How to tell if a woman likes you

Don’t wait around for obvious signals that she likes you because all women show their interest in slightly different ways…

If you’re talking to a woman that you like and she touches her hair, smiles and you and maintains eye contact, it doesn’t always mean that she’s signalling her sexual interest in you.

Sometimes, a woman will touch her hair while smiling and making eye contact because she is being polite and friendly.

Instead of looking for signals that might tell you if a woman likes you, what you need to do is make her feel sexually attracted to you. When you make a woman feel sexually attracted to you by what you’re saying and doing while talking to her, then she automatically likes you in a sexual way.

Watch this video to understand how it works…

3 Classic Mistakes That Guys Make When Trying to Get a Woman to Like Them

Getting a woman to want to kiss you, have sex with you and be in a relationship with you is actually a lot easier than most guys realize.

However, if you make any of the following mistakes, you will find it difficult to get women to like you. Women will play hard to get, they’ll say that just want to be friends and they will reject you if you move in for a kiss or ask them out on a date.

The first mistake is…

1. Being too easily impressed by attractive women

If a woman is beautiful, sexy or pretty, most of the guys who meet her will be willing to have sex with her simply based on how she looks. She won’t have to say or do anything special other than looking good.

A lot of those guys will also be willing to have a relationship with her, even if she isn’t a compatible match for them. This is because most guys are way too easily impressed by attractive women.

As a woman grows up, she gradually realizes how easy it is for her to attract men for sex and after a while, she gets bored of that. She begins to wish that she could find a guy who is more of a challenge for her to acquire.

Here’s why…

2. Thinking that being really nice to her will impress her

There’s nothing wrong with being nice to a woman, but when a guy is too nice to a woman because he’s trying hard to impress her by showing how much of a good guy he is, it will often end up with him being rejected.

Here’s why…

3. Not making her feel enough attraction

In the past, women had to save their virginity for marriage. They had to select one man, get married to him and then stay with him for life.
The old days...
Back then, a typical woman couldn’t earn her own money so she was completely reliant on a man for her survival. The society around her expected her to get married, have children, be a housewife and stick with her husband for life.

In 1900 for example, the divorce rate was less than 10% in the developed world. The woman would have to stay with him for life, even if she wasn’t happy.

Since divorce was not much of an option, women usually selected a man based on how much of a gentleman he was and how well set up he was to support her and the family they would have.

Not anymore.

Start with kissing and sex and then take it from there

These days, women can do whatever they want. Women can have sex with guys, get in and out of relationships and settle down whenever they want…that is, if they actually ever want to settle down. Many women only settle down when they reach their late 20s or 30s.

To be successful with women today, what a guy needs to do is start things off by making her feel sexually attracted to him. The more sexual attraction that you make a woman feel when you interact with her, the more that she will want to be with you.

Most women are now open to having sex on the first night or first date. A recent study in the USA found that 55% of couples had sex on their first date and a study in Europe found that 70% of women admit to having experienced a one night stand before.

Kiss her, have sex with her and then think about starting a relationship

In other words, these days relationships usually start off with kissing and sex. You basically take each other for a “test drive” and see how you feel after that. A woman doesn’t have to save her virginity for marriage anymore and she isn’t under pressure to get married immediately.

You don’t have to waste time trying to get to know a girl and hope that, if you’re nice enough to her, she will eventually like you and give you a chance. What you need to do is make her feel attracted to you and then escalate to kissing and sex. After you’ve had sex, both of you can then consider having a relationship.

How can I tell if she likes me?

So, don’t waste time trying to work out whether or not this woman likes you. Not all women are going to show obvious signs of interest in you (e.g. some attractive women will play hard to get and some insecure women will be too shy to show their full interest in you).

What you need to do is make her feel turned on by you by triggering her feelings of sexual attraction when you interact with her. The more attraction she feels for you, the more eager she will be to kiss you and have sex with you…

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  • george  

    the girl i love shows all the signs you mentioned,i went agead to ask her if she loves me and she said she would like us to continue as friends.why?

    • Hi George

      Thanks for your question.

      Yes, that’s what will happen almost EVERY time you tell a woman that you love her (or ask her if she loves you) BEFORE you’ve had sex. There is a natural flow to a human, sexual courtship and you are doing it incorrectly by talking about love before you’ve had sex.

      Sign up here for free and I will send you free videos, free audio clips and free PDF reports that reveal the correct way to go from one stage to the next with a woman.


      • Frank  

        What does it mean if you give a number at random and the girl you think likes you ask if you want that many children? Like you say 19 and she asks if you want 19 kids.

