Not all breakups mean that it’s over forever.

In fact, many couples get back together within days, weeks and in some cases months.

In other cases, couples even get back together after years apart.

However, if you’re like most guys, you want to get her back as soon as possible.

If that’s the case, then look out for the following signs from her and then move things forward to get her back asap:

1. She was still attracted to you and in love with you when the breakup happened

Sometimes a break up can happen for a trivial reason (e.g. she saw a text from another girl on your phone and got upset), because of bad timing (e.g. one person is moving interstate or overseas), or due to one of you behaving out of character (e.g. lost your temper even though you’re usually able to maintain control of your emotions).

In cases like that, if she was still attracted and in love at the time of the breakup, she will miss you and potentially want you back.

However, you can’t rely on her to make all the moves (e.g. call or text you, show interest, suggest catching up).

Even if she does still love you and want you back, she may be worried that you don’t feel the same way about her right now.

So, she’ll hold back from showing interest, rather than getting rejected if you don’t care about her anymore, or are still angry about being dumped.

If you reject her when she reaches out and shows interest, it will then feel like she is the one who got dumped.

As a result, she will avoid taking that risk and just hope that you have the courage to reach out and make something happen.

So, if you want to get back together with your ex, you need to be bold enough to take the lead and guide her through the ex back process.

2. She is still open to texting you and chatting with you

She is still open to texting you and chatting with you

When a woman definitely doesn’t want to get back with an ex guy, she will usually cut off all contact or avoid him as much as possible, which may even include blocking his number and unfriending/unfollowing him from social media.

So, if your ex isn’t doing any of that and is actually happy to stay in contact with you, it’s a pretty good sign that she’s still interested and you and her could get back together.

However, just understand that a woman doesn’t want to be a guy’s texting buddy forever.

She wants a sexual, romantic relationship that has a real future, so make sure that you transition to a phone call (audio or video) and then to a meet up in person, rather than just sticking to text.

If you only stick to text, she will almost certainly get bored, or misunderstand some of what you text and what you really meant by it, which then can lead to her not wanting to chat anymore.

Alternatively, while chatting to you via text as a friend, she may begin going out on actual dates with guys who are focused on making her feel sexually and romantically attracted.

If it gets to that point, then it will only be a matter of time before she texts something like, “I have something to tell you” and then reveals that she’s got a new boyfriend.

3. You both truly loved each other and wanted the relationship to work

If a couple was truly in love and had an amazing, unique connection that made them feel happy, alive and fulfilled, it can be a shock for both of them to have to disconnect and potentially let go forever.

The breakup happens, but they both go away thinking that the relationship is worth fighting for and isn’t something to just throw away.

As a result, both of them will be more open to working things out, regardless of how bad the breakup might have been.

So, if you and her were truly in love, then she’s probably more willing to work things out than you realize.

Yet, don’t wait too long though.

If she happens to meet a guy who makes her feel more sexual and romantic attraction than you ever did, she will almost certainly open up to him and potentially truly fall in love with him.

You will then have made the ex back process even harder for yourself.

So, if she is currently available, or hasn’t fully settled down yet (i.e. she’s not happily married with kids with the new guy), then make a move and get her back.

4. You now know what to do to re-attract her

Most guys who fail to get an ex woman back, simply don’t know how to re-attract her.

For example: Sometimes a guy will think that discussing the relationship, promising to change, being nice to her and admitting his mistakes is how to re-attract her.

That’s not re-attraction.

Re-attraction is where you behave in ways that are attractive to your ex, so she feels attracted and naturally wants to be with you again.

For example:

  • If you were too clingy or needy in the relationship, you now behave in a more emotionally independent way when interacting with her (e.g. you are confident regardless of how much or little interest she shows, you don’t need her to show interest to feel good about yourself). You should also approach your everyday life in an emotionally independent way (e.g. focus on your big goals and dreams, spend time with friends and make progress in life in general, rather than only focusing on her).
  • If you allowed the sexual spark to die out between you and her by treating her more like a friend, you now behave in ways that create sexual sparks between a man and a woman (i.e. being very manly in a way that makes her feel girly in comparison to you, flirting with her, occasionally being playfully challenging as you talk to her rather than always being so neutral like a nice friend, or compliant like a fearful, rejected ex who doesn’t dare to be anything other than nice to her).
  • If you created a relationship dynamic that resulted in her not feeling the need to impress you, or maintain your interest, you now use a more balanced approach where you make her feel loved and appreciated, but also motivate her to be a good woman to you too.
  • If you were too critical of her in the relationship (i.e. always pointing out her flaws or mistakes, making her feel like a bad person, or a failure of a person), you now use a more loving, lighthearted approach that makes her feel loved, accepted and appreciated. However, you also make her feel the need to improve, but you do it in a loving way now, rather than in a mean, aggressive or selfish way.

When your ex notices that the changes in you make her feel more attracted to you now, she will naturally feel compelled to give you another chance.

Another sign that you could get back together is…

5. Her dating life hasn’t been working out very well

That can happen if the new guys she’s been meeting haven’t been able to give her the kind of attraction experience she’s really looking for (e.g. she wants a guy who is more of a challenge, but keeps meeting boring, predictable nice guys. Alternatively, she wants a confident, good guy who is interested in commitment, but she keeps meeting bad boys or players who have no interest in settling down with her).

So, if you notice that your ex is struggling to replace you and properly move on, take it as a sign that you and her could get back together.

