Making friends with girls is very easy when you do the following 3 things…

1. Attract them, but don’t try to pick them up at all

Making friends with girls

When you interact with girls from now on, you need to focus on making them feel attracted to you (e.g. by displaying confidence, making them laugh, making them feel feminine in comparison to your masculinity, being charismatic), but don’t try to pick them up at all.

Rather than using a girl’s attraction for you to move to a kiss, sex or relationship, just keep her as a friend.

Many of these girls will want to be your girlfriend based on the attraction they feel for you, so they will treat you much better as a friend because they are hoping to impress you and get a chance to be your girlfriend.

Watch this video to understand how a girl’s attraction for a guy works and how you can use it to make friends with girls…

If you interact with a girl and are being confident, masculine, charismatic and making her laugh and enjoy talking to you, she will automatically (whether she wants to or not) feel attracted to you.

Girls are attracted to guys who display personality traits, behaviors and inner qualities that all girls and women find attractive.

The more attractive traits that a guy displays (e.g. charm, charisma, social intelligence), the more attracted that a girl will be.

However, if you want to make friends with girls and actually have them as real friends rather than have sex with them, you need to just keep it at point where she is attracted to you and you have a friendly connection.

For example: If a guy is only friends with a girl, he would hang out with her, talk with her, go to the movies every now and then, go partying together or catch up for coffee or something to eat.

Yet, he would never want to make a move on her or even try to make a move on her because he just wants to be friends with her.

2. Attend meet up groups to add more girls to your social circle

If you currently don’t have a lot of girls in your life, the easiest way to make more female friends is to attend meet up groups in your area.

For example: In your area, there may be meet up groups about going out to party, eating at restaurants, cooking, hiking, philosophy, yoga, exercise and loads of other activities that you are welcome to join in on.

As long as you attend meet up groups with the ability to make girls feel attracted to you, then most of the girls that you meet will want to be your friend.

A lot of the girls will also want to have sex with you and be your girlfriend, but that will be up to you to decide who gets to be your friend and who gets to have a sexual relationship with you.

3. Invite girl to parties and interesting lifestyle activities

Invite female friends to lifestyle activities

This is a very important part of maintaining friendships with girls, especially since girls want to be able to show they that have a lifestyle when they post things on social media.


Partying with female friends

You don’t have to invite girls to amazing parties that cost money or that will have 100s of people attending.

Instead, inviting girls to parties can be as simple as you and some friends (e.g. existing friends or new friends that you’ve met at meet up groups) are going to be having a “party” at a bar or club on a Friday or Saturday night.

As long as you have a reason for the party, the girls will feel good about attending.

Some example reasons for parties can be: A friend’s birthday, the first weekend of summer, mid year party or someone is celebrating something.

Lifestyle activities

Invite female friends to lifestyle activities

Lifestyle activities can include:

  • Having a BBQ or cookout at a friend’s place, your place or at a local park.
  • Going to the beach as a group and either having some things to play with in the water (e.g. blow up beds, beach ball) or hiring a jet ski or speed boat (that everyone except the girls chips in for) for an hour or two.
  • Going on a winery tour for a day.
  • Going to the snow for a weekend ski (or toboggan) trip.
  • Going to a concert.
  • Having pizza at a cool bar or café where everyone can hang out.
  • Going on a camping trip.
  • Doing some group exercise in a park (make sure someone is capable of leading the way).
  • Playing laser tag as a group (they usually have these at go kart places or entertainment centers).
  • Having a house party.
  • Playing beach volleyball (or if there are no beaches near you, play soccer, cricket or badminton in the park).
  • Going to a comedy night after starting with a meal and a couple of drinks.
  • Having a dinner party.
  • Going hiking and then having a picnic (or drinks and snacks) when you reach the destination.
  • Go 10-pin bowling.

Being the guy who always knows of something cool or interesting to do, makes it so much easier to maintain friendships with girls.

However, just don’t fall into the trap of organizing everything for everyone and hoping that if you just arrange enough activities, girls will eventually like you.
If you’re approaching it that way, you’re doing it wrong.

You need to start with a foundation of making the girls feel attracted to you first and then just allow them the privilege of being invited to some of the things that you do with other friends.

As long as you have made the girls feel attracted to you in the beginning, she will want to be around you no matter what because she will be drawn to you based on her feelings of attraction for you.

Inviting her or other female friends to parties and lifestyle activities is just a bonus that they get for being lucky enough to be your friend.

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Make Friends With Girls

If you make any of the following mistakes, it will difficult or stressful for you to maintain friendships with girls.