        • Hi Frank

          Unless there is more of a back story to this situation, it doesn’t mean anything. She’s joking.


        • Tiffanie  

          I agree. She was probably just trying to come up with something funny to say.

      • Tiffanie  

        I’m a woman, and HONESTLY, if I love the guy romantically, I WANT to hear him tell me, and I totally want to tell him, too (without having to sleep with him first). Actually, if he says it first, that just makes me 10 times happier. Now, if I love the guy as a friend/brother, I definitely want to tell him I love him, as long as I don’t think he’ll get confused and think I mean it in a romantic way. And if I have STRONG romantic feelings for the guy, possibly romantic love, but also have very strong feelings for another guy, I won’t be so quick to tell him I love him in that way; I want to be very careful before revealing my feelings for him, simply because I don’t want to hurt him in the long run–I want to make sure I’m ready to do right by him before hitting him with my feelings. And if I don’t feel close to the guy at all, I absolutely DO NOT want him telling me he loves me–it just makes me very uncomfortable, & it likely makes him a uncomfortable when I don’t say it back. I’d probably respond with, “What do you mean? We barely know each other.” But that’s just me. Other women may be different. I guess, on one hand, anytime you tell anyone you love them, you’re risking those feelings not being reciprocated–but the greater the risk, the greater the reward. On the other hand, when you really love someone, you love them without looking for anything in return. That way, if they return the feelings, great! If they don’t, you didn’t lose out on anything because you weren’t looking for them to give you anything in return in the first place. You express your love simply because you want to, not because you want something from them–That expression of love really can draw a woman closer to you.

        Also, I find it a little irritating that you can’t smile, give a compliment to, or be nice to a guy without him thinking you want to hook-up with him.

        • Lol…this is so skewed towards you being comfortable and the guy having to risk everything.

          If you really like the guy, you’ll be afraid to say you like him and you SAY that you’re doing that to protect HIM if you don’t end up treating him right. Yeah right! You’re doing that because you are behaving like the guys who are reading this article. You are talking about REALLY LIKING SOMEONE, but not knowing if they like you…just like these guys are. Except, while you tell the guys to confess their feelings in that situation, you say you wouldn’t do it if you were in that situation because you want to protect the guy. Lol…

          As a general rule, men should not take dating advice from women, because it is always skewed towards the woman winning and if the guy ends up following the advice, most women are turned off by how nice and courteous he is.

          Plain and simple guys: Escalate to a kiss (read this article: The Kissing Drug) and then sex. Then, if you don’t tell her your feelings, she will be eagerly wanting to know if you like her and aren’t just going to dump her after sex. When you tell her you DO like her, she will happy and excited and the loving relationship will begin. Do NOT talk about deep feelings prior to sex, unless she tells you that she has feelings for you FIRST.


  • frank  

    She said she love me but still have other men outside, how can i know if she trully like me to marry me

    • Hi Frank

      Thanks for your question.

      So, you want to marry a woman who says she loves you but still sleeps with other men? If you want to be another divorce statistic, go ahead! If you want your woman to respect you and have a committed relationship with you, sign up to my free newsletter to learn how.


  • paul  

    why women have more interest to be with bad guy instead of good guy.

  • ALIYU  

    I’m22 and my step sister is 32 and she is a widow with two children she always share her problems with only me not even to her mom when she glance at me she smile she like staying with me she even show me her picures and give some do you think she loves me?

    • Tiffanie  

      Hopefully she does love you–she’s your stepsister. There’s other fish in the sea, honey. Don’t even open that can of worms. Set some boundaries in that relationship. Just because a woman smiles, or winks, or whatever doesn’t mean you HAVE to pursue a relationship with her. Set some standards for yourself.

      • Nice one Tiffanie! Well said.


        • Rocky  

          hey dan there this girl I meet just over a week ago and we meet at my place had dinner then from that night on till last Tuesday we spent every day together bjut now she saying she likes me a lot but she doesent wanna get to comfy to quicky so were not gonna see eatch other for a few days ,now I really like her to but what we have dne in the last week was awesome but now that we haven’t seen eatch other for a few days but we txt twice a day and iv rang her two nights in a row is there anything to worry about ??

        • Hey Rocky

          Thanks for your question.