Don’t just sit around waiting for her to call you, or text you though.

Take control of the situation and guide her through the ex back process, while you still can.

6. You and her shared a very enjoyable sex life that she will miss

You and her shared a very enjoyable sex life that she will miss

In a case like that, she may be open to a friends with benefits arrangement (i.e. casual sex, without any commitment).

You can achieve that by contacting her, flirting with her and making her feel attracted to you (e.g. by being confident, being assertive in a loving way) and then suggesting that you and her catch up as friends to say hi.

If she’s been missing the sex, or is feeling horny and just wants to hook up for the fun of it, she will almost certainly say yes to catching up as friends.

You can then hook up with her and attract her to the new and improved you (e.g. more confident rather than insecure or emotionally sensitive, more fearless when it comes to love, rather than being so guarded or worried about being hurt), so she naturally wants to give you another chance.

7. Her friends or family really liked you and would be disappointed about the break up

If that’s the case, they might put in a good word for you and help persuade her to give you another chance.

Of course, not all women care what their family or friends think.

Yet, in a case when a woman does care, then she will feel pressure to do what they think is best for her.

8. It would feel good to be back together and she knows it

If a woman really enjoyed being with a guy (e.g. because he was cool, he made her laugh, they had great sex, they got along really well, they had an amazing connection), then she will miss him after a breakup.

She will also know that it would feel good to get back together.

As a result, she will be more open to working things out because it will end up being a fun, enjoyable experience for her as well.

In a case like that, all it usually takes is for the guy to interact with her, let her sense that he has changed or leveled up as a man (e.g. he’s more confident now, understands how to maintain a loving dynamic in a relationship, isn’t emotionally sensitive like he used to be) and the woman will happily get back together with him.

9. She brings up positive memories about the relationship, or the times you and her shared

If a woman hates her ex, or never wants to get back with him, she will usually avoid remembering the positive things about him and the relationship.

She will do that to remain focused on the negatives that resulted in her breaking up with him, so she doesn’t end up going back to him in a moment of weakness (e.g. if she’s feeling lonely, if her dating life isn’t working out, if he contacts her and asks her to catch up in person).

So, if your ex is talking about you and the relationship in a positive way, chances are high that she is open to getting back together with you.

10. She seems sad without you

She seems sad without you

For example: She posts on social media about how life sucks, how love hurts, or how difficult it is to deal with a breakup.

Alternatively, mutual friends mention to you that she seems sad, withdrawn or depressed these days.

Take it as a sign that you could get back together and then take action to get her back (i.e. contact her, re-attract her and guide her through the rest of the ex back process until you and her are in a happy, loving, committed relationship once again).

11. She apologized for her part in the breakup and regrets the way she behaved

A woman who doesn’t want her ex back, will usually avoid apologizing to him or saying that she regrets her behavior.

Instead, to make him feel like he has no chance or to make him hate her and not want her back, she will be cold, mean and possibly even blame him for the breakup, or all of the problems in the relationship.

So, if your ex has apologized, admitted her mistakes to you and shown signs of regret, or openly said that she regrets her actions, it’s a sure sign that she wants to fix things with you.

12. She comes up with excuses to contact you

If a woman doesn’t want an ex back, she will usually avoid all contact with him.

On the other hand, if a woman wants her ex back, she won’t always just contact him and let him know.


Some reasons:

  • She fears being rejected if he isn’t interested.
  • She worries that if she seems too keen, he will assume that he doesn’t need to change anything to get her back.
  • She wants to see that he has the confidence and courage to contact her and make it happen, rather than expecting her to ‘man up’ and make everything happen.
  • She wants to see that he is interested enough to work things out with her, rather than getting back with a guy who only wants to be with her for now. If she gets into a relationship like that, she will waste more of her youthful attractiveness on a guy who isn’t ‘the one.’

So, if your ex has been coming up with excuses to contact you (e.g. wishing you happy birthday, commenting on your social media, sending you funny memes via chat, etc), then take it as a sign that you could get back together.

Then, have the confidence and courage to contact her, re-attract her and get her back.

13. Both of you seem happy to talk to each other

If a woman hates her ex, or is disgusted or repulsed by him, then she won’t seem happy to be talking to him.

Instead, she will seem irritated, angry or uncomfortable to be talking to him, to hopefully let him know that she’s not interested.

So, if you and your ex still enjoy talking to each other and she seems happy to hear from you, it means, at the very least, you still care about each other as friends.

If you want to be more than a friend to her, then focus on re-attracting her.

When you re-attract her, you won’t need any more signs that you could get back together, because you will get back together.

Attraction is the magnetic force that brings men and women together into a sexual, romantic relationship.

From there, love can develop, but without attraction, it will only ever be a friendship or unhappy relationship where the couple put up with each other for a while (e.g. to pay rent together, to be with someone until something better comes along).

14. She says that she has forgiven you and understands why you behaved in the way you did

When a woman forgives you, she automatically stops looking at you in a negative way.

Your past mistakes no longer make her feel resentment, anger or disappointment.

Instead, she realizes that who you were back then, is not who you are now.

You have leveled up and changed as a man and therefore, a relationship with you would now feel better and be more fulfilling.

How about you?

Do any of the signs above apply to you and her?

If yes, then get her back now, while you still can (i.e. before she settles down with a new guy she loves).

If no, then make her want you back by re-attracting her, while you still can.

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