1. Acting girly

Some guys make the mistake of thinking that if they behave girly way (e.g. gossiping, giggling, caring way too much about fashion and celebrity relationship drama) it will make girls like him more and want to be friends with him.

It’s fine to use that approach if a guy is gay or if he doesn’t want his female friends to ever set him up with their hot girlfriends (or want him for themselves), but if your intention to have female friends is to get easier access to girls or be introduced to other girls that you can hook up with, make sure that you think, behave, feel and act like a masculine man.

When a guy acts girly and feminine, it automatically cancels out a girl’s sexual attraction for him because girls are sexually attracted to masculinity.

It’s fine to laugh and joke around with girls, but the thing that is going to make them like you, respect you and feel attracted to you the most is your masculinity, rather than an act of femininity to “fit in” by “being one of the girls.”

2. Having a secret agenda

If a guy’s only reason for wanting to have more female friends is to hopefully get laid, the girls will pick up on that if he also doesn’t have the ability to make them feel attracted to him.

A classic example of this is the typical nice guy, who will act like a friend and be really nice to girls in the hope that, one day, he might get a chance with one of them.

Watch this video to understand why this approach to girls almost always results in rejection…

If girls notice that a guy has a secret agenda and is only being nice so he can hopefully “grow on them” and get a chance with one them, they might keep him around as a friend, but they won’t have any intention of having a sexual relationship with him.

Of course, sometimes a guy like that will get a chance with a girl (e.g. is she is drunk one night or is depressed after a break up), but she will simply dump him later on because he doesn’t even know how to make her feel attracted to him.

Watch this video to see what I mean…

As you will discover from the video above, most guys have no idea how to make girls feel attracted to them and hope to be “liked” for being a nice, good guy.

My approach to women is to be a good guy, but the difference between me and a nice guy who gets rejected, is that I know how to trigger a girl’s feelings of sexual attraction for me.

For example: While interacting with a girl, I will display confidence, make her feel feminine in comparison to my masculinity (i.e. how I think, feel, behave, talk), be charming and charismatic.

By default, the girl will naturally feel attracted to me because of that.

However, if I talked to her and was nervous, self-doubting and too nice (how I used to be many years ago), girls would be turned off by me by default.

Some girls are nice and will keep a confused nice guy around as a friend, but that doesn’t mean that she wants to have sex or a relationship with him.

If another guy comes along who knows how to make her feel attracted, she will simply hook up with him instead, regardless of how “close” she is as a friend with the other guy.

3. Bad mouthing other guys

Some guys make the mistake of putting other guys down as a way to hopefully make girls see them as being better and more likeable or attractive.

For example: If the girls are talking about a guy who they think is a jerk, arrogant or an asshole, he will join in on the conversation by agreeing with them and saying that he is not like that or that he would never treat a girl like that.

If the girls sense that he is only saying that to hopefully impress them, they will lose respect for him because he is clearly insecure about his ability to make them feel attracted to him.

What a confident, alpha male would do is simply allow the girls to talk, gossip and be emotional during their conversation, without feeling the need to point out that he isn’t like the guy that they are talking about.

He can join in on the conversation if he wants to do, but it will either be to just chat in a friendly way and ask questions, (e.g. “Oh really? Why do you think he is a jerk?”) or he will turn it into something to laugh about instead.

He might say, “You girls are so mean” just for a laugh and the girls will then laugh and try to explain their reasons for referring to the other guy as a jerk.

He can then accept their reasons if he wants, continue to joke about it or let them carry on gossiping for a while and then join the conversation later on.

A confident, alpha male doesn’t feel the need to get involved in every conversation that his female friends (or anyone else for that matter) is having, because is masculine enough to just let them be girls and talk about random things in an emotional way.

4. Being Mr. Helpful rather than just attracting her and being a good guy

Another classic mistake that some guys make when trying to have more female friends is to turn into Mr. Helpful or Mr. Fix it.

For example: A guy might offer to fix a woman’s car, pay for her rent, buy her drinks, do her work in the office or at university and basically try to show her that he is willing to do anything to help her out.

There’s nothing wrong with being a nice, helpful guy to a female friend, but when a girls picks up on the fact that the guy is only doing it because he doesn’t know how to make her feel sexually attracted to him, it almost always lead to a rejection if he ever tries to make a move on her or “ask her out.”

If your real aim is to make girls want to have a sexual relationship with you, then you must start with sexual attraction rather than acting like you only ever want to be her friend.

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