          There’s nothing to worry about, but you need to ensure that you are making her feel sexual attraction for you, rather than you behaving like a friend and making her feel “friendly” emotions towards you. If you need advice on that and want heaps of quick, easy things you can do, read my book The Flow:


  • jim  

    So I met this woman via online dating last week we where talking through email for few days I then asked if she wanted to met and grab coffee. She said yes and I got her number. So last night we met for coffee, and we spent 5 hours talking and having a good time. When we were leaving I asked if she wanted to go out again and have dinner. She said she’d love to. Now I guess here’s my question is she interested in me or am I in the friend zone?

  • Mr.X  

    thanks for the tips,Dan!
    but my lady shows half the signs ie
    she keeps eye contact but does not try to catch it.
    she laughs at my stupidest of all jokes
    body language-she does not concentrate much on looks(though she is cute) and yes,she crosses her legs while talking to me.she is a cool and settled person,and is seldom angry.
    but there are rumors that she’s committed.
    please tell me what do her signs mean.

    • Tiffanie  

      Dude! Ask her! If she’s as cool as you say she is, she’ll be cool about it. I’m just saying, a lot guys let great girls slip through their fingers because they’re just trying to “read the signs” and they’re reading them all wrong. Just talk to her about whatever’s on your mind (in as respectful way). Haven’t you figured it out by now. Woman LOVE when guys talk to them about this stuff. We want to know what you’re thinking just as much as you want to know we’re thinking. We’re the ones who have to worry about saying too much to you, not the other way around. And if she’s is interested in you but is already in a relationship, she’ll let you down in a way that won’t embarrass you.

      • Lol…

        This is another example of why guys should NOT take dating advice from a woman.

        “Mr.X” Do NOT ask her if she likes you. Be the man and escalate to touching and kissing confidently and respectfully. Have sex and the relationship will then begin. However, if you ask her if she likes you or if she wants to have a relationship, most modern women will reject you because they expect men to be savvier than that.


  • red  

    i have meet girl and ifall in love she have relationshep with some other guy before and now so how to atract this girl to me

    • Tiffanie  

      Leave her alone. If you can make her leave her guy for you, someone else can probably make her leave you for them. IF you want, you can candidly tell let her know that if doesn’t work out between her and her guy, to let you know.

  • Nolan  

    there is a woman in our dance class that i patner with everytime we have our classes. She danced passionately with me.
    whenever i text her, she replied back. we exchange messages several times within a day.
    does this mean she likes me?

    • Hi Nolan

      Thanks for your question.

      Wow, your comment suddenly reminded me of how clueless I used to be when it came to assessing a woman’s interest in me. It’s obvious that you don’t understand attraction, how a woman will show interest and the steps you need to go through to naturally escalate to a sexual relationship. You really need to watch this video and then read the book: Your current approach to success with women is about hoping to be chosen by the girl. That’s not how to have choice in your dating life and will only ever result in you getting lucky with random women, rather that YOUR CHOICE of women. Read: Is Getting Lucky the Answer to Success With Women? (Make sure you read the article. It will change your life and save you from a LOT of pain, heartache and rejection now and in the long run).


  • D'Aaron  

    I have this beautiful neighboor, last week her kids and my kids all played basketball. Her and I had a few drinks. Than she started talking about how her boyfriend. Treats her and that he is cheating on her. I’married, not happily married, but married. And I’m very attracted to her. We like each other. She shows me all the signs I need to know that she’s interested in me. We have hugged, and she has given me a big cheek kiss. I don’t know what to do. We talked earlier this evening and kinda told each how we felt for one another. But I think I’m going to stay away because I don’t want to cause any problems.

    • Tiffanie  

      Save your marriage. The grass is always greener on the other side. Besides, if the lady keeps talking about her boyfriend, he’s still going to be in her system if and when they break up. Then she’ll just be talking about her “ex-boyfriend”, even if you and she start a relationship. You’ll get tired of it.

  • matt  

    i am a 52 year old divorced man with a 52 year old girlfriend but i have this attractive 32 year old recently divorced coworker who is always smiling at me and laughing at my sense of humor. lately she is going to employee evening get togethers saying she would only go if i was going too. she is also sending me texts with big smile and wink smiley faces. i just dont know if she is interested or just being friendly because i am 20 years older how can i find out without blowing it with her thx matt

  • james  

    Hi, I met this women on a date site 4 years ago than we met up again later. We finally met and we are chatting and she is sending me photos. She is a pain in the butt challenge. We did have sex on the first day but she took blame cause I didn’t force it. We text. And I’m wondering cause we are both stubborn she knows I like her a lot too. She hits on me or flirts but isn’t ready for the dating stage. Does this mean that’s she’s interested or keeping her window options open?

    • Hi James

      Thanks for your questions.

