When it comes to picking up women at a swimming pool, many guys assume that the secret must be to have an athletic physique.

Yes, having a great body will get a guy some attention from women, but it’s not always necessary to attract women…

How to pick up girls at a pool

Just like anywhere else that you can meet women, the majority of women (not all – don’t get me wrong here) are more interested in how a guy’s personality and confidence makes her feel than if he’s got a six pack or not.

If a guy can approach a woman at a swimming pool and make them feel attracted to his confidence, charisma, charm and humor, most women (not all) aren’t going to care if he has an athletic physique or not because they’re already going to be feeling attracted to him.

When picking up women in any environment, you’ve got to work with what you’ve got (i.e. accept who you are right now and believe that it’s good enough), rather than thinking that you need to wait another 10 years before you’ve built the perfect body and career.

You’re ready to pick up the majority of women now. Yes, some women are more picky and will only accept a male model will loads of money and a perfect body, but most girls can be attracted by simply being confident, using some humor and showing them that you’re comfortable being yourself.

What to Say When You Approach

What to say when you approach a woman at a swimming pool

What you say will depend on whether you’re alone or with friends.

If you and her are there on your own:

You: Hey, how you doin’…enjoying the pool today?

Her: [Gives answer]

You: I’m enjoying it. I’ve already done 500 laps. How about you?

Her: [Most-likely laughing and asking, “Really? 500 laps”]

The conversation starts off in a confident, easy-going way and then you include some humor to make her feel attracted.

Here’s another example…

If you and her are there on your own:

Smile and jokingly ask her, “Were you just checking me out?” and then hold the smile as you maintain eye contact with her.

She will then smile and laugh and most-likely say, “No” and you can then smile and jokingly add in, “I know that I’m great to look at and all, but I have a personality too.”

By starting the conversation off in that way, you’ve created a fun, flirtatious vibe upfront and you’re also making her feel attracted to your confidence.

After all, how many guys have the balls to walk up to a woman and joke around like that?

The type of humor being used there is what I call Playfully Arrogant Humor, which essentially means that you’re pretending to be arrogant, which is what women find so funny and appealing.

You’re not actually being arrogant and saying, “Hey, you want me because I look good.” Instead, you’re simply joking in a playful way, which women love.

Here’s another example you can use…

If you are there with friends:

Approach her and her friends and say in a positive, confident way…

You: Hey guys…my friends and I are going to play ball in the pool. Do any of you want to join us?

If they say no, just smile and say in a confident and encouraging way, “Come on…we’re at the pool. Let’s have a bit of fun.”

Asking if any of them want to join in is better than asking if they all want to join in, because if one girl says no, the others might follow if she’s the leader of the group.

However, if one says yes, then most or all of her friends will go along because they’ll be feeling the peer pressure.

What to Do Once You’re Interacting With the Women

Interacting with women at a pool

The most important thing that a guy needs to do when he interacts with women (that he wants to pick up) is to make them feel sexually attracted to him.

Watch this video to understand how a woman’s attraction for a man works and how you can use it to pick up women at a swimming pool…

As you will discover from the video above, you have a lot of control over how much attract a woman feels for you.

If you are able to display naturally attractive personality traits like confidence and a masculine vibe, you don’t really need to worry about what to say to start a conversation with a woman at a pool.

You can simply walk up and say, “Hey, what’s up?” and the girl will automatically feel attracted to your confidence and masculine vibe.

If you can add in some humor and attract her by being charismatic, most girls will feel more than enough attraction to be interested in kissing you, giving you their contact details or hooking up with you later for sex.

Common Mistakes That Guys Make

Here’s the thing…

If you’re a confident guy who can attract women with your personality, then you don’t really need to worry about following approaching and dating rules because women are going to like enough to forgive or overlook any mistakes you make.

However, if you’re new to approaching and attracting women, then you should try to stick to the basic guidelines to ensure that you’re not making unnecessary mistakes that will turn women off even more.

For example, some guys can also make a mess of their approach by making a series of (avoidable) mistakes.

1. Not caring about who she is there with.

It is important for a guy to establish who is at the swimming pool with the woman he wants to pick up before he approaches her, so that when he makes his move he will know what he’s dealing with and will be able to adjust his vibe and his approach accordingly.

For example: If she is there with her family, the guy will usually have to limit his flirting and innuendos so that he doesn’t embarrass her in front of her parents and siblings.

Alternatively, if she is with a group of girl friends, he may have to establish a good vibe with her friends before they allow him to get alone with the girl he wants.

Of course, she might also be there with her boyfriend and his friends, which is why it’s always best to approach women at a swimming pool in an easy-going way, casual way whenever possible, rather than going right into a pick up.

By the way…

If you want to make sure that the women you are approaching are definitely single, then I recommend that you attend a speed dating event.

