To snub someone is to essentially ignore them and yes, it can sometimes work to get a woman’s attention.

Snub (verb): Rebuff, ignore, or spurn disdainfully.

Essentially, if a woman is already very attracted to you and you then snub her (e.g. by ignoring her attempts to spend time with you), she will usually want to get your attention and try to make you like her too.

You will be a challenge for her to win over and it will be exciting for her, if she is already attracted to you.

However, if she’s not attracted to you, she’s not going to care if you snub her, ignore her or act like you’re not interested in her.

When it comes to her love interests, a woman only cares about guys that she is attracted to. If she’s not attracted to a guy, her attempts to ignore her mean nothing because she’s not even interested.

Why Do You Want to Snub Women Anyway?

Why do you want to snub women?

Here’s the thing…

You don’t have to snub a woman in a mean way to get her interested enough to go on a date with you, get into bed with you and begin a relationship.

It’s actually a lot easier than that.

All you need to do to get most women interested in simply make her feel attracted to you, then be honest with her and say, “You’re sexy…I like you” and then take her out on a date.

On the date, simply make her feel more attracted to you, connect with her and then move the interaction forward to kissing, sex and then begin a relationship.

Success with women is simple

It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that.

You don’t need to waste time snubbing and ignoring women. Just make the woman feel attracted to your personality and then move things forward with her.

Here is how a woman’s attraction for a man works…

As you will discover from the video above, you don’t need to meanly snub or reject a woman to get her to want you.

Attracting her to your personality and confidence is much easier. Get her attracted and then simply move it forward to a kiss, date, sex and relationship.

A Little Boy’s Mind

When boys and girls are in kindergarten at 3-5 years old, one of the most common ways for a boy to show a girl that he liked her and to get her to notice him, was to push her or punch her.

He might also snub her and rudely tease her in front of others, even though he liked her.

When he gets into school and is between 8 and 15 years old, he might continue on with the same old tricks (e.g. ignoring women, teasing them in a rude way, pinching or punching, etc) and hope that it will work to make a girl try to get him to like her.

Of course, that won’t work unless the girl is unattractive or a bit of an oddball.

If the girl is hot, she’s simply going to tease him back and then chase after more charming boys.

Fast forward to adulthood and if a guy still hasn’t been able to work out how simple it is to naturally attract a woman, express his interest and then begin dating her, he might be asking the question, “Do women like to be snubbed?”

For example: He might have tried using the nice guy approach on women, but after getting rejected again and again, he may start to think that women want to be treated badly.

It’s confusing for a guy who doesn’t know how simple success with women really is.

It’s not his fault either.

With so much “dating advice” being included in TV sitcoms, movies and the millions of random “online magazines,” modern men get all sorts of weird ideas such as:

  • Treat her mean to keep her keen.
  • Be the perfect gentleman and then she’ll like you.
  • Ignore her and she’ll then notice you and maybe even approach you.
  • Be romantic by getting her flowers and gifts and taking her to candlelit dinners and you will eventually win her over.
  • If you want a woman to notice you, you should snub her and act like you don’t care. She’ll then be compelled to get you to like her.

If that’s the type of advice that a guy relies on to get a woman’s attention, he is likely to remain single for a long time.

If he does manage get into a relationship, he will most-likely become insecure, clingy and jealous if his girlfriend begins to lose interest after the initial spark wears off, because he secretly knows how much of a nightmare it was for him to get a girlfriend in the first place.

Women are a huge mystery to him. He has simply gone through life hoping to “get lucky” because like a lot of men, he mistakenly thinks that women are too difficult to understand.

They’re not.

It’s actually a lot more simple than most guys realize.

Watch this video to understand some of the seemingly strange and weird things about women, which make total sense once you understand why women really do them…

As you will discover from the video above, the strange behavior of women makes a lot more sense when you understand where they are coming from.

Would You Like it if a Woman Snubbed You?

How would you feel if a woman snubbed you?

How would you react if a woman “treated you mean” or ignored you?

Would you think she was a stuck up bitch and didn’t know a good man when she saw one?

Here’s the thing…

If you’re at a point where you’re still playing games with women, then you’re not ready for an adult relationship.

If you want to attract a woman and get her into an authentic, loving, truly committed, adult relationship, don’t start out by playing games with her.

Be real.

Make her feel attracted to your personality (e.g. by being confident, charismatic, charming, etc), express your interest after she is attracted to you, (e.g. “You’re sexy…I like you”) and then get her out on date with you or kiss and have sex with her on the first night you meet her.

It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that.

While snubbing a woman might get her attention and make her consider whether or not the guy’s coldness towards her means that he could do better than her and is not interested, she won’t be impressed if she is not attracted to him first.

If a woman is attractive, she’s not going to care what random guys think about her. She’s only going to be focused on the very few guys that she meets who can make her feel an intense attraction to their personality and confidence.

Watch this video to understand how it works…

As you will discover from the video above, you don’t need to waste time snubbing women, ignoring them or trying to impress them by being a super nice guy.