      You shouldn’t allow the woman to be in control like that. You call the shots, you decide when things happen. How? You’ve got to get the girl chasing you, no matter how stubborn she is. If you let a woman play her using “dating games” she will usually bowl you right over. Take control. I recommend you watch Better Than a Bad Boy and learn how to be the type of guy that women desperately chase after.


  • abi  

    hi am abi i love one female and am asking 2 be my friend but she did not accepted after we spent more than 2 years.but still when am asking 2 be meet she always says ok so reality she loves me or not pls say sth

    • Hi Abi

      You don’t understand women. If you want a girl to be your girlfriend and have sex with you, you don’t ask her to be your friend. Read The Flow and learn the right way to talk to a woman you’re attracted to.


    • Tiffanie  

      First or all, if you want her to be more than your friend, you have to ask her to be more than your friend. But I have the feeling she told you exactly what she wanted or didn’t want with you but you won’t listen. Respect her yes or no.

      • Hi Tiffanie

        You’ve made some fairly good comments on this page, thanks. However, this comment on yours (and a few others that I’ve deleted instead of approving) is a perfect example of why men should NOT take dating advice from a woman.

        A woman will say, “Tell her that you want more than friends” because that’s how SHE would like it to happen with a guy that SHE wants to be more than friends with. Why? Usually because she’s afraid of being rejected by the guy who probably isn’t that into her in “that way.” However, if a guy that she is NOT sexually attracted to asks her if she wants to be more than just friends, she will say, “No, I don’t want to ruin our friendship” because that’s ALL she sees it as.

        A guy should NOT ask the woman, he should take this approach with her and NOTHING else. Kiss her or get lost:


        • Tiffanie  

          I hear you, Dan :-) All I’m saying here is that the guy should stop wasting both their time trying to be “friends” when he really wants to be more than friends. He’s either going to be dissapointed that he invested so much time into being friends when she doesn’t want more, or he’s going to realize that he could’ve been her “man” sooner if he had he taken a more direct approach. And the thing is, after the girl tells the guy she’s not interested, he’s still convinced that if he stays her “friend” a little longer, she’ll change her mind. It doesn’t work.

        • Well said Tiffanie.


  • Paul  

    This girl keeps touching me and talking to me? Should I ask her out?

    • Hi Paul

      Lol…gee, thanks for all the information on the situation! Dude, what do you think I am – a mind reader? :) For all I know, she could be your office manager and she’s touching you on your shoulder when she comes to your desk to see if you’ve been working well.

      If it’s a girl who is hitting on you, do this:

      …oh, and no – you don’t ask girls out. That happens in the movies and when you are 13. Grown ups kiss and then escalate to sex and a relationship without having to talk about it.


  • xion  

    hi..i known this girl(actually were church mates) since high school but not that close enough to be called as my college times till now..she’s always telling me she loves me even in front of so many young people in our church, telling me to sit beside her, trying to piss me off, then laugh at me, but there is one guy in our church that she says she consider it at her bestfriend, and this is where my problem starts, cause i dont really beleive that they’re just bestfriends cause that girl also does to that guy or more than what she’s doing to me..and my question is, does this girl like me or she only wants to be surrounded by many be more precise this girl is the only child of her parents, and maybe shes only used to be the center of attraction..really needs your xion from philippines XD

  • Odumusor ogban  

    she always look at me in a way dat i think she want me to tell her something n i dont know how to tel her dat i love her

    • Hi Odumumsor

      You’ve clearly got no idea about how to successfully attract a woman. Watch this video


  • mike  

    Ok so I’ve dated this girl before…we moved on but she would randomly text me to see how i was…then she wanted to go to the movies but called it a non date…i don’t know im confused cause we have a great time together…should i move on…she will put her arm on me and i think she likes me …of course i had to ask her what her deal was and that i don’t do friends…but then told her i was willing to do just friends…i guess cause i do like her…please help…

    • Hi Mike

      Lol…mate, you need to kiss her. Read: The Kissing Drug

      Additionally, it is YOU as the man who makes the rules, not the woman. She follows you, not the other way around. If you treat a woman like she is the boss, you’ll get nowhere with most women and will be used by some women.


