Unless you’re in a long distance relationship and have no other means of connecting with her, talking on the phone for hours is not what you should be focusing on.

Whether you’ve just met a woman and have exchanged phone numbers or if you’ve already been dating for a while, a relationship should not revolve around talking on the phone for long periods of time.

Here are 4 reasons why…

1. That’s What Girls Do

Girls love talking on the phone for hours because they enjoy talking about their emotions, discussing gossip and just wasting time talking about random things.

Yet, just because girls do it with other girls, it doesn’t mean they want to talk like that with guys.

Young women who are inexperienced with relationships and don’t really understand their attraction to men yet are usually fine with talking on the phone for hours for a while.

Yet, if the same types of phone calls continue on weeks or months into a relationship, a woman will eventually get bored.

Why? Women want to be with a guy who loves them, wants them and appreciates them, but they don’t want another girlfriend who just wants to sit around talking and wasting time.

Women instinctively feel attracted to guys who rise through the levels of life by reaching for their true potential as a man, rather than hiding from that potential behind a relationship with a woman.

If a woman gets the sense that a guy is basing his life and identity on a relationship with her and feels as though he can just relax and be with her, she will instinctively begin to feel turned off by him.

When that happens, she will want to spend less time on the phone and may even begin to ignore his calls and give excuses like, “Sorry, my phone died!” or “Sorry, I was sleeping. Talk to you another time!”

So, make sure that you don’t fall into the trap of doing what her girlfriends do and just talking to her on the phone for hours like a friend.

While this approach certainly allows a guy to connect with a woman on her level, it does not create the type of respect and attraction that makes a woman feel truly passionate towards him.

Instead, it leads to a friendly type of love where the woman sees the guy more like another one of her best friends, rather than a guy that she lusts for sexually.

Additionally, a woman usually has plenty of girlfriends that she can talk on the phone for hours with and gossip about trivial and irrelevant things, so she doesn’t also need that from a man.

What she wants from a guy is for him to trigger her feelings of sexual desire so much that she wants to meet up with him in person so she can release her built up emotions through touching, kissing and sex.

Meeting up with her in person, rather than just talking to her on the phone

Watch this video to understand how a woman’s attraction for a man works and how you can use it to make a woman feel intense to be with you sexually and romantically…

As you will discover from the video above, you can actually make a woman feel attracted to you when you talk to her over the phone.

For example: Being confident, getting her laughing, flirting with her, being masculine, being charming, etc.

However, you must ensure that you don’t spend too much time chatting and building up attraction.

At some point, you need to meet up with her in person so you can release the built up sexual tension with kissing and sex, rather than just continuing to talk and potentially making her feel turned off that you always seem to be available and don’t seem to be doing much with your life other than talking to her on the phone for hours.

Talking on the phone vs. meeting up in person

That leads me to the next point…

2. She Might Assume You Don’t Have Much a Life Without Her

A woman loves it when you give her genuine affection, attention and love. However, most women don’t like it if you make her the your main focus in life.

Although there are some insecure women who like to control their men and who want everything to be about them, in most other instances, women prefer to be with a man who knows what he wants from life and doesn’t waste time avoiding it.

Achieving big things in life usually takes a lot of time and effort and women instinctively know this. When a woman finds herself with a guy who is way too focused on her, she will begin to feel turned off by him.

She might not be able to explain it to him (e.g. she might say, “I just don’t feel the same way anymore”), but instinctively, she will know that something isn’t right.

To make matters worse, if the guy doesn’t know what she really means, he will often make the mistake of thinking that he needs to be spend even more time with her.

He might then try to spend every spare minute he has talking to her on the phone for hours, liking her posts on social media and sending her e-mails and texts, to make sure that she knows how special and important she is to him.

Unfortunately, that type of behavior only makes her feel even more smothered by him.

Contrary to what many guys believe, women don’t want a man to give everything up in his life just to focus on her and making her happy.

Most women want a man who:

  • Has friends and interests apart from her.
  • Has goals and ambitions for his life and his future, which will include her if they decide to move in together, get engaged, start a family or get married one day.
  • Is striving to reach his true potential as a man.
  • Could be happy and enjoying life with or without her.

Essentially, there’s nothing wrong with talking on the phone with a woman for hours if you want to do that sometimes.

It can be a great way to make her feel respect and attraction for you, by allowing her to experience your confidence and mental and emotional strength through the tone of your voice.

However, when a guy is insecure about his attraction and value to a woman, talking on the phone for hours seems like the right thing to do because in his low emotional state, he believes that this is what she really wants from a man, and that if he gives her his undivided attention, she’ll feel compelled to stay with him.

Yet, that isn’t the way it works.

If talking on the phone for hours is all you do in your relationship (e.g. because you’re hiding from other areas of your life, you’re too scared to see up with her in person and begin a sexual relationship, etc), then she will eventually lose interest in you once the novelty of all your attention wears off.

3. You’re Not Giving Her the Opportunity to Really Miss You

Some guys don’t realize that women really like it when a man is a bit of challenge or hard to win over.

Here’s why…

As you will discover from the video above, most women are bored at how easily most guys feel attracted to them and fall in love with them.

By being a bit of a challenge to win over, you’re actually giving a woman a gift that she will appreciate 100x more than a box of chocolates, flowers or dinner at an expensive restaurant.

Giving her the gift of feeling attracted to you (this has to be established first) and then feeling as though she needs to impress you a lot more before you let her be with you, is a priceless thing that women wish that guys could give them.

Part of being a challenge to a woman is by not always being available to her when she wants to talk on the phone.

As long as you are making her feel attracted to you when you interact with her in person or talk to her on the phone, a woman will fall madly in love with you as she tries to get more and more of your attention and time.

She wants to call up her girlfriends and say things like, “He hasn’t called me in 2 days! It’s driving me crazy! I wonder if he’s met someone else? Do you think he still likes me? Should I sleep with him to make him mine?”

When you do finally call her, she will be excited because you’ve given her the opportunity to miss you. This is exciting for her because it makes her feel lucky to have you and to be getting your attention.

You are able to make her feel attracted to you when you interact with her in person or on the phone, so she knows that you could easily can have other women, but you have chosen her and that is exciting to her.

4. Talking On the Phone For Hours Means You’re Probably Not Meeting in Person Often Enough

When a guy get a woman’s phone number, he will sometimes aim to only talk to her on the phone or text back and forth, rather than actually arranging a real date where he can connect with her in person, touch, kiss and have sex.

When a guy does this, a woman will naturally begin to wonder why he keeps calling her, but doesn’t seem to want to meet with her in person.

Eventually, she’ll begin to suspect that he’s simply too shy, nervous or insecure to meet with her face-to-face and she will inevitably lose interest.

What Women Really Want

Women today are looking for a masculine, emotionally strong guy who isn’t afraid to meet her in person and trigger her feelings of sexual attraction for him.

She’s looking for a man who can engage her with interesting and fun conversation, flirt with her, kiss her and get her into bed for some exciting sex. She’s not looking for another best friend she can gossip with over the phone all year long.

Talking on the phone for hours is fine if you and your woman are too far apart from each other and there is no other way for you to connect with each other.

However, if you and her live near each other, you should be spending most of your time rising through the levels of life and reaching as your true potential as a man.

The time that you give her should be spent in person, so you can deepen her feelings of love, respect and attraction for you as a man.

If you spend too much time talking on the phone, it may get boring and routine for her and she may become open to hooking up with another guy who makes her feel attracted in person.

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