Why do women hate it when men play video games?

Women know that playing a video game doesn’t achieve much in the real world.

There are many guys out there right now playing on their gaming consoles, focusing all their masculine energy on climbing through the levels of their favorite games…and they are doing it very well too. The one thing that many of these guys have in common, besides being into gaming of course, is one burning question: “Why do women hate it when men play video games?”

The answer to this question is actually quite simple: Women hate it when men spend a lot of time playing video games because it doesn’t really achieve anything in the real world. Sure, there’s that legendary, exceptional woman who is beautiful, likes to play video games too and thinks it’s great that you hang out on the couch with your buddies playing games while she cleans the house and bakes cookies. Yet, in most cases, women do not put up with men who spend their time and energy trying to achieve amazing things in a different reality! A woman wants to see her man going somewhere in his life; and if she likes him and his plan, she will want to tag along for life.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Playing Video Games

Personally, I wish I had more time to play video games and I am looking forward to the future of gaming, potentially being able to live in virtual worlds and so on. However, for now, my mission is to achieve great things in the reality that matters. The real world around us is a challenge to master and when a woman sees a man who is breakthrough through barriers, pushing forward towards his goals and on his way to achieving great things in life, she is extremely impressed and attracted to him.

Yet, if you are a die hard gamer who is hiding from your true potential in real life, to a woman, it looks like all of your energy and potential is going nowhere. Playing a video game entertains you, maybe even challenges you, after all some of the games are really tough, but then again anyone can play a “difficult” video game, even a boy. Unless your a professional gamer or involved in the industry, playing video games and completing levels that little boys can also complete isn’t going to be of much benefit to you and a woman in the real world. Women sense this and it turns them off on an instinctive level.

The good news is that you if do go after your true potential in life and are not hiding away from it in fear, then your woman will be absolutely fine with you relaxing and taking some time off every now and again to play video games. Personally, I can’t wait to have time to play a certain game that is coming out in a few months and my girlfriend will not complain when I do, because she sees how hard I work (usually 10 hours a day, 6 days a week for The Modern Man). However, before I take some time off to relax and play that video game, I have a lot of work to do beforehand if I am going to feel comfortable with spending my time essentially achieving “nothing.” I am completely dedicated to achieving goals in the real world. Just like the abundance of food, playing video games is a luxury of the modern world. You can either get fat from eating too much food and avoid achieving anything by play games all the time, or you can eat well and achieve things in the real world.

Personally, I haven’t been able to play any games for the last year because I’ve been so busy with The Modern Man, but one day I’ll have the time to play a game for a few weekends. I’m looking forward to it! None of my girlfriends have ever been annoyed that I play video games every now and then because they can see that the majority of my masculine energy is focussed squarely on my purpose and her.

1. Women Know That Playing a Video Game is Not Achieving Much (or Anything) in the Real World

As far back as I’ve been able to research into human history, it has always appeared that a woman has wanted her man to be striving to make their survival easier and more comfortable. As such, women are not instinctively attracted to men who hide from achieving that. A woman wants her man to be going places. She doesn’t really care if he hasn’t gotten there yet, but she wants to know that he at least has a desire and a plan for getting there. Goals, ambition, determination and forward thinking are prized qualities that women revere and seek out in men. When you are laying on your couch in your boxers and an old t-shirt, it’s definitely not giving her the message that you are going anywhere in life, that you’re willing to work hard and strive to achieve something important or that you’re at least going to ensure that you and her can live a decent life. If all your energy and attention is constantly focused on a virtual world, there is very little of your masculine energy left over for her and for the future.

2. She Feels Neglected

When you are more interested in achieving the next level in your game instead of spending time with her or striving to achieve real world goals, it sends a clear signal to her; in her eyes she is being neglected and has been relegated to second place. In many cases, the woman will then begin thinking about finding another man and she will begin changing her behavior towards her current man.

3. It’s a Gamers Club and She’s Not Invited

Gamers get very animated when they play their games or talk about games they’re currently playing. If you’re not in the thick of the action and experiencing the game, you don’t feel the same connection to it as a the gamer does. A woman wants to feel included, desired and the centre of attraction at times. If she is regularly excluded because of a video game and is unable to connect with you about the thing that seems most important to you, she will feel disconnected and empty. A woman wants to feel love, respect and attraction for her man and she wants love to fill her life. She doesn’t want to be plunged into feeling empty and unfulfilled by her relationship.

4. It Ruins the Opportunity For Foreplay

When you’re years into a relationship, it sometimes takes a bit of foreplay to get into the mood. The most important type of foreplay is the dynamic between you and her during your daily interactions, as well as your ability to make her feel like a sexy woman. However, when playing a computer game, it requires your full attention and you get so immersed in that world that you often forget to continue building the sexual tension between you and your woman.

Passing Levels in This Reality

While it’s fun to pass through levels in a game reality, the wholesome joy you will get from passing through the levels of real life is much more satisfying and rewarding for you long term. If you don’t have a girlfriend or find it difficult to meet girls, you’re going to need to start putting yourself to the test in the real world. Maybe 50 years from now, you will be able to have a android girlfriend who behaves like a human girlfriend, but for now – real, human women are not going magically appear in your lounge room next to your video game console. If you want to meet a great woman and have a sexual relationship with her, you are going to have to step out of your comfort zone. This means you have to step into the flow of the real world and put yourself to the test, talking to real women. As you may know, women are most attracted to alpha males. Being an alpha male is mostly about how you think, behave and take action. Being an alpha male allows you to approach and talk to women whenever you want, because you feel no fear of rejection or no approach anxiety.

If you want to learn more about how to be an alpha male and begin passing levels in THIS world (rather than the confines of an imaginary computerized world), I recommend that you watch Alpha Male Power.

Watch Alpha Male Power

So, why do women hate it when men play video games? It’s simple. The truth is, even a boy can play a video game, but to succeed in life is a different game all together. However, as long as you have the type of “never give up” attitude that you’ve likely applied to gaming, you will eventually (or even quickly) succeed in the real world.

Taking it to the Next Level

Being alpha is important, but it’s not the end of the game. If you want to learn how to be the sort of man that all women want, you need to become what they refer to as a REAL MAN. If you want to learn how to do that, I recommend that you watch Better Than a Bad Boy. A big part of being a real man is having purpose in life and going after it with a “never give up” type of attitude. If you don’t know what your purpose is, I provide a Purpose Discovery Exercise in the program.

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