  • Kirk Goolsby  

    Hey Dan,

    First off I’m a huge fan, I think you give wonderful advice. Secondly I have a Co-Worker who I’ve had feelings for for quite sometime. I have told other coworkers about my feelings towards her and over time they have told me that they believe she likes me. Initially when we first started talking, her shift would end and she would spend time with me in the break room we’d talk for 30 minutes at a time until my break was over and then she’d leave. Also, after her shift would be over she would come to my department and pretty much put a jacket over her uniform and hang out. In fact, she stayed an hour after her shift was over just to talk to me and hang out. Near Christmas, she asked me to help her load an item she had just bought from the store into her car, we had a store full of co-workers yet she came all the way to my department to ask me. Here’s the twist, I gave her a gift for Christmas and she freaked it and not in a good way, she asked me why I got it for her? And I hesitated and said ‘because we are close’ and didnt tell her I liked her. A week later I find out she’s still has feelings for her ex and refers to him as her best friend, yet she still shows all of these signs to me as well. Infact a lot of my male coworkers come to me and tell me they can tell she likes me. How should I approach this situation? And does she truly like me? Thanks a bunch Dan!

    • Hi Kirk

      Thanks for your question and positive feedback.

      It sounds like she is woman #2 in this article: Is She Hitting on You or Just Being Friendly? It also seems like you are doing what the guys in this article do: Is Getting Lucky the Answer to Success With Women? and suffering the consequences as a result.

      For the record: I also want to point out that I cannot see any record of a product purchase from you. You mention I give wonderful advice, but it seems you’ve only been learning from the free articles. I just want to point that out to others because if you had at least read The Flow, you wouldn’t be asking me this question – you’d be posting a success story about you and this woman being in a loving, sexual relationship.


  • Sylvester  

    Hello i love a girl and we are having a relationship going on but whenever i say i luv u she never replies back and gives d reason dat she is at home but earlier she used 2 say it bt i dnt knw wht 2 do it hurts me a lot and she always chat with her new friends but never txt me a single msg and every time she talks about an actos dat she have crush and she luvs him more what 2 i hurts me alot bt i never got angry on her or scolded her because she wuld get upset :(

  • John  

    Hello dan i want your opinion.

    These days many students we study in the university library, we are about 1500 students there. So as you can imagine there are a lot of girls there. My problem is that i don’t know how to approach a girl without understanding me that i like her. I mean when i’m sitting in a desk, and the girl i like is on an other, i can’t just go and talk to her, even if i’ll ask her something general, like i want her opinion for something or something like that. she will wonder why i asked her while there are so many people there, so she will again think that i like her. And as i know it’s not good to show that you like a girl who is very very beuatiful, as she’s going to reject you. In the case that i know that a girl likes me, by looking me all the time etc.. Then do i have to go and talk to her immediately? or do something else?

    • Hi John

      Lol…stop pretending that you don’t like girls. If you do that, you’re living a lie and people can see it.

      One of the fundamental principles we teach here at The Modern Man is to BE REAL. You never have to lie to a woman or pretend. Be real, women respect that and WANT that from a guy.


  • steve  

    How do you let a co worker know you like her without putting your job at risk

    • Hi Steve

      Thanks for your question.

      You don’t tell a woman you like her. You flirt and if she flirts back, she is interested. I recommend you listen to The Ultimate Guide to Conversation and learn how to flirt and talk to women in a way that naturally, easily and quickly leads to love and sex.


  • Delick  

    How do i get a good girl, that does not Party, drink or smoke because i don’t, it happens that i land on bad girls that like me back but i do not like them back, pliz help

    • Hi Delick

      Thanks for your question.

      We provide 21 different ways to meet women in this program: 21 Great Ways to Get a Girlfriend. You’ll learn how to meet ALL kinds of women. If you sign up to our newsletter, you will get free previews of that program and will learn about how to meet women who meet your exact criteria.


  • Daz  

    hi Dan
    I work with a women I have started having feeling for but I am not sure if she feels the same way , if I ask her out and she says no I could loss my job ,I have tried to ask her out before because I thought she was hinting at wanting to do something but she just went quiet and didn’t answer, but then after about 10 mins she started asking what do I look for in a women , and when I told her ,and she has this quality she looked and smiled at me, also she makes jokes about me liking other members of staff that she knows I don’t like,
    A couple of months ago she phoned me from work but on her mobile to ask me something work related, so about 2 weeks after I text her and we had a general conversation it wasn’t 1 word answers but then she just stopped messaging and when I seen her in work the next day she said she couldn’t stop laughing at what I text her , this seems to be how it goes I will text her first we will txt for about 1 hour then she will just stop texting,
    was just wondering if you could help with some advice , thank you

    • Hi Daz

      Thanks for your question.

      Basically, you’re the type of guy who is afraid to approach and meet women. You’re lonely, you’re feeling desperate and you’re trying to get a woman in the easiest way possible…even though she doesn’t like you that much.

