women orgasm purely based on the emotional state of mind that they get into when in the bedroom with me.

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How Long Does Foreplay Need to Be?

You don’t have to engage in foreplay for any set length of time. As long as there is at least some type of foreplay between you before you have sex, a woman will be pleased.

By foreplay, I don’t mean that you play with her pussy and she jerks off your dick. Foreplay can be a lot of different things that happen inside and outside of the bedroom. Here are some examples:

Inside of the bedroom: Slow kissing, passionate kissing, massage, oral sex, looking into each other’s eyes for 30 seconds.
Outside of the bedroom: Laughter, flirting, tickling her, playfully dominating her physically, making her feel sexy by the way you look at her, making her feel loved by the way you treat her.

To keep the spark alive and make sure that foreplay doesn’t get boring for you or her, make sure that you mix it up. If you always start sex by kissing and caressing each other first, it will eventually get boring and lose its appeal.

Should You Ask Her What She Likes and Doesn’t Like?

Yes, but don’t get too serious about it.

Women enjoy sex with guys who don’t worry and stress about things. Women want sex to be more of an emotional experience, not an intellectual experience.

Before you ask a woman what she likes, first try to please her by being confident, masculine and doing whatever you want. That is what will be most impressive to her because she will get to experience the unique sexual dynamic that only exists when she has sex with you.

If she brings the topic up, don’t try to dodge it. Talk to her about it by first telling her the things that you like about what she does during sex. Don’t expect her to feel confident enough to express what she likes; most women are pretty shy and insecure about revealing their true sexual identity and desires with a guy.

If you’re with a shy woman who only responds with giggling, laughter and answers like, “I don’t know” when you ask her, “What do you like about our sex?” or “What else would you like me to do?” you might need to wait until you and her are drunk or tipsy one night to have that conversation.

Some women are more confident and fearless about asking for what they want and telling you what they like. If you have a woman like that, she will want you to be more confident and fearless and just do whatever you want, while also keeping in mind the things that she likes.

Most women feel turned off by a guy who is trying to hard to please them in the bedroom. A woman wants you to relax, enjoy yourself and let her experience your raw masculinity. If you can do that, you will be able to please most women in bed fairly easily.

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