Just make them feel attracted to you. It’s pretty damn simple once you get it.

Here’s the thing…

Getting a woman’s attention by snubbing her doesn’t mean that you’re going to get laid or get her to be your girlfriend.

Attention is not the same as attraction and a guy can have a woman’s attention without her feeling any sexual attraction for him at all.

Creating attraction (e.g. by confidently interacting with her, letting her experience your charismatic personality, etc) works better and faster and yields much better results than any cheap trick (e.g. like snubbing) ever could.

You don’t have to treat women badly to get them to like you; you just have to be attractive to them.

If you’re wondering whether or not you should be snubbing women, it’s possible that you’re also making a bunch of classic mistakes that are turning women off, making you feel insecure and getting you rejected…

Are You Making Any of the Following Mistakes Around Women?

Your success with women is based on how you think, feel, behave and act around women.

If you think like an insecure guy around women, you’re going to get rejected because they will be turned off by your lack of confidence.

If you behave as though you’re not good enough for the women you like, they will be turned off by your confidence.

It all comes down to how you think, feel, behave and act.

With that said, here are some classic mistakes that insecure guys make around women, which turn women off and result in more frequent rejections…

1. Trying to hide his lack of confidence behind aloof behavior

Aloof (adjective): Distant, uninvolved, uninterested, reserved, closed off to others.

When a guy is insecure, he will often try to cover it up by acting like he doesn’t care to be involved in social situations.

He will keep to himself and hope that a woman likes him for being so introspective and distant.

What he doesn’t realize is that being aloof only works for really good looking guys (they sometimes get approached by drunk, desperate or unattractive women) or for guys who’ve already had an interaction with a woman and made her feel attracted (e.g. by being confident, charismatic, funny, etc) prior.

2. Being cold or mean to women to show that he doesn’t care about them

A guy who lacks self-esteem, will secretly believes that he’s not good enough for the kind of women he really wants.

To cover up his low self-esteem, he will often act cold towards women in the hope that she won’t realize how unsure of himself he really is.

He’s hoping that she will think he’s a confident, bad boy and that she should feel lucky to be interacting with him.

Yet, if she interacts with him for 1-2 minutes, she will pick up on his insecurity by instinctively analyzing the subtleties of his body language.

Here’s the thing…

Who you really are inside always comes through on the outside via your body language, vibe, attitude, conversation style and behavior.

Some guys are good at acting and putting on a fake social persona, but they always give away subtle clues in their body language, vibe, attitude, conversation style and behavior.

The secret to success with women is not to “fake it until you make it.” You’ve got to do it right, otherwise you will attract the wrong type of women and get dumped out of relationships when women realize that you aren’t who you claimed to be in the beginning.

3. Feeling afraid to be his true self when talking to attractive women

If a guy is insecure, he will find it difficult to have fun, enjoyable conversations with attractive women.

He might be able to talk like a pro when chatting with unattractive women or with women who are already taken, but if he’s talking to a hot woman who is available, his insecurities immediately start to kick in.

“What can I say to impress her?” or “I’m running out of things to say! She’s going to lose interest!” or “What if I say something that she doesn’t like and then she stops talking to me! Quick! What can I say that’s cool?”

When his insecurities kick in, he then begins trying to say the “right thing” all the time to avoid messing up. His conversation style becomes boring, the woman picks up on the weird vibe and begins to put her guard up.

The next thing he knows, she says something like, “Umm…I have to go to the bathroom. Bye” or “I have to go talk to my friends. Nice to meet you. Bye!” and never comes back.

4. Waiting for the woman to make the first move

A guy who thinks that women like to be snubbed is often the kind of guy who also waits around hoping that a woman will make the first move and choose him.

Unfortunately for him, 99% of women don’t like to do the chasing and simply wait to be approached and seduced by a more confident guy who isn’t afraid to go after what he wants.

Attraction is the Only Thing You Need to Focus on

When I first began trying to improve my success with women, I wished that there was some quick trick that I could use to get everything that I want (e.g. snubbing women, treating them mean, etc).

I tried all sorts of tricks and gimmicks until I realized that it had to be a lot more simple than that.

I noticed that other guys (who weren’t even good looking) were hooking up with, getting into relationships with and even marrying hot women.

…and they weren’t using tricks.

It took me a while, but I eventually realized that it is possible to instantly make a woman feel attracted to you by simply displaying SOME of the personality traits and behaviors that naturally attract women.

For example: Most women will feel a lot of attraction for you during an interaction if you’re confident, charismatic, charming and can get her laughing.

If you’re also a good guy, then you’re seen as a “catch” or a “keeper” and women latch on with both hands and don’t want to let go.

So, rather than thinking that all of your problems with women will be solved if you start snubbing or ignoring them, simply focus your attention on attracting women with your personality.

It’s much easier, it works right away and once you know how to do it, you’ve got that skill for life.

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