      …and guess what?

      She knows that. Women can tell if a guy is afraid of walking up to women he finds attractive and talking to them. It is written all over your body language and easily perceptible when observing your behavior around other women. You have a few interactions with a woman you work with and then start fantasizing at night about being in a relationship with her, while she is probably sleeping with a guy who had the guts to approach her and escalate to kissing and sex. All you have is a few texts and phone calls, while he gets to have sex with her.

      If you want my advice, here it is: Learn how to make her feel sexual attraction for you. Do NOT ask her out. That is NOT the way to go through a natural, sexual courtship with a woman. Sure, you might see that happen in the movies, but guess what? Movies are ENTERTAINMENT, not EDUCATION. Sure, some movies give people some interesting realizations, but the purpose of movies, TV sitcoms, etc is to ENTERTAIN both male and female audiences. The approach you’re using is like something out of a teenage TV sitcom.

      If you want to get a real education on how to go through the flow of a natural, sexual courtship with a woman, read The Flow.


  • noel  

    Hi dan, at work this random stranger girl I attended ( I work at the airport at a ticket counter) after I checked in her bags and printed her ticket, I told her and her friend to have a good day and after she randomly asked me “do you want another job?” I stood clueless to the question and said back to her ” no I’m ok thank you ” and after she smiled at me staring at me and afterward her and her friend giggled and they walked away. Till this day I am very confused of what that means, please help me out .

    • Hi Noel

      Thanks for question.

      Sorry, I don’t do mind reading! :) Mate, you should have just asked her, “…and what would that job involve?” She was likely hinting at you being her boyfriend, who knows. Stuff like this doesn’t matter Noel. What matters is what YOU do in the moment, not the woman. If you want to learn how to be a man who takes action when a moment like that is presented to him, watch Alpha Male Power:


  • kevin  

    I would like to know if there is a possibility that I could be with this one. Women that I had a crush on. Its been 8 months since I’ve known this women. Things we great between us. I often told her that I fell inlove with her she would give me that shy look. But for the past month she didn’t want to speak to me. She said she doesn’t want a bf. She wouldn’t tell me why. So I should often get angry with her and just say some silly things to her getting her upset! Instead of telling her good morning I used to say things like I think u better off without me. And eventually she just cut of all conection with me. I wanted to write a letter of apology to her. What do you think I could do to get her back. Please help

    • Hey Kevin

      Thanks for your question.

      Honestly, I laughed when I read this because the answer is so simple. You did The Flow backwards. Your attempt at a sexual courtship was backwards and that’s why it backfired. Read The Flow and start the courtship again with her properly:


  • Brian Brown  

    can a woman still like a without smiling, but catching staring but it was without expression and then another incident i could feel her breast on my thigh, but they were no excuse it was an accident, even thought i fake i like didn’t like

    what she sending me a meassage

    • Hi Brian

      Thanks for your question.

      It doesn’t matter what a woman does. What matters is what YOU do. You are the man, not her. You need to take the lead and make something happen. You need to flirt and see if she flirts back. If you don’t know how to go through the process of a natural, sexual courtship, read this:


  • Knut  

    Hey Dan.

    When you are a genuine alpha-male, who is the kind of man that you teach us to be; then are absolutely ALL girls sexually attracted to you?

    In other words: When you are a truly confident man – are you then able to sexually attract every girl that you meet?

    Or do all women have a personal partner-preference?
    So that a truly confident guy still has to be a girl’s “personal type of guy” un order for him to be a sexually attractive man too her?

    In other words – the question is this:
    Is a 100% success-rate really possible with absolutely every women, or is it not, when a man is a genuinely confident alpha-male?

    Thank you for sharing your opinion about this.

    • Hey Knut

      Thanks for your question.

      Yes and no.

      Yes: All women feel sexual attraction for you when you truly are an alpha male in the way you think, behave and take action. It’s just a fact of nature. That simply how attraction works for humans and women can’t stop themselves from feeling it.

      No: You can’t get all women and wouldn’t want to. Some are married, engaged or in a relationship and MANY will not be YOUR type. Don’t think about not being a woman’s type and go around hoping to be chosen. An alpha male selects women who are his type (and who are single, if he has any sense of morality) and then has sex with them.


  • Piyush  

    I am 38 year old married male from India working in a office from last 4 years. 2 years back a married woman aged around 32 joined our office in the same department but under different process. Job Position wise she is junior to me in office. We a group of 5-7 co-workers take lunch together. Initially we were normal co-worker with little interaction and latter a little more but a good colleague only. Sometimes we chat (normally I initiated chat but I had a normal curious feeling nothing else) sometimes but her responses were brief. But I always feel she has been a good feeling for me. We both are married.