If you want high odds that the women are single, bars and nightclubs are the next best thing.

Okay, onto the next mistake…

2. Showing off to get her attention.

Getting a woman’s attention is not the same as interacting with her and making her feel sexually attracted and turned on by you.

A woman can look at a guy and give him her full attention without feeling any attraction for him at all, so if you want to ensure that a woman is attracted to you, it’s important that you get in front of her in a 1-on-1 interaction.

When you do that, she will be able to experience your confident, charismatic and charming personality, which will make her feel attracted to you.

Need some help building up your confidence to approach women?

Watch this video…

As you will discover from the video above, most guys don’t have the confidence to approach women that they find attractive.

When you are the rare guy who can walk up and make women feel attracted to you by displaying the kind of personality traits and behaviors that naturally attract women (e.g. confidence, charisma, masculine vibe, etc), then you will instantly get access to the women that most guys are afraid to talk to.

Many guys mistakenly think that to pick up women at a swimming pool, they should behave in the same kind way that they did when they were teenagers, because that’s all they really know how to do in a pool environment.

Guys like that mistakenly believe that the best way to get a woman attracted is to impress her by diving off the highest diving board, walking past her while tensing up their abs, or generally making the loudest noise and splashing the most water.

Unfortunately for him, almost every woman on the planet is not impressed by childish behavior.

Some women (usually unattractive women) will like it when they see a guy acting like a child, because they instinctively realized that other women won’t be interested in him, so they might have a chance with him.

If you want hot girls, make sure that you don’t waste time trying to get their attention. Just get in front of them and attract them with your confident, charismatic personality.

3. Hoping that his muscles will get her feel enough attraction that she will approach or be excited if he approaches.

Yes, it is true that women do notice guys with muscles. It stands out.

However, if the guy with muscles simply sits around posing and hoping to get a “WOW!” reaction from women, he’s usually going to be waiting his entire life.

While a woman can feel attracted to a guy’s physique, the most important and powerful type of attraction happens when a man and a woman interact with each other.

Watch this video to find out why…

As you will discover from the video above, there’s nothing wrong with a guy working on his body and looking good, but it’s not actually necessary to pick up the majority of women.

Some women will only accept a guy with a perfect body, but most women don’t actually need that from a guy.

4. Being serious about wanting to help a woman apply sun tan lotion

There’s nothing wrong with being a playful, funny guy who has the balls to walk up to women who are applying sun tan lotion, point to a part of a woman’s back or body and say with a smile, “Hey…you missed a spot. You want some help applying that lotion?”

If you approach the offer to apply lotion as a joke in that kind of way, it means that you don’t care whether she says yes or not. You’re just messing around because you’re a confident guy and don’t care whether everything goes 100% perfectly all the time.

You’re simply having some fun at the pool because you’re a cool guy.

However, a mistake that some guys make is trying to sneak their way into an interaction with a woman by acting like they are genuinely concerned about her skin and want to make sure she applies the lotion correctly.

Women get a weird vibe from guys like that and refer to them as “creepy” because something about him is just off.

Think about it…

All of a sudden, a concerned stranger comes up and wants apply lotion to her skin because he’s worried that she might get burnt.


So, if you’re going to walk up and offer assistance to a woman to help her apply lotion, just be playful and casual about it.

Don’t act like you are seriously concerned about her skin because you’re such a nice, caring guy who goes around helping pretty young ladies.

5. Being tense or uptight, rather than being laid back and enjoying himself.

When interacting with a woman anywhere (not just at a swimming pool), it’s important that you allow her to relax around you by letting her see that you’re relaxed and comfortable as you talk to her.

If a guy is nervous and anxious around a woman, it puts pressure on him to help him through it. Unless she is a mean girl, she won’t want to feel responsible for him being so nervous and tense around her, so she will try to end the interaction as quickly as possible.

6. Waiting for the woman to make the first move.

Some guys think that the best approach to pick up women at a swimming pool is to wait around for a woman to make the first move, rather than being too forward.

Approaching and talking to a woman isn’t “too forward” or rude or whatever. It’s just you being a cool, confident and socially open guy.

She’s lucky that a cool, good guy like you has come over to add more smiles and laughter to her day.

You’re not doing anything wrong by making her laugh, smile and enjoy herself even more, so don’t sit around waiting and hoping that women approach you or give you extremely obvious signals to approach (e.g. waving and saying, “Come here handsome!”).

Just get over there and make the woman feel attracted to you. Once a woman feels attracted to you, everything pretty much flows on smoothly after that unless she tries to play hard to get, to which you just laugh and keep going along with the pick up.

If she’s a really tough nut to crack, give her a bit of her own medicine by being a bit of a challenge yourself.

Watch this video for more info…

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