    Sometimes back, she went on leave for more than a month. When she came, every one was welcoming her on rejoining office. At the lunch I told her that I missed her (in front of others in normal conversation) and gave her an official genuine reason which was acceptable to everyone. This was casual talk but yes I was thinking about her when she was on leave. After 2 days, all of sudden, she called me on my direct office extension no and told me she was surprised that I have such feeling for her. When I asked to explain, she told me that she know I like her. I do not know what happened at that time and I admitted that I like her (I had a good feeling for her but liking was at different level which I do not had). She told me that she was not even expecting such thing from me. We talked a lot that day. 2-3days was normal. Then we start talking on office phone and chat about office and some others issues or about some one else. Normally we have full eye contact while talking and I feel some changes in her face. Even if we go some where by our office car and she never seat beside me. She tries to seat on the back seat and even we have I contact some times in the back mirror while talking. Once I we were alone, I asked whether she love me and she told me she has special feeling for me but not like love etc. She told me that our co-workers are talking about us, but still we talk (in office hour only). Some times she call and tell me that she like to talk as she is not in good mood. When ever we are alone she avoids body contact but we have full eye contact for several seconds to minutes…even I tried once by touching her (intentional) but she reacted very sharply. She has a group of female co-workers but still we chat, etc which shows we have great bonding. She support me in general talks in group and even she shares things from her female group co-workers chat and vice versa. When ever I say I want a hug or kiss she tell me that she is going to hand phone ( or she tell me that she is not expecting it from me if I tell in person all these things)

    I like her….love to like her or love to seduce her …but do not know what kind of relation it is….does she love me …. is she seducing me or nothing special.

    Please advice. what she wants from me? Sex/ love/ friendship or what?

    • Hey Piyush

      Thanks for your question.

      For the record: I don’t agree with stealing another man’s wife. However, what you do with the techniques I provide is your business, not mine.

      About her feelings for you: It seems as though she feels a level of attraction for you, but she is simply trying to avoid the relationship progressing to a more intimate level because she wants to protect her marriage.


      • Piyush  

        thanks Dan, i was eagerly waiting for your response…..

        hey Dan i am also agree with you regarding not stealing another man’s wife …hahaha….

        I was curious or you can say very curious to know what she wants from me….now she has been trying to avoid conversation also….but i feel her some times around me/ my seat…..but now i also try to keep myself away from her….thx Dan will not stole others’ wife…..thx for suggestion and disclaimer…

        • Hey Piyush

          You’re welcome mate.

          Now, go and find yourself a women who isn’t already attached! :)


  • David  

    I Drive a delivery route on one of my stops I have this woman that is always smiling at me the other day she told me I looked nice when I was leaving and I were the same type of clothes everyday she always pays me a compliment on my back is turned towards what does this mean does this mean she likes me and might be a little shy

    • Hey David

      Thanks for your question.

      You either didn’t watch the video I posted on this page or didn’t pay attention. Reminder: It doesn’t matter whether or not she “likes” you or if she is shy. What does matter? Watch the video to learn the answer.


  • Sam  

    I like a woman elder then me…she always asked me about my ex gf..asking me did i talked to her

    Dont know why she asked me this..she is in contact wiyh y ex gf

    She knows that i like her eyes aa my gf told her that i praise abt her eyes..she has tries to have eye contacy with me but i am shy i couldnt but now i did looking at her eyea after dew second her eyes moved and come back to same eye contact
    .what i should do ow i will know she is interested me

    • Hi Sam

      She knows that you like her eyes? In most cases, guys who talk a lot about liking a woman’s eyes are usually too afraid to tell her what they really mean, which is, “I think you’re sexy.”

      Also: Who cares what she asks you? That doesn’t matter. She is not the leader or the alpha. You are the man and need to lead the way from a conversation to a kiss, sex and a relationship. Don’t sit around waiting for her to guide you through the flow of a sexual courtship – that’s not her role. Read:


  • NB  

    Hi Dan,
    Pls kindly guide me. I met a lady at a wedding we talked n laughed all through the ceremony. i ask for her no. But she rather collected mine and only txt me after about a month. I ave been trying since then to reach her but shes forming busy. What do i do? I like her very much.

  • Adam  

    She keeps asking me out and texting me. I send here flowers from time to time. This went on for 3 years and still going. I told her that I loved her and she said let us be friends. Why? What can I do?

  • Gerard  

    There is a woman I like and whenever she drinks, she shows really strong signs that she’s into me. She calls, texts, kisses me, grinds on me. then when I ask her out when she’s sober. she says she just wants to be friends. then I made the mistake of drunk texting afterward and showing myself as a pathetic winey bitch. How do I fix this? I have been ignoring her this last week as she comments and likes everything I do on facebook. What do I do now?

  • Gerard  

    man im reading this article and ive still got a long way to go to understand women fully, but I am finding it extremely educational. I just want to say thanks

    • You’re welcome Gerard

      Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad that it has helped you.


  • Rene  

    Hey Dan, I was wondering if you could help me

    You see I met a girl in europe in a museum trip which was really cute and I talk to her, we laughed and we started knowing things about each other, after the conversation I told her I wanted to take a picture with her and she agreed. Later that day I was talking with my friends about her in the museum and they told me that I should ask her facebook or instagram, I found her again and ask her both the facebook and instagram, she gave me both.

    Later that day at night I add her to facebook and followed her to instagram and we were chatting in facebook on 1:00 am I think and asked where she was staying in europe and she told me in the city (central) I told her that I was going back that day and ask her if she wanted to hang out with me and my friends and do something chill, she said no because she needed to take care of her cousin and that on saturday she was going to australia (We were both on greece in a trip and we are both from different countries and this chat started on thrusday night)
    I said that there was no problem and whenever she wanted to do something i said her to send me a text and she said ok, next she said that she wanted the pictures she took with me that day and I gave them to her, she seemed happy.

    The next day when I arrive to the city I send her a text to see what she was doing but she never saw it and nver text me back and all of a sudden she stopped following me on instagram and now I am worried she blowed me off, any help?

  • victor  

    dan how do i score my college teacher

  • ks  

    I was wondering. I’m in a relationship and I’m not very happy with it and I live with my girlfriend. I’m thinking about leaving her and a few weeks ago I met this bartender girl at a wedding and we talk and share some pitty stories with her and we kick things off. She adds me to Facebook and gets my number. We text once in awhile and I have seen her a few times since then. When we talk we stare into to each others eyes and she smiles. She is a sweet girl and pretty awesome. The kicker is she had a boyfriend and says she’s happy but doesn’t ever talk about him. How can I tell if she likes me or just want to be friends. O also we are meeting up for lunch and are gonna be hanging out more. What should I do?

  • Michael  

    Hey Dan

    I got your book The Flow a few weeks ago and now the girl that I was hoping to impress is now my girlfriend.

    I originally found your site via this page, so I just wanted to stop by here and express my thanks!


    • Hey Michael


      Thanks for sharing your success story and congratulations on making that girl your GF!

      Enjoy all the love, sex and great times ahead!


  • Roland  

    Hey Dan,

    Went out on a DATE with this girl I knew year ago, we were actually friends. She has a boyfriend that time and I kinda like her friend before. This month, asked her on a date because i knew she was single already. I think the date went well, we went to a coffee shop. She keeps giggling and laughing! The date lasted almost 3 hours. But i’m wondering, she’s really comfortable with my touch, like touched her face, hold her hands, I can rest my hand on her legs. She is focused on her conversation. But sometimes, she just looks at my eye while im talking. Then I asked her, did you understand what I said? then she laughed “not so much, tell me again” then she giggled. Then lots moment were it gets silent and i just look at her, then she keeps smiling and giggling. And asked my “WHAT?” I said nothing, you’re just so beautiful!
    One thing aswell, she kinda hinted me that she just sees me as a friend and she doesn’t want to be in a relationship because she just broke with her boyfriend a month ago. I just shrug that off. Then keep CHATTING having fun. Then asked her if she would like to take a walk, she said yes. When we walk, i notice we are really close to each other. I put my hands on her lower back to guide her, put my hands around her. We talked about getting to get together again, and cook at my place together and eat. She said we should, let me know you have my number. Then i gave her a hug and she got in the bus.

    • Hi Ronald

      Thanks for your comment.

      When you referred to her as being beautiful, it sounds like you said it in a way where you were trying to communicate to her how much you liked her. Almost like you adored her and were hoping to get a chance with her.

      Telling a woman that she is beautiful is fine, but you should do it without serious intentions (i.e. flirt with her) or else she may raise up her guard and feel like you don’t deserve a girl like her. Watch this:


  • Tanner  

    If I haven’t been very confident can I start being more confident and then she could possibly like me? Or is it more that you have to be confident in the first place?

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